3D Museum of Wonders

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10 Avenida Nte.
77710, Key West
984 879 4733

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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Laurel Lynn 1 year ago

Fantastic time. A must see!

mitzi barwick 1 year ago

Was a fun entertaining couple of hours! Great workout and loads of fun picture taking!

Aaron Do Souto Kingham 1 year ago

My partner and I stumbled upon this gem and we had an absolutely amazing time! The guide of the tour was really friendly and very helpful when giving advice on how to capture great images using certain angles and techniques. He also took some great pictures for my partner and I that will definitely go into our holiday album. Good value for money and a great experience, I couldn't recommend it enough!

Andrea Klubicka 1 year ago

Fun and very 'different' and interactive museum experience (for kids and adults:)) Basically, it is a gallery of around 45 (I think) Kurt Wenner art pieces, which you can interact with/pose in front of. When photographed from a certain angle, the artwork creates an optical illusion by which you seem to be a part of the scenario. The staff is very kind and they explain how and where to take pictures for best effect. I visited alone and a guide working there helped me with posing and took my pictures.

Scott 123 1 year ago

Isso foi recomendado para nós de um amigo, não tínhamos muita certeza se valeria a pena. Mas ficamos agradavelmente surpreendidos, essa é uma experiência realmente divertida e interativa. Eu não chamaria isso de museu e, para ser justo, eles dizem isso quando você chegar. Prepare-se para tirar o telefone e tirar muitas fotos, é muito divertido tentar se posicionar na arte incrível para obter a melhor foto em 3D. A experiência em 3D é realmente alcançada através das fotos que você tira, não ao olhar para ela com os olhos. No entanto, ainda é uma experiência muito legal andando por isso. Eu recomendo que você tenha algum tempo para aparecer. Robert foi um guia fantástico, mostrando -nos todos os ângulos certos e tinha uma grande energia.

Moya 1 year ago

Great stop if you’re in the area (for a low cost). Numerous interesting paintings. The staff was friendly and very accommodating. You can’t wear shoes inside but stockings are provided. Instructions on how to get the proper 3D effect in your photos are also provided.

Remi Hindriks 1 year ago

Este museu é uma boa visita, mas tão cara (700 pesos por adulto, 35 por criança). Após cerca de 20 minutos, vimos tudo o que precisávamos. A arte não foi tão boa (é impressa), você pode tirar algumas fotos engraçadas, mas é muito caro para uma visita de 20 minutos.

Timothy Watson 1 year ago

Very nice place to spend an hour or so. The 3d effects are not immediately obvious but when looked at on a camera it is very cleverly done. The guide Fernando was excellent.

H D 1 year ago

What gem to find with amazing 3D art. We could not stop taking pictures, this a great activity for and age. Must visit while you are in Playa del Carmen

Amanda Schwarzenberger 1 year ago

Muita diversão. Especialmente se você está queimado pelo sol e procurando atividades internas de San. Preço de cerca de US $ 30 americanos cada. A arte bonita para tirar ótimas fotos. Temos sorte e uma espécie de guia estava por perto para ajudar a tirar fotos de casais. Gorjeta -o. Ele é super legal. Uma lembrança maravilhosa para ter deste lugar. Definitivamente vale a pena ver.

Caleb 1 year ago

Really fun interactive art museum where you get to take photos with the exhibits! Me and my wife had a blast.

Luis Gomez 1 year ago

This place is so cool! My whole family loved it!

Squishy Bug 1 year ago

Eu e meu marido decidimos verificar este museu enquanto estávamos em Playa del Carmen por pura curiosidade. Quando entramos pela primeira vez, eu não sabia o que esperar. Fomos convidados a remover nossos sapatos e usar meias de nylon; Isso definitivamente me fez pensar no que acabamos de nos colocar. O guia nos levou a uma sala e estávamos cercados por pinturas não tão 3D-isto é, até que ela nos olhasse através da câmera do nosso telefone. UAU!! Bem desse jeito! Essas obras de arte foram trazidas à vida. Tão legal! Ela nos explicou como encontrar o ângulo certo para tirar fotos e lugares adequados para ficar imerso na foto e depois nos deixou para aproveitar a experiência por conta própria. Foi muito divertido! Foi um pouco complicado encontrar o local certo para alguns. Altamente recomendado.

Debbie Jackson 1 year ago

This is so much fun. You just keep looking around wondering how it's all done. Our lovely lady guide stayed with us and she took amazing photos and showed us the best poses. It's such a fun couple of hours when the weather isn't so good. Not to be missed.

Xuejun Yang 1 year ago

Quite a unique experience. The pictures are vivid and require some attentions to details to notice the 3D effect. Fortunately they have provided sample poses on the side of each picture to suggest how to "blend" yourself into the pictures. The museum is located in a plaza with parking lot, convenient for self driving.

