DDR Museum

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Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1
10178, Berlin
030 847123731

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O Museu DDR em Berlim é um museu dedicado à história da República Democrática Alemã (RDA). O museu está localizado no antigo edifício da Embaixada da GDR, projetado pelo arquiteto Hans Scharoun.

O museu cobre a história da RDA desde a sua fundação em 1949 até sua reunificação na República Federal da Alemanha em 1990. As exposições do museu incluem uma réplica do Muro de Berlin, um carro trabante e uma coleção de pôsteres de propaganda da era GDR .

O museu também tem um café e uma loja que vende lembranças com temas da GDR.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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🗣️ DDR Museum: Opiniões

HJLee 1 year ago

The museum isn't big but there is so much information about the daily life in the former GDR and its history. The museum covered all different sections from economy and military to holidays and education in East Germany. It uses not only audio visual materials but tons of real objects and interactive digital programs. What I liked most was the apartment section that is set up like a real apartment in the GDR. It was fun and informative and I highly recommend a visit. Even the items at their gift store are super cute and of a better quality than other souvenir stores.

Mamut Hiking 1 year ago

Absolutely lovely museum, made me back to my childhood, all soviet houses look very similar. pretty big inside , we were very nostalgic and spent here almost three hours. that is a good example how the museum should be nowadays, interactive and informative!thank you for A good job!

Ragne Low 1 year ago

Really evocative and well thought-through museum with great explanations in English and German, suitable for a range of ages and levels of knowledge. Lots of interactive bits. Our 12 year old queued to drive the Trabant twice, he enjoyed it so much!

firoozeh nafisy 1 year ago

Highly recommend! The best museum I have visited in my life. History can be boring. They made a great job of making it so exciting and adventurous. Hats off to the directors and all the staff.

Julieta Pistone 1 year ago

Do lado de fora, pode parecer um museu pequeno, mas há tantas coisas para ler e apreciar que você gastará cerca de 2/2,5 horas para visitar tudo. A herança é requintada, e os curadores de arte fazem com que os conservem totalmente em condições perfeitas. O museu é dividido em diferentes salas, onde você não apenas vê objetos, mas onde também pode interagir com sinais, objetos e salas, tornando -a uma experiência totalmente diferente dos museus de história. Eles o orientam na história do DDR, uma vez que os hábitos diários de vida para política, economia, militar, universidade e outros. O preço é bastante aceitável apenas 12 euros e você tem acesso aos armários gratuitamente. No final da visita, recomendo que você visite a loja onde você pode comprar lembranças engraçadas e lindos cartões postais.

Nikos Anastasiou 1 year ago

A small yet very interesting museum. Definitely worth your visit especially if the cold war fascinates you. It tends to get a bit crowded though so plan your visit carefully.

Jacynthe Bergeron 1 year ago

Super interesting, it gives you a complete overview on life in the DDR. Interactive exposition as well. Museum may seems small, but we stayed for 2hrs and could have stayed longer!

Bow K. Techataveekijkul 1 year ago

The DDR Museum provides a very fun and interactive experience for visitors. I did enjoy an immersive experience of everyday life in the former East Germany here.

Mahmoud Mandou 1 year ago

First I have visited last month the other Museum in Knaackstraße 97, 10435 Berlin And now visited this one, and i can say you should visit both of them. I liked how both museums are active and you really touch and feel the old stuff, and in this museum, you will find a car that used to manufactured in east Germany, and you will be able to drive it with simulator program. For me it was a great moment and I felt that I traveled in time and lived in east Berlin for a moment

Benjamin Kryze 1 year ago

Really good museum, you can interact with a lot of things, enter typical rooms, watch videos and hear music of the time. Something not to miss if you visit Berlin.

Cas van Dongen 1 year ago

The DDR museum gives a fairly neutral perception of daily life during the DDR. From my experience people have a bad take on it, but I am glad the museum could shine a positive light on the things the DDR handled well and stay more unbiased. The museum is interactive and visually pleasing through reconstructed rooms and the many objects you can still and touch. I personally enjoy reading text and there's plenty of that, but if you're not into that, I believe it'll still be an enjoyable visit. It took me about 2 hours to complete my visit, having seen and read everything the museum has to offer. If you're interested in the DDR and how people actually lived their lifes on the east side of the wall I highly recommend a visit.

Oliver Zsuffa 1 year ago

Wonderful museum with a lot of original things from that time! The museum even features a replica of an Appartment in times of GDR. The museum is structured very nicely with a lot of hands-on things. The staff is very nice and helpful. They even have a gift shop with beautiful things that are way nicer than the plastic stuff you get at the corner. The museum is great for people who already know a bit about the times after the war and want to see all the things in real life. I would definitely recommend paying a visit!

