Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin

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Invalidenstraße 50-51
10557, Berlin
030 266424242

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O Hamburger Bahnhof - Museu Für Gegenwart - Berlim é um museu de arte contemporâneo em Berlim. Está localizado no ex -hambúrguer Bahnhof, uma estação ferroviária construída em 1846. O museu foi inaugurado em 1996, e abriga uma coleção de arte contemporânea dos anos 50 até os dias atuais. A coleção inclui obras de artistas como Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock e Mark Rothko. O museu também possui uma biblioteca e um centro de pesquisa. O Hamburger Bahnhof - Museu Für Gegenwart - Berlim é um dos museus de arte contemporâneos mais importantes da Alemanha.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin: Opiniões

Arjun Butani 1 year ago

Thoroughly impressed by this museum’s expansive space and scale of art. It is located inside a former railway station. I was there for the 12th Berlin Biennale, but besides the Biennale collection, the Museum houses major works of world known contemporary artists like Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol which are all part of its permanent collection.

Zoltán Bürger 1 year ago

Huge halls. Many video installations. Allow at least two hours.

Petrus Apostatos 1 year ago

It's huge exhibitions place for modern art. Been here several times, lately at Berlin Biennale and it is a +2km walk. Museum has a cozy green yard and a restaurant. Would suggest public transport or bike/walk since parking nearby may be a issue Parking: there is a private parking about 150 m from the museum with ca.15 spots. 1,5 Euro/hour

Paveenrat Wongprasert 1 year ago

Gorgeous space, great exhibitions as expected, and a lovely vibe about it. Would return again and again :)

Pierre Plouzeau 1 year ago

The art is good, so is the soup

Gal Shalitin 1 year ago

I always find nice modern art exhibitions. Besides being a bit hot during the summer it's a great place to visit for art lover

Alek Korneev 1 year ago

Local perfeito para exposições de arte. Espaço enorme, muitos quartos e todos r diferentes. Um pouco quente demais dentro de alguns deles. Fomos para a Bienal lá e não ficamos desapontados.

C P 1 year ago

A wonderful contemporary art space in an old train station. I really loved the light in the central building.

Ana Luna 1 year ago

A lot to see! And they have a new programme that you can ask for a guided tour.

Derya Çiçekçiler 1 year ago

We attended in the guided tour at the Biennial 2022. Our guide was very knowledgeable and explained the exhipition in a very nice way with real enthusiasm. I like the bookstore too. Thank you

Angus Duff 1 year ago

Museu de arte moderna incomum. O cenário em uma antiga estação de trem é legal. Eu não sou um ótimo fã moderno, mas você. Um passei feliz por algumas horas aqui.

Chia-chen Lehahn 1 year ago

Modern art is sometimes so abstract that even with explanations/pamphlets you still cannot get it. But I enjoyed my visit because art works here make you wonder. My favourite artist here is Bartolina Xixa.

Jehan 1 year ago

Elegant architecture and interesting exhibitions.

Anna Kim 1 year ago

Greatest collection & wonderful exhibition in German.

Laëtitia Simon 1 year ago

Bom Museu de Arte Contemporânea! Grande e brilhante, com muitos estilos diferentes de obras de arte. A única qualificação é o preço: 18 € para um ingresso para adultos é muito caro

Julia Julia 1 year ago

Verdadeiramente um dos grandes museus de arte contemporâneos do mundo. Esta foi minha segunda visita e fiquei muito emocionado com as exposições atuais. Se você é um aficionado por arte, deve visitar! Eu queria observar que a equipe da mesa é bastante rude quando realmente não precisa ser. Realmente não me incomodou no geral, mas achei que valeu a pena notar na minha resenha.

Diogo Braceiro 1 year ago

For me the best modern art museum in Berlin. The film in the blue room is just wow

Alexander 1 year ago

A localização é impressionante e já vale uma visita. A equipe também era relativamente gentil. No entanto, a arte exibida é extremamente abstrata e pode ser difícil de entender sem uma explicação contextual adequada. É claro que os sinais estão disponíveis, mas certas peças de arte ainda eram difíceis de entender e observar. Recomendaria independentemente!

Sirap Te 2 years ago

Amazing art collection. The space was huge you can spend the whole day there! And they have a lovely restaurant. It’s a must go if you like co temporary art!

A. S. 2 years ago

One of the most impressive Museums for contemporary art in Berlin. Most of the time with huge installations and paintings.

Artur Rovere 3 years ago

One of the best museums I've ever been to in my entire life...

Saulius Teodoras Budzinauskas 3 years ago

Awesome art museum, also has a wonderful book store. Right next to the office building by Miller & Maranta architects that's also worth seeing.

עוז פנטון 3 years ago

Good and interesting modern art stuff. Notice that only the permanent exhibitions are included in the basic/museum pass ticket.

Sean Denny 3 years ago

Very nice exhibit in a lovely setting of the old train station.

Brian C 3 years ago

Went to see the Email Nolde exhibition there. It was great.

