Museum of Montserrat

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08199, Montserrat
938 77 77 27

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O Museu de Montserrat está localizado no coração da cidade montanhosa de Montserrat, a uma curta distância de carro de Barcelona. O museu está alojado em um belo edifício medieval que já foi um mosteiro. O museu contém uma riqueza de informações sobre a história e a cultura de Montserrat, além de uma grande coleção de arte e artefatos.

A coleção do museu inclui pinturas, esculturas e outras obras de arte da Idade Média até os dias atuais. O museu também possui uma biblioteca com uma grande coleção de livros e manuscritos.

O Museu de Montserrat é um ótimo lugar para aprender sobre a história e a cultura desta bela cidade montanhosa. O museu está aberto todos os dias, das 9:00 às 17:00. A entrada é gratuita para todos os visitantes.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:45 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:45 PM

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🗣️ Museum of Montserrat: Opiniões

elena costa sort 1 year ago

Pleasantly surprised. Do not stop visiting it. Spectacular paintings and there are hardly any visitors. SPECTACULAR

Sergiy Melnykov 1 year ago

A great place, as they say, you need to make a wish and it will definitely come true!

Andrei Petrescu 1 year ago

Este foi o meu museu visitado 210 e facilmente um dos meus favoritos. Se você deseja digerir todas as obras de arte em exibição corretamente, sugiro alocar mais de 4 horas. O Museu de Montserrat mostra uma seleção da mais destacada herança artística e arqueológica na abadia de Montserrat, mil anos. O museu contém seis coleções muito diferentes. O custo de entrada foi de 8eur e nenhuma fila para ingressos. Visitado durante a semana, então talvez seja mais ocupado durante o fim de semana, mas definitivamente não é um museu para perder. Pode facilitar a classificação da exibição de arte em mais de 5 estrelas, facilmente em comparação com o Rijksmuseum na Holanda.

Biggit 1 year ago

The place itself is enchanting. And the choice of paintings is fantastic. It was nice to discover, alongside well-known artists, also masterpieces by Catalan painters that were unknown to me. Many Thanks I'll be back for sure

MJ Diaz 1 year ago

A great place to walk, it has many trails. There is a funicular to reach the top or walk. There are restrooms, restaurants, craft markets, parking. It can be reached from Barcelona since the train arrives at the place.

joan mondaray 1 year ago

A small museum, very big. The collection of paintings by Catalan authors is splendid. Educational tours for schools, one of the best. A luxury

Shane Poulter 1 year ago

Wonderful works. Well worth the visit

simone cipriani 2 years ago

Incredible paintings by the best painters ... a must see

Radmila Dulovic-Rastovac 2 years ago

Wonderful place. Takes one day to explore evry corner of it and enjoy it's wonders. Location is another story and experience. Don't miss the Museum.

Fernando H. Ahuvia 2 years ago

As if the trails with incredible views and its very rich monastery weren’t enough, Montserrat also has an excellent museum with works by important artists such as Picasso, Monet, Caravaggio, El Greco and others, as well as religious objects and even Egyptian mummies.

Manuela Nassi 2 years ago


Tracy Sung 2 years ago

Esta foi uma ótima escapada tranquila da multidão de Montserrat. Há muitos bancos dentro das galerias, para que você possa relaxar e descansar as pernas. Os banheiros limpos também estão aqui! Vale a pena a taxa de admissão de 8 euros. NOTA: Visitado em janeiro de 2020, mas alcançando críticas por causa do Covid.

Sven Hazenbosch 3 years ago

If you like classical and religious art, this is the place to go. My only constructive feedback for the museum would be to give more context about the object on display. I was missing the history and the stories behind the objects.

Oruga 3 years ago

The selection of the artwork is amazing, so many wonderful masters in one place! The staff was also really helpful!

Jana Motalová 4 years ago

Beautiful place.

Mike Wazovski 4 years ago

Great little museum.

