Dallas Museum of Art

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N Harwood St 1717
75201, Dallas
(214) 922-1200

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O Museu de Arte de Dallas é um dos maiores museus dos Estados Unidos, com uma coleção de mais de 24.000 obras de arte que abrangem 5.000 anos de história. O museu está localizado no distrito de artes do centro de Dallas, Texas, e fica adjacente à coleção de arte asiática de Trammell & Margaret Crow.

A coleção do museu inclui obras do Egito e da Grécia antigas, além de pinturas e esculturas dos mestres europeus. O museu também tem uma coleção significativa de arte americana, com obras de artistas como Georgia O'Keeffe e Andrew Wyeth. Além de sua coleção permanente, o Dallas Museum of Art também abriga uma variedade de exposições temporárias ao longo do ano.

O museu está aberto de terça a domingo e a admissão é gratuita.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Dallas Museum of Art: Opiniões

Mason Young 1 year ago

The museum has a few sections that are currently closed, but is very much so worth visiting. Parking is $15 for the underground spaces. There is an extra charge for what is currently visiting the location. The Kinetic exhibit (which was the current visiting exhibit) has a fun hands on light bulb string piece that was really fun. I suggest you make a day of your visit and be sure to stop by the sculpture garden. If you want a bite to eat there is a cafe situated on the first floor. The American art collection, in particular the silver and glass selections are fascinating.

Lindsey 1 year ago

The Dallas museum of art is easily in my top 3 art museums!! (And that’s saying something from an art museum lover). This place is HUGE and the way it is designed is like a maze. You could literally walk in one direction forever before you reach a dead end. Some may criticize this labyrinth like interior but I think it adds to the experience, as you don’t know what’s waiting behind each corner! Exhibits are constantly changing and there’s quite a large variety of work here! This museum has loads of cultural art pieces which I personally love as an art history fan. The location is just perfect as you could step outside and find yourself standing in Klyde Warren Park! And I forgot to mention the best part that makes this museum better than the rest…. It’s FREE !

Alexandra Hart 1 year ago

Such a great museum. Very cool exhibits, although some did not fit a scheme. We went on a friday night and it wasn't very busy. Parking is 15$ if you go to the underground garage. It probably takes about 2 1/2 hours to walk all exhibits and the nasher sculpture center. Enjoy!

Heidi 1 year ago

The DMA is one of my favorite places to go in Dallas. Great permanent collections (including a few Monet’s), and perfectly curated rotating exhibits that keep you coming back for me. Every visit leaves me feeling inspired, and ready to come back soon. You can try to find parking on the street, but I find it’s much easier to park in the garage underneath the museum. Entry to the permanent collections are free, but right now to limit number of people in the museum at the same time due to the pandemic, you do need to reserve tickets online. The special exhibits you do have to pay for - you can book online or once you enter the museum with your general admission ticket. On this visit the special exhibit was Van Gogh and the Olive Groves which was so special to see. It’s there until February 6th, 2022 so go and see it while you can. Definitely not one you want to miss.

Chris G. 1 year ago

Came for the Van Gogh exhibit, and was incredibly impressed. The line to get in even though tickets were purchased in advance was long, but we scheduled it for the last weekend available so that is on us. We spent over an hour just admiring the art and reading about it. The DMA curator knocked it out of the park. To see paintings we will likely never see again is such a wild thought and it was a great experience.

Jennifer Thompson 1 year ago

A wonderful museum with exciting special exhibitions, an amazing permanent collection, and a great sculpture garden with plenty of seating. There is a nice balance of shade and trees on warm days and an enjoyable atmosphere in the fall. It is within walking distance of The Nasher Sculpture Center, the Asian Crow Collection, and Klyde Warren Park. Take a day to visit the museums and the park. Grab a meal at one of the food trucks parked on the street. The museum cafe also has a few options. I was able to tour the Cartier exhibit but ran out of time for the other floors. I will definitely be back soon.

Deanna 1 year ago

What a gem of a museum. So much to see. I was sad we only had a couple of hours. Plan for a full day to take it all in. We didn’t see half of what they had. BUT, I got to see my favorites. Monet and Degas. So, my heart was very happy. This museum is clean, the help friendly and the cafe offered some refreshing treats, too. Next time I’m in Dallas I shall make a whole day of it. Get your tickets ahead of time at their website. It is free, unless you want to see one of their featured displays. The freebie ticket was plenty for me, tho!

