Museo de Arte Moderno

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Av. Paseo de la Reforma s/n
11100, Guadalajara
55 8647 5530

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:15 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:15 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Thursday: 10:15 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Friday: 10:15 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 10:15 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Sunday: 10:15 AM – 5:30 PM

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🗣️ Museo de Arte Moderno: Opiniões

pedro 1 year ago

Entrada gratuita no domingo! Alguns bons Orozco e Rivera, além de vários outros grandes artistas. Existem 4 quartos com arte dentro do jardim de construção e escultura ao redor. A entrada é do lado da rua, não do lado do parque. PS: Fique no meio da escada e diga algo para uma experiência sonora divertida

Eduardo Haro 1 year ago

Great museum but should consider accepting card payments. It's 2022!

Jonathan Baas 1 year ago

Small museum, but makes it manageable, especially with kids. Lovely mix. Highly recommended, especially on free admission Sunday

Jace Credo 1 year ago

Great museum with excellent exhibits. Loved the sculpture garden surrounding the premises

Tom Long 1 year ago

One of the best art museums anywhere. Lots of rotating exhibits, always excellent. Lovely and calm sculpture garden. Free entrance on Sundays, but always quite reasonably priced.

Freddy Turriaf 1 year ago

Great museum with wonderful exhibitions, don’t miss it Gabriel García Márquez exposition till October 2022, hurry up!

Stuart MacDonald 1 year ago

Eu odeio postar uma revisão negativa de um museu, mas isso não cumpriu as expectativas. O museu é relativamente pequeno, com quatro (grandes) exposições de quarto individual aberto quando participamos. A escultura para fora é agradável e algumas das exposições foram interessantes. Devido ao seu tamanho pequeno e pequeno número de exibições muito específicas, foi um pouco decepcionante. Atualmente, os ingressos têm 80 pesos (julho de 2022) e gratuitos aos domingos.

N M 1 year ago

Adorei a escultura do lado de fora e o interior do edifício e as peças em uma tela. Não é muito grande, mas se espalhou em 2 edifícios e fora. Definitivamente vale a pena uma visita. Custou apenas cerca de US $ 80 a 85 pesos e pode ser comprado no balcão perto da entrada

Sarah Greene 1 year ago

Lovely museum but only two rooms open. Also they were only able to accept cash, this may be temporary but be prepared to pay in cash.

Luz María Campos Rodríguez 1 year ago

Great place for spending a day.

Mari Bonbon 1 year ago

Beautiful pieces and at times disturbing. Not suitable for young children. The only downfall was that the sculpture grounds were closed due to renovations/maintenance.

Simon Howe 1 year ago

Quando visitamos, havia apenas dois salões abertos e uma pequena fração dos jardins. Um pouco decepcionante, espero que, quando você leia, é mais aberto. O que eu vi foi muito intrigante e instigante. Uma exposição muito legal documentando o período de 1975 a 1995 - houve um terremoto maciço no CDMX em ‘85, que eliminou milhares de edifícios na cidade e teve um grande impacto na arte da época. Também vi uma exposição fabulosa que contextualizou a atual pandemia covid-19 com outros trabalhos de outros períodos modernos de mudança e revolta. Um projeto muito bem pensado e oportuno, que espero que outras galerias tentem em outro lugar. O edifício em si é muito legal, com um maravilhoso teto abobadado. Publiquei alguns destaques da minha visita a esta revisão. Eu recomendo o museu. Orçamento atual do estado 90mins Max Para sua visita, fizemos o nosso em cerca de 60.

Rei 1 year ago

Eu já gostei do meu tempo neste MoMA, uma tarde bem gasta. Eu visitei em um domingo, então a admissão era gratuita. Eu achei a arquitetura do interior e a arte ser convincente. O escopo das exposições em destaque foi suficiente para se encher sem esmagador. Levei menos de algumas horas para fazer minhas rondas. Apreciei especialmente a exposição sobre a história da obra artística feminista no México. Sei que a Cidade do México oferece tanta inspiração artística, mas esse museu definitivamente vale a pena uma visita.

Alastair Tse 2 years ago

Both the inside and outside work is great!