Roger Clarke-Johnson 1 year ago

Another fabulously instructive and interesting Berlin museum. Showcases the life, lifestyle, consumer goods (including a Trabant, which people waited for up to 17 years to get) and living spaces (think standardized, planned, pre-furnished apartments) of East Germany. Take a look behind the Iron Curtain and see for yourself the upsides (nude beaches were common) and downsides (more bureaucracy and inefficient government workers than even our DC Swamp) of Communism, German style.

Julian W 1 year ago

As a die hard history buff this was quite a treat. The east german living room with the interactive channels at the time, the record vinyls, drving simulation in that iconic east german car. There somany things you can open, read interact, the litle figurine displays are also fascinating. The tour provided a visual and audio enjoyable experience what life was actually like in the former soviet satellite state. note this is predominantly more of the civilian aspect of east Germany. If your more into the security apparatus and the specifics of the former east german intelligence agency, go to the stasi museum

Jannatul Ferdoush 1 year ago

It was quiet exciting to see the former things that our predecessors have been using.

Erna Sutic 1 year ago

Really nice museum! Worth to visit!

Crina Prida 1 year ago

Extraordinary journey back in time. Recommended for younger and older visitors, it's a very well done interactive experience.

Quentin Leclerc 1 year ago

Interactive museum on life in the DDR. They show a very honest representation of what life was like for the inhabitants at the time, so this would be the top place I would recommend if you want to learn about this topic. It can be a bit crowded, but people spread out across the museum so it's not difficult to access all the different sections.

Kevin Skadron 1 year ago

Small but very informative museum, showing many facets of life in East Germany. Slightly expensive: €12.50/person. I do wish the museum did more to address why so many people accepted or even cooperated with the system, let alone working for the Stasi, etc.

Marta Yanci 1 year ago

Really interesting and a great visit with kids. The only downside is it is very crowded. Maybe they should control the number of visitors.

I. Tapia 1 year ago

Very illustrative place. I loved the DDR apartment and all the old stuff there.

Lorraine A 1 year ago

If you like history then this is a must see. Cleverly designed and very interesting plus had a seating area and you could view programs, news and kids TV from the 50's to the 90's 5*. Plus the surrounding area was beautiful as there was lots to do and see. E.g. going on a boat ride, shops, outside seating, little selling stalls and the weather was amazing

Corbin H 1 year ago

Great museum with cool interactive exhibits, including a Trabant driving simulator. Certain exhibits are more analytical, offering a retrospective view into live in East Germany, while others make you feel like you're living in the Deutsche Democratic Republic. Great museum overall.

Sophie The Wanderer 1 year ago

The DDR museum is an excellent museum with great interactivity, good learning and well designed exhibits. A must do for anyone visiting Berlin who wants to see and touch examples of its past of being the capital of the DDR.

Hương Nguyễn Mai 1 year ago

I love this small museum. It is very real with everything and you can touch thing. We can also play video game on the car. It was amazing experience.

Angus Duff 1 year ago

Interesting and engaging museum with interactive displays. The place isn't big so can be covered in a relatively short time, an hour or so. So good to fit into a busy schedule. Close to Museuminsel so easy to get to.

Andrew Reay 1 year ago

Easy five stars for a brilliantly interactive museum. Really imaginative take on life under the DDR regime. Well thought out, lots of innovative ways to learn about what went on and great exhibits. There is a good narrative and structure to what is a relatively small museum. This makes the most of the content and really brings home how East Germany operated. Plus, there's a sense of humour in much of the content!!! Only criticism is around the size and how popular it is. When it's busy there can be an annoying wait to interact, so get down there early or late to get the place to yourself.

Frankie Johnson 1 year ago

Well laid out and presented museum bursting with interesting facts. A lot of it is very interactive as well, so good for kids (my toddler enjoyed herself and was entertained for well over an hour). Does get very busy with school groups and of course tourists so pick your visit time accordingly

Pietro Arancibia 1 year ago

That's an awesome place, very interesting and interactive. The price was very good for the content. I highly recommend this place.

Kristina Kunz 1 year ago

Museu muito bom e informativo. As crianças gostaram das partes interativas do museu e ficaram muito noivas durante a estadia. Pode ser um pouco esmagador com todas as informações sobre a história e, pelo menos para nós, estávamos perdendo alguma estrutura como abordar todas essas informações. No entanto, isso não afetou toda a nossa impressão do museu.

Alex Jilitsky 1 year ago

Eu pensei que as exposições eram interessantes e o tema é em geral fascinante. No entanto, senti que a maioria das informações foi lançada nos visitantes em maçãs aleatórias, e não de maneira coerente e lógica. O museu também parecia um pouco lotado demais às vezes.

