Museo Palacio Ocampo

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Ocampo 85
44100, Guadalajara
33 3613 0004

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Museo Palacio Ocampo: Opiniões

ruby cruz 1 year ago

Too short for my taste, but very good

lourdes monserrat lozano avalos 1 year ago

The exhibitions are very interesting, do not get angry about reading since when you enter they give you headphones for the audio guide

Declan Blake 1 year ago

Excellent place to hang out with friends or partner!

Consuelo Urdaneta 1 year ago

I liked it a lot, despite the fact that the exhibition is a bit neglected, it narrates the tour with headphones and between the voice, the music and the gloomy and dark environment, its tension is felt and it is the goal of the experience

Celina Enciso 1 year ago

Excellent place, very friendly people we liked it a lot I recommend it

Paulina Rubio 1 year ago

The whole route is very interesting, it is 100% recommended. It is a great museum and all the explanation is by audio. It makes you enter the history of each murderer. I really loved it.

Yunik Aquino Bonilla 1 year ago

The employees are very friendly, the exhibitions are very interesting, the museography is super well worked out, it makes one immerse oneself in the exhibition.

Nancy Rosales Hernández 1 year ago

They are very kind and it is comfortable to wear the headbands listening to the explanation of the Exhibition, it is not suitable for minors, the information they have is true, the tour is approximately one hour! Highly recommended!!

Jos Espinoza 1 year ago

I loved it, the attention was very good and the exhibition very interesting Highly recommended

Lupita Morán 1 year ago


Angel Garcia 1 year ago

The route and everything very well, only that personally they should have a little more light to be able to see the scenes and scenarios well

XxRD* 1 year ago

Excellent experience

Marisol Nuño 1 year ago

A different experience, exhibition of female killers, very entertaining

Ale González 1 year ago

Perfect serial killer showcase, with Bluetooth audio and will take you through the whole experience. You enter the story. Fascinated.

Daniel López Salas 1 year ago

Very interesting, it is an impressive and well explained exhibition

Galilea Flores 1 year ago

The museum is very interesting, it is worth visiting. In addition, the staff is very friendly and attentive.

Rosendo Larios 1 year ago

Wonderful experience, a very detailed exhibition, fully recommended

Patricia Guzman 1 year ago

I loved hearing the story directly from an Italian at the Pompeii show. And the killer one is even better!!

Israel Torres 1 year ago

An unconventional museum, very interesting for people who want to know about real crime, the characters are very integral, they usually range from the well-known to those that one would consider irrelevant, listening to the data about the characters is even more interesting.

Elia Delgado 1 year ago

Este lugar é supostamente muito assombrado !!! Mal posso esperar para ir ????????????????

Adry Bravo 2 years ago

Excellent place to visit, both its architecture and its exhibitions are incredible and not to mention the murals in the chapel ✨

MARIA SOLACHE 2 years ago

Oh meu Deus!! Tivemos um excelente momento !!!

Dannaé KH 2 years ago

The Leonardo da Vinci exhibition was very good, the replicas made you realize the passing of the years, the paintings too, since you could see the cracks in the paintings. Personally I loved it, also the staff was very well informed and could answer any questions you had about the paintings, the machines, everything in particular ❤

Mónica Rolón 2 years ago

Excellent experience. You immerse yourself in the exhibition in a very pleasant, calm and comfortable way. The price is quite affordable ($ 120 and $ 100 students). The tour lasts just over an hour, but being so immersed it flies past you. The mannequins and stages look pretty good, plus they have additional information between each exposure which plagues you with superinteresting knowledge! ✨

Nicole Garcia 2 years ago

I loved ! It shows you the history and very interesting events, I really liked the exhibition, I learned and more about all that history that human beings have. Let's promote more knowledge of history !! Congratulations, without a doubt I will be on the lookout to see when they bring more exhibitions to Guadalajara again.

cynthia casillas 2 years ago

The tour is very cool, I think there are many interesting facts and the tour lasts approximately 1 hour

Selene Zermeño 2 years ago

The attention is very friendly, interesting exhibits, functional audio guide

Luis Felipe Reyes Velez 2 years ago

Very entertaining, they feel a very gloomy and sinister atmosphere, it seems that the figures will move suddenly. Although the entrance seems somewhat expensive, $ 120 per person

Eduardo Amezcua 2 years ago

I found the exhibition on Da Vinci very interesting and complete. I went on the last day an hour before they closed and it was great!

