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Broadway 3801
78209, San Antonio
(210) 357-1900

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O Museu Witte é um museu de classe mundial em San Antonio, Texas, que apresenta exposições e programação em história natural, ciência e herança do sul do Texas. O museu está localizado nas margens do rio San Antonio, no coração da cidade, e fica adjacente ao zoológico de San Antonio. O Museu Witte é um dos destinos turísticos mais populares da cidade e é imperdível para quem visita San Antonio.

O Museu Witte foi fundado em 1926 pelo empresário e filantropo de San Antonio Alfred G. Witte. O museu recebeu o nome da mãe de Witte, Elise Witte, que era uma ávida naturalista. O museu original estava localizado na casa da família Witte, na Broadway Street, no centro de San Antonio. Em 1935, o museu mudou -se para sua localização atual nas margens do rio San Antonio.

O Museu de Witte abriga mais de 300.000 artefatos e espécimes, incluindo um esqueleto de Tyrannosaurus Rex, um esqueleto de gato com dentes de sabre e uma réplica de 13 pés de altura de um mamute de lã. O museu também possui um planetário, um jardim de borboleta e um centro científico prático. O Museu Witte é credenciado pela American Alliance of Museums e é membro da Associação de Centros de Tecnologia da Ciência.

O Museu Witte está aberto todos os dias, das 9h às 17h, e a entrada é gratuita para todos os visitantes.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM

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Amanda D 1 year ago

Love that they have 1 day out of the week that they dedicated free entry. And with a big family it helps so much and the kids love to explore and see and hear about history. Every thing was clean and sanitize. The kids area wished it was a little better organized with at least 1 to 2 employees to have others share the activities instead of hogging it up.You do have to get your tickets on line at least that's what they recommend. Will definitely be going again.

Christina G 1 year ago

This museum is set up very nicely. Neat diaramas, lots of information, interactive stuff for the kids, volunteers were all very friendly. The rotating exhibit with the poison and toxins was REALLY neat! It costs extra to get in unless you are a member. Now the current exhibit is Monster Fish, I wasn't as impressed.

Barbara Deane 1 year ago

Great museum! We spent several hours there. My favorite areas included the dinosaur exhibit, the people of the Pecos exhibit, and the King Ranch exhibit. All of the exhibits were extremely well done, informative and eye-pleasing. I highly recommend a visit. I’m considering joining even though I don’t live in SA. I’ve attended their Rock Art Rendezvous in the past and hope they are able to host another one soon.

Brandy Leonard 1 year ago

A must visit for those of with an varying of curiosity, big and small. We marveled at the dinosaurs of our Texas landscape past. There was much to be learned at every turn. From a look into the living of the Pecos people's, the wild past of Black Cowboy's, to the forging of San Antonio we know. The special exhibit of the time is The Secret World Inside you. Our sons were wide-eyed and engaged and we explored the marvelous world of our invisible organ the microbiome! Challenging climbing and 8 stations of wellness await the busiest of bodies! Treehouse, water fun, and xylophones are to be enjoyed while overlooking Brackenridge park. Oh deer! The , , ,, , Bison, bobcats, badgers and all other types of animals in the Texas Wild are on display. The Witte museum lives up the their slogan "Where nature, science and culture meet". We are SO glad we went and think you will be too!

QuietOne InAtl 1 year ago

It was a pretty good museum. The man speaking about the wagons they drove was interesting with the use of projectors on his face and the Texas history area on the 2nd floor was well done. We also liked the human body microbes exhibit and the section with animal sounds. My only suggestion overall would be to place some seating in the different areas where room allows because the only seating was in the video viewing area of some exhibits. The extra seating made available would help your more mature guests rest and would encourage more participation attendance wise.

Marisa 1 year ago

The current Secret World Inside You exhibit is really interesting and educational for kids and adults. Great space and exhibits we really enjoyed our visit.

Ghost Potato 1 year ago

This place is amazing! A good look at the past of Texas complete with dinosaur skeletons! The building itself is surrounded by a beautiful park and inside offers unique exhibits about Texas including hands on labs for kids. There is also a art exhibit as well as a restaurant on site.

