Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo

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Diego Rivera s/n
01060, Guadalajara
55 8647 5470

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM

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🗣️ Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo: Opiniões

Claudia Wagener 1 year ago

Things to know: You have to wait about 30 mins outdoors to enter. This is a little inconvenient, but it ensures that not too many people are there at a time. Unfortunately NOT a good place if you are in a wheelchair. It's all stairs. Be aware that if you don't know Spanish, the visit may be a little less engaging for you, as all the signs were in Spanish (except the Do Not Touch signs). You can take photos for free There is an onsite ticket office. Don't buy tickets in advance; you will still wait in line with everyone else. Admission is 40 pesos So cool to be able to see Frida and Diego's studios. It's a super unique layout with lots of natural lighting

Lilian Delgado Espejel 1 year ago

Beautiful, elegant, armonic

Xiangyi Meng 1 year ago

Admission required: CASH only. This is the place where Frida and Diego had lived. This is also definitely what my dream home would look like: two free souls working and living together but also independently. The views from the patios are particularly good! And the place is not crowded either. Definitely recommended. I wish I could go back to this place again. But I’d better keep this as a once in a lifetime piece of memory.

Jose Vergara 1 year ago

Small but interesting place to visit.

Michael Hübner 1 year ago

Amazing experience!

Irina Roskina 2 years ago

Edifício muito interessante. Tem passos espirais entre os pisos. Também possui móveis originais e muitas obras de arte feitas por Diego Rivera. E tem algumas peças de sua coleção pré-hispânica de estaturas. Ele também tem fotos de Frida Kahlo. Tudo o que há de original e muito bem conservado.

Dañel C 2 years ago

It was a pleasure to visit the first modern house in Mejico, the way arq Juan and Diego decided to use the materials in an apparent way is beautiful.

Albert ibarra 2 years ago

This place is haunting with the spirit of Diego. When you visit Fridas small place its no wonder she wasn't happy there.

Adrienne Keller 2 years ago

I enjoyed this very much but I'm also a huge art lover. You will be disappointed if you're expecting a ton of Frida artifacts beyond being in her home. Architecture lovers will also enjoy this visit.

Sladjana dankovic 2 years ago

Too rigid security gards were following us so they could complain about everything and anything. From some line you overstep to lines you did not follow or masks etc. Spoiling pleasure... And yes it us worth visiting the museum. Another image of Diego brought into life here in his workspace

Oksana Zhugaievich 2 years ago

Primeiro exemplo incrível de arquitetura da funcionalidade. Também história muito interessante desta família e arquiteto. Tenho muito prazer em estar lá ao pôr do sol, luz suave, lugar tranquilo. A parte de House de Diego parece que nada mudou desde o momento em que ele mora lá, mas Fridas parte da casa de alguma forma quase vazia. Custa 30 pesos, mas no domingo é de graça

juan carlos C 3 years ago

Wonderful place, museum of history of Diego and Frida. Better tha the casa azul.

Hugo Bello 3 years ago

Excelente place to see where they worked and lived.

José Carlos G. 3 years ago

This museum is the former home and art studio of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo built in 1932. Both buildings are connected by a tiny bridge at roof level. Diego's is larger than Frida's, at the distance it resembles their physical look, like the couple standing together. It has minimalistic decoration and furniture except for the main area of Diego's studio that has tons of mexican art crafts, pottery and art tools. Back of the main buildings there's another one built for the wife of the architect that created this wonderful venue, Juan O'Gorman. For taking pictures a MX $35 Permit needs to be bought. It is not a crowded place so it can be enjoyed calmly, the cactus fence gives the facade a unique look. The architecture is delightful. There is not original art of either of both artists except for a Dolores del Rio, famous film mexican actress, oil painting made by Diego. There is no parking lot, souvenir store or coffee shop. Entrance is free on Sundays.

William Ford 3 years ago

If you're interested in Rivera and Frieda Kahlo, this is worth a visit. Corbusian inspired architecture, a double height studio filled with curiosities and plenty of photos from the 30s. Oh and it's free! 30 pesos for a photo permit

Andi 3 years ago

If you saw the movie “Frida” this is a must stop on your visit to Mexico City because actual scenes were filmed here and it will give you a better understanding of how Frida and Diego lived. But that’s not the only reason to visit this museum. It’s architecture and surroundings will immerse you in the life of the very famous Diego Rivera. The architecture of the place speaks for itself. It evokes the modernists of the time incorporating the artist’s request of a house formed of two bodies. The scale of the spaces and stairs are off considering the size of Diego being his workspace the only one that seems coherent to his stature. The fully openable windows In The context of San Angel (Neighbourhood where it’s located) allows you to imagine life at the time Diego and Frida inhabited it. Check for temporary visits before going! Some areas of the house might be closed if there is no exhibit.

Leopoldo Pinzon 4 years ago

A lovely place if you are really interested in the work of Diego Rivera without the marketing that Frida's image has generated in the last years

Eric Solis 4 years ago

This is the place to go if you want to learn about the artwork of Diego Rivera, as it is focused on his crafts.