Cortney Ayers 1 year ago

The Dallas Museum of Art was an excellent experience. Along with everyone else, I’m shocked it was free. We attended on a Friday evening when metered parking was free and found a place near an entrance. They do want you to reserve a ticket online ahead, which is very quick and easy to do. We spent 2.5 hours here and could’ve used a little longer. It’s much bigger than you expect. Four floors but each floor goes room after room after room of art. On the upper floors, there’s a lot of furniture, sculptures and dining ware that are interesting from different cultures and time periods. There’s a cafe and a store near the main entrance and plenty of restrooms throughout.

Mario Hurtado 1 year ago

Great museum. I think it takes you almost a full day to see most of it. The Cartier exhibit was incredible! Totally worth a visit if you’re in the Dallas area!

Wayne Algenio 1 year ago

It's free and I just love that word! The place is huge and you can easily spend 2 hours just walking around and taking in all there is to see. I would easily pay $25 even if it wasn't free and it would be well worth it! There's so much to see. So many different cultures, different time periods, etc. Go for yourself to take a look. You won't be disappointed! To see a vlog on the museum check out my YouTube Channel - Wayne Algenio

Terrence 1 year ago

The Dallas museum of arts was very nice. I went around noon on Saturday afternoon and it was pretty packed. I visited the Cartier exhibition first and it was great! I recommend that you go during the week when it’s less busy because Saturday was a little overwhelming. After visiting the Cartier exhibition, I decided to check out the rest of the museum which was nice. That part of the museum did not have a lot of people.

Alysia Lil One 1 year ago

Nice and clean, staff wearing masks, and very friendly. Beautiful exhibits. 2 floor was closed today but I will be back.

Nancy Trang 1 year ago

Entrance is free but they still want you to purchase a ticket. There are extra exhibits in the museum that do cost extra. Most of the exhibits is on the 3rd and 4th floor. There is smaller exhibit on the 2nd floor. The exhibits on the 1st floor cost to enter. There are elevator throughout the building that are large but a little slow. They also have a cafe inside and don't allow outside food or water. We spent a good 2.5 hours here.

Larry Missildine 1 year ago

Always a wonderful visit. The staff is always polite and helpful. There is a wide range of exhibits to enjoy. The museum regularly has visiting exhibits, most recently the Cartier exhibit. It was truly interesting to see the history and influence that went into these priceless designs.

Faizan Syed 1 year ago

The Islamic collection here is stunning. I love visiting and also the kids section is enjoyable. I love how it's free and next to the park. I parked my car on the street near by and enjoyed the day in the museum and around the area.

Shae Travis 1 year ago

This place is absolutely amazing. Perfect place for a date or just getting out of the house. For me, it was a little complicated finding my way through the museum, but it was so worth it! There’s so much art, so many exhibits! Parking was super cheap and there were so many spots right by the entrance. I visited on Sunday and there were still so many people; that’s how you know this place has a lot to offer!

K4m Consulting 1 year ago

Absolutely love the DMA. The museum is spacious and easily accessible with parking below the building. We went today to the Van Gogh and the Olive Grove exhibit. The exhibit is wonderfully designed with plenty of room to view the large collection of Van Gogh paintings. The intermittent technical presentations range from pigments to canvas analysis to discussion of the seasons and their clear impact on the paintings. Do not miss this special exhibit but also take time to view the remainder of the museum. A real jewel of Dallas.

Brent Newcomer 1 year ago

I had a wonderful time at the Dallas Museum of Art and it was completely free. They had a fantastic amount of exhibits and galleries full art. Seeing the Monet, and 2 Picassos at the museum is a must and I was also massively impressed with the European paintings gallery in general. The Japanese pieces was the only thing I wish was larger a great visit and ill definitely be back for more some time.

Vyjayanthi Rajan 1 year ago

Fomos a este museu na semana passada e encontramos o lugar que vale a pena visitar. As exposições são bem categorizadas e rotuladas para explicar. Chegamos ao local às 15h. e tinha cerca de duas horas para explorar e aproveitar. Tínhamos reservado ingressos on -line, mas era gratuito e pagamos pelo estacionamento antes de entrar. Tínhamos fotos permitidas sem flash. Recomende este lugar como uma fuga do calor de Dallas e um mergulho no passado e entenda o esplendor e a grandeza com a qual as comunidades viviam. Exibição de salas com cada item rotulado, os talheres ornamentais usados, as artes tribais e as maravilhosas estátuas de mármore são apenas alguns exemplos.