Greg Golden 1 year ago

Super nice museum. Excellent , interesting and informative exhibits. Lots of good audiovisual displays where you sit and rest while going through the museum. Lots of clean bathrooms, plus a nice cafe and gift shop. Well worth a visit!

Robert Foguth 1 year ago

Not just a museum with really cool dinosaurs, this place will let you have a wedding reception here. I was the father of the bride. It couldn't have gone better.

Joe Nollendorfs 1 year ago

Place was awesome. We’ve never seen a T-Rex skeleton up close. If you’re a fan of the Movie Night at the Museum, that was a welcome surprise. Lots of activities for the kids and blind adult as well as the visually reading adults.

Alba Medina 1 year ago

This place is great for all ages so much to see and do Great price to get it

Adrian Singer 1 year ago

Tinha algumas ótimas exposições aqui e recomendo. Tem muitos lugares para sentar, assistir filmes informativos, artefatos e algumas atividades para crianças. Você não está apressado, vá no seu próprio ritmo e aproveite a tarde. Foi -me dito que as terças -feiras eram gratuitas e alguns outros lugares que terei que verificar e postar.

Brenda Liz Cruz Rodríguez 1 year ago

O que não é amar neste museu, é simplesmente fabuloso! Meu interesse foi imediatamente desencadeado quando li que tinha um dinossauro exibição. Como mãe de um adolescente de dinossauros, decidimos embarcar na jornada. Quando chegamos, houve uma exposição especial sobre veneno, então aproveitamos a vantagem e pagamos pela exposição extra (valeu a pena o preço). Você pode passar um dia inteiro aqui se dedicar o tempo, para poder aproveitar o passeio de trem. Eu recomendo este museu, é excelente

Megan 1 year ago

This is a fun museum for the kids and adults - great dinosaurs, beautiful grounds with historical homes moved to the site, fun exhibits, and activities for the kids. Make sure you have a lot of time for this museum, we allocated 2.5 hours and it wasn’t enough to see it all!

Debi Dreiling 1 year ago

This place is a blast!! Had some relatives come visit and wanted to check it out. I'm glad we did. Upon entering the main building you're greeted with the awe of skeletal bones of jurassic animals. After a well priced entry fee you're free to roam about. There are hands-on activities, small shows, and the exhibits are spectacular! The main building is two floors of pure information and active "labs" that asks you to participate. There is a building that is just made for the kids where they go learn and participate in activities. So much to see and learn for both young and old you can count on spending quite a while in here! So much information can seem overwhelming, but take the time you need to explore. You can always come back if you need to. I plan to come back!

Michelle Martinez 1 year ago

This place is great! Beautiful museum with outside gardens. There's something for everyone here. There's free general admission on Tuesday afternoons which is great if you're on a budget but it also means crowds. Beautiful exhibits and lots for kids to do. Definitely worth the trip.

Maritza Martinez 1 year ago

This was a great museum, specially because it was free of charge! On Tuesdays after 3pm you can go in free of charge and it's open until 8pm, there was a lot of nice areas outside to sit and take photos and for the kids to play. The museum was clean and beautiful, it was amazing to see the dinosaur bones and the taxidermy animals, there was also a lot of fun free activities for kids too, and even if you choose to to go on a day that it's not Tuesday the regular fee is 14 dollars which is not bad. Worth checking out if you ha e about 2-3 hours and want to do something free with the family or as a date.

Elisa Butler 1 year ago

I loved how clean it is. It wasn't busy when we went. We went as soon as they opened. So much for the kids to see. My almost two year old loved it. He is fascinated by dinosaurs right now. We saw poison which was this season's feature. There's a dino dig and he loves it. I'm telling you if your kid is obsessed with dinos and it's too hot to be outside. The witte is great for everyone. We went with my dad and stepmom. They loved it.

