Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort

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Buitenhof 33
2513 AH, Den Haag
070 346 0861

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O Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort é um museu em Haia, Holanda. O museu está localizado em uma antiga prisão, o Gevangenpoort, construído no século 14 e usado como prisão até o século XIX. O museu abriga uma coleção de artefatos e documentos relacionados à história da prisão e de seus presos. O museu está aberto ao público de terça a domingo.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort: Opiniões

Sheila 1 year ago

Definitely worth a visit if you're into culture like me! The price includes a guided tour. Mine was in Dutch, but I assume they do English speaking tours as well. From the outside you wouldn't expect that this small, but yet beautiful building, has such a cruel history. Although back in the days, people did their best to bring justice in the country by setting up prisons like these. The guide explains everything and shows you the difference of cells, occupied by the lower and the rich class. Very interesting.

Simona Mileva 1 year ago

Lugar interessante para reconhecer mais sobre como as pessoas foram tratadas quando não obedecem à lei e ao governo do país. Há um jogo interativo realmente interessante com perguntas que está mostrando casos específicos e você aprende mais sobre eles ao responder. Outra coisa interessante é sobre as fotos - você pode olhar para o Windows fascinante Binnenhof e imaginar as cenas descritas acontecendo.

Florin Bantas 1 year ago

I recommend to those who visit the city, it is interesting to see, pictures can be taken.

Brian E 1 year ago

Cledamente deitada, como dois museus em um. A primeira parte, com os personagens da época, fica um pouco boba, mas o jogo no final provará que você aprendeu muito. A segunda parte realmente mergulha na natureza da prisão e da tortura, a primeira servindo apenas a última e não como sua própria forma de punição. Vale a pena a visita e o preço da admissão.

Margaux Tison 1 year ago

Museu muito interessante com muitos itens legais da prisão/ masmorra original e sala de tortura em exibição e um ótimo guia de áudio. Os funcionários foram muito simpáticos e prestativos. A única coisa que poderia ser melhorada é que eu sinto que os banheiros podem ser um pouco mais limpos. Fora isso, é um museu realmente ótimo para visitar.

Ajay Kumar 1 year ago

Foi uma experiência agradável e isso ajudaria você a saber sobre a história e a maneira como as punições costumavam realizar. Não é um edifício enorme, pois é muito pequeno em comparação com outros prédios da prisão, mas ainda recomendo visitar isso. As gravações de áudio são realmente úteis e a maneira como elas contam que as histórias são fantásticas.

Steven Van Goethem 1 year ago

Really worth visiting, it is in excellent condition and you can really sense what it must have been like to be in prison in the Dark Ages. People and guides are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!

Vlad Cadar 1 year ago

Very interesting museum!

james fenton 1 year ago

Really well preserved medieval jail

curious2 learn 1 year ago

A very well thought arrangement of viewing plan for the museum. A single story, about a maid being subjected to the judicial system in the past for supposed poisoning in food, guides the visitor to the various elements of the museum. We were given a tour by Mr. Han who was very passionate in his explanation and was very friendly.

Jurgen van Wichen 1 year ago

Interesting to see how 'civilisation' was built... Cruel ...

Kees Weij 2 years ago

Beautiful old building where until 1860 prisoners were kept and prosacuted. You can vist the old cell blocks and the more convenient ones for knights and women. They also have a lot of original torture instrument and other equipement that was used to interrogate prisoners. Also information concerning one of the most famous prisoner, Cornelis de Witt.

Tom T. 2 years ago

Very interesting experience. Can definitely recommend this place if you are interested into history of law, prison and torture.

Tim Wichmann 3 years ago

This is especially something you should visit with your kids starting at age of 8. You can literally feel the history.

Natália Leal 3 years ago

Interesting; a former prison. They offer a regular guided tour in Dutch, or you can use a free audio guide for other languages. Dutch Museum Card accepted.

Barkın Göreli 3 years ago

Worthy of the time and the money. Funny tour guides...

Wolf Linden 4 years ago

We had a marvelous guide (in Dutch language) who made all the rooms to living history. Thank you very much! It is a relative small museum with interesting rooms and artifacts from 700 years prison.

Aniek Heijboer 4 years ago

This is great! Learning about history by being lead around a creepy prison and torture chamber. The guide knew a lot about the hague's history and the history about the building. Recommend!