Scott St. Clair 2 years ago

Great museum with a small, but well curated, collection, it took me about an hour and a half to go through the exhibits. The layout of the main gallery is rather nice, with a circular center and wings radiating from it. They allow non-flash photography.

Savi 2 years ago

The best museum that I’ve ever been. Stunning artefact collection, great recreations and expositions too. So much history under one roof! You should plan at least one afternoon to be able to see it all. The gardens were also very well made and maintained. The fountain and the modern architecture of the building were very impressive as well. Highly recommend!

Jeffrey Marr 2 years ago

I visited here on 6/4/21. At this time the museum was partially opened. It was under maintenance. We were only allowed to enter 1/6 rooms. I still give this place 5 stars due to its amazing collection!!

Teacher David de la Peña 2 years ago

A great museum to admire many different things. Normally, not all the rooms are open and they constantly have new options. In 2020, as many public places, it suffered from closing dates, but if you have the chance to visit it, you will not regret for the time you spent there. By the way, it is free.

Miguel ARREOLA 3 years ago

Extraordinary! These days the museum is presenting three great expositions. Don't forget pay a visit to the garden full of art.

Alan Kent 3 years ago

Love this place! I went twice during my stay in Mexico City. Every wing and the outside sculpture garden were inspirational. This museum gave me a great insight into Mexican thought. What a great culture.

Ann Vaughn 3 years ago

Love the current exhibit. Great gift shop and the sculpture park which envelopes this museum is serene and pristine!

Ajnu Jacob 3 years ago

A classic modern art museum with some classic pieces. Can’t go wrong visiting here and the retail store in here has phenomenal pieces.

Katherine Cain 3 years ago

Wonderful museum. Really enjoyed the sculpture garden as well- nicely laid out and displayed.

Mike Feliciano 3 years ago

The entrance is 70 pesos, around 3.50$. The actual exhibition is about art manifesto of the vanguard movements and some mexican aesthetics movements that took place during the XX century.

Candace P 3 years ago

Took me a little over an hour to go through it. It had some nice pieces. Worth the 70 pesos

Adrian S 4 years ago

Awesome museum. Cost 70 MXN to get in (free on Sundays). Lovely garden with sculptures and beautiful curated 20th century pieces in an impressive building. Frida Kahlo s “Two Fridas” is there along with some of her other work and some by Diego.

Julio César Flores Fonseca 4 years ago

Beautiful museum. Full of art and green areas to enjoy. Interesting exhibitions and friendly staff... Highly recommended to visit.

Marta Serafin 4 years ago

Wonderful experience of modern art in the Museum in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. It is situated at the very entrance of the park, on the right from Patria Altar. The entrance costs 70 pesos qith discounts for students, elderly and kids go free. The museum has 2 parts. Outside, in the green area around the building you can find set of curious sculptures and mind games. Inside you have 4 big rooms with expositions of photos, sculptures, paintings and more. One of the room, which is very interactive for the youngest visitors, has one of the most known painings of Frida Khalo 'Dos Fridas'. It is a great experience and from my point of view, very recommended.

Carlos Paredes 4 years ago

Small, interesting and inexpensive. A few outstanding mexican art works

Leo M 4 years ago

Great museum with amazing art from Mexican artists. I'm a big fan of Remedios Varo so this is the place to enjoy many of her pieces. Also you will be able to find a good selection of paintings by Frida Kahlo, José Luis Cuevas, María Izquierdo, Siqueiros, Dr. Atl... The gift shop and bookstore have a good selection of art books.

Jordan Hodgson 4 years ago

Lots of great artwork in this collection and laid out well, easy to walk around and see everything.

M A 4 years ago

Fantastic museum with some great artworks! It wasn’t too large, which I liked and the selection of works and exhibits were well curated. I especially loved the retrospective of Remedios Varo. Wow! Fabulous artist. Lots of wonderful discoveries here. A must-see! Give yourself at least 2 hours.

Verónica Ruiz Badía 4 years ago

Absolutely love this place, please know I am biased as it's my favorite museum in Mexico City. The only thing is that every time I go only half the museum is open as they are always changing the exhibition.

