Museum of Human Evolution

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P.º Sierra de Atapuerca S/N
09002, Burgos
947 42 10 00

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O Museu de Evolução Humana em Burgos, a Espanha é um museu de renome mundial que abriga uma extensa coleção de fósseis e artefatos que documentam a história da evolução humana. O museu abriga uma das maiores coleções de fósseis do Homo sapiens do mundo, bem como uma grande variedade de outros fósseis humanos e primatas. As coleções do museu abrangem toda a história da evolução humana, desde os primeiros hominídeos até os dias modernos.

O Museu de Evolução Humana está localizado no coração de Burgos, uma cidade no norte da Espanha. O museu está situado na Catedral de Burgos, um Patrimônio Mundial da UNESCO. O museu está alojado em uma instalação moderna e de ponta que foi aberta ao público em 2010.

As coleções do museu são exibidas em uma série de exposições interativas que contam a história da evolução humana. As exposições foram projetadas para envolver e educar visitantes de todas as idades. O museu também apresenta uma variedade de programas e eventos educacionais abertos ao público.

O Museu de Evolução Humana é imperdível para qualquer pessoa interessada em aprender sobre a história da humanidade. As coleções e exposições do museu fornecem um vislumbre fascinante em nosso passado e oferecem informações sobre os desafios e triunfos que moldaram nossa espécie.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 4:30 – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 4:30 – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 4:30 – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 4:30 – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum of Human Evolution: Opiniões

Pierre Gutierrez 1 year ago

Overall great museum. Will make you believe in science again. Focus on the -1 and 0 level. Can already take you 2.5 hours.

Antoino J M 1 year ago

Se você está curioso sobre onde se origina e como é que ainda está aqui e evoluindo, uma visita ao MHE responderá a algumas de suas perguntas. A evolução é o fator -chave e Darwin é proeminente para suas contribuições no tópico. Esteja preparado para gastar tempo lendo as informações fornecidas em cada estação. Definitivamente envolverá a mente, independentemente de quantos anos você tem desfruta.

Aser claver arbués 1 year ago

Amazing, they've got so much to show, and do so in an easy-to-follow fashion. One of the best and best explained museums I have visited

Hansei Kai 1 year ago

Amaizing museum highly recommended

Sisu Haruna 1 year ago

Interesting Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos, ESPAÑA.

Jody van der Westhuizen 1 year ago

Ótima experiência interativa para adultos e crianças.

Martin Franssen 1 year ago

Deve ver para qualquer um. Informações detalhadas sobre a evolução humana, mas, portanto, menos adequados para crianças menores de 8 anos. A maioria dos painéis também está em inglês, o que é uma grande vantagem e um exemplo para outros museus espanhóis. Algumas peças mais interativas o tornariam ainda mais adequadas para adolescentes. Preço razoável.

ray forker 1 year ago

Easily lose 3hrs in museum!brilliant!fantastic history given in simple everyday terms!fascinating insights!highly, highly recommend a visit if in burgos

Michelle 1 year ago

Museu interessante e bem colocado. Pode levar uma hora ou vários, dependendo de quanto tempo você deseja gastar nas exposições. Eu não estava de grande humor e estava lá por cerca de uma hora e meia. Bom café/área de descanso no último andar.

Andrés Rodríguez Pérez 1 year ago

One of the best museums about Prehistory in the world. If you are interested in history it is a MUST

Nick Allen 1 year ago

Lots of displays. English translations of displays are good. Really interesting.

devegendehollander hergen 1 year ago

One of the most interesting museums that I have visited in years. Great use of multi mixed media, beautiful reconstructions and displays of excavated objects with explanations in Spanish and English.

Richard Parkes 2 years ago

Only had an hour available and need to go back to spend more time. Lots of reading to do to make the most of it.

Andreas Ritter 2 years ago

Extremely well done, combining ancient archeology with modern brain theory. Absolutely worth the visit.

Nonna Pappy 2 years ago

Loved this exhibition. To fully appreciate you'll need to spend several hours. Masses to see.

Chris Watson 2 years ago

Wonderful explanation of the digs at Atapuerca, it's importance to our understanding of human evolution. Current exhibition was a wonderful journey through the development of the brain. Spent 3.5hrs and could have spent more, but as a pilgrim walking the Camino, my feet gave out!

Mila Rivera 2 years ago

I'll admit that I'm not typically a museum lover, but this place was great! I'd reccommend it whether you do or don't frequent museums!

