São Paulo Museum of Sacred Art

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Av. Tiradentes 676
01102-000, Penápolis
(11) 3326-3336

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O Museu de Arte Sagrado de São Paulo está localizado na cidade de Penápolis, no estado de São Paulo, Brasil. O museu foi fundado em 2001 pela diocese católica de Sorocaba e é dedicada à preservação e exposição de arte religiosa dos séculos XVI a XX. A coleção do museu inclui pinturas, esculturas e outras obras de arte do Brasil e de outros países da América Latina. O museu também abriga uma biblioteca e um centro de pesquisa.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ São Paulo Museum of Sacred Art: Opiniões

Raquel Masceno 1 year ago

Too beautiful, the people who work there are super receptive and attentive, all the paintings and sculptures are beautiful, especially the crib my favorite part, I highly recommend a visit!

rafael clemente 1 year ago

Beautiful museum of sacred art in the city of São Paulo. Worth the visit ✅ The site has free parking. Close to the Pinacoteca do Estado and the Portuguese Language Museum

J A Pomilio 1 year ago

Quality collection, with excellent presentation. To which is added the beautiful chapel of the monastery and the tribute to Frei Galvão and the unforgettable Neapolitan nativity scene.

Wilson Silva 1 year ago

I loved the museum of sacred art, an unparalleled religious representation, I recommend it to everyone, Catholics or not. I was moved by the part of the relics of the saints.

David Lopes 1 year ago

VAVE the visit a lot! Sacred art over several different centuries and styles. Free on Saturdays, with indoor parking. Right side entry

Thina 1 year ago

Great visit, the attraction I loved the most was the crib. It's beautiful, amazing work! The museum, in addition to several paintings, has a rich collection of ornaments and religious relics, it also has a safe room (where there are several beautiful and very valuable pieces). For those who like fashion, the collection has several costumes present in soap operas on the Globo network! I recommend a visit! Note: there are no interactive exhibits, it may not be that interesting for children.

Aline Ramos 1 year ago

Experience was beyond expectations, wonderful museum, super organized, excellent service, monitors with very deep knowledge of history. It was even possible to watch a live opera. Worth the visit, I recommend it!

Renê Santos 1 year ago

For art lovers, the Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo is one of the main Brazilian institutions dedicated to the study, conservation and exhibition of objects related to sacred art. It is located in the city of São Paulo, on the left wing of the Monastery of Luz, founded in 1774 on the initiative of Frei Galvão, the first Brazilian saint, (1739-1822) where his remains are. The monastery has an 18th century colonial building in São Paulo and preserves its elements, materials and structure in its original forms. It is a fantastic construction, in a beautiful space, which conveys a sense of peace as soon as you enter. On the day of my visit there was the opening of the exhibition “GENESIS according to Eva”, by the artist Eva Soban, composed of 15 elements in woven forms which present the myth of the creation of the world and the saga of the forbidden fruit according to the artist's vision. The exhibition and the works involved are very interesting. In short, all the pieces on display are beautiful and very significant in historical, cultural and artistic terms. It is worth visiting and, in particular, the exhibition of the Neapolitan nativity scene. There is free parking on site, but arrive early so you don't run out of space. It is very close to the Pinacoteca. On Saturdays, admission is free.

Lucas França 1 year ago

Amazing place, full of stories and with excellent educators, they were with a group of 40 students from work and everyone was delighted with the museum space.

Cristiano Santos 1 year ago

The museum is extremely beautiful, with replicas of Aleijadinho right at the entrance and with an immense collection of baroque sacred items up to the 20th century. Even Pope Pius XII's skullcap is there. There is an open area where there is a fountain, turned off at the time, but which has not lost its pomp. It is worth, in the end, to take a look at the huge crib that exists. On Saturdays free entry!

Priscilla Pizza 1 year ago

For those who like the historic part, it is worth knowing. Several church relics, pieces from the 17th to the 19th century

Cyclebelle Mybike 1 year ago

The wonderful Museum with the Chapel, the Napolitano Crib and the garden with the Prophets form an ensemble that is impossible not to fall in love with... The museum's collection is huge, more than 2000 works, covering paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, decorative objects and a core of sacred art, dating between the 17th and 20th centuries. Visiting the Neapolitan Nativity Scene at the Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo is a unique experience....really unbelievable!!! Looking at the crib with 1,600 Italian pieces from the 18th century is a journey through time and space. In addition to the traditional scene of the nativity of Jesus of Nazareth, the pieces represent various urban professionals (such as blacksmiths, shoemakers, barbers, greengrocers, among others), shepherds, rural men, as well as objects, utensils and furniture... thorough and takes up a lot of space... Everything was a pleasant surprise... much more beautiful than I imagined.

