Museum Elburg

📍 Localização e contacto

Jufferenstraat 8
8081 CR, Kampen
0525 681 341

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O Museu Elburg é um museu em Kampen, Holanda. O museu está localizado na antiga prefeitura de Kampen, construída em 1648. O museu abriga uma coleção de arte e artefatos da cidade de Kampen e da área circundante. A coleção inclui pinturas, esculturas, móveis e outros objetos. O museu também tem uma biblioteca e arquivos.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

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🗣️ Museum Elburg: Opiniões

Jan Peter Jansen 1 year ago


Simon Volger 1 year ago

I would certainly do a romantic and sand story visit when you are in Elburg. Grandiose how that is made

John Uranka 1 year ago

A nice museum that tells about the history of Elburg. Very interesting.

John Sweeney 1 year ago

Principalmente em holandês. Afetando a história! Nós iremos. Construído!

Faust Beks 1 year ago

Very nice experience with interactive possibilities. Well built and although small, still clearly able to get a good impression of how the Agnieten sisters lived. So is the population of Elburg. Recommended.

ton ruts 2 years ago

belo museu

erna oppers 2 years ago

Museu muito bonito

Linda Dekker 2 years ago

Nice museum well worth a visit

Nicole McDonald 2 years ago

Compact museum, beautifully tells the story of the city's history and it is a beautiful building.

Nicolas Heidrich 2 years ago

Os sites do museu não devem forçá -lo a aceitar cookies. Não estaremos visitando como resultado.

Alan Brink 3 years ago

Nice museum friendly people

Huub Joosten 3 years ago

Well preserved town. Will definitely come back there again.

M.P.M. Amsing 3 years ago

Very nice and versatile museum

Evelien Buis 3 years ago

A museum in a beautiful building. With 2 teenagers done the escape route, a very nice puzzle tour through the museum with varied assignments where you really have to search and puzzle.

Jan Hoogeveen 3 years ago

Elburg beautiful old town and always something to do Good.

Hans Salfischberger 3 years ago

Authentic and beautiful building, also inside

Mirjam Tolsma 3 years ago

Great to see what beautiful sculptures can be made of sand! So meticulous and so similar to the characters that are meant ... Pure art! Very large and with the intention to leave it until 2028. Highly recommended!

yualrox 3 years ago

Dear people who do not make a fuss if your CJP only has an IT outage on the app. The museum is definitely worth it and a MUST to visit when you are in Elburg. The museum tells a lot about Elburg's past. In my opinion you must first visit this museum before you enter or explore Elburg. Beautiful building and former monastery.

Leonie Groen 3 years ago

Nice museum, also for children!

Carlos Laguna Palma 3 years ago

Um pequeno museu pitoresco, definitivamente vale a pena visitar a arquitetura dentro e as pequenas exposições e aprender parte da história da cidade e da Kloister/Igreja.

Ulrich Jankowski 4 years ago

A surprisingly beautiful place to enjoy it :-)

E Harms 4 years ago

Nice to see you sometime

Boudewijn de Heer 4 years ago

Very informative and just beautiful to view everything.

Biniamin Gluskin 4 years ago


J.P. v. Donselaar- Geluk 4 years ago

Nice old-fashioned town to visit, back in the old days !!

Wilna Haverkamp 4 years ago

Had another beautiful yoga class in the monastery garden

nico bischops 4 years ago

Elburg is a beautiful tourist town.

Markus Pieter Groen 4 years ago

Muito bom

Wout Baak 4 years ago

Nice historic place. There is much to see about the history of Elburg

Martin Weijmer 4 years ago

Beautiful location for a wedding ceremony

Reinier 4 years ago

Super fun city search for our son's birthday.

Henk Pap 4 years ago

Beautiful monument building. Beautiful indoor garden, where you can come to yourself.

Ruud Hendriks 4 years ago

Belo museu

Evert Lubbersen 4 years ago

Nice concert by the Nieuw Veluws Vocaal conducted by Maria den Hertog.

Alie Callewaert 4 years ago


Janenineke van der Jagt 4 years ago

Great nice town to discover

Ans Krak 4 years ago

Nice and is located in a very old building. I believe it was once a monastery All vaults and stairs.

Wilhelmina Sanders 4 years ago


Catherine Curzon 4 years ago

Uma obrigação se você estiver visitando Elburg. Muitas coisas por dentro, funcionários do museu muito simpáticos e prestativos. Dê a si mesmo algumas horas para ver tudo. Recomendado.

Henk van den Hoorn 5 years ago

Very nice museum. A lot of information about Elburg is available because the tourist office is located in the same historic building. Highly recommended.

Bas Droog 5 years ago

Fun activities for kids

Atje Kingma 5 years ago

A very nice and varied museum. Recommended

Hans Hoorman 5 years ago

Beautiful original rooms with a fascinating look into the past

Bets Keijzer-Ploeg 5 years ago

Nice many terraces

G Scholten 5 years ago

Very knowledgeable staff at the VVV. We climbed the tower.

willy muller 5 years ago

Nice museum with motivated, nice employees. Above all, an appealing arrangement that guides the visitor through the various rooms, conveying the interesting history of the medieval towns. Definitely worth seeing.

Top Local Guide 5 years ago

Interesting, well structured

Bettine van de Vliert 5 years ago


A Google Scheffer 5 years ago

Very nice, nice setup, museum card access. Interactive elements. Especially stories barber shop very nice

Harry Dijksma 5 years ago

What a fantastic (old) building and what a cultural history

Dirma 6 years ago

Here you should start your visit to Elburg. History of Elburg can be seen and subsequently recognized in the city. Beautiful experience and beautiful old monastery with tranquil courtyard where you forget the busy world just outside the gate ...

Michelle Kok 6 years ago

Top museum with super nice staff!

Teus Schimmel 6 years ago

Muito bom

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