Museo Arqueológico, Etnográfico e Histórico Vasco

📍 Localização e contacto

Unamuno Miguel Plaza 4
48006, Bilbao
944 15 54 23

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O Museo Arqueológico, Etnográfica e Histórico Vasco em Bilbao é um museu dedicado à história e cultura do povo basco. O museu é dividido em três seções: o Museu Arqueológico, o Museu Etnográfico e o Museu Histórico.

O Museu Arqueológico abriga uma coleção de artefatos dos períodos pré -históricos, romanos e medievais. O Museu Etnográfico contém uma coleção de arte folclórica e roupas tradicionais da região basca. O Museu Histórico narra a história do povo basco da Idade Média até os dias atuais.

O Museo Arqueológico, Etnográfica e Histórico Vasco é um dos museus mais importantes do país basco. É um imperdível para qualquer pessoa interessada na história e na cultura do povo basco.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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🗣️ Museo Arqueológico, Etnográfico e Histórico Vasco: Opiniões

Mirtha Linares (Toyana) 1 year ago

Bilbao, in general, is very nice, a very modern city, where many famous architects, some of them alive, worked to make this city a welcoming place. You can come and stroll through its streets and visit its museum.

Jaime Fons 1 year ago

An essential museum in Bilbao. Even in full renovation and expansion, they show their collection in a way never seen before. A basic in my agenda.

Guillermo González 1 year ago

Fantastic museum that allows you to review the heritage of the Basque Country and better understand our history, culture and traditions.

Mauro Ortez Herrera 1 year ago

Very well located, you are not overwhelmed and it is worth visiting

Kim Himmelmann 1 year ago

Wonderful museum documenting Basque history.

Oscar Ferreira Barón 1 year ago

Located in the heart of Bilbao, next to Plaza de Miguel de Unamuno, the Basque Museum reveals the culture, traditions and history of the Basque people based on the most popular ways of life of our ancestors. This museum perfectly fulfills the objective of showing the historical and cultural evolution of Basque society, highlighting the characteristics that make all the territories that share our same culture unique and singular.

Iñako Fuentes 2 years ago

Very interesting; the third floor is currently under construction. As soon as they will have to repeat it.

AITOR .S 2 years ago

The Basque Museum or Euskal Museoa, teaches the ethnography of the Basques through pieces, models, photographs and craft material and furniture. It is located in the Jesuit college and cloister, to which it belonged until its expulsion from Spain and subsequent expropriation of its churches, land and buildings. Here there are several rooms, such as those of prehistory, sea and fishing, pastoral culture, iron and armor industries, commercial activity and traditional trades and crafts such as ceramics and weaving. We also find several skeletons from prehistoric burials, as well as statues, shields, paintings and even a prehistoric idol, which is the museum's emblem and is located in the center of the cloister square. Mikeldi's famous idol.

Olaia Ruiz 2 years ago

Affordable museum. It is a cozy and entertaining museum. It shows you Basque culture in a simple and beautiful way. It is a pleasure to move around the building. You have to see it whether you are a tourist or a resident.

Valentí Julià 2 years ago

Very nice museum, I recommend visiting it and learning a bit of history!

Dope Sin más 2 years ago

A pretty nice place, free delivery although you can contribute some money, right now the big heads are in the yard and it's quite interesting to see them and see their history. Very interesting to see and highly recommended

Bastien De 2 years ago

We had a very warm welcome by the employees and the guard of the museum. (Visit to the museum in August). The Giants exhibit is very impressive (and free), it was great. Very nice discovery.

Alberto Vaccari 2 years ago

Cute museum but at the moment it's not fully open. Only 1 exhibition about the gigantes of Bilbao. Free donation. Duration (with reading the provided booklet in Spanish): 15-20min

Vaclaw Belzebiush 2 years ago

Now its domów kind of renovation inside. Can see a little Part for free

Negu Zuria 2 years ago

A marvel of a museum to know our history, our customs, and that it is a pleasure to visit, to see when the works are done and enlargement as it remains, the attentive and friendly staff

Nekane Madariaga Uribe 2 years ago

A museum that is currently in full transformation and cannot show much of the treasures it houses, but which when it is back in full swing, will be the epicenter of Basque ethnography in general and Bizkaina in particular.

