Hamburger Kunsthalle

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Glockengießerwall 5
20095, Hamburg
040 428131200

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O hamburger Kunsthalle é um dos principais museus de arte da Alemanha. Está localizado na cidade de Hamburgo e abriga uma grande coleção de arte da Idade Média até os dias atuais. O museu foi fundado em 1869 e está alojado em um edifício neo-renascentista. O museu tem uma ampla gama de exposições e também abriga vários eventos ao longo do ano. O Hamburger Kunsthalle é um destino turístico popular e é um dos museus mais visitados da Alemanha.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Hamburger Kunsthalle: Opiniões

Joshua Caleb Ang 1 year ago

Incredible art museum, probably the best in northern Germany. We spent a whole day here. The free English audio guide app is also very useful considering most museums in Germany have minimal English descriptions. Staff was wonderful and friendly too. Definietly worth the steeper enterance fee. The only thing we didn't bother staying for is the comtemporary art gallery which isn't our thing.

Cleverly Smart 1 year ago

The collections of the Kunsthalle are magnificent, and very varied. The building is well organized. We only regret the lighting and the windows that protect the paintings create reflections. It is made up of three interconnected buildings. The first was built from 1863 to 1869 by the architects Georg Theodor Schirrmacher and Hermann von der Hude; the others were built in 1919 by Fritz Schumacher and in 2001 the Galerie der Gegenwart by Oswald Mathias Ungers. The museum is known for masterpieces by Caspar David Friedrich. This museum is located near the main train station (Hauptbahnnof). It is closed on Mondays, like most German museums. On Thursdays, it closes at 9 p.m. A cafeteria allows you to eat there, while contemplating a collection of old coins exhibited in this place. As well as “The Cube” a nice modern restaurant, the terrace is beautiful and overlooks the river.

Xueying Zheng 1 year ago

Went on Thursday night, one hour before closing. It is definitely not enough for a museum with such a huge collection. The staff there are very nice. The modern abstract art is beyond of my expectations. Would love to visit again

Yvonne Wen Tu 1 year ago

Very great collection of art from 1400 to contemporary, it would take at least the entire morning to get through everything. Free entry for under 25

Michela Conte 1 year ago

I spent 4 hours walking around the museum and I'm looking forward to going again soon. It's rooms are majestic and you're just surrounded by art, moder, contemporary. Doesn't matter what you like, you'll find something to fell in love with.

Daisy 1 year ago

I did not took so much pictures i took so much videos but the place is worth to visit its incredible

A Ø H 1 year ago

Come see Munck, Anita Rée and Hieronymus Bosch. Meet them here, it changes your perspective. Please shower before and after taking the U-bahn.

Denisa Gherdan 1 year ago

They have a few famous pieces that I've previously seen in books. It took us a while to figure out where to start from. Don't skip getting the map of the museum at the entrance. And the app and a pair of headphones for the audio guide while you're visiting. You truly feel like you're traveling through time and absorbing a lot of information about the culture, influences and history behind the masterpieces. Personally didn't really enjoy the more recent pieces of art, but to each their own. I'm all about the classics!

Yehimy Sandino 1 year ago

I really love it. The museum has three connected buildings 1869, 1821 and 1997.

Joanna den Blijker 1 year ago

Amazing museum and very big. We stayed here for 2,5 hours, took a lunch break and then came back for another 2 hours. Loved the free app in which you can listen to info about a few paintings. Would have loved to hear about more paintings. Unfortunately the voices in English were very unnatural and kind of annoying. A part from that, I think this museum does a very good job in involving its visitors in how the museum works (in the “transparant museum” section) and informing its visitors.

Noel Seo 1 year ago

You definitely have to spend a whole day to see everything in this museum. Not only do they have a great variety of old classics but also a sperate building for modern art. Sadly I couldn't see everything but I definetly want to come back here.

Paolo Bartolozzi 1 year ago

The Hamburg Kunsthalle is the home of a huge art collection spanning from the 14th century to the most contemporary installations. The art gallery is organised by subjects so its possible to see how different artists across Europe were working in the same period. The impressionist period is very well represented with both German and French artists.

Onurcan Büyükkalkan 1 year ago

One of the most modernly structured art museums of Europe. Reasonably priced or free for young people.

