Museumsquartier St. Annen

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St.-Annen-Straße 15
23552, Lübeck
0451 1224137

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O Museumsquartier St. Annen é uma das instituições culturais mais importantes de Lübeck. É o lar de vários museus e galerias, além de uma biblioteca e um instituto de pesquisa. O Museumsquartier está localizado no centro histórico de Lübeck, e seus edifícios são alguns dos exemplos mais importantes de arquitetura gótica da cidade. O Museumsquartier foi fundado no início do século 19, e suas coleções incluem uma ampla gama de arte e artefatos de todo o mundo. O Museumsquartier é uma parte vital da vida cultural da cidade, e suas exposições e eventos são bem assistidos por moradores e turistas.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Museumsquartier St. Annen: Opiniões

Helmut Kalinski 1 year ago

A highly recommended is this museum. It is richly furnished with works of art. The Middle Ages are well represented. We recommend !

Monika Randermann 1 year ago

Just great and unbelievably versatile!!!

Ulricus Angelus 1 year ago

Very well researched and implemented exhibition on the topic "Heinrich Mann, The Subject".

Klaus K 1 year ago

Amazing to see and learn a lot for a relatively low entrance fee...

Jesper Lerche 1 year ago

A huge collection of medieval art and bourgeois things and furnishings from the 16th century. Also some modern art. 2 museums in the same building. Also café.

Nelida Salinas 1 year ago

Wonderful ST Annen Convent Museum. It has a great collection of old carved altars and the most impressive, the painting by Hans Menling: The Passion of Christ. It's wonderful!!!

Matthias X 1 year ago

Perfectly placed café by one of the country's most relevant museums. Priceless historical collection, a must see!

Pooja Mishra 1 year ago

A arquitetura é linda, mas fora não é muito bem mantida com o Flee Market do lado de fora, deixando sem espaço para fotos.

I Lang 1 year ago

Very interesting museum, which has a lot to offer. We took our time to do the tour on our own and were amazed by the art and the antique exhibits. Easily accessible with a stroller and highly recommended in summer when the temperatures are hot.

Conny Frenkler 1 year ago

Very interesting..two hours in another time...

Günter Strehlow 1 year ago

Very impressive exhibition. The sculpture is stunning. And all partly 500 years ago.

Sa Ru 1 year ago

The current exhibition "Female View" about female fashion photographers in the Kunsthalle St. Annen inspired me! If you still want to see it, please hurry: only 3 days left!

Kompassweit 1 year ago

We were only there for a photo exhibition. I liked it. The room was completely empty except for the pictures, so that you are not visually distracted. Very pleasant. Not too warm, not too cold. The receptionist was friendly and accommodating. After that we went to the café. The staff here was also service oriented. Cake was good, cappuccino okay but a bit boring.

B K 1 year ago

Very interesting museum on 2 floors. Middle Ages with altarpieces, sculptures, Dutch art, everyday life in Lübeck, music. New special exhibition from 04/23/22. Café with nice staff and small dishes, soup, salad and cake. Recommended!

lusol 1 year ago

Beautiful small art gallery in historic walls with exciting exhibitions, shop and restaurant.

Kallo 1 year ago

Very interesting special exhibitions, very friendly staff and an impressive permanent exhibition!

Aman Dhillon 1 year ago

Nice historical museum.

Lamis Fayed 1 year ago

It reminds me of old Cairo, where the synagogue, mosque and church are in one district. One of my favorite places in Lübeck.

Lara Le Reveur 1 year ago

Always a pleasure to explore this welcoming complex.

Adelheid Schröder 1 year ago

Wonderful exhibitions, I love the museum quarter. Very friendly staff.

Robert Goldberg 2 years ago

St. Anne's Museum is a treasure trove of Lübeck's history. There is much to discover from the past with original artifacts from merchant houses and religious institutions. The special exhibition Kemmer, Cranach Lübeck are fascinating works by both artists from the beginning of the Reformation in the 16th century. "Change of Perspectives" is currently running in the Kunsthalle with works by artists from the former GDR. Finally, coffee and cake in the Vorwerker Diakonie Kunstcafé.

Julian Maas 2 years ago

A small but fine museum. The regular exhibition consists of Lübschen lifeless contemporary witnesses such as church objects, but also a glimpse into a Lübeck pharmacy from the past centuries or a living room from earlier times. Constantly changing special exhibitions complete the museum. Right now you can experience “sex and prejudice”. The entrance to the museum is almost spectacular for a museum from Lübeck.

Richard Bourne 2 years ago

Really expansive exhibits

S. Baumgarten 2 years ago

It was a great place.

Ulf Wigger 2 years ago

We visited Armin Mueller-Stahl's exhibition. Very interesting pictures, we liked it very much. It's a small but very nice museum

Carmen Ketels 2 years ago

Super great, very, very nice, great exhibition

Thomas Proske 2 years ago

A very well designed museum with a broad overview of Lübeck's history from the Middle Ages, wonderful carved altars, and Lübeck's early music is also appreciated. Currently a very informative exhibition about Cranach/Kemmer.