Alex Huffaker 1 year ago

Isso fez minha experiência em Dallas, com certeza! Eles têm galerias incríveis com arte linda em exibição. Eles têm uma grande variedade de arte para que você possa facilmente passar metade do dia vendo -a. A equipe foi muito útil na navegação e foi ótima para lembrar os convidados para não se aproximarem muito da arte. Eu mesmo gostei da arte contemporânea moderna. No geral, belo museu de arte.

Lindatx Lindatx 1 year ago

Excellent, excellent, excellent work made by this artist Cartier believed in. All the inspirations are still present in today's clothing industry. As soon as you walk through the door of the exhibit, you will understand.

Angelica Casas 1 year ago

It's a great place. There's a lot to see, I didn't even finish going through the whole museum. The kid's area was a good idea, you get to make some cute little scratch off necklaces, and it lets the whole family get involved. The art is arranged by era and style I think, it was pretty easy to navigate but it's a shame some areas were closed when I went. The security guards were a little too aggressive with their warnings when we stepped a little too close to some things but I suppose you can never be too careful. Overall I had a good time just relaxing and walking around looking at beautiful art. There was a great variety of things to see and I would definitely come back again someday.

Jason Lee 1 year ago

O museu tem uma boa variedade de coleções de todo o mundo, e a melhor parte é que a admissão é gratuita. Infelizmente, algumas das exposições foram fechadas devido a um rompimento recente, mas ainda havia muito o que ver nos outros andares. Definitivamente recomendaria obter ingressos antes de acelerar o processo de check -in. Eles também solicitam que você carregue qualquer sacos na mão ou deixe -os na verificação do casaco.

Julie l. 1 year ago

Awesome experience at the DMA best part it's free on weekends except for the for limited exhibitions & parking. They have interactive exhibits for children. Over all we had a great time here.hope you enjoy it as much as we did & when you are done , you can walk across the street and enjoy a Italian ice at Klyde Warren Park.

Joey Gonzalez 1 year ago

Fastest way to the garage is by setting the parking garage as destination. As of now it’s $15 to use the parking garage. Admission to the museum was free. 4 hours passed by quick and still had a couple of exhibits to see. Awesome experience, food trucks across the street.

Liliana S 1 year ago

Beautiful place to visit. Takes time because it's big. Four floors of incredibles objects, paintings and sculptures from all over the World. Attendance were very nice and healthful, specially one who make the place very interesting and intriguing. Shout out to Dwayne for being so knowledgeable and enthusiastic - ask him about the ghost mirror!

Charlotte 1 year ago

Great way to spend an afternoon! Free entry but parking in their deck was $15 I think. Also, many (but not all) of the descriptions that are by each work are in both Spanish and English. My partner and I were excited to possibly find some prints of the work we liked but their gift shop didn’t have any prints! Alas.

Uyen Dang 1 year ago

Museu muito bom com muitas obras de arte para se olhar. Levamos 3 horas para passar por todo o museu e ainda perdemos algumas pequenas áreas. Fomos no momento em que eles estavam tendo atividades artísticas gratuitas, o que era meio divertido. Bilhete grátis, o estacionamento custa US $ 15. Você precisa obter os ingressos on -line e apenas mostrar os códigos de barras que eles enviaram no seu e -mail para a recepção. E você pode doar o quanto quiser para o museu, doamos US $ 10 para mostrar apreciação pelos ingressos gratuitos e pelo trabalho duro para montar um museu tão agradável.

Parvathy Sarat 1 year ago

I booked my ticket in advance so entry was quick. I didn't realize bottles aren't allowed inside, so I drained my water outside to bring it in. No mask mandates but they have extras if you ask. I'll be going back to finish seeing the whole museum, it's so huge! Really nice collections, in some parts they have stories/comments from the artists on their pieces. This one is "Everything Belongs" by Erin Shaw from the Mississippian Exhibit, I found the story behind it very relatable. There's also spaces and material for anyone (here a 33 year old :) )to create and put up their own art.

eddieb43 1 year ago

We came here because our guide from the hop on/hop off trolley tour told us it was the day to go because the museum would be closed the next day, Monday. This museum was free if charge and only charges when there are special showings. This museum covers 5000 years of history. We toured the Mississippian culture exhibit, classic oil paint, modern art, Asian and African art. Our only regret is that we didn't have time to tour the whole museum.

elsy 1 year ago

One of my favorites places to go. The exhibits are breathtaking. Recently went for the Van Gogh one, nothing beats seeing the real thing. Informational, and moving. Can’t wait for the upcoming Cartier! Tickets are free (reserve ahead of time), but I recommend getting a membership with them. And it’s right across the park, food trucks.. etc.