Igor Poljutov 1 year ago

I heard a woman say “wooow” when she saw the differences of museum and regular glass here ☺️ What I described was all over the place, inspiring us so that we want to return here sometime ‍ allso good that it cost us nothing to go here…. ‍❤️‍

krakeesh2012 1 year ago

Se você planeja ir, espere gastar lá aproximadamente 2 a 3 horas. O local é enorme e há uma coleção decente de obras de arte. Há pinturas para Monet, Picasso e Munch. Eu aconselho você a fazer o tour do guia de áudio para conhecer as histórias e aproveitar a obra de arte

Maia Wright 1 year ago

Incrível museu grande com uma ótima mistura de diferentes estilos de arte. Eu estava lá por 3 horas, mas poderia facilmente passar o dia inteiro lá se tivesse tido tempo. Menores de 26 residentes/cidadãos da UE entram de graça!

Stas Medvedev 1 year ago

Muitas cidades alemãs foram destruídas durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, sendo Hamburgo uma delas. Os edifícios históricos são quase inexistentes, apenas réplicas. Muitos desses edifícios têm uma aparência histórica preservada, mas não a sensação, infelizmente. A Galeria de Arte de Hamburgo consiste em 3 edifícios e é considerada um dos maiores museus de arte da Alemanha. O edifício principal remonta a 1869, mas é difícil dizer o que realmente sobreviveu à devastadora Segunda Guerra Mundial. Hoje o museu parece brilhante e moderno. Anexada ao edifício principal está um anexo abobadado e há um edifício separado da galeria de arte contemporânea em frente à entrada principal. Todos os três estão interconectados com um corredor subterrâneo. A coleção é grande e inclui arte de antigos mestres, arte do século XIX, arte moderna e arte contemporânea. Fácil de navegar, muito espaço, muita informação, guias de áudio, mapas, etc. As instalações incluem um bom café/restaurante de arte The Cube. A loja do museu é bastante pequena. O escritório de ingressos é apenas em dinheiro; portanto, se você deseja pagar com um cartão, compre o ingresso on -line, que não é a experiência ideal do usuário, pois você precisa preencher muitos campos com informações desnecessárias antes de passar. Você precisa deixar todas as sacolas no vestiário, onde também precisará de moedas de 1eur ou 2eur para usá -las.

Arnav Agarwal 1 year ago

An amazing art museum and a must-see when visiting Hamburg. It's a very spacious museum with plenty of art to walk around and see. Highly recommend!

joël van rooij 1 year ago

I believe when you visit Hamburg, you should also visit this mesuem. Located near Hamburg Hauptbahnhof its very easily to reach from where ever your Hotel or Airbnb is located. The is build built in the 19 century, and has still the same style of that time. Making some rooms look like time stood still. There different kinds of exhibitions within the meusem. From contemporary art too old art. With paintings from famous painters like Edvard Munch too one of the mostl know painting of Napoleon Bonaparte. I would recommend going here on time when its not so full, so I believe during the week.

zauri chxaidze 1 year ago

Hamburger Kunsthalle é uma galeria de arte realmente atraente e adorável. Aqui não há duas horas suficientes. Você pode ficar o dia inteiro. Tirei muitas fotos, mas acho que não é suficiente porque aqui está um detalhe mais incrível. Lindas esculturas, tintas e lados arquitetônicos .. Eu levei um pouco divertido também e fiz uma pose com algumas estátuas

Ruu Senata 1 year ago

Splendid. Amazing experience. Was really moved. A day isn't enough to marvel all these wonderful masterpieces!! The drawings are magnificent and the feeling you got is really a museum. There's a selection of art types they're offering and I find these worthy of visit. 10/10 will go there again because I haven't had enough!

Esra Aygun 2 years ago

Hamburger Kunsthalle was a great experience. Normally in a museum you can sometimes get bored due to number of all the art pieces but here every famous art piece has an explaination and it makes you understands all the hidden things that the artist used. I really liked the museum and we spent three and a half hours there but i didn’t even realize. Thanks for all the workers and curators in the museum.

SueKi Shalisa 2 years ago

I found the exhibitions interesting and engaging, in particular “Unfinished Stories” in the basement, and Toyen in 2nd floor.

Jelena Murašova 2 years ago

I really enjoyed the main exhibition of Hamburger Kunsthalle. Dear fellow tourists, please make sure you have at least 3 to 4 hours planned for the visit, the gallery is HUGE. I originally wanted to see the contemporary art, however, the main exhibition is something that does actually impress.

G T 2 years ago

It is a one day visit, depending on the exhibits that are present ant the time. It is very beautiful and expressive and it also has something for everyone. I highly recommend checking it out.

