Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection

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Bodestraße 1-3
10178, Berlin
030 266424242

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A coleção Egípcia do Museu e Papyrus em Berlim é um dos maiores e mais importantes museus da história egípcia antiga do mundo. O museu abriga mais de 100.000 artefatos, incluindo a maior coleção mundial de pergaminhos de papiro egípcio antigos do mundo.

O museu foi fundado em 1828 pelo rei prussiano Friedrich Wilhelm III, que adquiriu a coleção do príncipe egípcio Khedive Muhammad Ali. O museu abriu ao público em 1834, tornando -o um dos museus mais antigos do mundo.

A coleção do museu é dividida em várias seções, incluindo o antigo reino, o reino do meio, o novo reino, o período tardio e os períodos gregos e romanos. O museu também abriga uma extensa coleção de pergaminhos de papiro, que datam do 3º Millennium BC.

Os artefatos mais famosos do museu incluem o busto da rainha Nefertiti, a estátua do faraó Akhenaten e a pedra de Rosetta. O museu também abriga a maior coleção mundial de múmias egípcias antigas do mundo.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection: Opiniões

Nimrod Tirosh 1 year ago

Very nicely arranged, only thing that bothered me was that it's not allowed to photograph nafartiti statue at all, not even from a distance

majd hasan 1 year ago

Great place to visit, well organised have a great collection of Egyption Recommended

Muhammad Bazm 1 year ago

Um legado valioso do Egito antigo.

Isy 1 year ago

Muito interessante!

Markus Kehrer 1 year ago

Museu muito bom. É bem estruturado e facilmente acessível. Não tive que esperar muito na fila no sábado, o que é ótimo. Tudo é bem legal e arrumado.

Elaine 1 year ago

A bit confusing entry as staff didn't seem to speak English when asking us to leave out bags at coat check. You'll need a few Euro coins deposit to do this at a locker btw. Other than that, exhibits were extensive and informative, laid out an a great spacious way over several floors. Audio guide headsets were available. This museum is included in a 3 day pass you can buy online that works at museums all over the city.

Alexis Bloss 1 year ago

It's amazing how many artifacts they have on display. Every informative.

Muraleedharan Koluthappallil 1 year ago


TheLegend27 2 years ago

It is a really big and interesting museum, we spend over 4 hours there, would recommend,

John Bernardo 2 years ago

It was an pretty amazing.

Dima Chuk 2 years ago

Museu interessante, um pouco caótico, quero dizer, quando você está passando por suas épocas mistas, culturas e assim por diante. Pior para ver Nefertiti, pois ela era excepcionalmente linda !!! Crianças menores de 18 anos são de graça. Preste atenção que, devido a ingressos da Covid, só pode ser comprado online!

Jurn Gijbels 3 years ago

Very nice and will organised museum. It's really worth every euro. Kids are free and the tickets for two adults aren't too expensive! Lot of interesting stuff to see. Great audio tour system! Really advice to plan enough time because there's a lot to see.

Nin Bug 3 years ago

I still think about this museum 35 years after I visited it. It is awesome! I'm sure it's even better now.

Jonathan Roy-Fullum 3 years ago

The collection is amazing, and the buildings interior architecture is just as beautiful to admire

trevor smith 4 years ago

Excellent, if your interested in Egyptian history give yourself at least half a day for this exhibition.

Briana Billings 4 years ago

I was pleasantly shocked that there was an Egyptian Museum here out of all places but the collection was never nice. They even had the "original" Queen Nefertiti on display. Needed a lot more time there only.

Juantomas Garcia 4 years ago

This museum is a must. I am a big fan of Nefertiti

Paul Gomez 4 years ago

Awesome museum with some really cool history behind the collections and the buildings they are house in.

Mira Banerji 4 years ago

Loved this museum and they were able to translate into English as well.

Tiffany Mamo Darmanin 4 years ago

Nice museum. Went with a 6 month old baby. Staff super helpful!

JUAN JUAN 4 years ago

It’s a beautiful museum , you can to see Nefertiti, is the best.

Nicklas Lundblad 4 years ago

Nefertiti alone is worth it. But the entire museum is thoughtful, well organized mad hosted in a spectacular building. Take time out and ponder Time.

Andy D 4 years ago

Loved it. Could spend days there. Wonderfully restored buildings and vast collections.

