MUSA Museum of the Arts University of Guadalajara

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Av Juárez 975
44100, Guadalajara
33 3134 1664

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ MUSA Museum of the Arts University of Guadalajara: Opiniões

Andrew E 1 year ago

Nice gallery and free. The murials in the center room are intense but gorgeous!

Alix Born 1 year ago

Absolutely loved this art museum. It's the perfect size to see everything in less than two hours. The curation is spectacular. Excellent variety.

Joseph Papsidero 1 year ago

Orozco murals in the auditorium are very impressive. Outside the auditorium is a video monitor with English subtitles that explains the muralist's ideas. Currently there is also an interesting photo exhibit. Second floor is closed.

Daniel Cheung 1 year ago

Uma experiência relaxante e única. Muita cultura em cada exposição. Não muito longe do centro da cidade e do local em torno de alguns quarteirões em todas as direções.

Natalie Alderete 1 year ago

Amazing museum and friendly staff. Masks are required 4.2.22

Gleb Oleinik 1 year ago

Beautiful art and free admission. Make sure to check the second floor

kaya dasha 1 year ago

Tivemos a oportunidade de visitar a Expo "En Casa Con missuos", que é sobre o trabalho e a coleção de Guillermo García del Toro. No final da turnê 2 e meia, ficamos muito satisfeitos e felizes com todas as coisas que vimos. É uma exposição realmente vasta, dividida em três, seu trabalho, sua coleção pessoal e muita arte que o inspirou ao longo dos anos. O lugar parece tão bonito e tem a atmosfera certa. Os guias eram agradáveis ​​e prestativos e o saguão no começo era muito fofo, no geral, ficamos muito felizes com tudo, vale a pena ver e dedicar um tempo para ver tudo.

Warren Hair 1 year ago

Always a great visit!!!! And great art....loved Estaban Urenda's paintings

Diana Albertson 2 years ago

The Oroscco mural in the theater is a must. Small museum with other artists works as well. Very well maintained and worth going.

free2roca 2 years ago

Great museum with some very moving Jose Orozco murals and it's free. Check it out!

Scotify 2 years ago

Most of the art is very cool. It was free, it's a Sunday, not sure about other days. I was there about 50 mins.

Dionicio Morales 2 years ago

Great art museum, check out the temporary exhebitions. It’s always free

mariana canseco báez 2 years ago

Beautiful in and outside. Nice experience and a perfect place for expositions: paintings, sculptures and much more. Art at its best.

Max Googplaymovil 2 years ago

Amazing art place.many expositions to visit. Art is awesome

San Francisco 2 years ago

A must see in GDL for art lovers. This place is a gem for serious art aficionados. The building itself is an architectural gem. I was so glad that I got to visit this place during my brief stay in GDL. I got exposed to an artist named Leonora Carrington ! I had never heard of her nor recall seeing her artwork in Europe or US. The MUSA was having a special exhibit on her. The museum has very interesting collection from mild to spicy. The building is well maintained and cared for. If I am not mistaken even there was no admission fee!! Thanks MUSA staff and management on job well done.

Jan Ryan 2 years ago

Me acuerdo what everyone else said. Difused light makes the space and all the art look great. Leonora Carrington show.

Erick R. Novoa 2 years ago

The heart of Jalisco's culture can be experienced here. You can also have a peek to the rest of the country.

Tony Ward 2 years ago

Uma das muitas coisas livres para fazer em Guadalajara. Grande museu com uma mistura de arte e escultura contemporâneas e clássicas. Uma das arquiteturas clássicas mais impressionantes de Guadalajara. Como é a antiga universidade, há muitas cerimônias de formatura realizadas lá. Definitivamente adicione isso a um dos lugares para visitar como parte de seus passeios turísticos

Alice Bushell 2 years ago

Fomos ver a exposição Leonora Carrington e foi realmente ótimo! No momento, não há taxa de inscrição apenas uma doação. Havia várias exposições fascinantes de diferentes meios. Todos os funcionários foram muito simpáticos e prestativos. Altamente recomendá -lo para quem visita o centro histórico de Guadalajara! A loja também tem muitos pedaços adoráveis ​​para quem procura lembranças!