Daniel Iván Zamarrón 4 years ago

One of the best museums there are in México City, you can see great paintings of the best mexican muralists, simply delightfull.

FHM lenubienne 4 years ago

FREE ON SUNDAYS! This Museum is located in a big, beautiful park, and there are many outdoor sculptures as well as incredible exhibitions inside. There are guided tours available during the week, and they’re closed on Mondays.

Jimena Aparicio 4 years ago

MAM has been always one of my personal favorites because of the permanent collection of Remedios Varo, for some reason they took it off, but recently (and hope permanently) they took it back. This museum has always great collections visiting, but my special love is with the one of Remedios Varo.

Hidé Suzuki 4 years ago

Great international and domestic art collection. Definitely worth the visit. Prepared 2 spend 2 hours or so. Avoid afternoon as it gets so crowded.

Amanda 4 years ago

Blown away by this museum. Can't miss it if you're visiting Mexico City.

The Accountant 5 years ago

It's an incredible museum, the staff id very kind and attentive, they help you if you get lost. It's free entrance with student's and professors ID but only for mexicans, it's a crowded place specially on weekends, there's a lot of people attending here. There are temporal exposition and permanent ones, the place is no bag entry but it is safe to leave it with the staff and there are lots of places around to eat.

Carlos Jacobo 5 years ago

Great museum where you can find awesome collections and they are changing it constantly so you'll be able to go often. On Sundays it's free entrance, knowing that's gonna be really crowded, because of the free entrance. Any other day is not expensive to buy a ticket. They have a very limited parking lot, so you'll have to park somewhere else

Samantha Alcalá Subias 5 years ago

Sometomea is very full, more if its the end of an exposition, and some works of art could have poor light, but the way its distributed is fine, the place is gorgeous and you could go on Sunday when it's free

Justine Bursoni 5 years ago

The temporary Leonora Carrington exhibit and seeing Kahlo’s Two Fridas in person was worth its weight in gold.

Paco Arce 5 years ago

Incredible museum. During this visit, we concentrated in the statues on the garden. There are about 50, all sizes, scattered all around. When you get closer, you can read the details about the artist and techniques involved. We spent about 2 hours, and we could've stayed more if it hadn't started to rain.

Swetha Peace 5 years ago

Pretty cool museum. Only 2 exhibits were open and one had a super long line. The outdoor sculpture park was impressive. We tried to sit and take in the sculptures but the guard told us we couldn’t sit where we were. It was confusing. ‍♀️ @omsatyayoga

J. Michael Seyfert 5 years ago

MAM offers an eclectic mix of modern Mexican art, mainly from the 1930s onwards. The works are paintings and sculptures belonging to the Mexican School of Painting and the Breakaway Generation: Orozco, Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, Kahlo and the usual talented suspects. A great 2 hour visit before and after a stroll through the park.

Dr. J.C. Monte Carlo 5 years ago

Lovely. Just too crowded on the weekends. Remember Sunday entrance is free. It was cool you save some money but you get lots of people in that don’t care much for art and disturb your pleasure. So if one does not mind paying 5 dollars you should consider going during the week. I went back the next day to have a more tranquil perception of those wonderful temporary Carrington Exhibition .

angel espinosa 5 years ago

Such a great place to lean about arts and design, the surrealist pieces are amazing. The staff is kind and is usually at full capacity.

Paulina Raduchowska 5 years ago

The museum has a permanent vollection - small but impressive, showcasing some of the biggest names in Mexican painting. They always have temporary exhibitions as well, often very good. Don't miss it

Andy Martinez 6 years ago

An outstanding museum. A must if you are in CDMX and close to the Chapultepec área so there is plenty to do. Sundays its free.

Miriam Lopez 6 years ago

A must see, they have one of most famous Frida Kahlo's painting called "Las dos Fridas". The entrance is free on Sundays and some of the expositions change frequently.

Maite Martínez 6 years ago

I went on a Sunday and the entrance was free. They had two great temporal exhibitions that were great. Also the MAM collection is good they have some Riveras and Kahlos.

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