Gregorio Castro Menendez 2 years ago

It is located next to the Basque Museum, in Plaza Miguel Unamuno. Beautiful ornamental fountain with several spouts

Edurne Amor 3 years ago

Perfectly accessible, with all hygiene measures applied. A place where you can learn a little more about Basque culture.

Shawn X (Shavi) 3 years ago

Belo museu

SANDRA Hernanz 3 years ago

It is a Basque museum, it is a three-story museum, the first thing you find is a beautiful cloister, with an ancient model in the center, the first floor is made up of Basque customs and way of life, you have tools, clothing, life fishery of the coast..., on the second floor you have an entire exhibition of earthenware and porcelain that is a real marvel, and on the third, the jewel of the museum, an impressive model of all of Vizcaya! We have loved the visit to this museum, much better than we expected, the entrance costs three euros, on Thursdays it is free and the man at the reception cannot be more friendly and pleasant! by the way, closed on tuesdays

Anna Kupsch 3 years ago

Nice and helpful staff. Fantastic idea using technology and 3D effects (especially description and visiting the cave). Interesting exhibition and simulations as well as thematic division of the exhibition, although the collections are not large. The exhibits are described in Spanish, but visitors receive an album with a description in English, which is given back after the tour

Lily Adamson 3 years ago

Great museum. Model of the Basque Country is a must see!

Nani Villag 3 years ago

Very complete and interesting museum, we were more than 2 hours. It is worth reading every detail of what he tells you, you learn a lot. There was an exhibition on feminism, very good. Very friendly reception man.

Kosara Golemshinska 3 years ago

Maneira fantástica de aprender mais sobre história e cultura bascos! Espalhados por 4 andares, as exposições incluíram tudo, desde o pacote de armas de pedra da cidade, através da oficina de Smith em Smith até a China Fine e o vestido histórico. Para aqueles que apreciam modelos em miniatura, este museu tem muito a oferecer. Além de modelos de aldeias tradicionais e edifícios importantes, você também pode caminhar por um modelo impressionante de toda a Biscaia.

Danny Rossi 4 years ago

Really well made museum which offer a interesting point of view on the Basquae culture and it's evolution

Endika Montes 4 years ago

Museum of Basque history, with the flavor of a monastery cloister. Must visit to learn a little Basque village and its people, has the input brochures in several languages ​​and people who ask. Its interim is impressive and well taken care of. It is quite large and does not usually have crowds, there are parts outdoors.

Concha Ricoy 4 years ago

It is a perfect place to know the history and traditions of our land The building is beautiful and just for that reason it would deserve a visit with its patio with the idol Mikeldi in the center Highlights the exhibition of ceramics and furniture In addition to visually explain the settlement of the town in the sea and the mountain For me to understand an essential visit in the trip to Bilbao

Tarannà 4 years ago

Upon entering you will be given a couple of brochures of the exhibition and they will tell you about the most recommended route. Friendly and warm attention. They have added to the tour 3 virtual reality glasses with which you can see, explore and analyze in detail 3 of the caves of the Basque Country where different rock paintings have been found. It is a very well-kept space with very interesting content that makes you travel through time.

Adrian Ceja Flores 4 years ago

The attention of the museum is very good, the building has 3 floors and ground floor. Information on Basque life in the past, customs, how it was lived, crafts and commerce is found. The cost is 3 euros the entrance.

Rodolfo Leitão 4 years ago

Ideal to have a full notion of Basque Country

Angie 4 years ago

I loved knowing a little more about Basque history

Markus 4 years ago

Lovingly designed museum about Basque culture. Entry is free on Thursdays. Unfortunately, the descriptions of the exhibits are rarely in English, but there are flyers in English in some areas of the museum. Even if you can't read the descriptions, it's definitely worth a visit. If only because of the beautiful, old building and the inner courtyard.

Sergio Núñez López 4 years ago

Incredible archaeological museum to visit in Bilbao, 2 floors, small but with a large collection from the first settlements until now. Miy recommended your visit.

Martin Borman 4 years ago

Excellent museum, similar to our local history. There are not as many exhibits as possible, but they give a fairly complete picture of the Basques as a people. A must visit when staying in Bilbao. Plus it is in the old city, which is convenient.