Agathe 3 years ago

It's a beautiful building (formerly a train station) with today contemporary Exhibitions. The current ones are really nice, and you can also go on Thursday evening if you don't have time in the weekend :)

Marta Campanini 3 years ago

Probably the best modern and contemporary art gallery in Berlin. The exhibitions on at the moment are extremely interesting, with detailed explanations on the artists and the movements. The building is also beautiful, being an old train station. I easily spent 3 hours walking around the nervous exhibitions. Ticket is 14€ with access to everything. Better to book a time slot online, but you can buy tickets at the front desk. Highly recommended

Arthur de Ganay 3 years ago

Must See Impresive Contemporary Art Museum

Renato Kestener 4 years ago

A cool place for cool people to visit. We tend to choose historic locations, while contemporary art tells a lot about our past and present in a unique way. This museum is pretty unique, with amazing artists in the permanent exhibition. The temporary one about AI and our future made a big impact on me. Check which one is there before visiting.

Celine Nie 4 years ago

So great! To be honest I left really confused but it's the perfect amount of confusion. The museum itself is very beautiful. Worth the visit!

Svetlana Batrakova 4 years ago

Great exhibitions and loved the place itself - spacious light and beautiful.

Bojan K 4 years ago

Good place for people who like modern art. If you are not fan of art or modern art this place is not suitable for you. Will be really boring. This building has a nice concept and mixture between museum and train station(Bahnhof). There is a East and West wing and main exposition space. This place is PRESS friendly

Larry White 4 years ago

Very nice modern art museum, had the chance to see some nice exhibitions and admire the work that has been done to the old train station.

Fernanda Macchi 4 years ago

Beautiful museum. Great collection. Excellent presentation.

Jillian L 4 years ago

This was my second time visiting the museum. The first time was slightly more than a year ago and it left a very good impression. Excellent space! This time around I had more time to spend in the museum and could view every single ongoing exhibition. The ‘local histories’ section had a promising curatorial theme [“to situate the artwork in the context of their making”] but I found the selection of the works to be quite limited (a lot of Judd & his peers) so I think the exhibit could have been a lot more interesting if the works were more varied

Nader 4 years ago

Time and Time again amazing exhibitions and events like the one in the photos: break dance group flying steps together with osgemeos. Definitely worth a visit, whether you are just visiting Berlin as a tourist or living here.

Giovanni Krueger 4 years ago

Wow, seriously just wow. This was my first time in an Art Gallery and I have to say that I'm not at all dissapointed. The place has this imposant atmosphere and every single object inside is either strange or just charming, sometimes both. It can get weird from time to time but that's just part of the experience. I've seen people complain about the ticket's prices but let me tell you, It's really worth it AND every first tuesday of each month you can get in for free!. Be ready to walk a lot tho, the place is huge

FFA Pro 4 years ago

It’s huge and rich. You need to buy a ticket. Friendly staff. Recommended

Tiffany Tavarez 4 years ago

I'm an art lover - of all types and sorts - so visiting this museum was totally worth it! The exhibitions may not be for everyone but the building is gorgeous and worth an opportunity to experience something out of the ordinary. It is an easy 5 minute walk from the Natural History Museum and public transportation. Used my VisitBerlin 3-Day museum pass and arrived when it opened, there were no issues.

Linas Marcišauskas 4 years ago

One of the better modern art museums in Berlin. It's a great mix between curated permanent exhibition and world class temporary ones. On our visit the price was 14 euros for adults including all museum visit. Friendly english speaking staff, interesting location.

K. Matthias Mäke-Kail 4 years ago

I love this museum and was excited to return after more than 10 years. In addition to a breathtaking large work in the main hall (which still has the old train station flair) there were two nice exhibitions upstairs and then the huge permanent collection in the side wings and the plain adjacent halls.

Morgan Martins 5 years ago

Truly worth a visit if you like modern art and design. The building itself plays well with the art being exhibited and the curator did an awesome job in combing the two.

Tânia Teixeira 5 years ago

They have a really good collection! I was surprised by the quality of the exhibition. Also the building is incredibly beautiful inside. It's a must go in berlin if you love contemporary art!

Sean Rees (Sean Reads) 5 years ago

Very unique museum. The building is unlike any other I've been too.

Ekaterina Chekarova 6 years ago

The museum is quite big, we spent a whole day in there. The adult ticket is expensive - 14€, but the student ticket is much cheaper - 7€. Totally worth the visit! Really great exhibition of Adrian Piper where you can sign and print your 'contract' that you 'always mean what you say' and 2 others. If you really like contemporary art and interact with it, it is a perfect place! Also, the staff forbid us to drink water inside, so be prepared - no drinks allowed.

Park Frost 6 years ago

incredible exhibitions of western modern / contemporary art in a beautiful building. the lights on the facade are permanent works by donald judd that has interior elements that contribute to the overall feel of the spaces. great art selfies if thats your thing. this isa genzkin piece is the best photo opp one could ask for.

Maxime M 6 years ago

Well renovated station into museum with great exhibitions. Be sure to check their calendar. The second part of the station is great! The industrial architecture fits well for art exhibitions.

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