Bas Jacobs 4 years ago

Awesome museum with great tourguides that tell the tale of torture in Den Haag during the 1600 -1800 period. Visited during the museum night, so the tour was a bit shortened to fit the theme, looking forward to visit again to see the torture room!

Stephan Benne 4 years ago

Very interesting guided tour

Dan S 4 years ago

I am Indonesian.I feel enjoy to spend my time here (Den Haag).Hope someday I will come again.

C Lee 4 years ago

The museum guide was excellent and provided a theatrical performance in conveying the life of prisoners in the 1600

Barry k 4 years ago

The place to go if your interested in European history. Make sure you buy the ticked that allows you to visit multiple places around tat part of the city.

Town Traveller 4 years ago

Beautiful! 10 euro.

Bradley Bakker 4 years ago

Very authentic - amazing trip back in to the darker history of the hague. Learn how history preluded the international courts the city still hosts today.

Ignas 4 years ago

Super interesting to learn about Dutch culture. The tour guide was fantastic!

Constantine Korobov 4 years ago

A small museum, but very atmospheric and entertaining tour makes it a very nice experience

Bruno Miguel 4 years ago

Uau. Surreal and really transports you back to those days. Guided tour very "visual". Recommend.

Hussam H 4 years ago

I enjoyed my time there. Good staff. Helpfull. Good tour gide. Explained the history well. But its really disturbing to see how humans are artistic when it comes to torture other humans. Same old same old. Up to now unfortunately

Mark Kettenis 4 years ago

Very interesting, excellent guide (Erik) and well worth a visit.

Mary Pieprzyca 4 years ago

That's amazing place for people who like not the most typical museum to see and who are intrested in history. That's kind of experience not for all.

Νεκτάριος 4 years ago

The Gevangenpoort (Prisoner's Gate) is a former gate and medieval prison on the Buitenhof in The Hague, Netherlands. It is situated next to the 18th-century art gallery founded by William V, Prince of Orange in 1774 known as the Prince William V Gallery.

Ronnakorn Bunmee 5 years ago

If you love to learn about the ancient criminal justice system, this is the place for you.

Lora Stevens 5 years ago

Really AWESOME place, just wished they would speak in english during the tour.

K. Wang 5 years ago

Nice tour, would be better if can introduced in Dutch and English, or at least short explanations of interesting parts in English

Natacha Hansen 5 years ago

Probably the best guide in Den Haag! The ticket includes a guided tour, which is the only way to see the museum. The guide was excellent at speaking English and really involved the whole group and answered questions very well. The guide lasted just under an hour and flee by so quickly. It was a great way to learn about Den Haag’s history, and had so many original artefacts there which were kept in really good condition. Definitely a recommendation!

Harry K 5 years ago

Amazing place, a historical must-see. Tours in English are also available, call them to check the schedule. Great insight into the medieval legal system, living conditions of inmates as well as a room which served as the classy cell for the upper-class prisoners. The tour ends with a detailed explanation of the torture methods and devices used back in the day, in the actual room where the torture took place. Definitely not a place for children or younger visitors.

Terri-Ann dela Cruz 5 years ago

Very interesting visit to the prison museum! It gave a good background of how the Dutch prison system started - makes one realize that even in prison systems - there's a definite, undeniable gap between the rich and the poor. A tour around the place also shows guests different machines / tools used for torturing prisoners for information. It's quite bizarre and interestingly morbid! If you're just walking around the city, you'll barely notice it! Take some time to look for this place and pay a visit.

Rudolf Weiss 5 years ago

Very nice place, taught me much about history and guide was very funny guy. Really enjoyed this museum.

Dino Baschera 5 years ago

Awesome museum, guided tour thru history and well conserved environments

gerben verbaan 6 years ago

What an impressive place and how cruel we were in the middle ages. Although the advised age to visit is 8 it was no problem for younger children.

Erik Oppenneer 6 years ago

Very informative journey through the processes used to drive societal behavior. Not a tour for young children, some descriptions can be quite detailed.

Filipe Batista 7 years ago

This museum is small, but very interesting. The visit included a guided tour, in English, which was surprisingly good: the guide was really funny and very interactive and knew how to get the public's attention.

Myron Prins 7 years ago

The Gevangenpoort was a prison, it is build in 1370 it was a prison from 1400 until 1828, and since 1882 is it a museum. In this jail where several people tortured and executed, the period that the prison was stuffed was in 1568-1648 the period of the Eightyyear-War against Spain with many Spanish soldiers and conquistadors.

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