Museum of Museums

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Boylston Ave 900
98104, Seattle

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O Museu de Museus de Seattle é uma experiência única. É um museu dedicado a mostrar outros museus de todo o mundo. O museu está cheio de exposições que destacam os diferentes museus que são apresentados. Também existem exibições interativas que permitem aos visitantes aprender mais sobre os diferentes museus. O Museu de Museus é um ótimo lugar para aprender sobre as diferentes culturas do mundo e ver alguns dos museus mais incríveis que existem.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 12:00 – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 12:00 – 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum of Museums: Opiniões

Nathan Rogers 1 year ago

This place is incredible, and all the staff, especially Timothy are so warm and welcoming!

Veranica Chow 1 year ago

Museum of Museums is my favorite museum in Seattle. Every show I’ve attended has been spectacular. I love their gift shop. I highly recommend a visit!

Maayan Haim 1 year ago

Fun shows, always fun to go there, never the same experience and really good art

Bruno Ruiz De Somocurcio 1 year ago

Magical Place, an escape. Worth visiting.

Keillan Mennella 1 year ago

The creative that Seattle needs more of… come w/o expectations and leave with conversation and wonder

Anastasia Bekris 1 year ago

Ame esse museu pequeno, mas poderoso! Eles tinham ótimos artistas locais em destaque quando eu fui e ter um espaço especial dedicado a capacitar jovens artistas de escolas de ensino médio e médio. Além disso, a loja de presentes tem alguns itens divertidos, originais e cômicos! O estacionamento foi complicado- eu estacionei na Whole Foods e andei!

RaikooIdea1 1 year ago

Little silencioso Muesum perto da Universidade de Seattle. Fácil de chegar ao trânsito. A entrada era barata, US $ 10 por e os funcionários eram amigáveis. No geral, foi uma bela exposição e experiência que você precisaria visitar para apreciar verdadeiramente.

Anna Vien 1 year ago

Loved the Museum of Museums. The museum’s outstanding collections of modern painting, sculpture, drawings. Discovered new art. Meet new people. Friendly stuff. Pop-up + event space zone | main & top floor exhibition - all deserve your attention. Simply incredible. Appreciate the Museum's informative collection of modern art. Seattle community is proud to have you! Highly recommended.

Zulu Rema 1 year ago

I love it!!

Brandon Vosika 1 year ago

MoM is more than just an exciting new museum in Seattle, it’s a cultural hub for artists of all kinds and their fans and patrons. It’s a conceptual space bursting with fun and genius ideas, inclusive programming and unique personalities. Opening night parties and events are a “must attend” for creative and art focused locals. MoM has a heart of gold, we need more museums like this.

Bellevue Fine Art Repro 1 year ago

This place is great. What a great collection of exhibits. Seattle needs more of this. Seriously. Quirky, wonderful, fun. Made me smile. This is a great addition to the Seattle art scene.

Alexey Knyazev 1 year ago

Eu amo esse lugar! O museu não é tão grande, mas não é sobre seu tamanho, mas sobre a qualidade, as idéias e a atmosfera. Existem muitos cantos e objetos de arte pequenos, além da exposição que você explorará e todos eles o surpreenderão. A equipe é louca porque eles mudam todas as instalações a cada 2-3 meses (já fui visitado 4 vezes). Geralmente, existem exposições de arte modernas no primeiro andar e depois a enorme experiência imersiva no segundo andar e na festa no térreo (confira seus banheiros porque eles são loucamente legais). Além disso, preste atenção à loja de presentes - cada item é uma obra de arte muito única. Definitivamente um bom lugar para se encaixar em uma colina do Capitólio.

Stacey Eliason 1 year ago

Artist-owned. Rotating shows. First floor always free.

Laura Marie Rivera 1 year ago

Super fun museum with art that is happening right now. And I love their gallery for Emergent Artists!

Megan Helmer 1 year ago

It is true, I love you MoM. You are a badass little capitol hill gem, making your way thru the sea of beige one day at time. You got this. Maybe somehow find you an expansion kit so you can fill your space with even more art. The world needs more art & more accessible places like yours to view it, thank you!