Kris Brenner 4 years ago

Though most of the rooms in the 3 apartments are currently filled with temporary art exhibits, Diego Rivera's studio still contains many of his things, including the bed that he died in and much of his art and supplies. I was especially interested in the rocks and minerals that he used to nake his paints. Definitely worth a visit!

Arianne Garcia 4 years ago

Great architecture, and great perspective on the home they made here.

Jaxon Rickel 4 years ago

Really neat to see his studio! And to see Kahlo's study as well. Really neat architecture. Staff was really friendly and patient with my lack of fluency. The only thing is that for what's there they charge more than a lot of the other museums I was at. That's not to say that there's any purting a price on the preservation and sharing of these wonderful buildings. Hence no stars taken off.

Daniel S 4 years ago

A must. The energy when you enter Rivera's studio is mesmerizing. O'Gorman's architecture is unique in Mexico City.

Dan Lam 4 years ago

A nice experience for fans of Rivera and Kahlo. The section where Frida lived was off limits during our visit, but the other aspects of the property were a great sight. For fans of the artists and architecture, it’s a must see.

Marcelo Campos 4 years ago

Very typical place from Mexico century XVIII

Charlie Baker 4 years ago

This the studio where Diego Rivera painted most of his paintings. Diego and Fida also lived here for 5 years. A must see if you are a fan like me and my wife are.

Alfonso Duncan 4 years ago

Diego Rivera was born in this house that has been turned into a museum. It has a collection of his work and period furniture in the first floor. It’s a must if you are in Guanajuato.

Jaime Ayala 4 years ago

Always a nice place to enjoy the time.

Cristina Flores 4 years ago

Small museum featuring Mexican artist contemporary of Diego Rivera and Frida Kalo then cross the street and eat lunch at the San Angel Inn restaurant.

Patrice Delmas 4 years ago

Cheap, not crowed à better choice than frida kahlo museum. Combine with San Angel markets walking distance away on a Saturday...

Grant Jack 4 years ago

We had a fantastic time walking around the property and exploring the museum. This place is a great addition to your Mexico City tour and offers a glimpse into the legend of local mid century architecture and artistic eye candy that you won't be able to see anywhere else.

Andre Novak 5 years ago

Remarkably liveable space considering it was designed and built in the 1920's. The light in his studio is magnificent. I want to live and work there.

Amy 5 years ago

A good view into the functional structures that Diego Rivera (and Frida Kahlo) called home and studio.

『 Vinicius 』 5 years ago

Incredible place, full of details.

Suzanne Frey 5 years ago

This is a clear 5-star for me, but I knew what to expect. First, go here if you are a fan of the story behind Diego and Frida. You'll understand why the house is the way it is - and you'll know more about what happened in each of these spaces. You'll understand the history of the architecture and you'll get to take in the neighborhood that inspired them both. This is not a place to go to see their art - there's not much art to see although Diego's studio is well-preserved and there are some interesting works in there. I loved it here - and I love the history and design of this space. Of course, be sure to visit La Casa Azul - which is about 2 miles away (I walked it - but you can easily Uber it) - there you'll see a lot more of Frida and more of their relationship and art, too.

N C 5 years ago

Just like Frida’s museum, this one is another gem. From a very interesting architectural view of a historical perspective view illustrating a method of manufacturing social issues

peter sanchez 5 years ago

Very good for guided tours, but if you go by yourself, you're by yourself and none of the staff will help you with pretty much anything, it's great experience though

Lorena Plascencia 5 years ago

Small but really interesting and beautiful. A must have to visit if you like Diego Rivera's art.

Pau Fxcun 6 years ago

It is amazing they have taken care of the house were once Diego and (sometimes) Frida lived. It was a very tragic love story for both of them, however the museum contains more about Diego creations and inspirations. Do not recommend going with small children because there is a lot of stairs.

Marck Araujo 6 years ago

An adorable place for the lovers of Frida and Diego's story. That is the exact place where they filmed the movie. The hole building it's totally functional. You can see that in every detail. It's curious to see how big Diego's house is, because of his size and how tiny Frida's is due her stature.

Frankly Ramon 6 years ago

It is an inspiring atmosphere you take a walk through there lifes awesome views worth it watch the movie

Bea Carbajal 6 years ago

The house has a very strong vibe. Inhabiting this place kind of takes u back to the time the artists lived there. You will be able to see some of their belongings which I think is cool. Some paintings are just copies..still worth it to walk around. The house design is pretty ubique considering the time it was built, however it has been in remodel for a long time now..

Alex Vandoros 6 years ago

A must visit in Mexico City. You can go by taxi or a lot of walking.

Anna Bevens 7 years ago

If you come to Mexico City, this and Casa Azul are "must-sees". Diego's studio space is a unique look at how genius creates. Remember, the museum is closed on Mondays, so plan accordingly!

Erik Nye 7 years ago

Trio of impeccable modernist buildings by O'Gorman. Very helpful displays explain the surrounding architecture. Loved the folk art in the studio.

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