Magda Maia 1 year ago

Of those places that positively surprised me. R$ 6.00 to enter, everything is clean, organized and very pleasant to walk. The crib is one of the best parts. Impressive!!!

Mariana Kato 1 year ago

Beautiful! Wonderful crib that I could spend hours admiring! It's sooo worth the visit besides having a super cute patio inside! All attentive staff

Rebeca Costa 1 year ago

My favorite place! Calm, clean, silent and beautiful. Everyone who works there is always very helpful.

Daniele Batista 1 year ago

Culture, tradition, history are some of the experiences you will find at MAS. Fully adapted (PNE) and ready to receive visitors. Don't miss the Neapolitan Nativity scene, which is one of the most beautiful and detailed I've ever seen.

さま〜あいずBrazil 1 year ago

The art of church decorations from around the 18th century was on display and it was wonderful. The adjacent church was also wonderful. The admission ticket was pre-ordered online. It's free on Saturdays, but it was worth more than 6 real admission and it was nice to see it slowly on weekdays without people.

Emilene Pais 1 year ago

The Museum is wonderful, it has many exhibits and cocktails after the show. The place is beautiful and pleasant. Buffet JL Eventos serves the cocktail. perfect.

Stephany Camargo 1 year ago

A museum that every Catholic should know!! In addition to art lovers! We find from baroque art to works that made up the week of modern art! Including big names!!! Totally affordable value and easily located! I left there delighted!!!

Maria Sirlei Alves Moreira 1 year ago

Simply an architectural treasure, located in a monastery founded by Frei Galvão, a colonial building from the 18th century that preserves its original constructive elements, the space is wonderful, conveys a lot of peace and the entire staff is friendly and attentive. The divine collection and the nativity scene are also worth a visit. One of the most beautiful museums I visited in São Paulo.

Viviana Martins 1 year ago

The Museum of Sacred Art is a rare gem in São Paulo: historical repertoire, peaceful and beautiful environment. Even though I am a frequent visitor to museums, I still did not know the Museum of Sacred Art and I guarantee that being there brings the feeling of visiting a large church in Minas Gerais, in historic cities. I recommend a visit and I even recommend going to the Pinacoteca which is very close to the place.

Raphaella Campos 1 year ago

Wonderful experience! The place is beautiful and the works of art, wow, are splendid! The staff is very well trained and everyone is always very willing to help and answer questions. For entry it is necessary to present proof of vaccination against Covid-19. It is allowed to take photos inside the museum, as long as they are without flash.

Pedro Paulo 1 year ago

For those who like History and Religion, a visit to the Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo is essential. A wide collection is on display, ranging from rare images, from more than 2 centuries, to basic old utensils, silverware and jewelery. Admission on Saturdays is free and during the week it costs a negligible R$6.00 for the entire museum and R$3.00 for a half, which must be purchased in advance directly through the Museum's website. Although the address is listed as Avenida Tiradentes, 676, access to the museum is from the side, at Rua Doutor Jorge Miranda, 43. For those taking the Metro, Tiradentes Station, on Line 1 - Blue, is right next to it. For those traveling by car, there is a free parking lot next to the access gate.

Waldemir de Jesus 1 year ago

We went to help an organization that takes lunchboxes to homeless residents, good space, I couldn't get in but the outside with the ALEIJADINHO replicas, by themselves, are worth it

Ary de Almeida Soares 1 year ago

The Sscra Art Museum tells part of the history of São Paulo and Brazil in a very pleasant place. On Sunday mornings, it is possible to use the museum's parking lot, free of charge. In addition to the Museum of Sacred Art, there is the Neapolitan nativity scene, very beautiful. There are guides to explain and answer questions It also has the church and monastery of Luz, founded by Frei Antônio de Santana Galvão who is the first saint born in Brazil. For the devotees there are the "pills" distributed by the sisters