zach harp 1 year ago

Really great museum! A little bit small but it seems like they are expanding looking at the construction. There are a couple other reviews that mentioned interactive things for kids, I wanted to specify what I noticed for that, my daughter is 2 years old and was too young for most activities but really loved the fossil dig sandbox. For kids just a little old there's more, touch screen games in the poison exhibit, a rock climbing wall outside, and the entire heb body thing is interactive. There are more touch screens near the dinosaurs that I'm sure kids love but are also very interesting for adults. Now my one big complaint is the enclosure for the tarantula they have, the poor little guy is absolutely miserable. The food at their cafe was about as expensive as you would expect, but both my sandwich and my coffee were phenomenal and well worth spending a bit more than I normally would on food. Gift shop is more expensive than most, 10 dollars for a magnet is too much when every other museum I've ever been to has magnets for like 6 or 7 dollars. They do have a veterans discount if you were wondering. I might suggest calling ahead to see if there are any field trips there because there was probably about 40 kids running around when we first got there, it was obviously way more fun once they left and my daughter could play without fear of trampling

B Wilie 1 year ago

Very nice museum. It was one of our favorites on our museum tour vacation this year. My wife and I visited this museum while on vacation in San Antonio. It was a very well organized museum with lots of informative displays and information. We particularly enjoyed the Texas Wild Gallery and the James Ferdinand McCan art exhibit. It is a great place to bring kids and grand kids as they provide quite a few educational areas for discovery. Highly recommend this museum!

Cassandra Shennum 1 year ago

Visitamos o Museu Witte enquanto visitamos meus pais. Foi um museu fantástico! Gostei muito de ler sobre a linha do tempo geológica do estado, além de participar da exposição especial que estava lá na época, o poder do veneno. O preço do ingresso no museu não era ruim e eles tinham numerosos laboratórios interativos, onde as crianças podem desenterrar fósseis de dinossauros, criar arte e desfrutar de outras atividades. Eu gostaria que eles tivessem mais exposições, como uma exposição sobre astronomia e as ciências físicas, mas no geral este é um ótimo museu para todas as idades desfrutar!

Sandria Carter 1 year ago

Awesome and very interesting! They had Dinosaurs and I loved the poisonous Exhibit. A lot of interesting facts and things for kids to do. Great place to visit.

Lourdes Orozco 1 year ago

Great museum for all ages. My daughter was so excited to learn about all the dinosaurs. Has lots of hands on activities as well. There's lots to see and learn. Definitely recommend if you're in the area.

wemightjustbe crazy 1 year ago

Free after 3pm every Tuesday for the general museum! They change up special exhibits which are average $6 in 2022. Always a family fun and educational time!

Nathan Bowers 1 year ago

Fantastic Museum! Such a variety of things to explore with the whole family showing interests! I especially enjoyed the real life animal displays.

Hondo P 1 year ago

Loved visiting this place after so long! The Witte Musuem will continue to be a great spot for the youth and also adults. The amount of interactive displays they have and informative showcases are amazing!

focs 08 1 year ago

Nice museum. A little disappointed that the tree house section with the water well area was closed. While the toddler section in the basement is huge, the actual play area is very small, yet fun. We had our 2 year and 10 month old with us that day. They had it all to themselves so they had a blast. Recommend more seating areas so the older folks can rest. Shoutout to Pam! She is an awesome asset to the museum. She knows alot about the history of the dinosaurs and even shared some of her personal experences with the wildlife here in texas.

Nora Bermea 1 year ago

We wanted something to do indoors with 101 degrees outside. It was amazing, I had not visited here in several years. Lots has changed, really enjoyed the information on the cattle ranchers, how how some towns and cities are named after them. Well definitely keep on eye on new exhibits coming throughout the year.

Angelique Mullis 1 year ago

Very informative and the renovation is beautiful. Free on Tuesdays from3-6. Perfect about of time to see everything.

Mark Foster 1 year ago

Um ótimo museu para crianças do ensino fundamental até os adultos. Muitas exposições interativas que todas as idades gostarão. Eu permitiria que 2-3 horas passassem por tudo, se você realmente gostar de fazer as atividades interativas em cada seção. Nosso favorito era a seção de corpo saudável Heb. Está em um edifício separado. Foi educacional e muito divertido. Até temos um perfil saudável para imprimir no final. Visitamos o Witte em uma tarde de sábado e não estava muito ocupado. Eles estavam tendo um evento de adoção de cães e outro evento especial no local. Parece que muitas coisas acontecendo o tempo todo, de acordo com o calendário dos eventos. Você deveria dar uma olhada!

