Museum Küppersmühle

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Philosophenweg 55
47051, Duisburg
0203 30194811

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O Museu Küppersmühle, em Duisburg, é um museu de renome mundial que abriga uma extensa coleção de arte moderna e contemporânea. O museu foi fundado no início do século XX pelo Dr. Karl Küppers, um proeminente colecionador de arte e patrono. A coleção do museu inclui obras de artistas de renome como Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse e Wassily Kandinsky. Além de sua coleção de arte, o Museum Küppersmühle também abriga uma biblioteca, um centro de pesquisa e um estúdio de conservação. O museu está localizado no coração do histórico centro da cidade de Duisburg, e sua fachada impressionante é um marco na paisagem urbana. O museu Küppersmühle é um dos museus mais visitados da Alemanha, e suas coleções e exposições são altamente respeitadas pela comunidade de arte internacional.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 2:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum Küppersmühle: Opiniões

Clemens Wetzel 1 year ago

Very nice museum in a great building with wonderful art!

Günter P. 1 year ago

Tolle Location

Reiner Nieswandt 1 year ago

An architectural highlight at the Port of Duisburg. The exhibition of abstract art impresses not least because of the spacious room layout. A final meal in the excellent adjoining restaurant rounds off the visit.

Katrin P. 1 year ago

Impressive museum building and modern post-war art, which I had imagined would be more difficult to access. A worthwhile visit!

Hartmut 1 year ago

Just genius ! The building as well as the exhibitions. You come around a corner and are almost "overwhelmed" (sometimes more, sometimes less) by the great pictures

Michael Bruns 1 year ago

Modern and contemporary German art after 1945 as well as changing exhibitions presented in the former granary. The highlight is the warehouse along with its new building in the same style. The old and new buildings are connected by the huge metal grain silos, which are crossed internally on two levels by bridges. Here you can see the silos from the inside, from the base plate to the silo covers, very impressive. The staircases are works of art in themselves, great! The works are presented in large, bright rooms, and the whole thing is very well done! If you are hungry after the excursion, you can dine excellently in the museum restaurant, if you can afford the steep prices, chocolate mousse approx. 15 €, fish soup approx. 30 €, nothing for poor artists .

Monica MML 1 year ago

Interested me as a photo spot because I'm always on the lookout for interesting staircases. Interesting museum in the port of Duisburg. Free parking for museum visitors. Modern art in old walls that have been extensively modernized.

Mario Müller 1 year ago

As already mentioned in another review, one of the most beautiful museums in the wider area. With the expansion, the building has once again gained massively and can already be viewed as a work of art. Absolutely fantastic.

Janine Oeste 1 year ago

wonderful mood. Walking through the huge, bright and very quiet rooms and looking at the artworks at your own pace was really a great experience.

Crista William 1 year ago

Great museum, very nice art collection in an extraordinary ambience and great architecture. Free parking (3 hours) directly opposite.

coone mewlotova 1 year ago

Was here with my parents some time ago. Very impressed with the exhibited works. Superior quality modern art in a very interesting building. It added to the erlebnis.Allow yourself to be challenged and don't think art is not for you. Highly recommended.

Burkhard Schlegel 1 year ago

The modern art in the Ströher Collection is impressive. Informal and abstract works by German artists since the 1950s are shown in the new extension. The stair towers are an architectural highlight.

Ulrike Kinz 1 year ago

A great building, an architectural highlight. The works of art come into their own in the high rooms. We looked at them selectively. It takes more than one visit to see all the works.

Jim Cornish 1 year ago

Museu de arte moderna fabulosa em um antigo edifício industrial. O interior (especialmente as escadas) é maravilhoso. As coleções são de primeira qualidade. Uma obrigação quando em Duisburg

Dieter Denno 1 year ago

Architecture and art come together here. If you want to look at everything intensively, two hours is far from enough. Every art lover should visit this museum. In this case, I really have to say, it's a shame that I'm not from Duisburg, otherwise I would go to the museum every Thursday with free admission. Worth mentioning is also the supervisory staff which is really very friendly and helpful!

Hielkje Zijlstra 1 year ago

Very nice museum. Expertly renovated. Beautiful objects.

Regina Dohlen 1 year ago

Architecture and art come together here. Anna Schudt could not have said it better in the Museums Check. Emotional and very worth seeing & feeling (The staircases ;)

Ralf Neuhöffer 1 year ago

What is more impressive? The architecture or the pictures? I don't like to decide.

Hans Einspanier 1 year ago

A day at the museum. Stunning architecture. The artists are given a lot of space - this is how art can work. Many thanks to the Ströher family for this gift .

Evgeniy Georgiev 1 year ago


Eva Zimnoch 1 year ago

The extension has become terrific, both exhibitions great! We are looking forward to the next time! And the visit to the restaurant of the same name was very relaxed and positive, the first time that a cappuccino with plant-based milk was not a problem and we had a choice of dishes. Highly recommended!

Jens Galler 1 year ago

A great museum for contemporary art, both architecturally and in terms of content. The focus is on German artists who are presented here in a wonderful setting. Every art lover should visit this museum.

Thomas Duewell 1 year ago

One of the greatest museums IN NRW, both architecturally and in terms of inventory. The conversion was absolutely successful. Almost every artist can claim their own space. Anyone who loves modern art must visit this museum

dieter oberkofler 1 year ago

Interesting modern art museum with contemporary modern German art. The museum is in a great old industrial building that originally was used as a mill.