Ritesh Chauhan 4 years ago

Breath taking views and superb train and cable cart ride.. A must visit place

Anthony Herrera 4 years ago


Gerard Fleming 4 years ago

Small museum on 2 levels. It cost €8. Its was quite and plenty of space to view the paintings. No real rushing crowds. Air conditioning was a bonus in the 32 degree outside heat. I didn't get the audio tour and that may have been a mistake as my phone ran out of battery looking up paintings. Picasso, Dali, Monet, Degas, Rusinol, Casas, Noneli, Mir are just a few. Caravaggio's Saint Jerome in Meditation was on loan to another museum. In actual fact there were about 5 paintings out on loan. The best part for me being Irish, was the Sean Scully painting, Oisin's Mountain at the end room with a video on the TV in the corner explaining about the work he completed for Santa Cecilia de Montserrat which unfortunately we did not get to visit. My favourite painting was by Jaime Sunico called Monk, located beside the Scully painting. There was a section on Ancient World. Nice to see but not my thing. They even have an Egyptian mummy. There was also a room of different works showcasing the Black Madonna. Well worth a visit if you are into art.

Audrius Bingelis 4 years ago

Muito bom

egb 4 years ago

Monastery on the top of the mountains of Montserrat, an emblematic place where La Moreneta is found, the only black virgin in the world who is the patron saint of Catalonia. A must see if you come to Barcelona. To access the complex of the temple monastery viewpoint and hotel can be done by car, motorcycle on foot with the funicular or bus. The problem is that entering by car leaves at 12e by motorcycle 3.50 and by bus I do not know how much the funicular is worth. So my recommendation is that you park before entering the monastery and walk upstairs and save yourself some time and money. And to avoid queues it is better to go during the week. Sunday is full. There is a restaurant but you can take your food too. There are also stalls where they sell local products, cheeses, jams, honey and sausages well priced and . If you like the mountains, go with comfortable clothes and shoes because there are walking routes that are really impressive in the middle of the forest and going up to the mountains. Is very pretty.

Hristo Stoianov 4 years ago

The museum houses a collection of over 1,300 items reflecting the millennial history of the monastery. Here are paintings by famous artists such as: Picasso, Dali, Monet, Degas, Pizarro, Chagall and others. There is also a collection of Byzantine and Slavic icons. In one of the galleries there is a mummy of a 25-year-old woman from the late period 664-343 BC.

박영진 4 years ago

A great museum. It is 8 euros for adults, 4 euros for children's Because it is not well known, there are not many other tourists. Also paintings by Spanish painters such as Picasso, Salvador Dali, Night Thoreau, but there are also more and more in impressive figure of Renoir, Manet, Edgar, Chagall. In other places, especially in their piece of rare good defense to latch think more and more. Especially nice is that you can see the jewel-like paintings of hidden painters from Barcelona. Especially, I liked the paintings of the nature and people of Catalonia, including Sitges. The picture you have to see is 'old fisher' of Pigaso. Picasso painting'm 14 years old. This time Picasso was in good company with his father. Signs also did the previous use of the mother of Picasso. Since opening the world of Cubism, the distance between him and his father has become far apart, and the number of female models such as mothers has risen more than the figure of a man became a model.

Bobae 4 years ago

I only knew about here because of Carravagio , however, there are plenty of treasures inside, especially the Egyptian collection. It’s a must see.

Vojtěch Pithart 4 years ago

Worth of a visit. Allow 2 hours, walk slowly, enjoy. The paintings collection also shows pieces of sound names (Picasso, Monet) and it's inevitable to note that their works were no special - rather mediocre - among other masters of art shown here.

Rose Mund 4 years ago


wl Cheung 4 years ago

Um sítio fantástico

Neal Dixon 4 years ago

While not part of the abbey and, thus, under no obligation to be free, this small museum, with a commensurately small fee, boasts a really impressive collection that covers from the ancient up to the impressionists. The museum is quite approachable and a visit doesn't need to take up too much time.

Adam Maloney 4 years ago

Surprisingly good, some real world-class art here. And some Egyptian and neolithoc pieces at the end.

Ivanka Krumov 4 years ago

Unbelievable artwork ! Must see!

Edward Green 4 years ago

É uma bela galeria com alguns grandes rebatedores nas paredes. É certo que para mim a melhor coisa sobre isso (com 9 meses de idade no início de julho) foi o ar condicionado, Bliss. Vale a pena a entrada de € 8. Brincando à parte, é um bom complemento para a caminhada pela igreja.