Leila Mota 1 year ago

But it is a very wonderful museum of sacred art! The pieces on display are beautiful and very significant in historical, cultural and artistic terms. It covers pieces from the 17th century to the century (as far as I've seen). But it is also an architectural treasure: it is housed in a monastery founded by Frei Galvão, who is the first Brazilian canonized by the Pope (in 2007). This monastery is the only 18th century colonial building in SP to preserve its original constructive elements, material and structure. It is listed by IPHAN. It is a fantastic construction, in a beautiful space, which conveys a sense of peace as soon as you enter. The staff is very friendly and attentive, and they know the collection well, providing interesting details to the visitor. Of course, the works have explanatory signs, but it's good to realize that there are people taking care of this treasure, more than a mere formal attendant. One of the most beautiful places I've ever visited in the city.

Udini 2 years ago

Excellent, the paintings are wonderful, there is an internal space that reminds us of reflection, the chapel is very rich in details of the best taste. And the nativity scene is a unique work in every museum. It sends us the immersion of the Sacred!

Larissa Alem 2 years ago

Museu maravilhoso. O cenário da marinha foi construído com estátuas de vários artistas desde o século 18 - que está aberto para visitação nos fins de semana, durante um certo período de tempo, então confira antes de ir. Eles também têm as famosas pílulas de Frei Galvao, feitas de papel, como parte de uma rotina de oração de 9 dias.

Igor Xavier 2 years ago

Even though I already know the place, it is always a mandatory stop when I go to São Paulo. The museum has a very rich collection of sacred art: you can easily spend hours on end observing every detail. The building, a monastery from 1774, is a sight in itself. Many areas are completely preserved, so that it is possible to observe the floors, walls and installations from the period. One of the characteristics that always make me return to the Museum of Sacred Art is the calm that permeates the entire environment: in almost my entire visit, I was the only person in the rooms. It really is a break from the chaos. I also loved the idea of ​​inserting modern art exhibitions into the museum's installations. I believe that the space must be democratic and always in constant renovation. It was a welcome surprise. It's worth the visit, even if you (like me) are not Catholic. Admission costs well below other museums in the city. Be sure to sit on the stools in the monastery's courtyard to look out over the garden.

ledisley silva 2 years ago

For those who love religious art, the Museum of Sacred Art in São Paulo is one of the main Brazilian institutions dedicated to the study, conservation and exhibition of objects related to sacred art. It's worth getting to know the Christmas Nativity scene in particular. It was wonderful On Saturdays, entry is free. Here's the tip.

Derek Sculthorpe 3 years ago

Museu impressionante e bem conservado, com alguns artefatos bonitos e incomuns.

Alex Chivescu 3 years ago

Tente cronometrar sua visita para que você possa ver uma extensa exibição de Nápoles de Nápoles (cena da Natividade), que fica aberta apenas das 10h às 11h e das 14h. Todo o museu é gratuito aos sábados. Coleção de arte religiosa muito bonita dentro de um edifício histórico. Exposições temporárias interessantes também.

Monalisa Rosh 4 years ago

Very nice church

Cibele Verutti Bueno 4 years ago

It's amazing!!!

Calos Alberto Arra 4 years ago


David Andrade 4 years ago

É bom

Ivanete De Angelis 4 years ago


Isaac Marques 4 years ago


Davi Gomes 4 years ago

Bela coleção e ambiente. Portas e tesouros antigos da igreja.

Elias C. Medeiros 6 years ago

Very interesting liturgical artefacts. It's a catholic museum. You can visit the Saint Antonio Galvão church and to take some miraculous pills.

Djanilson Silva 6 years ago

Vale a pena

Jose Dias 6 years ago

Although thia is a thematic religious museum is worth a visit to grasp how powerful and rich (in all senses) the church made itself thought out the centuries. Is also a deep view in Portuguese/Spanish baroque architecture and way of leaving. Important to point out that in terms of counter reform Portugal was a easy place to be when compared to Spain.

Robson Avena 6 years ago


Erik Rodrigues 7 years ago


CANAL DE TUDO UM POUCO Sds 7 years ago


Tam O'Hara 7 years ago

É a coleção de estátuas sagradas e ornamentos litúrgicos do passado colonial. O lugar é bom e há um belo jardim, em torno do convento. Boa seleção de livros culturais. Os visitantes também podem comprar pão e biscoitos feitos na comunidade.

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