Museum of Lacquer Ware

📍 Localização e contacto

Windthorststraße 26
48143, Münster
0251 418510

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu de Laca em Münster é um pequeno museu dedicado à história e arte da laca. O museu está localizado em um pequeno prédio no centro da cidade de Münster e é aberto ao público de terça a domingo. O museu possui uma coleção de mais de 200 peças de laca, variando de laca chinesa antiga a laca européia moderna. O museu também possui uma pequena biblioteca com livros sobre a história e a arte de lacarware.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 12:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 12:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 12:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 12:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 12:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum of Lacquer Ware: Opiniões

Frau Ztein 1 year ago

These museums are really worth it! The media show is particularly recommended. Thanks to the very attentive staff

Tho zweagaa 1 year ago

Very informative. Worth seeing!!

Wilfried B 1 year ago

An unusual but well worth seeing museum with free entry.

Peter Arens 1 year ago

Interesting you can hardly believe what you can see and what there is. Anyone interested in Asian art and craftsmanship should check out the exhibition. Free entry.


Very nice exhibition

Ute Goergen 1 year ago

Very interesting museum. Highly recommended for people interested in art.

Tom Jones 1 year ago

Visitei várias vezes: um dos grandes museus do mundo, especialmente porque reúne itens de laca e japoneses de todo o mundo. Excelente artesanato e lições na história cultural ao mesmo tempo. Estou ansioso para visitar novamente - quando eu puder.

Mamoona Arshad 1 year ago

Um tipo diferente de meuseum que contém história e arte na forma de arte lacqure.

Marina Reinhardt 2 years ago

The museum is located in an old villa not far from the train station. Accessibility is therefore very good. The permanent exhibition shows lacquer art from different regions, such as Korean, China and Russia, on two floors. The objects on display are of different nature, from cans for incense to cupboards and chests. We visited the lacquer museum as part of the special exhibition "Breaking out of Tradition. Japanese Lacquer 1890-1950" in cooperation with the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. The special exhibition showed really beautiful objects of Japanese lacquer art. However, the special exhibition was located in the basement and therefore had to struggle with the lighting. The lighting with spots was sometimes not good for the objects. The exhibition was quite dark, which made it difficult to find the exhibit numbers, for example. Furthermore, the spots on some objects were set in such a way that when you stood in front of the plant you took away the light. This lighting was explained with the preservation of the paintwork and the damaging effect of glaring lighting. Overall, we are satisfied with the special exhibition, but we would have liked a little more light.

Albert Van Urk 2 years ago

Very interesting come back again

I S 2 years ago

Nice objects, nice staff, very good tour of the special exhibition.

Ralf Schallenberg 2 years ago

Very interesting for people who appreciate handicrafts and art.

Rabbeya Haroon 2 years ago

It was free, art on the furniture was very nice, I liked Persian Qalamdan best

Frank Schulze 2 years ago

On a weekend trip to Münster, we came across the Museum of Lacquer Art through the travel guide, which we also visited. On two floors you will find many exhibits with a wide variety of painting techniques, some of which date back to the 16th century. Many pieces are bowls and vessels from Asia, decorated with black lacquer and gold. Handicrafts and unique items that have been made very elaborately in several work steps, very filigree and by the highest procession. The visit was worth it.

Claudia Heuser-Schallenberg 2 years ago

It's worth a visit

xxkk Lilly 2 years ago

Very nice museum.

Stefan Lüken 3 years ago

An unusual collection of lacquer art through the art eras and the continents! Worth seeing!

Roger Reckewell 3 years ago

Small nice museum. Unfortunately, the labeling is mostly difficult to read. I like a directly assigned description much better anyway.

Papa Ronald 3 years ago

Very nice information from the staff

Anne Schwarz 3 years ago

Impressive collection and very open Mitarbeiter.Obwohl I have no idea of ​​paint it was very exciting.

Karin John 3 years ago

The paint museum is a small but very beautiful and interesting museum. The exhibits come from Japan, China, Cambodia and Vietnam. But European lacquer art from France, Russia and Germany will also be shown. You learn something about the production of the pieces. I was surprised how complex it is to manufacture. The museum staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and are happy to answer questions. I liked it a lot and I'm happy to have discovered this beautiful museum.

