Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions

📍 Localização e contacto

C. de Carlos Arniches 3
28005, Madrid
914 97 65 00

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu de Artes e Tradições Populares em Madri é um museu que mostra as artes e ofícios tradicionais da Espanha. O museu é dividido em duas partes: a primeira parte é dedicada à exposição de formas tradicionais de arte espanhola, enquanto a segunda parte é dedicada ao estudo e à pesquisa de tradições populares espanholas.

O museu abriga uma ampla variedade de formas tradicionais de arte espanhola, incluindo pintura, escultura, cerâmica, metalurgia e madeira. Os visitantes também podem ver exemplos de vestidos, móveis e instrumentos musicais tradicionais. O museu também possui uma biblioteca e um arquivo que contêm uma riqueza de informações sobre a cultura e a história espanhol.

O Museu de Artes e Tradições Populares é um ótimo lugar para aprender sobre a rica herança cultural da Espanha. O museu oferece uma ampla variedade de programas e eventos educacionais adequados para todas as idades. O museu também é um ótimo lugar para comprar artes e ofícios tradicionais espanhóis.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

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🗣️ Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions: Opiniões

Joaquin Soria Nuñez 1 year ago

Nice memories of the past.

Jordi blanco 1 year ago

This place is really cool. You can see all kinds of things from all over Spain. It's also really cheap. A must see.

Rachel Sunday 1 year ago

My brother and I loved it, it's like opening a window to the recent past. It made us very aware of what we are missing.

luis manuel quiroga López 1 year ago

Located in the old Corrala de Carlos Arniches, "El Corralon" after a careful and laborious restoration, the Autonomous University of Madrid has deposited in its two floors plus basement [temporary exhibitions] pieces of Spanish popular culture, from baptismal or regional costumes [maragato], to the different festivities of the year [carnivals, Easter, popular festivals, etc], also the traditional jewellers, potters, leather crafts...Very interesting and almost always empty. The person at the entrance is very friendly, and the visit is free. I think that more cultural activities will be developed that in the middle of summer in Madrid have a few stops.

Alida Contreras 1 year ago

I loved it, you could take photos, the site was very clean, the only bad thing so to speak, that it is small, for the rest EXCELLENT

Adriana 1 year ago

Depois de vários meses fecharem para reformas, este pequeno museu encantador reabriu suas portas. Localizada em uma antiga Corala no coração do bairro de La Latina, aqui podemos encontrar vários objetos (figurinos, utensílios de cozinha, amuletos, móveis etc.) que nos aproximam das tradições, crenças e ritos de diferentes partes da Espanha. Existem também algumas recriações interessantes de workshops pertencentes a curtidores, joalheiros e ferreiros, além de uma exposição temporária sobre minerais. O serviço foi muito amigável e a admissão é gratuita, embora às vezes esteja faltando um painel explicativo para certos objetos. Visita altamente recomendada e educacional.

almudena oliva Iñiguez 2 years ago

Small and charming. Gratuitous. A shame because part is closed for renovations. In fact, they close on November 26 until May. I'm sorry I didn't discover it sooner so that I can enjoy it better.

Enrique Francos Diaz 2 years ago

It will be expanding for a few months, the exhibition shows traditions and objects that pass through our lives

Isabel Aparicio 2 years ago

A real discovery, it has spectacular pieces. I recommend it.

Esmeralda violeta 2 years ago

An incredible space and very rich in handicrafts and pieces from all the Spanish popular culture

Carmen Aroca 2 years ago

Although it is without modifying everything. The lady at the door greeted us very kindly. Very helpful. We went on July 21 and we liked it a lot. especially the workers

jesus calvo 2 years ago

Beautiful museum located in an old corrala in the Lavapiés neighborhood. It has costumes, musical instruments, clay pots ... from different parts of Spain. It collects elements of Spanish popular folklore. Interesting both for the content and for the building.

Juan Mayoral 2 years ago

We have really enjoyed this magnificent Museum with the “Corrala Madrileña” typology. From giants and big heads, to dragons and the most varied crafts and ethnography. It was built in 1860 on what is today the “traditional street” of Carlos Arniches. Very close to the Plaza del General Vara del Rey and 5 minutes from the Plaza de “Cascorro” in the heart of “Rastro de Madrid”. These houses called corralas, were very common at the time, presenting a typology of houses, inns, shops. Homes with corridors around a central courtyard. Deeply rehabilitated by the City Council, today it belongs to the Autonomous University of Madrid and was inaugurated as a Museum in 1975 with the contribution of a collection of more than 2,500 objects, donated by Guadalupe Gómez-Hontoria. Currently more than 7,000 and growing. It shares its headquarters with the La Corrala Cultural Center. It has a permanent exhibition with an extraordinary sample of Popular Crafts and Traditions of Madrid. Very well structured by areas and themes. With two floors. And temporary exhibitions. The latter are located in the space or basement under the central patio. With a skylight and large fountain-pylon. The rehabilitation of the building was entrusted to the architect Jaime Lorenzo, who advocated a combined use of current materials with those present in the history of La Corrala, which prepare the building for its new journey. La Corrala aims to project the creativity and capacity for scientific innovation of the Autonomous University throughout Madrid. The final set is fantastic. The restoration that respects the original structure and combines aesthetics with the content and the sample of our culture is very good. Magnificent. Congratulations.

Gustavo Diaz 2 years ago

Cool !! Too bad sites like this aren't getting more publicity. The history of the corralas and the recent history of Madrid at the end of the 20th century, as well as that of everyday utensils of the peoples of Spain, with their customs and traditions. A jewel !!

