Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca, Santo Domingo

📍 Localização e contacto

1a. Cerrada de Macedonio Alcala s/n
68000, Guadalajara
951 516 2991

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

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🗣️ Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca, Santo Domingo: Opiniões

angel espinosa 1 year ago

A good experience to visit on Oaxaca City, not much to see but the building is a great option to take detail of

Chris Georges 1 year ago

A partir de hoje, você pode ver todos os artefatos de ouro de Monte Alban Mixtec 7 Gold (junto com displays interativos), que são incríveis e famosos, além de uma grande exposição sobre a história de cães e artes no México e os sem pêlos Xoloitzcuintle Dog em particular, que chegou com os nativos originais. Você também pode passear pelos corredores e ver os jardins do convento e tirar fotos da área circundante dos andares superiores. Uma das principais atrações da cidade (junto com a Catedral adjacente) e absolutamente vale algumas horas.

Peggy Cleary 1 year ago

Em 29 de julho de 2022, apenas uma galeria de artefatos de cultura real está aberta. Isso exibe artefatos de Monte Albany e é impressionante. A biblioteca antiga também foi aberta ao público, assim como muitos. Espaços no ex-consultor em que o museu está alojado, mas nenhuma exibição das culturas foi aberta devido à avaliação de que não foi possível manter distanciado social apropriado exigido pelas regras da Covid. Também não há acesso ao esplêndido jardim botânico que poderia ser visto das janelas. No entanto, possui uma livraria fantástica com livros sobre arte, história, cultura e muito mais. Grande seleção de livros infantis sobre uma ampla gama de tópicos. Os únicos cartões postais que vimos durante 5 dias em Oaxaca, embora a maioria seja de Frida Kahlo.

Peter Ydeen 1 year ago

Great Museum. I posted the correct hours, not sure if Google will change them. As of May 22 it is open Tuesday through Friday 10 - 15:00 Beautiful Building, small but important contents of Tomb 7 of Monte Alban

Valentino Rocco 2 years ago

I happened to be there during the day of the dead festival. It was such a wonderful experience! I really love Oaxaca and will go back there at some point in my life.

Karel 2 years ago

Beautiful building with a nice vibe around the place!

Sam Lane 3 years ago

Best museum for local artifacts. Tomb 7 from Mt. Alban especially good.

DIEGO MACIEL 3 years ago

Humongous museum with an amazing collection of prehispanic and posthispanic heritage from mixtecan and zapotecan civilizations. Entrance fee of $75MXN ($4.00 USD) as of Dec. 2019 is definitely worth it.

Larry Rose 3 years ago

A wonderful museum showcasing early Spanish Dominicans in Oaxaca and the indigenous cultures. If you have been to Mont Alban you must come here to see artifacts and jewelry from there.

stefan otto 3 years ago

Amazing depth and breadth of Mexican culture...1,000s of years worth. Fantastic views from the building as a bonus!

David Thompson 3 years ago

Outstanding collection and info in Spanish. Tumba 7 collection is fascinating. 80 pesos to enter and worth every peso.

Daniel Membrey 3 years ago

Would experience culture at the museum again. Worth a couple of hours.

Ariel Lew 3 years ago

Great museum, very little English translation anywhere, but Google helped. It's very large, took about 2.5 hours to see everything. Drinks are not allowed inside.

Kimberlee 3 years ago

If you are in Oaxaca, you have to visit Museo de Las Culturas. It is a stunning museum with such interesting exhibits, plus the grounds are gorgeous. Entrance fee is 75 peso. The man at the front desk took a 200 peso bill from me and then only gave me 25 peso change. I'm not sure if it was a one off thing, but please do be aware. Luckily I speak Spanish and immediately corrected him, he put up half a fight, but gave me the correct change. Also as a bonus, the museum overlooks the Jardin Ethnobotánico. I honestly had better views from the museum than I did on the actual garden tour. Also, be sure to visit the Tumba 8 exhibit. Wow!

marcia hurlow 4 years ago

Beautiful museum with nicely displayed artifacts and information. The building itself is an artifact, with carefully preserved architecture and wall paintings from early European settlement.