Danny Beeger 3 years ago

Highest level of craftsmanship, actually arts and crafts. Absolutely worth seeing.

Mantu Matlern 3 years ago

Nice exhibition and top support with background information from the museum staff :)

Thilo Grutschnig 3 years ago

Museu muito interessante

Barbara Tunichgut 3 years ago

Very beautiful here!

Bodo Hubinger 3 years ago

Worth visiting. Wonderful exhibits.

Bernhard Meinders 4 years ago

Muito bom

Elena Pospelova 4 years ago

A nice little museum, an interesting exposition. You can have a good time and relax in the air-conditioned room.

Norbert G. 4 years ago

I was overwhelmed

Wolfgang Werner 4 years ago

Small, fine collection, especially of Japanese lacquer art - free entry on Tuesdays

Rouven Sperling 4 years ago

You definitely have to get involved with the subject. Otherwise, you walk through the rooms in a bit of amazement and wonder what is so special about lacquers. The almost frighteningly motivated and well-informed employees are also happy to get you started - above all the lady at the entrance. Definitely an interesting museum variant.

Rainer Halama 4 years ago

Was pleasantly surprised how high quality the collection is

Alexander Gusakovskiy 4 years ago

If lacquer miniature is close to you - you are here! European, Russian varnishes. East. Porcelain miniature. Amazing collection of works

carpe dieme 4 years ago

Interesting exhibition of different cultures. Something for everyone. Historical and modern pieces included, great! Nice staff at the cash desk.

Uwe Haertel 4 years ago

Worth seeing....

Kevin 4 years ago

Este é um ótimo museu, eles mostram um estilo de arte japonês que era principalmente no século XIX. Ainda é feito hoje, mas a quantidade é menor. Para 3 euros, isso é uma boa ver. Planeje 45 minutos a uma hora.

Alfredo Barrantes 5 years ago

Very good exhibition. Quiet and not overcrowded. All exhibits can be admired in peace and in a pleasant atmosphere.

Martina Mueller-Franz 5 years ago

Nice little museum about lacquer art. A quiet oasis when Münster is overcrowded again. Not far from the main train station.

Ich Weiss 5 years ago

Nice museum and also something for my youngest son (8 years old) he was totally thrilled (and something already 4-5 times in this world) THANK YOU

Kitsune Nickname 5 years ago

Beautiful museum with interesting objects from Japan, China, Russia and the Arab world. The outside staircase has red lacquer that appears to be running down the steps. Years ago, that was what got me really curious about the exhibits - my expectations were far exceeded. For the annual "Showroom" 2018, very interesting guided tours took place in the Japanese area, where even people enthusiastic about Japan could learn and experience a lot. Both about lacquer, its origin and distribution at that time and its use today, as well as about Japan and its culture. This museum is always worth a visit.

Raisa Ulumbekova 5 years ago

Exposições interessantes, recém -chegados regulamentares, série duas vezes por ano de concertos interessantes com música clássica e jazz

Jan 6 years ago

Insider tip: Many don't know the museum.

Andreas Neumann 6 years ago

Unique highlight in Münster

Olaf Gallus 6 years ago

Very nice exhibits, especially the Asian part of the exhibition.

Aya Osherov 6 years ago

Ótimo museu! Bela coleção de obras de arte e uma atividade maravilhosa para um dia chuvoso. A turnê guiada de áudio (usando fones de ouvido) em inglês foi excelente!

seraphima Nightelf 7 years ago

My visit to the Lacquer Museum Honestly, I had imagined the museum differently, but I was really surprised. Since I didn't get any information in advance, I was able to enter the museum without prejudice. What I was offered there I found to be true art, even if it is in the eye of the beholder. This wasn't my last visit, although it was my first. I can only recommend anyone who comes to Münster to visit a museum to take a look inside.

Soyeon Chung 7 years ago

Nice people. Silent museum.

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