Fernando Fom 2 years ago

I think it is worth mentioning this space protected by the Autonomous University of Madrid for its location, an old corral that has been fitted out as a museum of arts and customs with a fabulous legacy. It also hosts different events and temporary exhibitions such as the one curated by the Reina Sofía, the 'Zapatista' exhibition


A hidden place in Madrid that is worth visiting. The surroundings are as good as the museum.


We are a little corner of Madrid that we all must know to connect with our Hispanicity.

Alejandra Crescentino 2 years ago

Dependent on the Autonomous University of Madrid, it is free, there are always exhibitions and it is very quiet. It is also worth knowing the corrala itself where this museum is located.

MDVigo 2 years ago

A small museum quite unknown to the general public but worth seeing if you pass through the area. Located in an old corrala that was inhabited until the 90s, this center belongs to the Autonomous University of Madrid and houses a curious collection of handicraft objects, traditional clothing from different parts of Spain, tools for various purposes, pieces of the month, etc. . Currently there is an area that is inactive since it is in the expansion phase, so in the future it will be even larger.

Laura Gallego 2 years ago

A beautiful courtyard and a very charming museum in which you can see the traditional costumes of different cities, as well as utensils and instruments of yesteryear.

Alan Arnaldo (Firor29) 2 years ago

Good place for the Festival of Public History.

Ana Salgado 2 years ago

Beautiful renovated corrala very close to Cascorro (Rastro area) with a museum on popular traditions and customs. It is very small but it houses regional costumes, tools and a recreation of artisan trades such as the forge, jewelry, leather tanning... The area of ​​giants and big heads will delight children. A nice way to take a walk through the traditions of Spain in a single room.

Marta Huerta 2 years ago

Great, very beautiful and unknown, it is worth a visit

josemaria alberruche 2 years ago

Always as good as unknown. You have to open what is missing.


I found it to be a very interesting place. It is small but very well organized. It is also located in an old corrala, which adds value to the museum.

Isabel GG 2 years ago

Very beautiful and very good to visit an old corrala

Marta Allende 2 years ago

I've loved it, I've learned a lot of things (traditions) that I had no idea about.

Marisa Hermida 3 years ago

Essential visit if we want to know the traditions of Spanish people.

jc barbera 3 years ago

Great permanent exhibition and now also temporary "fire, demons and saints" of photography of the santantona festival in the Castellón region of Els Ports

Dido Shenefield 3 years ago

A place to have a good time between culture., It is worth visiting

Nuria Pérez 3 years ago

Magnificent restoration of an old corrala in Madrid. Well-kept spaces and interesting exhibits

Jorge Madrid Jimėnez 3 years ago

A beautiful corrala in the center of Madrid used as a cultural site. Unbeatable

Juanfer Puebla Tejerina 3 years ago

A small big museum to know how we were just a few years ago

juan jose barragan 3 years ago

Very interesting museum, there are many traditional objects, from many years ago. Highlighting the cleanliness of the facilities and bathrooms is impressive how well they are.

ADELINA BLAS 3 years ago

I loved it ... you shouldn't miss the traditions ... they are of great beauty and history of Spain.

fernando Diaz 3 years ago

Beautiful free museum of arts and traditions of Spain.

Rob S 3 years ago

Legal muito ruim, principalmente não são permitidas fotos, mas elas têm livros na loja de presentes cheios de fotos

Luis Morato 4 years ago

A museum as unknown as it is interesting. Especially its section of costumes of popular party characters as well as the giants and big heads. It is also worth visiting since it is located in one of the few typical Korean Madrid that can still be seen.

Benito Cerezo Canalejo 4 years ago

An old corral transformed into a museum, free admission. Highly recommended to make a visit, you can get an idea of ​​how things were done before which surely will help you to appreciate those old trades that are disappearing.

Carolina Delgado 4 years ago

It's a great museum and the woman who works there is super friendly.

Ángela 4 years ago

Worth it. Small but very valuable. They periodically change the exposed funds.

Marga Llamas 4 years ago

Great Museum located in a magnificent Corrala called El Corralón, restored with great care and very well lit. The exhibition is very interesting, as well as the videos. I loved the temporary exhibition "The corner store". The staff are attentive and very helpful. Almudena is charming. Thanks for your attention! A great unknown ..

Andrés Access 4 years ago

Objetos bonitos

Zuzana Skodova 4 years ago

Museu pequeno, mas bastante ineterado.

Arnaldo Dello Ioio 5 years ago

A magical place where you can rediscover ancient shops, uses of an ancient and curiosity ..... to see!


I recommend it. Free entry. Very curious

Teresa Gordillo Blázquez 5 years ago

Old restored corral where different objects of daily and festive use from all over the country are exposed. Interesting!!!

Almudena Álvarez Gómez 5 years ago

Curious, pretty and well preserved

Paco gordo morera 5 years ago

Museum of customs and traditions very interesting.In addition, the guide Diego super attentive and friendly. 100% recommended

Al 5 years ago

They are popular objects, pots, suits, there are some cars, but it is placed with little grace in a space that does not adapt much because it is very narrow and elongated

Román García Molina 5 years ago

Interesting ethnographic museum (of Spanish objects and customs) in a beautiful example of Corrala from the 19th century. Very interesting visit in the Rastro area of ​​Madrid.

Foto canalla 5 years ago

A museum of Spanish traditions and arts, made with love. Free admission and a visit is recommended.

Alejandro Epelde Blanco 5 years ago

Então, como eu não visitava o próprio museu, mas eles dão palestras aqui de vez em quando e são bem sólidos.

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