Isaac Sarabia 4 years ago

Beautiful building, exploring it is worth the entry fee!

Mike Thornhill 4 years ago

Museum of Oaxaca region history, cultures, arts and technologies in 3 story mostly 18th century grand ex-convent

Fredi Lopez 4 years ago

Amazing archival structure. Amazed at all the artifacts that they have in the collection.

Kiara Oyola 4 years ago

Beautiful museum! I love that we got to experience the Empire II exhibit. Definitely worth visiting

Maggie Givens 4 years ago

Amazing architecture, as rtifacts, & views.

Katarzyna N. 4 years ago

The museum is i think the biggest in Oaxaca. Right now it has opened the exhibition about tomb 7 from Monte Alban. This exhibition is the only one that have descriptions in English.

Ines R. 4 years ago

A great place to see more about local history and culture. The monastery architecture is breath taking

Jonathan Stein 4 years ago

This place is endless... The structure is stunning, the views gorgeous, and the place is packed with exhibitions. Well worth a visit

Fern A 4 years ago

The botanical garden tour is awesome..You could only go in there with their tour guide it’s a very tour . Very informative about every single plant from corn to squash to the trees and the cacti. They don’t let you walk around and you have to stay with the tour group but after the tour which is about an hour long you can walk around and take pictures

Leah Morales 4 years ago

We sadly had a very limited amount of time here and you could spend the whole day exploring here - it's incredible

Danny Quesnel 4 years ago

What a great museum! It's really big and beautiful, multiple rooms to visit and some exteriors also. You can see a large portion of the botanical garden from the 2nd floors through the many point if views. Price is very decent at 75 pesos ( may be cheaper for locals and kids ) and it took me a little more that 2 hours to see it all. I highly recommend when in Oaxaca.

Josh Kirschner 4 years ago

Amazing museum for pre-hispanic artefacts, especially those from the tomb at Monte Alban, as well the early colonial period. The exhibits are all housed in the massive and beautiful old monastery, with views overlooking the equally stunning botanical garden. Would suggest it for everyone's must-see list when visiting Oaxaca.

Daniel Rodriguez 4 years ago

Beautiful architecture and the museum has tons of great items in exhibition.

Yuanxiao Xu 4 years ago

Absolutely wonderful. Best attraction in the city.

George Ayoub 4 years ago

If there is one place to visit in Oaxaca it is this museum. The irony here is that the museum is in the monestary of the Santo Domingo church which was built by the colonialists using the slave labour of the indigenous population. It is a magnificent space. The museum's explains the local history very well. Every corner is a picture. Be prepared to spend half a day or more here.

Doug Abbot 4 years ago

I could have spent all day here. Fascinating artifacts and information about this history of Oaxaca, from pre colonial to recent history.

Rogelio Reynoso 4 years ago

One of the biggest museums I've ever been. A must if you visit Oaxaca and love history. Get early and after breakfast or lunch if you want to see the whole thing. Follow me on IG: @rogreynoso

Brittany Thiessen 4 years ago

The Museo de las Culturas was located right beside the Santo Domingo de Guzman Cathedral via its own entrance. The museum was large featuring many exhibits which were situated in various rooms inside this former monastery. The museum is focused on the Oaxaca culture, art and history. There were lots of ancient artifacts recovered from the surrounding areas in Oaxaca, which were very interesting to see. Unfortunately, the information placards in the museum were in Spanish-only so I wasn't able to understand a lot of it, but I still enjoyed exploring this museum, wandering into the various rooms, and checking out the exhibits. There were open-air windows throughout the museum with fantastic views overlooking the streets of Oaxaca as well as the incredible botanical gardens next door with so many amazing cacti and succulents. I didn't have time to visit the gardens, as they had a separate entrance fee and only scheduled tours at specific times during the day, which did not work with my schedule. The entrance fee was 70 pesos which was very reasonable. I spent around 2 to 2.5 hours exploring here. It was a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon and cool off from the heat outside. You are not allowed to take backpacks inside the museum, so I had to leave mine in a cubby behind the front desk. I just took my phone, camera, and wallet with me and felt safe leaving my backpack there. Everything worked out fine. Visited in November 2017.

