Smith College Museum of Art

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Elm St 20
01063, Northampton
(413) 585-2760

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O Museu de Arte do Smith College é um dos maiores e mais antigos museus de arte universitária do país. Foi fundada em 1871 e possui uma coleção de mais de 30.000 obras de arte, variando do antigo ao moderno. O museu está localizado no campus do Smith College, em Northampton, Massachusetts.

A coleção do museu inclui pinturas, esculturas, impressões, fotografias e muito mais. O museu também possui uma biblioteca e arquivos com mais de 100.000 itens, incluindo livros, manuscritos e fotografias. O museu está aberto ao público e oferece uma variedade de programas educacionais.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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🗣️ Smith College Museum of Art: Opiniões

Zachary Stafford 1 year ago

Eu não esperava muito desse pequeno museu, mas a coleção é bem selecionada, interessante e bem apresentada. As histórias contadas sobre a história da arte e os artistas dão tanta profundidade ao trabalho. É realmente revigorante ler isso em vez de um artista que fica poético sobre o que eles acham que sua arte é. Até os bancos nas galerias são arte, sem mencionar os banheiros.

Ben Schaeffer 1 year ago

The MOST fantastic of the Art Museums throughout the Five Colleges. Smith's Art Museum was my FAVORITE.

Paul Vanasse 1 year ago

Enquanto estava em North Hampton, MA, minha filha e eu nos aventuramos pelo Museu de Arte do Smith College. Há muitas coisas maravilhosas para ver em cada esquina. Se você gosta de arte, venha e aproveite.

Jacqui Lorenzo 1 year ago

Que coleção diversificada e extensa. Incrível quanto da arte é doada pela Alumnae. Infelizmente, várias galerias estavam fechadas, mas ainda uma experiência maravilhosa.

Brian Hamilton 1 year ago

What a great collection of art.

Jerry Camerota 1 year ago

A mente é igual a totalmente explodida, isso como The Smithsonian. O segundo andar é absolutamente incrível!

Elizabeth Keifer 1 year ago

Outstanding collection!

Hannah Poppe 1 year ago

A museum that has a little bit of everything, all mixed together! This keeps the viewers engaged and able to get a sense of different cultures of art within a shared space.

Michael Cherkasky 2 years ago

Great museum, staff is very nice and helpful and the art is pristine and wonderful to see

Fran Corriveau 2 years ago

Such a wonderful resource for this area. Thoughtfully curated and very reasonable, it gives the feel of a much larger museum. Heartily recommend.

Mark Mellinger 3 years ago

A world class little museum with a spectacular permanent collection and great special exhibitions. Well curated.

Howard Wolfe 3 years ago

Amazing little museum. Very high quality art. Highly recommend.

Noa Carter-Weidenfeld 3 years ago

If you're under 18 it's free.

Ashlyn Anderson 3 years ago

What a hidden gem! Enjoyable way to spend an afternoon

Reid Bertone-Johnson 4 years ago

The SCMA is a lovely museum with a wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Peter Stanwicks 4 years ago

One of the best collections of art I have ever seen.

Jim Graveline 4 years ago

Much nicer than what I expected. Had many great peaces that we're of higher end Exceptenly clean and well taken care of. You can tell they are proud of this gallery Not just the current college but the people that have donated pieces truly appreciate it

Adam Wuoti 4 years ago

Super cool place with interesting exhibits!

David Pontus 4 years ago

Great collection. Wished I Had visited sooner. Dont make same mistake.

Matt Krinbring 4 years ago

This campus museum is a gem. I had some time to myself while visiting a friend at Smith College - so I popped in to see what I knew was supposed to be a small, yet solid collection of Impressionist artwork. Upon arriving, I enjoyed not only the old... But the new! I was able to see a varied collection of ancient Egyptian and Greek pieces, Christian art through the ages, modern sculpture, African sculpture, AND a wonderfully curated print and photography exhibit focusing on atrocities of and life during World War I. My brief hour or so in the museum was enough to make me want to come back the next time I'm in town and explore more. I can't wait!

Stuart Krantz 4 years ago

It is a really fine museum of art with modern works, timely art and even some well known artists works. Including a Picasso.