Jennifer Lee 2 years ago

Museu bem pensado em um belo espaço. Alguns artefatos muito interessantes para ver. Informações em inglês e espanhol. Passamos uma hora lá. Pistas de distanciamento social e máscaras necessárias. Não apenas um buff

Berglind Margo Þorvaldsdóttir Tryggvason 3 years ago

Great museum. Very interesting and well built. We loved it. One comment I have is that animal species are sometimes mentioned next to bome but it would be great to have their pictures there as well (for those of us who do not know them ;) ). Almost everything is translated to English which is a big plus.

Claudia Li 3 years ago

Must visit, covering some hard facts from the book Sapiens, with a lively introduction of archaeology and a lot more. Very engaging. Ticket allows multiple entry on the same day as there are A LOT to see.

Alex Dogou 3 years ago

Unique museum in the world, it worths to see the different human species, the models and the original fossil bones found at atapuerca, to reflect on how nature has brought us here as homo sapiens ❤️❤️

Lynne Johnson 3 years ago

Amazing place . Free entry. So much information. So much to see. All explained in spanish and English. Staff very helpful and friendly. Would go back without a doubt.

Ana Karina Sánchez Gamboa 3 years ago

The place turns more interesting as you go farther in. One of its greatest accomplishments in my opinion is how a very scientific subject that could be unfriendly for the general public is made so interesting and engaging. There’s a nice balance between the extremely minimal architecture the gorgeous lighting and the displays, making it easier to go through all the information without feeling overwhelmed by it. They have many interactive displays that allow you to have a full learning experience. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take the time to read and interact with said displays to be able to understand and enjoy the experience, it takes a long time to do the full circuit and though you most likely won’t be bored, you might get tired luckily, they have places for you to sit and rest a library with vending machines and you can even go outside and return later that same day with the same ticket (at least that was my experience). They also have temporary exhibitions.

S Muller 3 years ago

Awesome museum. Must see. Well done and presented and should interest all of us. Even the Neanderthals. ;-)

Karen Goulding 3 years ago

Just the most interesting museum, so informative and don't miss the shamanic experience on the third floor, ties everything together

DandZ M 4 years ago

Yes, the exhibits contained descriptions in English. We opted for the audio device but after 20 mins we found it was easier just to read the English plaques. The whole museum is well planned and easy to follow. We spent 4 hours and worth every minute.

Artem Kovalyov 4 years ago

Absolutely amazing museum. Love every minute there. Great materials and huge exposition.

Prem Thapa 4 years ago

I like the museum, this is the one of the best museum all over the world, one should not miss the opportunity to visit while arriving in Burgos

Sjoerd Touwen 4 years ago

Very interesting museum! It's quite large so I would advise to take your time. The museum has a nice mix between information boards (in English and Spanish) and exciting movies, animations and virtual reality. The collection is showcased in chronological order which lead you through the whole museum. Overall an historical experience!

Edgar Here and There 4 years ago

The museum is housed in a building complex designed by a Spanish award-winning architect and is stunning to experience. The wide open space of the interior is dominated by a recreation of the landscape of the Sierra de Atapuerca, which is the location of the nearby UNESCO world heritage sites where significant human and hominid fossils have been found. These significant fossils are housed on the lower floor level. Of particular note are the unique remains of Homo antecessor. An archaic human species which was present in Western Europe between 1.2 and 0.8 million years ago. This is the oldest fossil record of the Homo linage that has been found in Europe. Artifacts and bones from the cave where they were found, suggest that H.antecessor may have practiced cannibalism. Our current day knowledge suggests that H.antecessor was an early form of H.heidelbergensis, who are in turn seen as the ancestors of the European Neanderthals. Fossil remains of all these other species are found in the museum and have also come from the Sierra de Atapuerca area. You come up from the lower level to the ground floor. This is dedicated to the theory of evolution, including a life-size recreation of hominoid, hominid and human species - not to be missed. The other floor levels are reached by open-plan escalators which sweep up through the building showcasing the architecture. The first floor looks at the development of human culture and technology, whilst the second floor looks at human evolution in the context different eco-systems. Overall this is a five-star museum, with high quality curation of exhibitions and innovative displays which integrate and use in an inventive way new technology.

