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Tongelresestraat 27
5613 DA, Eindhoven
040 244 4364

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O Museu DAF em Eindhoven é um museu dedicado à história e produtos do fabricante de automóveis holandeses daf. O museu está localizado na antiga fábrica da empresa e é um dos poucos exemplos restantes dos produtos e história da empresa.

O museu conta a história da empresa desde a sua fundação em 1928 até os dias atuais. O museu mostra uma grande variedade de produtos DAF, de carros a caminhões e ônibus. O museu também possui uma grande variedade de recordações da DAF, incluindo fotografias, documentos e objetos da história da empresa.

O Museu DAF está aberto ao público de segunda a sexta -feira, das 9:00 às 16:00. A entrada para o museu é gratuita.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ DAF Museum: Opiniões

Marek Brundza 1 year ago

A very nice visit. I felt comfortable visiting this place, no rush. As for the exhibits - many cars from various years of production. The whole history of manufacturer was shown. Cars, trucks, coaches, models, design studio - everything is there. Very intresting temporary exhibition - Tatra trucks and cars - awsome. Thank you for the opprotunity to travel in time.

Cees van der Put 1 year ago

If you like trucks, you love this place. All trucks and cars are beautifully places and the museum is a happy place... Like a kid in a candy store

umut utku Ekinci 1 year ago

Kids love this place and also grown ups who are into motorized vehicles

Natalia Navrotska 1 year ago

Ótimo lugar para visitar, você pode passar lá pelo menos uma hora, mas provavelmente mais, depende do seu interesse em carros. Especialmente para crianças é um lugar incrível. Existem alguns lanches, boas sopas e café lindos e embalados apenas para sentar e conversar.

Martin ten Voorde 1 year ago

Volunteers are very important for this nice Museum

Marcin “hrw” Juszkiewicz 1 year ago

Cars, trucks, buses... Nicely done museum of moto industry. You can check how it is to seat in truck/bus driver's seat. Several inventions in truck design are presented in a simple way. Variomatic transmission (present in almost all DAF cars) is described nicely.

Chris Larkin 1 year ago

We’ll worth a tour €11 for Adults and €9!for students. Coming from Ireland I would have been very familiar with the Truck side of things but didn’t realise the cars they sold were very popular in the 60/70’s. The museum will well laid out over three floors with lots of military and race vehicles as well as the retail cars and trucks we’d normally see on the roads of Europe.

Alyn Bailey 1 year ago

A really fantastic place and the staff were so incredibly helpful and accommodating. We had a group of 15 people from ages 13 to 60 and there was something for everyone there. Great things for the kids, interactive exhibitions and fascinating cars and history (and a great cafe). It was a fantastic day out and I can’t stress just how great the staff were. Thank you!!

Mihai Trasca 1 year ago

Lovely way to spend a couple of hours

Krzysztof Kminek 1 year ago

Grate place for petrolheads, and all technical lovers. I hardy recommend visiting it.

Michael Denton 1 year ago

Rarely leave reviews but this place deserves one. Easily the best Museum I've visited, looks small from the outside but inside there is so much to see. Everything is so clean and well presented, seeing the 1992 Williams F1 car was a personal, unexpected highlight. Visited Eindhoven to watch Leicester play PSV but the museum alone was arguably worth the flight over.

Roman Meyer 1 year ago

IIn spite of fact that I do not have any clue about cars, this museum was interesting for me. On the upper floor you can see old series cars, some exclusives, some bolids. On the ground floor a lot of trucks, a bit of military technic and special vehicles like garbage lorry. This all I found absloute exciting. Also museum has a lot of small car models and different parts of vehicles like motors and axles, which you can see close and detailed. So, it is musthave for carfans and also good option for just a people who wanted to nice spend a couple of hours.

Goatmilkmagic 1 year ago

Wicked museum chronicling the history of the company. Dedicated volunteers and employees. Excellent visual aids that describes some of their innovations in the 90s

Veronika Opalkova 1 year ago

Bom museu para adultos e crianças mais velhas. Viemos aqui com nossos 3 anos e, a certa altura, ele estava entediado - não há muito entretenimento para crianças pequenas. Eles podem sentar em algumas cabines de caminhão e ônibus, mas é praticamente isso. Muito interessante para aqueles que amam carros e caminhões/história e estão interessados ​​no desenvolvimento dos motores ao longo dos anos, etc. Não estava muito claro para nós se havia um estacionamento ou não, então apenas estacionamos na área em uma rua lá.