Isaac Patterson 1 year ago

Very groovy and highly creative environment. Any artists or creatives that need inspiration go here to get out of your rut or block. Good vibes and enjoy the rotating installments.

Chieh Yun Liao 1 year ago

Embora o museu não seja muito grande, há algumas exposições interessantes aqui. As equipes também amigáveis ​​nos lembraram de conferir seus banheiros interessantes. Altamente recomendado!!

Craig Prater 1 year ago

Veio aqui para ver a exposição de um amigo, que estava em exibição no teatro do museu. O lugar não é grande, mas tem algumas exposições peculiares e interessantes. Na verdade, existem três andares. Estacione a cerca de um ou dois quarteirões de distância.

Joseph Gray 2 years ago

Vital 5 once again makes an epic movement towards maintaining Seattle's hidden, yet vibrant, contemporary art scene in the face of gentrification by tech companies who import engineers with no investment in the communities they are displacing. One of the few places remaining for new, and old, Seattleites to connect with the true creative energy latent in the city.

Lara Behnert 2 years ago

A really fantastic addition to Seattle’s art scene. Incredible curation of cutting edge emerging artists and more established ones in a remarkable mid century First Hill building that sat empty for too long. Go there ASAP.

Drea Johnson 2 years ago

Was recommended to visit this museum from a friend and absolutely LOVED it. We were able to traverse the place in about two hours (could’ve been longer if we wanted) Featured many BIPOC artists and local PNW talent (child to adult). mini museum was my favorite! I’ve already been recommending this place to others. I love that it’s open later- great for date night.

Mark Foltz 2 years ago

A live changing experience. Must visit

Sally Reavis 2 years ago

The museum IS open! Fantastic exhibition just opened October 8th, 2021. “In Crystallized Time” is a group exhibition curated by Anthony White, that puts the history of painting through a filter that assesses the contrast of speed and the internet through the historical practice of painting. Do not miss!

Matthew Laur 2 years ago

Great experience! Took the family and met a couple other friends there. Informal, choose-your-own-adventure style of self-guided tour. We stayed with the Energy Drink exhibit, which was probably our favorite but all 3 installations were fantastic. We spent about 90 minutes there but I could have easily doubled that if I was alone. Lots of fun!

Paper Idoll 2 years ago

Life-changing experience! It's definitely one of my favorite places in Seattle! Thanks to all the passionate people who run the museum!

Jessica Uttinger 2 years ago

Love this small modern museum! We stumbled upon it while visiting from Ohio and it was the perfect way to spend a rainy hour on a Sunday. We loved the collection of children's robot drawings, as well as the Word of the Future collection. Even their bathrooms had art installations! Friendly staff too.

Erin McGee 2 years ago

Funky little museum brimming with artwork in every nook and cranny. Bring an open mind and let the art transport you to another realm.

Elizabeth Pham 2 years ago

such a cool space with an immersive experience

K Pearson 2 years ago

So entertaining ❤️

Christopher Molnar 2 years ago

Cool little galley with local art exhibits. Definitely worth checking out if you wanna see an unusual museum

Christina Szirmai 2 years ago

Beautiful installations from local artists, I will absolutely visit again.

david smith 2 years ago

Enjoyable outing with my family.

Frances Tee 2 years ago

Small, quaint and lots of fun

Carl 2 years ago

What a great little museum. Enjoyed it

Joel Wood 2 years ago

Amazing! Check out the Neon Saltwater installation before it's gone 8/31!

Geoffrey Sparrow 2 years ago

Staff are very welcoming and informative.

Colby Jordan 2 years ago

The installation on the top floor and a couple of smaller pieces throughout are certainly worth checking out. Currently, the main level exhibits a large number of pieces that are more arts-and-crafts than art (and could use some curation). On the main level and the basement, there are several spaces dedicated to promoting young art and community outreach, which seem to be a significant focus of the long term mission. Really great to see. It’s refreshing to experience a new museum (perhaps more like a gallery) get started in Seattle, especially in this trying time.

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