Rc Ortiz 3 years ago

Excellent Pieces Every Few Months +Free Entrance! Name the artist?!?

Henry Hwang 3 years ago

One of three main sites in Guadalajara where you can see Orosco's powerful murals. Do watch the video presentation that is outside of the theatre that describes the murals in detail. There are other art exhibits that showcase Mexican artists.

Christine Quintana 3 years ago

The exhibits were incredible - beautifully curated and breathtaking works. The staff were so kind and helpful and the gift shop was beautiful.

Roberto “Taco_of_Death” Carlos 3 years ago

I really enjoyed the Guillermo del Toro exposition.

sadrian13 3 years ago

Absolutely beautiful. The theater mural was breathtaking, the art exibits were a close second. Must come see this mesuem, and it's free!

Edgar S 4 years ago

Amazing exposition by Guillermo del toro

José Ignacio Aroche 4 years ago

Loved it, is greatly conserved and the souvenirs are beautiful!

Carlos Josafat Rodriguez 4 years ago

I was here for the "En Casa Con Mis Monstruos" by Guillermo Del Toro exposition. And man, it was amazing! The place is very interesting too, I was happy and comfortable all the time I was there.

Chris J 4 years ago

Cool place and has no entry cost. We donated and enjoyed the Goya display. Was small and we got thru quick. Was worth the visit!


"En casa con mis monstruos" Beautiful exposition of Guillermo del Toro. I had a great time with my friends. Staff were super nice and helpful.

Alejandra Castellanos 4 years ago

The at home with monsters Guillermo del Toro expo was amazing

Sophia Salce 4 years ago

The best historical context I have seen

Alejandro Romero 4 years ago

The perfect place to spend any day alone or with family. Always great expos! Love this museum!

miguel angel maldonado 4 years ago

If you like the Guillermo del Toro movies you are going to love the exposition, it is great but go with sweater and a lot of time because it is a two hours guided visit

Marta Serafin 4 years ago

Great exhibition for monster and cinema fans. Tickets are in 200 pesos and it is worth every cent.

MMurillo A 4 years ago

This was a great place to vist, great art and history. They had a beautiful gift shop. Will go back to check it out when I come visit again.

Ernesto Padilla Chinas 4 years ago

Loved Del Toro's exhibit. Only complain is the music in the lobby.

Nely Mokay 4 years ago

This museum is always a good idea if you want to experience unique art exhibitions on Guadalajara. Is not too big to spend the whole day in it, but do reserve a couple of hours to walk it through peacefully.

Sonya Broadbent 5 years ago

Greatly curated exhibition. Some of the best art I've seen in a while. Then there's the Orozco mural which is fabulous. The fact that the museum is free is a huge bonus as it would be worth paying money to go in here

Nabil Alhadithy 5 years ago

Modern. Fun. Lots of stairs. I do not understand why some museums do not allow photos. dress up clothing offered. Cute!

Astro Keka 5 years ago

Very simple but well taken care space where you can see the mural of Orozco in one room and other exhibits at other rooms. They have an interactive visual display of pics projected onto some walls where you can lay on some big pillows and watch em for the time you need. absolutely beautiful and is free.

Karla Peña 5 years ago

The place is in a lovely old building in front of the Universidad de Guadalajara rectoria. It has a beautiful Paraninfo with a wall and ceiling of cupule by muralist José Clemente Orozco. Do not miss the museum shop, at least to sneak peek a bit :)

Karly Vargas 6 years ago

One of the best museums in Guadalajara. It's completely free and you can wonder around for hours.

sumit suman 6 years ago

nice place and always have some thingbthere to see

David Bradley 6 years ago

I love this building and it's often changed exhibitions - gorgeous place

Juan Kikushima 7 years ago

A great museum with local and international art exhibitions. The building itself is beautiful and houses a concave al fresco mural of Jose Clemente Orozco. It is located at the heart of Guadalajara.

Lex Renteria 7 years ago

Free entrance on Sundays! Great collections and the staff is very kind. Lots of temporary exhibitions every year and amazing mural by José Clemente Orozco.

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