Aaltense Museums

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7121 CS, Aalten
0543 471 797

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Os museus de Astense são um grupo de museus localizados em Aalten, na Holanda. Os museus incluem o Museu Aalten, o Museu de Arte Moderna Aalten e o Museu de Arte Contemporânea Aalten. Os museus são dedicados à história e cultura da região de Aalten. O Museu Aalten é o maior dos museus e abriga uma coleção de artefatos da região de Aalten. O Museu de Arte Moderna Aalten é dedicada à arte da região de Aalten. O Museu de Arte Contemporânea Aalten é dedicada à arte contemporânea da região de Aalten.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 1:00 – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Aaltense Museums: Opiniões

Bjorn Spijker 1 year ago

Very impressive and educational museum. Small set up with very nice staff. Also for small children

Karin Van Tongeren 1 year ago

Beautifully preserved authentic house with a lot of information about WWII in the rear corner. Recommended!!

Boelo Klein Ikkink 1 year ago

On September 10 we celebrated our family day. That day we also visited the hiding museum because it is closely connected to our family. Uncle Jan Wikkerink was the brother of our grandmother. The passion and drive with which the volunteers take you there in the stories is fantastic. It was that it was almost closing time after an hour and a half but the lady who showed us around could go on for hours. At times it was quite emotional especially for our parents who actually experienced it. It was a beautiful experience for all of us.

Michael Buchner 1 year ago

Nice little museum on the history of the Dutch underground at the time of National Socialism. Explains well what happened with the help of eyewitness reports and is also well prepared for children and young people. Really informative and entertaining.

wh h 1 year ago

Very very nice, very clean, good explanation by the ladies, they were also very friendly.

Fr. 1 year ago

Very impressive museum in original house. It makes you quiet. Very well portrayed.

Dries Van Dijk 1 year ago

A nice, very informative museum with various themes, including the hiding museum, an old classroom and a city farm from the past.

Richard vd Berg 1 year ago

What an experience! Very nice people who can tell you all kinds of things and definitely worth it. Made a big impression on us.

Thomas 1 year ago

Um museu muito bom! Muita informação pode ser encontrada aqui e as informações também são muito detalhadas. Você recebe um tour de áudio com ele. O museu é pequeno, porque é uma casa. Mas é mais do que suficiente. A decoração também é muito boa. Muitos discos, figurinos, textos e vídeos também são reproduzidos. Os vários quartos são fornecidos como eram então. Vale a pena uma visita se você estiver na área. Muito educacional e informativo.

Rudi Gasthuis 1 year ago

Beautiful Museum at the information desk you get a correct and clear explanation of how everything works. Everything is kept as clean as possible as I saw it. In short it was a very pleasant experience.

Remco Selhorst 1 year ago

Had a very nice morning, with a very enthusiastic desk employee. And a beautiful storyteller. Greetings from Hazerswoude-Rijndijk

Marjo Peute 1 year ago

Really worth a nice museum lots of information

Roos Franken 1 year ago

Very nicely set up, very impressive. Really worth it!

Dineke Weerheim 1 year ago

Beautiful museum with a story about the war.

Johnny van Huffelen 1 year ago

Very impressive, beautifully set up.

Dick Weerheim 1 year ago

Museu educacional maravilhoso. Ótimo bem organizado para crianças e adultos.

Patrick Sluiter 1 year ago

Que grande museu! Nossos filhos, 11 e 13 anos, gostaram especialmente da caça ao tesouro !!!! É um pequeno museu, mas no melhor sentido da palavra! Acolhedora e amigável bem -vindo por duas mulheres que puderam nos contar tudo sobre o museu!

Jan van Ess 1 year ago

Compact museum in historic Aalten. Let the impact of WWII be felt very clearly in the small community. Also pays attention to the lost crafts and industries.

Ellen Ensingh 2 years ago

There is much more to see than the impressive part about the hiding place. We found it particularly interesting. Really recommended.

Bram Janssen 2 years ago

Nice piece of history from WW2, good explanation and nicely decorated. Highly recommended for a rainy day..

Ruud Zwemmer 2 years ago

Highly recommend. Information about going into hiding in the 2nd w.o. and the resistance. Furthermore, attention is paid to war propaganda, women in the resistance and much more. Good audio-visual support on the topics.

Jordie 2 years ago

Interesting small-scale museum with fascinating stories. Definitely suitable for children (according to our 8 and 11 year old). We have been inside for about 1-1.5 hours and have been able to view and listen to everything in peace. It is run by committed volunteers and accepts the annual museum card. In addition to being able to literally walk through the building, where one story has taken place, you will be presented with a number of other stories via audio/visual support or letters.

B van Heemst 2 years ago

Not big, but very beautiful. With stories from the region.

Emily Vervoort 2 years ago

Impressive and interesting. This history must continue to be told. A history in which courage is the common thread.

Arie van Duijvenbode 2 years ago

Educational and interesting! Beautiful Museum with a story! Well worth it!

Sandor van Leeuwen 2 years ago

The Nationaal Onderduikmuseum is a medium-sized museum, centrally located in Aalten. It tells the story of the people in hiding in the Achterhoek. Different aspects of hiding are highlighted in different rooms of the building. The projection of images in a box bed is original. Especially the attic - right above the German commander's room... - is worth a visit. The quality of the videos is not the same everywhere and some captions leave something to be desired. The museum is not or barely accessible for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties. It is an interesting museum for children. A visit to the museum can be combined with the nearby synagogue on certain days.