Yana Chehovska 1 year ago

Definitely recommend! Feels like back in 80’s))

Venula Tharusha 1 year ago

The DDR Museum is a museum in the centre of Berlin. The museum is located in the former governmental district of East Germany, right on the river Spree, opposite the Berlin Cathedral. The museum is the 11th most visited museum in Berlin. Its exhibition depicts life in the former East Germany (known in German as the Deutsche Demokratische Republik or DDR) in a direct "hands-on" way. For example, a covert listening device ("bug") gives visitors the sense of being "under surveillance". One can also try DDR clothes on in the recreated tower block apartment, change TV channels or use an original typewriter. The exhibition has three themed areas: “Public Life”; “State and Ideology” and “Life in a Tower Block”. Each of them is presented under a critical light: the positives as well as the negatives sides of the DDR are explored in this exhibition. A total of 35 modules illustrate these three themes: Media, literature, music, culture, family, private niche, health, equality, diet, childhood, youth, partnership, fashion, border, Berlin, tra c, education, work, consumption, construction, living, free time, vacation, environment, party, Ministry for State Security, economy, state, ideology, army, brother states, wall, opposition, penal system and authority. The museum was opened on July 15, 2006, as a private museum. Private funding is unusual in Germany, because German museums are normally funded by the state. The museum met some opposition from state-owned museums, who considered possibly "suspect" a private museum and were concerned that the museum could be used as an argument to question the public funding of museums in general. In 2008, the DDR Museum was nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award.

Michael Mack 1 year ago

Museu muito interessante sobre a vida em Berlim Oriental (Alemanha Oriental) Post Segunda Guerra Mundial. Ótima atmosfera com muita informação e exposições interativas. Pessoalmente, gostei muito do apartamento montado no final da turnê do museu. Tão legal ver como as pessoas viviam durante esse período, incluindo programas de TV que você pode assistir ao que demonstrou o que os alemães do leste podiam assistir e o que os alemães ocidentais podiam assistir. Vale a pena uma visita em Berlim.

Anett KB 1 year ago

É um museu muito legal e eles apresentam a história de maneira muito interativa. Vale a pena visitar se você estiver interessado na história de Berlim e no socialismo da Alemanha Oriental. Se você estiver interessado em motocicletas, pode até comprar o bilhete combinado com o DDR Motorcycle Museum (é menor, mas eles têm algumas peças antigas bonitas).

Sanskruti Mane 2 years ago

Its a very interesting place. Its a very fun experience, you get to touch and interact with every item there. The history is very well portrayed. Must visit if you are interested in history, museums.

Ahmad Gilani 2 years ago

Great museum! The amount of things to see, the story, and how everything is presented, all are great. It is a bit expensive but probably an essential Berlin history trip. The elevator and house was the highlight for me. The car simulation was amazing also. There is a comfortable bathroom there which is necessary since the exhibition takes time to go through. Overall I would highly recommend this visit!

Pataki Jolán 2 years ago

Very nice interactive exhibition. You can really get the atmosphere of the DDR. In addition of the exhibition, there is a whole furnished block appartement where guests can roam freely and try and touch everything. I highly recommend this museum if you are visiting Berlin.

Coralie Pattenden 2 years ago

Loved this museum. There were so many interactive exhibits. It was brilliant to be able to "drive" a trabi, walk through an East German House and go to an East German nursery and many more. If you do bring children, just be aware that there is a nudist section. I think you can learn loads about life in East Germany and it should be a definite must if you visit Berlin.

Dermot Tuohey 3 years ago

This is a very interesting museum that looks at the DDR which is a very recent part of Germany's history. There are a lot of displays and items that show what life was like behind the Iron Curtain and the complete difference between that and West Germany. It looks at the formation, life in and the eventual demise of East Berlin and the DDR generally. The museum appears quite popular and is open relatively late into the evening as well which is useful

kalina hadzhieva 3 years ago

This is a fantastic museum! The best part about it is that it is very interactive and you feel like you are really on a discovery quest! You can touch and try everything in the model apartment, even some fashionable clothes from back then Suitable for all ages! Guaranteed fun!

Philipp Klöckner 3 years ago

Extraordinary museum educating its visitors about every aspect of life in the former German Democratic Republic. Expect lots of original exhibits, interactive and multimedia tools to discover every day life, history, culture and people of the former GDR. Lots of small bits of knowledge and trivia are to be discovered and everything is arranged mabd collected in an absolutely lovely and dedicated way. Depending on your personal interest a visit might take from one to three hours.

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