Mat 2 years ago

You can see the progress timeline of automobile industry in the Netherlands in the type of vehicles. It's also could be very interesting for children.

Paul Veldhuis 2 years ago

Museum not very big but interesting and very nicely built in historic building with nice exposition. Collection of trucks, buses and the small DAF passenger cars - including some very nice concepts and one offs - do not miss the Willem Alexander special built beach car for the Royal family (see photos). Also some DAF military vehicles and the very impressive Paris-Dakar rally trucks. Also the technics of the very special Variomatic is nicely shown.

ncku16howard 2 years ago

What a amazing place. There are many technical stories with comfortable show rooms. You will learn a lot here, also you will enjoy the coffee and apple pipes here. They are tasty.

Theano 2 years ago

Very nice and organized museum. The ticket is very cheap. Worth the visit with your family.

Vrushab Neelgundmath 2 years ago

If you are automotive geek... Than this is a best place to visit.

Jan Vagner 2 years ago

Very interesting museum with lot of cars to see. I have to recomend to everybody. You can park somewhere around in the streets. There is also few public underground parking spots max 10 minutes walking distance. Inside bufet and gan shop.

Manish Raje 2 years ago

Unique museum showcasing some of the best when it comes to automotive engineering. The cafe has super nice snacks too

Maria Frenk 3 years ago

Great place to visit if you are interested in the brand. Lots of beautiful trucks and cars and of course the Dakar trucks. We had a blast.

Liga Kalnina 3 years ago

Paradise for anyone who appreciates vintage cars. They have English leaflet with lots of information and display information is in two languages. Cars speak "car" language anyway. If you want to get up close with engine, it a place for you. Inside, outside, underneath...climb, sit, hug...

Chew Chee yau 3 years ago

Really amazed to learn about this vehicle manufacturer's history. The museum reveals the company's adoption of CVT in road cars and even race cars before they focused on building only Trucks and commercial vehicles. I was awestruck by the Williams FW15c CVT here.

Marc Greenland 3 years ago

A really nice museum. The vehicles are well presented, clean and seems like most of them are complete and in running condition. Would definitely recommend it as something to do in Eindhoven.

Veronica 4 years ago

It was very educative and more than the history, we loved we could see how the engines works. The cars are spotless and everything is very clean. The sandwiches from the cafeteria are not bad either. There is also a gift shop at the exit.

Joanna Kołacz 4 years ago

Great museum. We enjoyed our visit!

Sajad Emamipour 4 years ago

You can see the history of passenger cars, military trucks and lovely trucks. There are also different types of engines. There are some great movies about military, racing, firefighting and commercial trucks. Don't miss it. To visit the place carefully you need around 4 hours. The staffs are great. The only drawback was that the explanation for passenger cars were just in Dutch!

Md Nurul Alam Chowdhury 4 years ago

DAF Museum. Entry Ticket - €9:00. Museum telling the story of the DAF brand, displaying trucks & rare production & prototype vehicles in Eindhovens, Netherlands.

Alice Goss 4 years ago

Great little museum showing a large cross section of DAF's vehicles. Well worth a visit, plus there is a café!

Vrum 4 years ago

Really interesting museum. Not even a big fan of trucks. Didn't know daf did cars until at the museum. Fire trucks, military trucks, race trucks, rally trucks. Bus truck? Basket type car. Apparently daf made aeroplane landing gear too. No English information. Would recommend learning Dutch before visiting if you want to read the signs in the museum.

Darren Capes 4 years ago

Great little museum full of wonderful old vehicles and machinery. Tells the story of one of the more interesting vehicle manufacturers very well and the staff are very friendly and welcoming

Marek Z 5 years ago

Very nice place, a large interesting collection of cars, which we will no longer see outside the museum room

Dallas Young 5 years ago

An amazing museum for any auto or transport enthusiast. The staff are friendly, speak multiple languages, there are countless interactive displays, and best of all they allow you to sit inside certain DAF semi cabins. There is also a full cafe and even a bar inside.

Pieter Smith 5 years ago

Beautifully kept museum, run primarily by volunteers. Plenty to see and learn, especially for the kids. A healthy dose of nostalgia for those of us that have been around a bit longer.

Paraplegic Racehorse 5 years ago

For an American who has never heard of DAF before two days ago, and who cannot speak or read Dutch, this has no right to be so fascinating. I spent far more time than I expected. Favorite display was the race cars clearly displaying their automatic transmission device.

Ehab Mostafa 6 years ago

It's an amazing place to visit. Not only to see how a giant like DAF evolved, but also cars and trucks industry

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