SJ Bey 4 years ago

Um dos melhores museus da Catalunha. Fuja da corrida turística e das longas filas em Barcelona e visite este museu para obter ótimas obras de arte de artistas espanhóis. Sua coleção no estilo realismo é realmente incrível. Os artistas se concentraram na natureza e retratos humanos em sua maior parte. O nível de detalhes em algumas das pinturas é apenas alucinante. Há um guia de áudio disponível para o museu. Você também pode ver uma múmia do Egito lá.

Lauren DeIudicibus 5 years ago

Enjoyed my visit to this museum. The paintings and sculptures inside were phenomenal. The museum had 2 paintings that were done by Picasso. There were a lot of religious paintings and paintings of monseratt dated far back. Also some history from the Egyptians.

Izza 5 years ago

It is. Museum worth visiting. The gift shop is wonderful with lots of variety. The museum itself is more of an art gallery with works and paintings by various artists. There are portraits as well as landscapes of country side. A whole room is devoted to the history of the saints. Can’t take pictures for obvious reasons.

Žiga Hrovat 5 years ago

Just simply amazing place! I was overwhelmed by all artistic works! Would pay double for such amazing museum, becouse you see artworks from many famous artists.

Marta Jacak 5 years ago

A lot of paitings, mainly those important for the history of Montserrat. A lot of Spanish painters, plus some well-known artists, like Monet, Renoir, Picasso, Pizarro. Worth a visit :)

Crazy RC Planes 5 years ago

Absolutely fantastic. We were surprised about the size and the quality of the museum. Don't miss it

Miriam Freitas 5 years ago

IMPRESSIVE! Montserrat itself is already a wonderful place, the museum is super worth visiting if I'm not mistaken, it pays around 7 €. The entrance fee has access to works by old and contemporary Spanish painters. And also by painters like Dali, Michelângelo and Picasso. Without a doubt it was worth it, the visit is made at 1:30 approximately.

Jules C. 5 years ago

This museum is definitely a must! The collection is almost perfect. Has many famous artists but specially local paintors and magnificent work by them. Most of the paintings were donated to this iconic landmark of Catalunya (I’m talking about Montserrat, the perfect setting for this great museum). Whenever you are visiting the monastery or the ‘black virgin’ you should give yourself a couple of hours (1 or 2) to check this collection. The admission is well reasonable priced (just 7€ for the whole!). So far one of my favourite museums in Catalunya, right there with the MNAC in Barcelona.

H R C 5 years ago

An excellent place with beautiful views everywhere... I am impressed by the amount of work that there is I went a year ago and the same with tower cranes everywhere. If you can do the 2 hour walk from monestir it is impressive with clouds and beautiful views!

Frédéric CLAVEAU 6 years ago

Nice quiet museum with some piece of interesting paintings.

too v n me nu 6 years ago

What a gorgeous building with beautiful internal design, definitely worth travelling a long distance to witness it's beauty.

Marsha Collier 6 years ago

My favorite museum. The variety of the collection is most amazing

Bryce Caster 6 years ago

Sneakily tucked underneath the main entrance to the abbey is this gem of a museum. They casually have some incredible paintings by the world's most famous artists including Caravaggio, El Greco, Degas, and Picasso. My favorite part was the room of paintings of the Virgin of Montserrat, which helped to demonstrate the importance of this place.

Bogdan Cojocaru 6 years ago

Worth to see

Gerald Muriel (Temiatwork) 7 years ago

Amazing museum with cultural history of the monastery.

RearViz Lee 7 years ago

An amazing place and great cultural experience, do go into the church and check out every square inch of this place, also we walked right out to the point but just make sure you have some really comfortable shoes on as it doesn't look far to walk out to the other side and look back but it is much further and I thought but it is so worthwhile. There happened to but a food market on while I was there and it was amazing to try all the different flavours and we bought some goodies to have with wine back at our hotel. We had lunch at the restaurant up there but I found it to be very ordinary and wouldn't recommend it, (Buffet Restaurant)

Lewis 7 years ago

Suprisingly good. you would never expect them to have such an impressive art collection. escape the crowds and see some art

Paweł Śladowski 7 years ago

Um sítio fantástico

Megan Jevin 7 years ago

Great information, very cultural experience, and the surrounding sights are incredible.

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