Ubuntu Nomad 4 years ago

This museum is a very enjoyable visit. Great exhibits, well organized and easy to navigate. Discounts for pilgrims. Storage lockers available for €1 that you’ll get back at the end of your visit

Hiba Hmila 4 years ago

It was the highlight of my visit to burgos!!!!! It was amazing there a lot of technology to describe in a clear way the different steps of evolution of earth and of the human being. There are also some videos and interactive screen describing the human brain and nerves, and in the second floor is dedicated to the development of the humanity by using different utensils and if you arrived to the first floor PLEASE don't miss the 3D video of the development of use of fire it was astonishing. I guarantee that you'll have a good time in this musueum

José Alberto González Cáceres 4 years ago

Excellent museum, especially for children, and teenagers!

Vincent Oliver 5 years ago

Exceeded expectations! A large, modern museum on 4 levels: each level featuring 1) Sierra de Atapuerca archeological sites and discoveries 2) Biological evolution, 3) cultural humanization & 4) ecosystem evolution. Amazing exhibits of Darwin’s HMS Beagle, a huge “working brain” made from electric wires, genetics, mankind mastering of fire and a movie on “Ecosystems in evolution” With an optional audio guide (€3) and the excellent bilingual displays and dynamic exhibits you can easily spend several hours there. There is also a Pilgrims stamp and discount.

L. G. 5 years ago

I visited the museum during my pilgrimage 2016 and I highly recommend it to everyone. Lots of information, amazing installations and a certain feeling of wonder is what you can expect. Evolution of body and mind is somehow a biological mystery. Lots of it explained, but still mystery. :)

Bertalan Péter Farkas 5 years ago

Amazing place to explore the journey of human race and human beings as well as the evolution as a whole process with huge multimedia, 3D technology and fascinating video rooms. One of my favourite was the brain installation. Recommended for children as well with basic information and videos/animations appropriate for children/students but it contains lots of interesting stuff for adults also.

Tanya Amor 5 years ago

We spent all afternoon looking at the exhibits, both permanent and temporary. There are also interactive parts that are interesting for adults and children alike.

Pam Owens 5 years ago

Very good museum lots of information on each display. Air cooled and places to sit and digest information. Great as it is free for teacher's with identification. Not many places where teachers get recognised. Well worth the visit.

Ana Pavao 5 years ago

This Museum is one of the best I've visited. It is really worth it. It is very well built and very well organized. It is very big, and there's a lot of information available, so you'll need a few hours to take it all in. Also, the staff was very nice.

Huw D 5 years ago

A historic, scientific and architectural treasure trove. The museum is centrally situated and difficult to miss, a gleaming modern contrast to the old city across the river. The architecture allows natural light to flood the main hall in daytime where the exhibits engeniously wrap around the floor and then up onto three levels taking you though the the landmark discoveries of Atapurca, a broader context of our evolution and Ice Age Europe. The museum also offers a tour to nearby dig sites accompanied by acheologiests who engagingly describe the hominid discoveries at the site and how their careful work is done. The tour can extend to Carex, an experimental archeology site where these same experts demonstrate tool making, ancient art, hunting and habitation. A world class museum, with beautifully laid out exhibits that show how much the region has contributed to human evolutionary history, in a gleaming building. It is well worth a visit.

Markus Wagner 6 years ago

Great museum, very educational and not too large. Learnt a lot about the archaeological digs and the amazing finds near Burgos. Beautiful building, too. Very well laid out exhibition with lots of English explanations.

Ulla Moilanen 6 years ago

Wonderful museum and kids will love it, too! The museum has a "treasure map" for children to find special items displayed in the exhibition, and the map also encourages them to really think about human history.

Natascha Paul 6 years ago

I really enjoyed my visit to the museum, I would highly recommend it. It is super interesting. It did take me a while to go around all the exhibitions, nearly 2 hours. However when you buy your ticket they tell you that you can come and go with the ticket as many times as you like so if you need to take a break for lunch etc you can always come back to finish the tour.

Дафна 6 years ago

Very interesting place ! You can learn a lot of information of human, another planet and our evolution, also there are rooms where you can watch small films ( on Spanish )

Dillon H 7 years ago

The tour to the UNESCO World Heritage excavation site of Atapuerca 15 km to the SE leaves from here. There the earliest and most abundant evidence of humankind in Europe was found in a sealed caves. The finds are displayed in the museum which is expensive but interesting and worth it.

David Garcia van Bijsterveld 7 years ago

Beautiful museum in burgos. Very well explained how humans and the environment evolved during history. Screens, videos and other technology and gadgets are used to explain. Perfect place to bring your kids on a journey to our past.

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