adele williams 4 years ago

Oaxaca is one of the cultural capitals of Mexico, so one can only imagine the treasure trove that lies within the walls of this breathtaking museum. The newly revamped Tomb 7 exhibit is world class with English descriptions. This museum so enormous that it is difficult to tackle in a day. The entrance fee is 75 Pesos and the museum is closed in Monday’s

Ayala de Mel 4 years ago

Architecturally beautiful, well maintained building containing a permanent exhibition of important historical artifacts and temporary exhibitions & an incredible old library. Stunning views of the gardens/church through the beautiful open windows. A lovely few hours well spent in Oaxaca.

Natasa Intz 5 years ago

Best museum in Oaxaca. Takes you through the entire history, diverse cultural backgrounds and impact of colonization to the local population. Great building as well!

chahid taghi 5 years ago

Make sure to include this beautiful Building in your schedule. Extensive collection of Pre-hespanic Art and memorabilia from many periods. Many galleries and wide rooms to roam through, Allow a minimum of 2 hours.

Bruce MacNeil 5 years ago

Clearly. This is awesome. I am gobsmacked. Normally I shun museums and find them rather constraining and prefer to spend time simply wandering around and observing retail spaces and built-up areas of the modern population. But this Museum of oaxacan culture is beyond expectation. I highly recommend. The entrance is a bit hard to find but it is best to just ask around or ask one of the vendors at the stall outside the church. Even the church is worth visiting but it is reminiscent of the tragedy of Catholicism. The explanation in this Museum of the decimation of the info Tech Culture by the arrival of the spine Spanish is well worth considering. i

Byron Boyle 5 years ago

Breathtaking building and good museum. Adult entrance is 70 pesos. You could spend a whole day going through all the exhibits, but you'd probably lose interest before you did because all the information is just in Spanish. So instead enjoy your surroundings, the views, and pick and choose which exhibits you want to learn about and don't try to see everything.

abril martinez serrano 5 years ago

You must to visit this museum, less than 4 dollars and you have everything! Architecture, art, culture, beautiful landscape and incredible pictures! It's big, full of small expos son calculate spend like 2 or 3 hours

Boyd Hellier Knox 5 years ago

Brilliant museum, with great views out to the gardens and square. Breathtaking displays of Meso-American jewellery. Highly recommend.

Carolina Castello 6 years ago

The museum has a lot of history to offer, still has some contemporary features once in a while. The curator ship is nice and the place is well taken care off. They offer several discounts depending on the day, specially if you are Mexican.

Nikolaus Maack 6 years ago

I consider this a part of the church. However, I guess they are two separate entities. Hire a tour guide. It's helpful, and then you can wander. Our guide charged 300 pesos. Talked with us for an hour. Beautiful building. Lots to see.

Tobias Domhan 6 years ago

Really nice building and interesting exhibition about mexican cultures and history. Note: everything is in Spanish.

claudia padilla 6 years ago

Love it!! It's just amazing!! You can't miss it!!!

Nnenna Umelloh 6 years ago

There is so much rich history in this museum. It's absolutely beautiful. I wish there were more tours available throughout the day. I recommend taking a tour so you can get the full effect.

John MC 7 years ago

An upper portico overlooking the garden is my favorite place in Cuidad Oaxaca, I think. Beautiful, peaceful. The museum itself is OK. I like its clear perspective on local history.

Ricardo Rios 7 years ago

The best museum showcasing the history of Oaxaca. Plan on a three hour visit to complete all of the galas. Price is $65 pesos ($4 dollars) per person.

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