J. Antonio V. 2 years ago

Awesome place, I'd recommend everyone visit it when in playa del carmen. As a solo tourist I thought I might not be able to take nice pictures but I still wanted to visit; well staff was friendly and took pictures for me they came out great.

omotoke oloruntoba 2 years ago

Everyone who comes to playa del Carmen should add this to their list. The manager, Robert was amazing and made our whole experience even that much better. We spent more time here than initially anticipated and it was well worth it!

Natalia Nelson 2 years ago

Loved this place. Thanks to Cecilia for walking us through and taking awesome pictures!

John Swipas 2 years ago

Unbelievable experience! Our guide was fantastic in setting us up with great pictures! The $30USD Ticket price seems a little much at first but, you will spend a couples of hours inside so, not bad at all! This is a MUST SEE AND EXPERIENCE

Norm Bour -Travel Younger 2 years ago

Awesome is not too strong a word to describe this place. I have been through many museums all over the world, but this was a first, truly immersive and engaging. I have forever been a fan of MC Escher and surreal paintings, so this was a real experience for me. Go check it out.

Traveling With Linna 2 years ago

When you arrive and if the door is locked that means the guide is assisting someone else in the art room. There will be a number on the door for you to call and someone will come out and assist you. Before entering the art room you have to swap your shoes for socks that they provide if you didn’t bring any. We had so much fun taking pictures here! Didn’t feel rush one bit and most of the time we was on our own taking pictures on our own pace. The guide will jump in between here and there and help take pics of me and my daughter. There’s a sticker on the floor to guide you where to stand to get the right angles. The guide is always there to assist if you have any questions too. Even if you go alone the guide will be your photographer! Entrance is $600 MXN Pesos. Plenty of parking in the lot for a small fee.

Juan Romero 2 years ago

This was a cool place interactive art... make sure to do different poses and most importantly have FUN

C M 2 years ago

We came as couple from Canada, there’s a guide for taking picture correctly, we also can take picture by ourselves, but he was helpful, and speak English very well. You can definitely enjoy it!

Efrain Gonzalez 2 years ago

Wife and I had an amazing time at the 3-D Museum of wonders, the staff was friendly and super helpful with assistance in creating the perfect photo. I would definitely put this on top of your rainy day back up list for thing to do in the Playa del Carmen area.

James Gary 2 years ago

The staff was super friendly and the art is amazingly fun. Would highly recommend.

Reem M 2 years ago

SUPER FUN! I just loved being there on a rainy day. Everyone there is super helpful and nice. Robert even helped with translation to a pharmacy technician nearby. Also they helped us take pictures inside. It's unique and fun, and definitely a must when visiting Playa Del Carmen.

Donna 2 years ago

Went a few weeks ago on a rainy day. Was a very personalized and cool experience. We went an hour before closing so there was only a few of us in there so not too busy. Robert, who is fluent in both Spanish and English went above and beyond to welcome us, show us around and ended up taking so many pictures of us interacting with the art!! We would not be able to get good pictures without him. He stayed with us over an hour and a half after closing time and we had so much fun viewing and interacting with all the art pieces that the time flew! This place was definitely worth the money, I highly recommend checking it out! You can pay for admission on their website for a discount.

Kiley Florez 2 years ago

Too much fun! Our guide Robert was very informative and took the best photos! Definitely recommend doing!

Lizette Bonano 2 years ago

Wow, wow must go to this amazing museum you are part of it. The pictures are worth it and the guy is super helpful and explains very well! He walks you through on how to take the best pictures. Recommend if you are looking for something fun to do in doors

Jeff Solheim 2 years ago

Looking for something different to do in playa de Carmen? Looking for some great pictures for your social media? Then this museum is perfect for you. It is unique and well worth the money. We paid $30 a person but spent several hours there so we easily got our money's worth. There are unique drawings that were originally done in shock by an artist all over the world but they have been replicated here in the museum and you can get pictures taken that make it seem like you have been engulfed in the picture itself. The guide was awesome about setting up our pictures and taking them for us. it was an awesome afternoon that I highly recommended would do again.

Justin Chow 2 years ago

This was certainly a worthwhile visit if you’re in the area. Due to Covid, business has been slow so you definitely have more time and freedom to explore and take photos. When we visited on a weekday afternoon, there were only two people working at the center. Someone does follow you around to help with photos and explain the best angles. Vladimir in our case was helpful - you can see some examples of the photos below. Make sure to mention the 10% discount at the counter for buying online (at the time of writing) to get a small savings.