Horst Osten 1 year ago

An outstanding museum building by well-known Swiss artists-architects. A two-hour visit is not enough just to get a first impression of world art. The impression of the works of art lasts for several days. Only the name tags of the exhibiting artists with small data etc. could be legibly attached to the wall at the entrance, as is usual in other museums.

Holger Wolf 1 year ago

In the sometimes very large exhibition rooms of the museum Küppersmühle shows very large paintings and also small sculptures. Each room has its own peculiarities. The supervisory staff was competent and was able to comprehensively answer questions about the exhibits. The architecture of the museum is worth a visit in itself. The stairways that connect the floors of the art exhibitions are impressively steep and massive. Some of the connecting passages between the exhibitions are also real eye-catchers. The toilets in the museum also exude a certain modernity and functionality. Fits the overall concept.

Ken Sheppard 1 year ago

Beautiful building

Angelika Wolf 1 year ago

Today was my first time in the Küppersmühle Museum in Duisburg's inner harbor. By expanding the original house, the historic silos were integrated into the building, creating a special atmosphere. I also really liked the color scheme of the stairwell. Incidentally, regular admission costs €12.00, but with an ADAC card you get a €3.00 discount

Yasemin 1 year ago

A wonderful exhibition in an extraordinary building. The conversion of the Küppersmühle into a museum is really impressive. Particular attention is paid to the stairwells, which as a whole leave a very dynamic impression.

Jean-Michel Hache 1 year ago

A majestic industrial cathedral transformed into a museum of modern art, the Küppersmühle deserves more than a detour, a detailed visit if only to admire the large spaces painted white, a pretext for photographing the superb perspectives created by the succession of rooms. Impressive crossing point, the gigantic central silo which gives a little vertigo. It is up to everyone to form an opinion on the works on display... there is the best and its opposite... small detail, parking is free for 3 hours for visitors.

S. Mann 1 year ago

The new building has become very beautiful. The architecture is impressive for me. A visit is always worthwhile. Duisburg residents have free entry on Thursdays

Bettina Schuermann 1 year ago

Insanely great museum. Admission is worth it! With the new construction of one of the most interesting museums in the world. Well done. My favourites: The incredible works of Anselm Kiefer. I'm looking forward to the new pictures on the 3rd floor of the new building, which will probably be open to visitors shortly will. Bravo.

Heike Voerster 1 year ago

The museum is really fascinating. If you like art, you should definitely stop by. There is a lot to discover photographically. No tripod and flash, please! The most famous here are two flights of stairs and a transition from the old building to the new building. But the pictures and individual art objects are also worth a photo. Can heartily recommend and will definitely come back.


Lugares lindos. Artistas contemporâneos alemães, incluindo Anselm Kiefer .

R F 1 year ago

The architecture is really impressive and for that reason alone is worth a visit. There is also an extremely large selection of artists, so there is something for everyone. You can easily spend a day there.

Bernhard van Riel 2 years ago

With the Ströher Collection and the current Andreas Gurski exhibition, this museum is a must for anyone interested in art. The building with the new extension wing and the integrated silos is inspiring. Large, bright rooms in which the exhibits can unfold their optimal effect. In addition, a relaxed atmosphere with friendly supervisory staff. A great addition to the NRW museum landscape.

Marten Wiersma 2 years ago

Formidable - large rooms for a great cross-section of modernism with a focus on 1940 - 1980. Currently well-known and high-priced artists round off the ensemble well. Short descriptions of the artists, excellently combined with a short quote, in which essence and work shine like a flashlight, refine the experience in fantastically presented wide mega-rooms and 3 deliberately cramped diaromatic micro-rooms.

Karyel Keene 2 years ago

Simplesmente maravilhoso! Tanto as exposições quanto a arquitetura. Altamente recomendado. Funcionários amigáveis ​​e prestativos.

Uwe Hecker 2 years ago

Lugar lindo

Wen L 2 years ago

Super’ really enjoyed it

B K 2 years ago

The renovation was an architectural highlight. Great details inside and outside, the idea of ​​a combination using broken and smooth bricks to make the surface exciting and the wonderfully curved staircase in warm reddish colors amazed. Simply Herzog & De Meuron!

Wibke Hintermaier 2 years ago

Great museum, really great architecture - unfortunately almost no merchandising, you would love to take a museum catalog and / or prints / posters of the pictures home with you - especially since the descriptions usually contain exciting quotes from the artists.

M F 2 years ago

Super nice museum which lives on through its architecture. The renovation is really successful. Great exhibition rooms were created which allow incredible possibilities for the representation of art. Old industrial culture reinterpreted. A win for Duisburg. Really recommendable.

CHE-HSIEN Jason LAI, PMP 2 years ago

Organizador da exposição incrível, 2ª vez está aqui, hoje para visitar as incríveis obras de arte de Andreas Gursky As equipes aqui são muuuuito amigáveis ​​e úteis para perguntas, espaço de exibição compct, mas iluminação muito boa e fluxos de visitantes bem planejados Esperando minha próxima visita aqui já :)

Kasia S 3 years ago

Great exhibitions

Frank Imenkamp 4 years ago


karin patten 4 years ago


Chris D 4 years ago

Wonderful gallery in a nice part of Duisburg. The Anselm Kiefer pieces were breathtaking in scale and content. Highly recommended place for a visit if you're arround the Innehafen.

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