Britt Ludewigsen 3 years ago

A very nice museum that I loved as a child. Here and there I miss a description of the exhibits; my family and I didn't always know what exactly we were admiring. But there are friendly and very hard-working museum staff for that. It was a nice afternoon and it will definitely be repeated.

Дарья Митяева 3 years ago

A large number of iconostases from different places of artistic and historical value. Second floor Periodic exhibitions. Dedicated to secular society.

Matthias Henn 3 years ago

Kunsthalle St.Annen ... a great place for exhibitions ... I visited Tabula Rasa by Doris Salcedo, unfortunately it ends today. Wonderful , profound works of art that deserve to be dealt with and allowed to work .

Dirk Stahlkopf 3 years ago

Definitely visit! Starting with a very nice coffee where you can spend a cozy time together and then you have the choice between two exhibitions that show different current events. We chose the Middle Ages and haven't looked back. You can also have information about various exhibits displayed digitally. Great and keep it up!

pm k 3 years ago

Beautiful facility. It was a nice visit there.

Ulrich Horn 3 years ago

My place of longing. Nowhere in the world can you better appreciate the depth and beauty of the Gothic than in this museum. No rush, no tourist hype, just inner peace.

Julia Seilert 3 years ago

Excellently curated exhibitions. It's just a shame that some objects were missing names. Nevertheless, we spent many wonderful hours here and learned a lot.

Екатерина Д. 4 years ago

On the ground floor there is an excellent collection of medieval Christian paintings and sculptures. A lot of interesting. On the second are household items and interiors, right down to dresses. The employee speaks Russian. There are also exhibitions.

Arnaud Caillier 4 years ago

Magnificent museum of medieval religious art.

Dirk Schulz 4 years ago

Great museum in historical rooms and a new Kunsthalle, cheap and interesting, with café to stay

Ulrike Schmitt (Rimaschi) 4 years ago

Very interesting! Especially the altarpieces! When visiting the also current art exhibition you should allow enough time.

Chr Neu 4 years ago

Lübeck has many beautiful corners. The arcades with the inner courtyards are also very beautiful

LaVie DaLoca 4 years ago

A stunning exhibition that nearly kills you with the multitude of exhibits. You should spend a lot of time or just come around more often to focus on a couple of selected pieces. Entrance fees may be a deterrent to the undecided, but justified by the quality of the exhibits and the location. If you are too exhausted, you can relax in the museum café.

Holger Wilke 4 years ago

An absolute highlight. Be sure to visit the exhibition of sacred art in the museum with rich altars and other treasures. Allow time as each object really takes time. In my opinion, the exhibition in the Kunsthalle itself was rather uninteresting. Nice idea in the museum cafe too. A prime example of inclusion.

Wim Dreyer 4 years ago

Exposição de arte brilhante

Sven Wardle 4 years ago

Uma experiência lindamente calma e de alta qualidade. Miles muito aqui para fazer tudo isso em uma hora ou mais. Nós nos sentimos mal avançando tão rapidamente. Definitivamente um motivo para voltar.

Christel Dönitz 5 years ago

The historic St. Anne's Museum and the modern art gallery were merged. It is a place for art, in a symbiosis of different architecture. I particularly like the diversity of the neighborhood. The location, in the old town, near the St.Aegidienkirche is particularly beautiful. A remarkable sculpture garden and a nice café complete the offer. In the café it is unfortunately very cold in winter. Overall, a successful, wonderful ensemble, for which I give the highest rating.

Carsten Ullrich 5 years ago

Definitely worth a visit. Impressive rooms from the times of the Hanse.

Dennis Forte 5 years ago

Very great museum, are very enthusiastic about the exhibitions and the friendly staff. We can recommend very enthusiastically, thanks for the great day :-)

Bettina Elter 5 years ago

Chanel, Dior, Pucci. ... an exhibition well worth seeing

Kerstin Borau 5 years ago

Really nice museum, which is prepared with a lot of love. You can really immerse yourself in the life of the Hanseatic city in the Middle Ages and you can also see many extraordinary things that you won't find in other museums. Guided tour or audio guide is worthwhile.

Cornelia Rémi 6 years ago

Magnificent insights into the sacred and everyday culture of the Hanseatic city, especially the large carved altars are overwhelming and absolutely worth seeing. There are always exciting exhibitions of contemporary art in the Kunsthalle.

Paola Giovetti 6 years ago

I went to this museum only to see Memling's passion for Christ but I was struck by the beauty of the whole museum! Extraordinary space, splendid layout, exceptional works. Definitely worth a visit

Samira Stein 6 years ago

A great museum for those interested in culture! The museum is beautifully designed, with simple and beautiful layout and good lighting. In my eyes the best museum in Lübeck. The staff there are also very friendly! It is also advisable to have a coffee after visiting the museum when having a drink at the Ein u. Exit café (with a very delicious lunch table)

Urban Engberg 6 years ago

Simply loved it, amazing collection, especially the altar pieces.

Hin-Yan Liu 7 years ago

Um pouco íngreme para a exposição, que era o Prêmio Arte da Town e uma coleção de auto -retratos. Mas eles tentam e o espaço de origem é impressionante.

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