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Londres 4
06600, Guadalajara

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  • Monday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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FERNANDO NAVA 1 year ago

To the north of Roma, Colonia Juárez awaits you, a neighborhood with beautiful Porfirian architecture that you should take time to explore on foot. Walking through Londres street will allow you to admire part of the old mansions that embellish the area, and visit spaces such as Bazar Fusion (Mexican design), the Wax Museum and the Ripley Museum. Another interesting point to visit is the Chocolate Museum, located on Milan street.

Natalia Itzayana Hernández 1 year ago

I hadn't been to this museum and I loved it. It has several attractions. You can spend a great day with the family. Ripley, wax museum, fantastic trip and virtual reality. I loved

Eduardo Ramirez 1 year ago

Very fun and interesting, I hope they renew it frequently to go back and see different things, affordable costs and discounts for students and seniors, they have bathrooms and a restaurant.

Diana Araya 1 year ago

For all those who like curious facts and observe different pieces, it is perfect.

Itay Del este 1 year ago

Cool place The weirdest thing’s I have ever seen in my life. Bird with two heads sheep with one and so on

Luis Eduardo Palma 1 year ago

Very good museum to discover and learn about various curiosities and interesting facts. For my school group, what we loved the most was, without a doubt, the tunnel of lights: the sensation was incredible.

Ryan Watson 1 year ago

So much fun! Especially loved the section about the Berlin Wall.

Angela Maní 1 year ago

Interesting, curious and incredible! There are things to interact with and the tubular bridge is super fun. Lake cost expensive but worth it. They open late but go as early as possible, it gets crowded and people are slow to move forward and take photos...

Emmanuel Garcia 1 year ago

It's a super cool museum, there are quite a few very very interesting things to come across It is advisable to go alone, with family, friends and even your partner. It has bathrooms, a small restaurant and a royalty one, there is also a section where you can make your hands in molds, I don't have complete information because I didn't go to it. In the purchase of tickets, well, the day I went was a Sunday around 4:00 p.m., and in the cash box office if there were some people, like about 10 people, I say it's not like they take long either, but well It is a point to consider if you do not like to wait, in the same way I bought them at the ticket office, there was no line and in reality it was something super fast less than 10 minutes I already had the tickets in hand they have for packages 1.- It is from a single museum (any one you want to enter) has a cost of $150 Adult and $125 Child 2.- There are two to enter the two museums, it has a cost of $260 Adult and $200 Child 3.- It is for the 2 museums and the fantastic trip, that have a cost of $325 Adult and $255 Child There is no parking near the museum, most of the parking lots are at least one block away, personally it is an acceptable distance to walk a little. Finally, there is a part of the museum where you find yourself in a kind of tunnel with walls that rotate, it is one of the things that I loved the most about the museum, yes, if you are one of those who get dizzy easily, you have the chance to skip it No problem. I attach some photos of what you can find there.

Jacob Foster 1 year ago

A fun diversion in Mexico City! The tickets are cheap and there was plenty to see and do!

Vladia Camarena 1 year ago


Abii Sykes Sixx 1 year ago

I love museums that are interactive ✨️ It was an incredible experience and makes me want to return Not only did I have fun with my companion, but also with the other visitors to the place

Roberto Guerrero 1 year ago

great place, lots of interesting things. Try arriving early. They really not respect distance and how many people are inside.

Enrique Sanches 1 year ago

Very good everything well worth a visit

Cruz 1 year ago

Super ocupado linha muito longa. Se você estiver na cidade por alguns dias e ficar sem coisas para fazer, pode valer a pena. Você definitivamente pode matar e duas ou duas aqui. Eu provavelmente não iria sair do meu caminho para isso.

Maribel Picazzo 1 year ago

Very interesting, and fun, the 2 for one package, rippley and wax museum is worth it

karina gil 1 year ago

This museum is very cool, I went when I was a girl and now that I'm back I like it much more. It is a very cool place to go with the whole family, it is less than $300 for admission and for students it is half price. Remember they are closed on Mondays!

Juan R. 1 year ago

Entertaining place to see curiosities of the world and have a good time. It can be covered in an hour or more depending on the visitor. If you pay a little more you can also enter the wax museum and other attractions. Family atmosphere but get there early to find where to park.