Rebecca Markley 1 year ago

Então, eu sou uma criança de coração e os dinossauros eram os meus favoritos. Ha ha. É lindo aqui. Eu sempre amo visitar. As telas no teto o tornam muito mais imersivo. Experimente se você estiver na área. Muitos ótimos lugares para comer ao redor do museu depois de fazer um apetite depois de toda a caminhada.

J Monty 1 year ago

This is not the Witte of old or of when your patents used to bring you. I couldn't even add all the coolness of this new and improved Witte. This place has been updated with EVERY age in mind, from young to old. It's a little pricy, so it would probably be more cost effective to just purchase a season family pass. It comes with free admissions for your guests and discounts and what not. Go that route instead and save your money. It is really really worth it, especially if you have younger kids and toddlers. Much needed updates and improvements. Come check it out on your own and see for yourself.

Reed Brown 1 year ago

I was very impressed with this museum. The Microbiome special exhibit was amazing. I learned a lot of new stuff about the importance of the microbes that live in us and on us - pretty amazing symbiotic relationship.

Jennifer Greve 2 years ago

Love this place for the whole family! And even a fun date night. Prices are fair, which I feel like is rare these days when it comes to attractions. I love all the outdoor stuff to see. That 3rd floor outside, wow impressive view over Brackenridge park. Could sit there for days! And how cool are all those rocks in the gift shop!! I wanted to look into the annual membership because I thought it means you can attend museums in Austin and Houston they are affiliated with. Staff was helpful and friendly. Everything felt clean and tidy.

Claris D 2 years ago

Neat museum to learn about Texas heritage, culture, wildlife and more. I went on a Monday morning in July. Paid for general admission and two exhibits. The dresses for The Festival to peruse and learn about was fascinating. The staff was knowledgeable and answered many questions. Enjoyed the dinosaur lab and fossil dig. There’s an interactive human body exhibit, but the outdoor activity section for kids was closed—don’t know why or when it would open. I strolled over to the garden section and it was nice to sit and relax and take a short break. The river is close by and viewable from the gardens. So serene.

Aria Productions 2 years ago

It's always a pleasure to work at this museum and event center. The events staff is exceptionally hospitable, helpful and friendly. This is a fun space to have a creative and unique event in San Antonio. Not to mention, I love bringing my own family to the many educational and engaging exhibits here.

Anibal López 2 years ago

A spontaneous visit and it turned out to be nice. We didn't even have enough time to go thru all the exhibits, it is a good place for adults but also the way things are set up are something the kids will find interested on. Maybe a entire day visit or a 2 day visit. But a great place

Faith 2 years ago

Love the Witte, especially free Tuesdays after 3pm. Lots of interesting exhibits. Don't forget to see the outdoor treehouse & go up to 3rd floor in the kids building for a fabulous view of the river.

Christine Qanaan 2 years ago

I’m so amazing about this museum… stuff there is so helpful and kind, I had a perfect time there exploring around… all the exhibits so realistic… and a lot of explanations and stories… Highly recommend… thank you so much for so perfect day

Juni Flrz 2 years ago

Friendly and great customer service at the front desk. Took my neice and nephew to learn and discover the dinosaur exhibits and they had fun walking and exploring the whole museum.

Lisa O 2 years ago

We were only able to visit part of the museum as we tuckered out too quickly. After realizing there was so much more to see we plan on returning very soon. The museum has unique exhibits and displays. Highly recommend.

Amanda Ray 2 years ago

Visiting from Austin and discovered this museum. It had lots of interesting exhibits, artifacts, and displays. The dinosaur bones and full fossil skeletons were so amazing to stand next to! Im not sure if it was temporary or a permanent exhibit, but there were beautiful Fiesta dresses on display as well. Great place to bring your kids, there is a lot of interactive activities for children and adults alike. Pleasantly surprised that I got free admission for being a teacher! The staff were all very friendly and professional. I would definitely return on my next visit to San Antonio.

Reuben Reyes 2 years ago

Amazing museum with a wide variety of exhibits. As you walk in you will see a huge extinct flying reptile above. From the main entrance you can see skeletons of many dinosaurs. They have a natural animal section and at certain times bring live animals out for viewing. They also have a history section and to relax you can go outside and enjoy the ducks and stream. Wonderful place to learn and enjoy.

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