Egoitz Sánchez Viñambres 4 years ago

Excellent way to explore the history of the Basque people in a very graphic and visual way

Yozzer Hughes 4 years ago

Entrada gratuita às quintas -feiras. Museu basco muito bom. Seria muito melhor se houvesse outros idiomas nas placas detalhadas nas exposições. Em vez disso, existem alguns folhetos esporádicos que são pontilhados. O tempo que passamos aqui foi interrompido por causa disso, caso contrário, teríamos ficado muito mais tempo. Existe um modelo fantástico de Bizkaia para que você possa ver toda a região em larga escala, é uma pena que, para um orador não-basque-espanhol, não houvesse informações acessíveis pelas exposições. Que bom que foi uma entrada gratuita.

Brian Cohen 4 years ago

Bom lugar para ver, com exibições e artefatos interessantes e informativos.

Edgar Here and There 4 years ago

Este é um museu bem com curadoria, com artefatos da área local, começando na pré -história precoce há cerca de 100.000 anos, mostrando ferramentas de pedra. A tela funciona através de períodos subsequentes de pré -história antes de analisar a ocupação romana e depois o período medieval. É importante notar que é a experiência de imersão de pinturas de cavernas do período paleolítico. Valeremos uma visita.

György Vályi 4 years ago

Um museu mais autêntico, informativo, espetacular e para crianças em um edifício histórico com muitos objetos originais. A maioria das informações fornecidas em inglês, mas o museu não é absolutamente pesado em texto. Ele fornece uma visão geral substancial da história e da vida cotidiana deste canto remoto, mas grande da Espanha, i. e. Basco do país. Uma boa mistura de história, arqueologia, antropologia, pesca, comida tradicional, vida rural etc. O museu tem 3 andares e um térreo para visitar. Muito facilmente acessível para usuários de cadeira de rodas. Atmosfera tranquila, equipe profissional e atenciosa. Os banheiros estão disponíveis para visitantes.

Frank Murphy 5 years ago

Amazing. Beautiful City. Great history. Real Basque Country. Friendly and Helpful Citizens.

Arantxa Sainz 5 years ago

A must see. Wonderful cloister, interesting exhibitions, a majestic Mikeldi ..... a must for both outsiders and locals. Entry for € 3. And on Thursday mornings free entry.

Iratxe Atxa Goitia 5 years ago

A place worth visiting, where you can learn about our history in a building of great value ...

Nuria Valiente 5 years ago

The way of life in the Basque Country is explained very well, from the spinners, the whalers, ... The large-scale map of the whole of Bizkaia on the upper floor, such as the two Gernika tree trunks at the entrance, should be highlighted. of this floor. On Thursdays admission is free

Lin-Jhu Wang 5 years ago

This is a very well organized museum, displaying detailed history of Basque. Very informative for whoever's interested in the unique Basque culture. I was there twice yet still not had enough time to look through everything. I'll definitely come back in the future ^^ The ticket is 3 euros, and with student discount it's only 1.5 euros. It's free every Thursday. The description is mostly in Basque and castellano.

María Angélica Martín 5 years ago

Beautiful museum. Mueatra the soul of the Basque people

Xabier Xabier 5 years ago

The entrance fee is not expensive at all. You get an insight of ancient times in the Basque Country... Located in an old building with a patio.

ER T 5 years ago

A pleasant surprise with a very didactic permanent exhibition on Basque culture, its customs and its traditional dresses and occupations. Treats grazing, the mountains, the sea ... The temporary exhibition very well presented. The building is accessible, the treatment of the staff is very pleasant.

Joe Connolly 5 years ago

Great museum. Free on Thursday well worth a few hours

Valeria Gemelli 6 years ago

Very good Museum, we went the day that was free (I think it was a Thursday) and saw the exhibition of the bigheads of Bilbao. Very complete and interesting to see.

Joanna Fedor 6 years ago

This was a wonderful representation of Basque history and culture. The man who sold us our ticket at the front was incredibly friendly and kind. We talked for a long time about the Basque in Bilbao. I enjoyed looking at the museum displays but do note that very little is in English. Most is in Basque and Spanish.

Rocío Tudela 6 years ago

Beautiful museum full of curiosities. It is worth going to see it

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