Elvis Jesús Cruz Reyes 1 year ago

The content of the museum is very interesting, it attracts children and adults alike.

Roberto Myers 1 year ago

É bom

Kary Olvera 1 year ago

Recommended for children perhaps over 6 years old who want to learn and be surprised by things out of the ordinary. Approx the tour lasts 30 to 40 minutes. They let you take photos, there is antibacterial gel at various points. Outside the museum there is a candy store.

Daniel Martz 1 year ago

An excellent and fun museum to go alone or with family and even with friends, quite pleasant and accessible to get to

Nayeli Perez Pineda 1 year ago

Excellent place, take into account that to see everything completely and carefully you need at least 2 HRS. You have other museums right there in the area to visit. You can find the cost of the ticket on the official pages with very complete information.

Abraham Sanchez 1 year ago

An obligatory museum to visit in CDMX, it has attractions to see and interact with, the content is quite good.

edgardo mancera 1 year ago

Good experience

javier sotelo 1 year ago

Excellent and fun for the whole family.

Evan Roman 1 year ago

It had been a long time since I had visited it and after the covid, it is a good place for children to learn about the rarities around the world, although it is small, the tour is excellent.

Daniel Gomez 1 year ago

It is a super place to enjoy and learn about strange things from our world. The cost of admission was $150. The staff was very friendly.

Uriel Lopez Morales 1 year ago

Very good place to go, the tour goes super fast, very interesting and fun, especially the part of the tunnel that moves. 10/10

Eddy Edgar Magaña Fonseca 1 year ago

Interesting, interactive, you learn various curious facts.

Hannah Godoy 1 year ago

Super entertaining for the whole family, highly recommended for people who like culture and interesting facts!

Ale Márquez 1 year ago

It's fun since you can scare yourself with various things, it has a very fun tunnel of lights and you can pay for different other attractions that are in 4d those are very worth it

Beatriz Aguilar 1 year ago

To distract you and learn things, this father, I feel that something small was rescued by a fun tunnel of light

Vane Torres 1 year ago

Recommended to go with the family, interactive and easy to navigate. Very funny!

Carlos L 1 year ago

If you like that type of subject, the museum will be to your liking, there are several interesting things, the best thing is the revolving tunnel, it confuses your senses...

Yanory Arguedas 1 year ago


Abraham Tellez 1 year ago

Very father the place and excellent attention from the staff

Miguel Ángel García Baylón 1 year ago

A hilarious museum, very creative and ideal to go in a group.

Alejandro Alcaraz 1 year ago

Interesting to know Ripley you find great curiosities that have happened in the world, strange things and personally I like the rotating tunnel since sight and optical illusion play a very important role and your brain how it interprets the movements, I share costs and some figures are available

Chinicuil Osa 1 year ago

All the rooms are spectacular, the figures of the horror area will be incredible things, although some things are false, most are real and amazing

Xander Smith 1 year ago

Was a fun way to pass some time

Valeria AL 1 year ago

Many curious facts and unimaginable works of art. The tour is a bit long, I went as a couple and it took about an hour and a half but it was worth it. They have interactive and surprising activities, some of them give you a scare but you spend fun moments with your family. I recommend it as a weekend visit.

Edwin Sanchez 1 year ago

Artefatos muito interessantes e histórias legais, o preço é razoável para o que você poderá ver lá.

Helain Moreno 1 year ago

Great place! You will love it for sure

Oliver 2 years ago

Satanic symbology EVERYWHERE

Gerardine SaRom 2 years ago

Great and fun, it is worth visiting and buying tickets for both museums, my 6 year old girl loved and was very surprised by this place, she was moved by such strange and surprising things! Mega recommended! You can also find antibacterial gel in various parts of the museum and instructions to keep a healthy distance. ✅

Flaming Cats 2 years ago

Incredible, believe it or not, at the ripley museum you will find 2 things more than anything, 1 a bunch of things made with matches and 2 a bunch of people who broke ridiculous world records.

Hector Bravo 2 years ago

Super cool, cultural, exotic, scary, rich in world exhibits place in CDMX.

Armando Trejo 2 years ago

It is very interactive although I saw it very small compared to the one in Veracruz. Of course, the great thing was that there are many things to play, and even a very, very fun maze. The hours are from 11-7pm and in combo with the wax it came out at $ 250.

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