James Phillips 4 years ago

Multiple floors and galleries; supportive staff; kind patrons; low prices, free for students and you can get a free pass from the Forbe's Library across the street; multiple amenities; a beautiful campus right next door; even the bathrooms are nice!

Brandon Sullivan 4 years ago

I was just at this museum and what incredible art a lot of cool pictures and I thought the place was awesome

Amy Carter 4 years ago

I have taken my 2nd graders on a field trip to the Smith Art Museum & Botanical Gardens for 2 years in a row now. This field trip is hands down the best way to give my art students an authentic museum experience close to home. We connect the trip to nature making it seamless to the botanical gardens. The whole staff of Smith Art Museum is amazing. The student tour guides and head of education, Gina makes the field trip a breeze! They are all so accommodating and helpful. The buses are free with their bus subsidy program and free admission. We had a student who needed special access for bathrooms and feeding. They greeted my nurse and teachers in a private area and gave them space to meet her needs. I will never miss a year bringing my students here. Best field trip ever!

Linda-Jo Diamond 4 years ago

I was astonished at the diversity and quality of art that was there...a totally worthwhile experience when visiting Northampton.

Adelaide Steedley 4 years ago

Remarkable pieces, intimate atmosphere, delightful intelligent commentary. Well stocked gift shop.

Christopher Shanahan 4 years ago

Great collection of art. Better than expected.

Otkrist Gupta 4 years ago

It's a small but very nice museum. Great modern art and fine art exhibits including some works from Picasso. The current exhibit on plastic is some very thought provoking work. The downstairs installations are also quite nice.

Bernardo Marques 4 years ago

Amazing building, great art pieces!

Linda McLaughlin 4 years ago

Wonderful museum! Even better than I remembered! Kudos to all the wonderful Smith alums who have left their masterpieces (& $ with which to buy other great art) to Smith!

Bob Hablutzel 4 years ago

Small but wide ranging collection including works from masters that are surprisingly accessible and uncrowded.

jennifer parker 4 years ago

A wonderful collection of art to take in and a quick walk from the main strip in Northampton

Celeste Dunn 4 years ago

Great little treasure and really well organized.

JP Magoots 5 years ago

Excellent permanent collection, very well displayed and explained.

Sika Sedzro 5 years ago

Great space to visit or just go and do work. I often sit in the lobby which is a public space and work on projects.

Sara Ribeiro 5 years ago

Very nice museum. Worth it going. And it's free for students with the university ID.

Amy Redfox 5 years ago

Very nice collection of European and American paintings. Lots of viewing space. Excellent gift shop.

Ivette Palacin 5 years ago

Great host, knowledgeable. Advised more frequent visits on lower level since exhibitions swapped out often. Men's and women's bathrooms have art on walls, sinks, toilet bowls, etc.

Joseph Marrone 5 years ago

Cool art spanning 4 floors and hundreds of years. Oh and the bathrooms have some awesome art in them too

Ariadna Benito 5 years ago

Excellent exhibits. Pretty disappointed in the Asian Art gallery since it seemed very "token"-y, but it was still beautiful. Greatly curated temporary exhibits, as would be expected they tend to be very progressive and pro-female. I really appreciate that. Staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Beautiful environment.

Ned Utzig 5 years ago

Surprisingly good collection of classic and modern pieces

lynn kosowicz 5 years ago

Well laid out, interesting exhibits that were well designed for interactive viewing, reasonable entrance fees, friendly/professional staff. Be sure to visit the artist-decorated bathrooms on the lower level!

Robert Laprade 5 years ago

Awesome exhibit on the first floor this past weekend. The permanent exits on floors 2 and 3 are amazing. Highly recommend that you visit.

George Entenman 5 years ago

4 floors. Very doable museum.

tom hanlon 6 years ago

I had a delightful visit here a few the years ago. Not only was the staff friendly and helpful , When they found out we were visiting from out of state they stayed open late so we could finish viewing a gallery !

Rob Nicholls 6 years ago

Way exceeded my expectations for a small liberal arts college. Well worth an afternoon visit..only open till 4pm on Sundays , best $5 museum spend in ages

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