Museo Nacional De Arte

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C. de Tacuba 8
06000, Guadalajara
55 8647 5430

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Museo Nacional De Arte: Opiniões

Jose Orozco 1 year ago

One of the best museums I've ever visited. The architecture of this building is amazing.

Alaina Rydzewski 1 year ago

A must visit in CDMX! Nice art and a beautiful building.

Topher Taylor 1 year ago

Wheelchair accessible entrance and elevator to access the exhibit floors. There are tiny steps to enter most of the exhibition halls. The bathrooms are basically accessible if you can get over the small step up from the hallway. If you're mostly interested in the Mexican art like us, then you can skip the bland European art on the top floor and go straight to the 1st floor.

Ant Wirjo 1 year ago

Spectacular building. Also check out the little alleyway bookstore right in front of the building while you’re here!

Armando Lobato Landa 1 year ago

Was a wonderful experience visiting this museum

claudia ramirez 1 year ago

Fantastic, i liked that, I'm recommending

Kevin Bosch S. 1 year ago

I fell in love with this museum. You’ll need more than 4 hour to see every gallery.

Alfredo Lugano 1 year ago

You will always discover a new spot at this wonderful museum.

Laura Rincon 1 year ago

Um museu extraordinário, uma visita obrigatória se você estiver no CDMX. A arquitetura é linda, você deseja tirar fotos em todos os andares. Paguei um pouco de taxa para tirar fotos, para não sentir nenhum guardas me perseguindo enquanto lia outra resenha. As exposições eram sobre a cultura mexicana sem mostrar muito sobre os colonos como a exposição no castelo de Chapultepec. Você precisa de pelo menos 3 horas para visitá -lo completamente.

Freddy Lansky 1 year ago

Great exhibits and sculptures including many original Diego Rivera pieces

Diriki R. 1 year ago

Gorgeous architecture inside and out. If you are hungry to learn about Mexican culture put this museum on your to do list.

Luis Ambriz 1 year ago

A state of the art museum, incredible pieces and they take covid protection seriously.

Satyaki Mitra 1 year ago

Absolutely gorgeous museum with an impressive collection of colonial Spanish and Mexican art.

Geoffrey Berg 1 year ago

Beautiful building, the staircase alone was worth it, plus a Rembrandt and history of Mexican art. Loved this beautiful museum.

Ramon Torres 1 year ago

Não acredito que não tivéssemos visitado este lugar em minhas muitas viagens ao CDMX. Lindas pinturas e esculturas, um local obrigatório para os fanáticos por arte e arquitetura.

Maximina Bester 1 year ago

Not only is the art amazing and the building but the staff took care of me when l got altitude sickness and my husband barely spoke English. The staff and Dr that helped were beyond a blessing and we will be forever greatful ❤

Maritza Ortega 2 years ago

The museum has one of the most complete collections of paintings! The architecture of the building is impressive!

Cambita Feliz 2 years ago

Loved the building itself, the architecture, more than their exposition. You can easily spend 2+ hours if you read each and every drawing description. On Sundays they play the piano.

Shanmugam Sriraman 2 years ago

Absolute must visit place for art lovers. It's well maintained place with good collection. On Sundays admissions are free and the photography charge of MX $ 5 us charged if you want to take pictures. Had art content from 16th century up to now ..some Rivera paintings were on display. They had fashion items from past and few sculptures as well. I enjoyed this place and suggest around 4 hours if you are keen to learn about the artists.

Memo Gomez 2 years ago

A must see if you are in Mexico City. So worth the price. What a place . I’m speechless the art the architecture the sound the history. The perfect place to experience art

David Gustavo 2 years ago

One of the best museums in the city. I recommend visiting the place for it's architectural beauty. The museum has a wide selection of Mexican art from it's religious origins, through beautiful landscapes and modernity. Definitely a must if you are visiting Palacio de Bellas Artes or if you want to see Mexican history through art.

Francis XIV 2 years ago

This is my favorite Museum in Mexico City, maybe it’s the palatial facade? Most probably it’s the Grand staircase tho. The painted ceiling is a dream right out of imperial Britan, or something you’d see in Vienna. Very highly recommendable and a must see in the city.