Christo Phillm 2 years ago

Beautiful and big. Bring enough time. You probably wanna plan at least 2-3 days if you really wanna see everything! The downstairs exhibitions are pretty confusing -- like a maze! I was lucky I got out in the end! Cake and coffee for 5€ is a pretty good deal ;) ☕

Sigrid 2 years ago

I like the exhibition of Raphael. They have shown mostly the drawings on Papers. He has his own developing style, creating a smooth, flowing composition.

Imen Menasria 2 years ago

A trip through history with eyes of an artist! The collections are breathtaking! You should plan a whole day visit or in two days , to fully admire the fascinating work

Masi A 2 years ago

The have a great selection of paintings and i love the way the paintings were categorized in different rooms! I enjoyed very much the Raffael’s exhibition. The app is one of the most useful museum app I have ever used! It was very easy to get information about paintings in a verbal and text modes.

Yuliia Tymoshenko 2 years ago

It’s that type of the museum where you can easily spend a day without noticing. It has everything from classic masters to contemporary art. It has the art that makes you learn history and the art that makes you question reality.

David Maddison 3 years ago

MAGNIFICENT collection spread over a gorgeous gallery. The entrance hall is truly breathtaking- a masterpiece in its self. A varied collection and great to see the German masters with such prominence in this gallery. Definitely worth a look

Ramon Moorlag 3 years ago

This museum is a refreshing combination of ‘the old’ and ’the new.’ And the funny thing, we were told by the room guards to look at dead-ends we usually would have just skipped. And wow indeed. Everyone here is friendly and they know what they are guarding. The lunch in the museum was excellent, price/quality was good and filled us with energy to continue the exploration of the museum. (One sad fact, no Fritz Kola). The Museum shop was excellent and we bought a few replicas. MUST VISIT when in Hamburg!

DMJAMM 3 years ago

This was a very nice museum. Beautiful building inside & out. Very well laid out with lots of information in German and English. Our favorite are was the contemporary section.....Manet, Degas, Monet, Renoir, and more!

Taguhi Ustabashyan 3 years ago

this is a very beautiful place, the staff is very friendly, the prices are fare. the exhibitions are amazing, there is always something for every taste. if you like modern art or anything else! the collectors did a good job finding and putting them together. just a must to visit when in Hamburg

Iza Z. 3 years ago

Great art museum to walk and learn about European art, mainly Northern. If you love Expressionism there is a nice selection of pieces of art. Dont miss one of the most interesting pictures by Caspar F. D.

Rob Goossens 3 years ago

Must visit when you are in Hamburg. Classic, but perfectly balanced overview of art since the middle ages till modernity. Their contemporary exhibition changes gears and is a piece of art itself. Very impressive.

Aleatorio Hito 3 years ago

For all artists and art lovers, this place is a must see. Biggest art collection you can imagine, unlimited time ticket with amount of art that can take your breath away.

Hilton Riddex 3 years ago

Lovely building and well curated. There were some interesting sections and works on display. Definitely worth a visit. It will be full on national holidays so bear that in mind.

Solveig Veerkamp 4 years ago

Amazon collection and space!!! One of my favourite museums in Europe! As busy as it gets, you’ll always find some peace and space in some of the rooms. Design is lovely and very enjoyable. You can bring kids but keep in mind they need to be quite, as per German/museum etiquete.

Francesco Xodo 4 years ago

Very nice museum, containing a lot of paintings and sculptures belonging to different periods, from Middle Ages to contemporary times. The main part is of course the collection of Caspar David Friedrich works, with "Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog" playing a central role. The numeration of the rooms could have been done better, because sometimes you have to go back and forth to follow the ascending order. Price of the ticket is 14€.

nick ede 4 years ago

The best museum in Hamburg, and worth every brass razoo of the entrance fee. Easy to get to, 7 or 8 mins walk from the Central station. Full of delicious Art, and some curiosities which also qualify. There is a nice cafe for when you need a break, and of course a gift shop. This would qualify for an entire day out, if you like this kind of thing, because it is a large establishment and there is a lot to see and take in. You will be scolded if you take pictures with a flash (but if you have a decent camera/phone/and actually know how to use them, you won't need a flash). An excellent and quite progressive museum of art.

sooyoun s 5 years ago

Such a great place!! You should visit here if you are passionated with Art! Not only the collection is very huge and nice, but also museum building is gorgeous and awesome. You should definitely take a look here.

Grzegorz Pacyk 5 years ago

Be ready for something special: an impressive collection of European and German paintings. Entrance fee is 14 Euro + extra 3 Euro for audio-guide. There is convenient cloakroom, café and museum shop. Number 1 on my Hamburg bucket list.

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