Omer Cédric Ziv 4 years ago

Nice cool place

grandhi sudheer 4 years ago

My first Egyptian museum and i loved it. The display and exhibition were really nice.

Javier de la Fuente 4 years ago

Amazing!!! Be sure to visit all floors.

Ramon Armanni 4 years ago

Huge museum well equipped. Absolutely one of the most interesting museums in Berlin. The ticket price is a bit high but the inner will pay the cost off. Staff was very nice and available to solve every needs.

Hamle Román 4 years ago

Amazing museum with a large collection of Egyptian artefacts. Here you'll see the head of Nefertiti wich was very cool. Also a large collection of items from the Vikings. Resonable entrance fee.

Ramesh Marimuthu 4 years ago

Very nice collection and preserved them so perfect. Queen Nefertiti original bust is awesome to watch

Pavlina Jung 4 years ago

Amazing, 4 floors huge museum with so many interesting objects to see. Very good even for children.

Mahmoud Hassane 4 years ago

Experiência fantástica

Hanan A 4 years ago

Lindo! O local não tinha boas orientações ou instruções para onde devemos ir. O único era subir por um elevador pequeno e super lento, esperamos 15 minutos e desistimos. Tenho que ver apenas o punho de 2 andares. Pena que um lugar tão bom não é realmente acessível.

Tomas Damasek 5 years ago

I love it. But the 50% discount (Berlin welcome card) does not work :(

قاسم واحدی 5 years ago

Amazing and unique, you must see if you in berlin

Chung 5 years ago

Like the rest of the museums on Museum Island, only do it if you're willing to invest the time. There're so many things here that are all worth seeing.

Angelique de Berg 5 years ago

Great museum with vast collection of egyptian past. The sculptures and all collection are amazing. The exhibition is easly guided by audio guide in many languages provided for free for all. Kiddos under 16 go free. All 3 levels will take your day so prepare for a great adventure in there. The old books of maths or medicine or magic are great lesson for all. How little progress we did over 5k years :)

Danielle Durant 5 years ago

I dragged my boyfriend here to see Nefertiti and even he enjoyed it :)

Blake Walker 5 years ago

Delicious! Its is much more than Nefertiti- though is is beautiful. Worth the time and trip.

Timi Klaustermeier 5 years ago

Amazing collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Must go and see Nerfertiti. This museum is air conditioned so you can take your time and enjoy. The teenagers even loved it.

Ewelina Sibilska 5 years ago

Great museum, a must-see in Berlin. Loved it

Ken White 5 years ago

Great museum! Beautiful objects.

Katarzyna Plewa 5 years ago

Loved the experience there, lots of interesting things, and of course the best: the sculpture of Nefertiti

Mackie McIntosh 5 years ago

Amazing collection of (stolen) antiquities. At least they are preserved. Audio guide was helpful.

Giuseppe Suriano 6 years ago

The most misterious colletion about Egyptian culture, they really make you have strong feelings when watching the exhibits, they have the Neferetiti and so other also famous a icons of Egyptian culture that will put yourself in Egypt 2000 BC.

MSK 6 years ago

I loved it .. but some of the staff were not too friendly, I liked anyway so I'm giving it 5 stars

Marc M 6 years ago

Very good collection, well organized, just follow the arrows on the floor.

Adnan Mordeniz 6 years ago

Egyptian Museum is amazing history museum. Objects and pieces from Egypt and you can see head of statue of Nefertiti. Great museum. Gift shop is available to buy some items...

dave w 6 years ago

This is was my first visit to Germany since reunification and coming to museum island was a fantastic experience. My advice is to dedicate a serious amount of time seeing these wonderful exhibits you won't be able to to it in a day....maybe a week or so, but well worth it. The new James Simon gallery which will be the official entrance will make visiting a mor pleasant experience which will open now in 2019. Therefore there is a lot of construction going on here don't be put off just go.

Mister C 6 years ago

A must see on your visit to Berlin. It was my first visit to an Egyptian museum, I was very impressed!

A M 6 years ago

Awesome museum! They have a great variety of artifacts and scrolls in their collection. Very interesting!

Aneurin Ellis-Evans 7 years ago

Very impressive museum covering Egyptian art and archaeology, Greece and Rome, the inhabitants of Berlin-Brandenburg going back to the Stone Age, and displays on famous German archaeologists and archaeological digs in Berlin. Building itself a fascinating mix of late 19th century decor and modern renovation which preserves some of the bomb damage from WW2.

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