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Weeshuiswal 9
4116 BR, Veenendaal
06 11063000

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O Marechausseemuseum em Veenendaal é um museu dedicado à história do Marechaussee holandês, uma força militar ativa do século XVII ao XX. O museu está localizado em um antigo quartel da Marechaussee e abriga uma coleção de artefatos, documentos e fotografias que contam a história do Marechaussee. O museu também possui uma biblioteca e um arquivo, e oferece programas e eventos educacionais.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Marechausseemuseum: Opiniões

Marien Adams 1 year ago

Very nice museum, especially for children. Beautiful building and a nice exhibition. Children can do many things, make passports, make parachutes, examine fingerprints and they are allowed to sit outside in various cars. Our grandchildren enjoyed it.

MiekeMaakt klus&meer 1 year ago

What a great museum! My sons, aged 8 and 10, had endless fun. Lots of fun activities for children and very friendly staff who are willing to help with everything (thanks Evelien, you gave the kids a great afternoon) This museum is definitely in our top 5

Wim Brouwer 1 year ago

Nice educational museum in a beautiful building. Fun scavenger hunt for kids.

Helma Verhoeven 1 year ago

Very interesting museum. Nicely set up. Clear explanation. In a super cool building.

Bianca 1 year ago

Beautiful museum with friendly and enthusiastic employees and volunteers. There is much to see and experience and the property has a rich history.

Willemien de Lang 1 year ago

Surprising museum. The old glory of the orphanage and the penetrating history of the military police. Something is regularly organized in the garden. Art market twice a year.

Sajel Visser 1 year ago

Nice informative museum. Very friendly staff, very helpful. Plenty to see and do for both young and old. Beautiful building in a beautiful village. There is also plenty to see in the immediate vicinity. Limited parking spaces in front of the museum. There is a do it yourself coffee corner.

Guido Van Brakel 1 year ago

Nice museum. Also fun for the little ones.

Dennis Spaan 1 year ago

Housed in a former orphanage. Which in itself is a very nice building. All themes of the Marechaussee are nicely covered. Also fun and interesting for children. They can take fingerprints themselves and compare them, for example, in the so-called MLab. We spent an afternoon here. Well worth it.

Gerdien van Soestbergen 1 year ago

Art market around the museum very cozy and lots of variety

Peter Dekker 1 year ago

Very extensive collection, very informative museum about the phenomenon 'Marrchaussee' in particular, and the 3 armed forces in general!

DJ Nederfolk 1 year ago

Well worth the effort.

Martijn Zadelhoff,van 1 year ago

Super fun for young and old, great DIY museum for kids

Christel Thijssen 1 year ago

Nice museum for kids too. Not only to watch, but also to experience.

Gert Schipper 1 year ago

Beautiful building, used to be an orphanage.

Aart van Hemert 1 year ago

Great fun with the grandkids

Asja Me Now 1 year ago

Beautiful, well-arranged museum, located in the beautiful old orphanage in Buren, where also a / d children / youth is thought! Nice to, for example, drop anchor here for a change during a trip in the beautiful surroundings.

Nynke Beugelink 1 year ago

Very nice museum and the building is also very beautiful!

Ronald Van Meesen 1 year ago

Beautiful building old orphanage and very nice set up easy parking on Sunday

Karin Stomp 1 year ago

Nice museum. It was an open day and grandson was able to sit in various cars and do things. Very cosy.

Henk Feer 1 year ago

Located in a truly beautiful building (once an orphanage) in the lovely Buren. Very nice to pay a visit!

Asja.H. Feer 1 year ago

Came across Buren by chance during a ramble. Marechaussee Museum (formerly 't Koninklijke Weeshuis) is a truly beautiful building and can be visited by appointment, which I will definitely do!

bo knopper 1 year ago

A nice museum in Buren. About the ups and downs of the Marechaussee. The museum will be 50 years old next year. Ks Free parking 1 minute walk away They are in the old Royal Orphanage. A beautiful property. I think it's worth going there once.

Peter Munnichs 1 year ago

A surprising and fun museum where both the past and present of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee are highlighted. The role in the 2nd World War in particular is special, in which the Kmar had to assist the occupying forces. There is no doubt that this would lead to conscientious objection. As a uniformed service, this provided opportunities to help the resistance, but there were also risks. But it was also abused. Another aspect that emerges is the role of women in the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. There must be admiration for the girls who rose to the challenge and eventually paved the way for women in this part of the armed forces. In a special part of the exhibition, the various tasks of the Kmar are also discussed. All in all an interesting exhibition! Oh yes, and in the garden are several Kmar vehicles (and inside also a service motorcycle. Worth a visit. By the way, take a look around the nice historic town of Buren! Highly recommended!

emmy vdpol 1 year ago

Nice informative museum.