Smiley Face 1 year ago

Belo museu cheio de arte de todo o mundo. Estou absolutamente apaixonado por toda a arte. A equipe é tão maravilhosa e útil. Aqui estão algumas coisas que você deve saber. Você tem permissão para carregar uma mochila, mas precisa carregá -la manualmente, não pode colocá -la nas suas costas. Você pode tirar fotos, mas acho que a fotografia flash não é incentivada (não tenho cem por cento de certeza disso). A entrada é gratuita. Essa é a melhor parte da minha opinião . Eu absolutamente adorei ir a este museu. Fiz uma viagem de campo com minha classe para ver a exposição Octavio Medellin. Foi uma ótima experiência e eu recomendo.

JaLia S. 1 year ago

We only had time for 3 exhibits but thoroughly enjoyed Van Gogh and the Olive Groves exhibit! Learning how he drew on dry paint to further enhance his paintings were amazing. Naudline Pierre’s exhibit was breathtaking and brought me to tears as a black woman reading about the women engulfed in the protection of angels. Definitely worth the visit and look forward to seeing the other exhibits in the near future!

Brittany Madison 1 year ago

An amazing place to go with family! (Or alone if you feel like it) my kids had a wonder time. We went closer to close but, will definitely go back earlier in the day next time to see everything. Highly recommend getting the free tickets online. The parking is $15 in the garage. I wished I have experienced the cafe since it’s highly talked about!

Austin Rosenthal 1 year ago

This past Sunday, I visited the Dallas Museum of Art specifically to visit the special exhibition of Van Gogh and the Olive Groves. Admission to the Dallas Museum of Art is free; however, you need to pay for tickets to this special exhibition unless you are a member, and then the tickets are free. We arrived at 11.15am (the museum opens at 11am), and there was already a 20-minute line to get into the exhibit. Once inside, the lines made things move slowly. The Van Gogh paintings are magnificent and the exhibit is put on in partnership with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Once we left the Van Gogh exhibit around 12:00 noon, there was no line. So my advice would be wait until at least an hour after the opening of the museum if you are going on a weekend and the line will dissipate.

Crystella McIvor 2 years ago

FABULOUS FREE MUSEUM!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have been here many times, & love visiting each time! ❤️✔️ So much to see & enjoy! ✔️ I know they sometimes have unique shows that are seasonal or switch out, I haven’t tried any of those, but it’s a great place to get out of the summer Texas heat & enjoy some art & history. ✔️

Derrick Grant 2 years ago

The Dallas Museum of Art is a great place to visit. The admission is free but it’s best to reserve your free ticket online. The Museum has countless artworks from renowned artist like Picasso and Monet, but also has art from many modern day artist. This is a great museum to visit if you enjoy art or want to try a great attraction with your family. The staff is very friendly and helpful, I highly recommend visiting the Dallas Museum of Art.

Kasey Raia Stout 2 years ago

I was so shocked that this museum was free! They had some really good pieces. I was impressed with the size too. The layout was a little funky, but overall it was a nice facility! They had a good collection of abstract art, which I really enjoyed. They also had quite a few well-known artists too which was awesome. Downsides were that it was really busy when we went on a Saturday afternoon and parking was a bit of a challenge too since it was our first time in the area. The experience was worth it though!

Sokvanndy Castro 2 years ago

Thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits in this museum. It was much bigger than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. Parking was $15 below the museum and admissions to the museum itself was free, although they do prefer that you reserve your time slots online. I highly recommend visiting the Dallas Museum of Art if you’re into art and history.

Drea Vee 2 years ago

Such a beautiful museum, esp for being FREE! I didn’t check in online but they were able to check me in at the door. Masks are required. Parking structure is $15, but I parked on the street for 2hrs for $4. There’s also food trucks across the street! There were multiple levels of different types and eras of Art and several rooms to explore. Not going to lie, I went in a couple circles on accident trying to go to the next exhibit. Great museum to check out nonetheless! They also have a huge cafe and gift shop to check out after.

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