Arieh Abecassis 2 years ago

Stunning eclectic architecture from the early 1900 period, I would say very inspired on Neoclassical and Renaissance architecture. Interiors are astonishing, it's the National Museum of Art, so expect to see Mexican Art from the Viceroy era all the way to the 50'. I visited a temporary exhibition by interiorist Olga Hanono about Art and Color, blending interior design with art. Very unique.

Tom Wilson 2 years ago

It is a good museum but everything is only in Spanish. It is free on Sunday. I went around 3 pm and there was no line. Also there is no sign showing museum name. Building name is “Secretaria de Comunicaciones”. The architecture inside the building is beatiful, especially stairs.

Jorge Velazquez 2 years ago

One of the best places to enjoy art whenever you're in the downtown area. If you are lucky, you might catch up a concert. Don't forget to take a lot of pictures.

RGSOUNDF 2 years ago

Amazing building which by itself is fully worth a dedicated visit, or at least a special stop on your tour of Mexico City downtown. And then its fascinating collection. We have mostly seen (and enjoyed immensely) the museum collection of XXth century. Unfortunately, most of the people even including those interested in the modern art, don't know much about Mexican XXth century artists; Frida Kahlo being the only (or almost only) exception, by and large due to her tumultuous and tragic life. Diego Rivera is the second well known Mexican artist and David Alfaro Siqueiros is the third one, also largely due to his attempt to assassinate Leo Trotsky. However, there are so many more diverse and greatly talented Mexican artists who produced magnificent art larger than life and which MUNAL proudly presents. Highly recommended.

Cesar Hernandez 2 years ago

It’s q wonderful museum! Totally worth a visit.

Rich Lawrence 3 years ago

To start, the building is just beautiful! It's contents are even better. Set aside an hour aside to take it all in.

Ericka Bastias 3 years ago

This place is beautiful! Great collection and the museum itself is really nice.

Gary Torres 3 years ago

Lovely place to visit in the city's center. The building has amazing architecture perfect for taking photographs. There are multiple art showcases of paintings and sculptures that change from time to time. A must when you visit Mexico City if you are a photographer

Burt W 3 years ago

Are unique art museum worth a special trip

Pach 4 years ago

By far the best museum in Mexico City! Forget the rest of the overrated museums, this has a rich history and beautiful architecture in the heart of Downtown. Definitely worth the trip!

Allan Haze 4 years ago

The building itself is amazing - completely worth the 70 peso admission (for non-nationals). Also has a very nice collection of Mexican paintings and sculpture. Hosts temporary exhibits highlighting various cultural aspects of Mexico. Good place to learn about the effects of the Spanish conquest on Mexico. Many gift shops if that is your thing.

Rajat Malhotra 4 years ago

Great place for art lovers, the architecture of the museum in itself is marvellous. Paintings by artists showing mexico in early years, volcanoes, etc, oil on canvas and charcoal paintings, some great sculpture work too in marble and pop

Pamela Acosta 4 years ago

Comprehensive look into so many talented Mexican artists. The architecture was breathtaking and the paintings wonderfully diverse in subject and style.

Nas Sol 4 years ago

I visited the MNA for the first time on my third trip to CDMX and I couldn't believe what I had missed on my previous trips. If you are interested in the art of New Spain (colonial name for Mexico and Central America) this is the place to go. If you're not into it then you will be after you go.

Giorgio Huawei 4 years ago

Absolutely brilliant and worth every peso (70) for entrance. The building itself is outstanding and the works inside are among the best you'll see anywhere. Take at least a couple of hours or more to really appreciate everything. Highly recommended

Juan 4 years ago

Their exhibit on Mexican artists of the 20th century is something that can't be passed.

꧁sʇuʌɹϽ ᴉuoꓕ꧂ 5 years ago

The Museo Nacional de Antropología is one of my favorite museums in the whole world. It is huge, 23 halls. I would recommend to take 2 or 3 days to visit it other wise you will be burnt out by the end of the day. If you have only a day, visit the Teotihuacan, Mexica and Maya halls first. The Mexica hall is the one in the middle at the end of the patio. It has the famous Aztec calendar and Coaticlue statue. It has also many beautiful snake and jaguar statues as well.

Jeffrey Nolte 5 years ago

Beautiful architecture and some really fantastic curated art. Highly recommended for just a stroll through or checking out some art.

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