Leonie Groen 1 year ago

Nice museum in a beautiful building. Definitely recommended for children.

Regina Robeerts 1 year ago

You should definitely visit this museum, you will get a complete picture of the work of the Marechaussee then and now. I am completely impressed with this museum. What a great welcome on arrival. What I also find important is the corona control, great

Collin van Verselveld 2 years ago

Great museum the new exhibitions very interesting but the best remains about the gang of Oss

Peter “Melsana” 2 years ago

Due to refurbishment, only the ground floor is currently open. The entire museum will be ready for viewing again in December.

Jan Van Maanen 2 years ago

Interesting museum in a very nice place. When I was there there was some refurbishment on the 1st floor so definitely go there again to see the rest of the museum. Also child friendly

Elly Renshoff 2 years ago

Neighbors. Always stay pleasant.

Jan Zuidersma 2 years ago

Great to visit my old employer again

Edwin Van Keulen 2 years ago

Very nice and good story about the Oss gang

Natália Leal 2 years ago

Bom lugar para visitar e aprender sobre a história dos Marechaussees; algumas atividades para crianças. O edifício tem alguns quartos agradáveis, mas menos do que eu esperava (o primeiro andar foi fechado para reformas). Se estiver dirigindo, estacione nos arredores das paredes da cidade, a 5 minutos a pé.

Frits Soons 3 years ago

Nice museum with the history of the Kmar. Which I was able to be part of myself. Neighbors is a nice place.

Jefta _078 3 years ago

They helped my sister when sister fell very hard on the stones himself a gentleman who works there had driven home to get an ointment for the bump for the rest it was also interesting museum

ron bal 3 years ago

Very nice, renewed in the last couple of years. Was together with my 3 year old son who was very happy. He loved the cars outside where you can go, the movies and all the big dolls. Employees are also very nice and fun for the little ones! See you soon

Guus Bax 3 years ago

Also fun for children. You can sit in the police car and on the police motorcycle. The flashing lights turn and many dolls are life size. D children are allowed to wear crook suits and uniforms. Even wearing bulletproof vests and helmets. That is quite heavy so they should be a little bigger. Truly a museum to visit as a grandfather and grandmother with your grandchildren.

Ger Raymakers 3 years ago

Nice museum with a lot to see. It is located in a former orphanage. Looks neat and tidy inside. The restoration was closed during our visit (during the corona time). Didn't expect it to be so interesting. So you see again, don't judge by name but what can be seen.

Den Toom 3 years ago

Nice museum about the history of the Kon. Military Police. Very accessible for both adults and children. Interesting collection and exhibitions; also about the current task of the K.Mar. The people of the museum are friendly and know a lot to tell you. Definitely worth a visit!

David B 3 years ago

É bom visitar e aprender sobre a história do Royal Marechaussee. A cidade circundante é muito bonita de se ver.

Melanie Hotstink 4 years ago

Fabulous place

Ernst Guldemond 4 years ago

The former Orphanage is a beautiful building and alone and worth it. Marechaussee museum so definitely go and have a look. For me, as a true Brabo, Oss was a very interesting piece of history.

HelpendehandPC Michiel R. Steenbergen 4 years ago

Beautiful location in old children's home, owned by the royal family.

Wim Aalburg 4 years ago

A beautiful exhibition about the work of the Marechaussee Highly recommended for those interested

gerjan verweij 4 years ago

Beautiful, fun tour.

Boas Plinck 4 years ago

Pequeno museu sobre a Polícia Militar holandesa

Roy Vegt 5 years ago

Very nice to visit once, very suitable for Kids.

Eli Vorstenbosch 5 years ago

Beautiful and due to the relatively small scale, there is time for a nice explanation. There is plenty to do for children. Like wearing clothes and operating real sirens. Great museums.

Frank M 6 years ago

Nice place to learn more about the history of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (since 1814), also with modern means: eg films and mini video screens on the wall near objects. But also cars, motorcycles and even tents. Recommended for those interested!

Karl Blom 6 years ago

Como ex Marechaussee, achei o museu mais interessante. Enquanto moro no País de Gales, foi minha primeira visita. Fiquei muito impressionado com o grande número de exposições exibidas. A senhora na área de recepção (Nicky) foi extremamente útil. Vale a pena uma visita e a 6 euros por pessoa, é uma boa relação custo / benefício.

Wim Stam 7 years ago

Buren is a beautiful old town in the Neder Betuwe. It has close links with the royal house. The town with real city rights is also called Oranjestad. A visit to this town is worth the effort. In addition to the Museum of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee there are many other attractions.

Samuel Driessen 7 years ago

Museu maravilhoso, ótimo para crianças.

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