Kenisha Clarke 2 years ago

The museum is still OPEN!!! Amazing place that everyone should take the time to visit when in Playa Del Carmen. We had an amazing personalized tour from Robert (I hope that’s his name). I believe he manages the museum and is from Lithuania . We were able to get some great shots that I’ll also post. We initially wanted to spend 1 hour and ended up spending 2 hours. The entry was worth it and so are the photos. I hope you agree too!

Mumba A A Sambo 2 years ago

Great experience! We easily spent over 2 hours taking photos. It's a 3D experience, but using perspectives. So be ready for a small workout if you want to get the best angles and pictures

Radek Gora 3 years ago

We had great time and our guide Elizabeth was fab, helped us to take cool pictures and carried our bag. We would reccomend to visit.

Shimea Hooks 3 years ago

We had such a great time. Out little one even jumped in a few of or pictures. Not to mention that we tried to take a few pictures by our self and the were not the greatest. The tour guide helped so much! Especially snapping those amazing family photos. We had such a great time. itzafamilything.com

Rob (Rob) 3 years ago

This was a cool place that I enjoyed and it was perfect as it was raining outside. The pictures posted are all 3d. There was a host giving a tour which was helpful as well. I would recommend it if you are in the area.

Susanne Morrison 4 years ago

What a great place. A very talented artist. Definitely a must when in Playa del Carmen.

Dustin Fransoo 4 years ago

Great family place on a rainy day. The art work is very interactive, make sure everyone has their phones charged for photos and consider bringing socks.

Vanessa Mills 4 years ago

Such a fun place for the family. It's hard to see the perspective while you're there until you're taking the picture. Luckily, most of the perspective photo shoot areas are marked. A few are not, but the museum docents tell you where they are. The museum is large and surprisingly largely empty. Not many people seem to come to this amazing place. We loved it and will return!

Dalton TC 4 years ago

Pretty cool place, definitely buy your tickets online though. You'll thank me later. Souvenirs are kinda pricey but it's a really cool place. They have your guides that will help take pictures of you for free. You can easily spend 1.5 hrs in there if not more just taking funny and random pictures.

Azucena Roman 5 years ago

We had lots of fun taking pictures! My little ones really enjoyed it! Take socks, you are not allowed inside with shoes to preserve the paintings on the floor.

Andrea Kadar 5 years ago

Fantastic place rain or shine! A must see for everybody! The owner of the place is a very nice lady, and our tour guide/helper, Anahi was so much help! She has strong knowledge of the art and how to take the best pictures! Thank you so much for this one of a kind experience, we'll be back!

Genie Maz 5 years ago

Loved visiting the museum! Lots of fun taking unusual pictures. Our guide Jose was very helpful!

Kathy E. Sanati 5 years ago

I planned to visit this museum because it looked interesting and I also needed a break from the sun to heal a nasty sunburn! What I experienced next was not at all what I expected! Fun, laughter and lots and lots of cool photos showing amazing optical illusions. When I purchased the ticket I was really stunned by the price ( 600 Pesos which is 42 Canadian dollars). I can honestly say that I have never paid that much to visit an average museum except in Europe when I visited the Louvre! I went on a Monday afternoon and it was quiet. Right away I was whizzed away by my guide Anahi, a beautiful , intelligent and friendly young woman who basically made my experience awesome. She gave me a cloth bag and nylon socks and asked me to remove my shoes. The museum does not permit shoes as the paintings are on the floor and everywhere. Basically she guided me through a series of beautiful paintings where she instructed me on where to stand and how to pose. She took a picture with my camera and what came out was nothing like what I saw with my own eyes. The 3D optical illusion can only be seen once the photo is taken. For the next hour and a half she was my personal photographer and we had so much fun. This then explains the high entrance fee which I think was totally worth it!! At some point my camera ran out of storage space so Anahi volunteered to take the pictures with her camera and then email them to me. So she did ( and also sent them promptly to me ). At the end of the tour I sat in a movie theatre and watched a biography of the artist . It was SUPER interesting! I then was escorted to the Museum coffee shop where I was offered a free coffee and guide to Mexico! Again my server was a real sweetheart! I loved my experience at the 3D museum. I HIGHLY recommend you to visit this place when in PDC. Bring your camera and get ready to have fun in this interactive Museum. A BIG thanks to Anahi my guide. She was such a friendly and awesome young woman with good english too! When you go for the tour ask for Anahi and also please don't forget to tip your guide. These people work hard to make the tour experience and to make the photos good! They probably don't get much as of hourly wages. Just a courtesy thing to do :-)

Mauricija Diofky 6 years ago

This is a super fun 3D museum, we had a great experience and fun time taking cool photos. It's really worth to visit and the prices are lower than any other attractions in Riviera Maya. Highly recommended!

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