Tiny Severijns 2 years ago

Very nice museum!!! Definitely worth it!

Victoria Van Zonnebloem 2 years ago

I was here many years ago with the Dutch course about 8 class. Was very intense then, would visit the museum again someday.

Sandra Kuipers 2 years ago

Very nice museum.the people who work there know a lot about it.shame.no coffee because of corona.helemaal coronaproof.worth it...top

Linda Vrouwenfelder 2 years ago

Impressive, especially the stories written by the people who were children themselves at the time and how they experienced the war and going into hiding. It really puts you back on the ground and makes you realize how good we have it despite corona.

Matthieu van den Manacker 2 years ago

Nice museum with all kinds of personal stories of people in hiding. Every time I am amazed by the Dutch who, at the risk of their own lives, helped others go into hiding or ensured that they were not put to work in Germany.

Hans Monasso 3 years ago

Very nice museum that shows life during the Second World War in a small community like Aalten. The museum is located in a building that houses an original hiding place. Special is the secret door that is hidden behind a sink and that gives access to the attic. The old vaulted cellar that was used as an air raid shelter during the war can also be visited. The entrance to the museum is somewhat hidden. You get there by walking from the market square into a narrow alley towards the south. Free entrance with the museum annual card.

Anja de Waal 3 years ago

Impressive. Well worth a visit. Many personal stories. Quiet so there is a lot of time to really watch, listen and process. Has made more impression on me than the Anne Frank house.

Niels Wevers 3 years ago

We were allowed to take our wedding photos there, which was really great. Beautiful location and also very educational.

Angelique de Bruin 3 years ago

Very neat and well-documented and organized museum. Lots to see and read. Also accessible for the disabled. Well worth a visit

Ana Patrícia Albuquerque 3 years ago

Arcevo full of details. With sad stories.

Monika Schröder 4 years ago

Absolutely worth seeing, you really get an impression of what it was like for the Jews and people in hiding back then. Nice that such pieces of history are preserved.

Giliam Hofenk 4 years ago

Nice, interesting and educational museum with a lot to see. I think this is one of the best war museums in the Netherlands.

Gyula Deploeg 4 years ago

Nice museum with lots of stories and things to think about...highly recommended! With also an escape room (we have to book)

Frederieke de Groot 4 years ago

I learned a lot from this moving museum. Most of it is wheelchair accessible and the elevator is easy to operate yourself, the only thing is that you have to hold the button until you are up or down. The coffee and tea are self-service and so is the price. I bought a book on the theme of 'resistance women'. But I also bought a book about the children of NSB members, which wants to reset the general view on this, because they too... today suffer from the choice made by their parents. It is a museum that has RESPECT as its trademark.

Joep Schipper 4 years ago

Very nice museum. We were here with 100 students. Nice guidance from the museum by the volunteers. Children and colleagues found it educational!

Edith Van 4 years ago

Very varied museum. Are you happy with an afternoon. However, thought it was only a hiding museum. They also show the peasant life of yore. A school class: very nice. An exhibition about horn and what was made of it; pipes a button. Furthermore, an exhibition about women in the resistance: super interesting. The volunteers from Commodities Museum were very helpful. A jug of fresh water was ready because a heat record was broken today. In short, recommended.

Matthijs de Nooijer (Historisch Bureau Zutphen) 4 years ago

Beautiful museum, was there today for a meeting that made me short of time to see everything, will definitely be back.

Hennie van Randwijk 4 years ago

Impressive. Certainly for my generation (1943). But also for the younger generation, that this should never happen again. As a man, I note that, apart from a few acquaintances, Anne Frank and Hannie Schaft are almost never mentioned in literature. Here justice is done to these resistance heroines !!! Chapeau. This museum in Aalten is more than worth a visit.

Bjorn Roeters 4 years ago

So much to see, the great thing is that the museum has incorporated everything very well into the theme, making it not a static museum. Combination with the escape room is recommended

Joanneke Heere 4 years ago

Very well and beautifully set up small museum we have to think about this, that people sacrificed themselves for our freedom

mathias 4 years ago

Muito interessante, grande variedade, paciente, pessoal amigável útil

Job de Lange 4 years ago

Eu estive aqui com uma classe de 26 crianças e todas elas se divertiram de maneira educacional. Foi uma experiência muito impressionante e aprendi muito sobre a Segunda Guerra Mundial. Muito humilhante ao ouvir as pessoas falarem sobre as crianças tendo que roubar carvão para manter suas famílias quentes, ou como as pessoas estavam escondendo outras pessoas à vista para salvá -las dos alemães (App. 1945). Há muito a ser aprendido aqui, sobre os direitos humanos básicos, por exemplo. Nunca devemos parar de lutar por direitos iguais, para tratar um ao outro melhor e usar palavras, em vez de armas.

Gert Jan Kole 5 years ago

Penetrating museum, in which it becomes clear once again that we owe our freedom (and many refugees their lives!) To the people who acted according to their conscience, not to those who conformed to the authority and the laws in force at that time.

Frank Maarsingh 5 years ago

Museum about the second world war and especially key about hiding and the resistance. Fascinating. In addition, changing exhibitions. Theme freedom. Since last year also an own escape room. In the style of the 40s. Fun to do!

Arnold Gehlen 6 years ago

The museum offers an impressive insight into the time of the Second World War. The bad times become tangible on the basis of personal fates. We can be glad that we can live together in peace for so long. In addition, the insight into the work of a hundred years ago shows how comfortable our current life has become with technical progress.

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