Diana Gaytán 2 years ago

I liked it very much, there were no people and I could fully enjoy it and the attention of the young employees is very kind.

Milagros Vallejo 3 years ago

Very interesting the exhibitions that are in the place

Rc Ortiz 3 years ago

Very Nice Museum .. Outside A Blind Man plays his trumpet

Jorge Ryuzaki 3 years ago

Excellent catches you stories

Israel Mendoza Salazar 3 years ago

A large building that houses spectacular exhibitions in its halls, with themes that are to the liking of many people, mystery, horror and blood. The attention from the staff that works there is friendly, the indications are clear so that you can start and enjoy the topics exposed, guided by the narrative through headphones that will take you into a world full of all the atmosphere of mystery. So watch out for a new exhibition theme, to enjoy it.

Alex Flores 4 years ago

Boa visita, pessoal bastante interessante e muito útil

Carlos Cerda 4 years ago

Great experience, an interactive and intuitive museum, with good stories as you go through it. This time I was brought up on the subject of vampirism. Excellent!

Salvador Nuño 4 years ago

Excellent mistic and terrifying place

Alexandra Henao D. 4 years ago

Very organized, the autonomous tour lasts more than an hour, with very complete informative audios... More than torture, it documents serial killers.

Gabriel Juarez 4 years ago

It is a very interesting museum, it has an exhibition of serial killers

Ernesto Lozano 4 years ago


onimushazero 4 years ago

It is a very interesting place and its exhibitions are excellent, they have some details with the audio but you can pass them by, however the performances are somewhat scary and their quality in almost all of them is quite good and what can they say about the setting? choose a better place for it, it is highly recommended to go.

Raquel Diaz 4 years ago

It was an experience that I will not forget! At this time, the exposure of the vampires in her explains the origin of them and cases of people. The kids at the entrance tell you that they are going to give you a recording where they will explain everything and give you instructions on where to go. The truth shocked me the exhibition.

Karen Lucem Ferre 4 years ago

It is a very entertaining place full of stories on the topic of interest.

Luis Carlos Osorio Jayk 4 years ago

Very entertaining exhibition, good attention in addition.

Victor Israel Manchola Vargas 4 years ago

A very interesting place, the structure of the museum is very Gothic which makes it a bit gloomy, which is perfect for the exposure of vampirism that is being presented in these months, certainly the aforementioned exhibition is very interesting as it addresses a large number of facets of the theme, from the scientific and historical to the literary and entertainment, another point in favor is that at the beginning of the tour a set of headphones and a player that explains all the parts of the exhibition with great detail and with a musical ambience that adapts perfectly to the situation, definitely recommended and for a price that is sufficiently accessible (100 pesos), finally if you decide to attend the tours of 8:30 or 9:30 have some somewhat terrifying surprises

A. Aguilera 4 years ago

What I liked most is that they explain why people believed that vampires existed. It is not a multimedia museum or first-class facilities, but it is worth what it costs. If you do not like reading the information of the room texts, you will love it because everything is in audio.

Jose Uriarte 4 years ago


Dan Esquedada 5 years ago

It has an excellent atmosphere and the slopes are very good. It gives you goosebumps

Juan Jose Gonzalez 5 years ago

I am fascinated by the place a nice torture museum. A good place to find out more about the holy inquisition and about serial killers.

Karen Valeria Almazan Vazquez 5 years ago

Very nice place! I recommend them to go out with friends

Karen Melissa Esquivel 6 years ago

I loved!! It is very worth visiting, it is very interesting ..

Max Fnine 6 years ago

Good exposition of torture devices

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