The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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5th Ave 1000
10028, New York
(212) 535-7710

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O Metropolitan Museum of Art é um dos maiores e mais importantes museus de arte do mundo. Sua coleção inclui mais de dois milhões de obras de arte, abrangendo cinco mil anos de história mundial. O museu está localizado na cidade de Nova York e suas coleções podem ser vistas em seus cinco principais edifícios: a Met Fifth Avenue, o Met Breuer, os Claustros Met e o Museu de Arte Met.

A Met Fifth Avenue é o principal edifício do museu, e sua coleção inclui obras de arte da antiga Egito, Grécia e Roma; Europa medieval; o renascimento; e os períodos modernos e contemporâneos. O Met Breuer é dedicado à arte moderna e contemporânea, e sua coleção inclui obras de artistas como Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp e Jackson Pollock. O Met Claustros é um ramo do museu localizado em Fort Tryon Park, na cidade de Nova York, e abriga a coleção de arte medieval do museu. O Met Museum of Art é o mais novo edifício do museu, e é dedicado ao estudo e exibição da arte da África, Oceania e Américas.

O Metropolitan Museum of Art é uma das atrações turísticas mais visitadas na cidade de Nova York, e também é um importante centro de pesquisa e bolsa de estudos. A biblioteca do museu contém mais de um milhão de livros, e seus arquivos possuem mais de duzentos mil fotografias, além de uma grande coleção de objetos de arte.

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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janet 1 year ago

You could easily spend multiple days here if you wanted to see everything. The building itself is amazing! We looked at some of the Greek art while we were trying to get a game plan. We decided to focus on the Disney and the Egyptian exhibits and were there for about 3 hours. I'm glad we picked a couple of things to focus on otherwise it would have been very overwhelming & we may have been over it by the time we got to the things we actually wanted to see had we not gone there first.

Leanne M 1 year ago

Glorious and huge museum with absolutely so much to see. It's very easy to get lost here but there is so much beautiful art and the museum is very classy and well kept. I definitely want to go back because I didn't get to see it all in one day.

Flor Flores 1 year ago

Simply astonishing!! You need multiple visits to get to see the entire museum! The museum is pretty big and it's definitely a museum you have to check out! They have so much historical artifacts from all over the world, it's so amusing, extremely captivating and definitely worth coming to see as much as you can! I wish I had more time in the day to see it all! Everywhere you turn catches your eye. I suggest you stick to one side of the museum and go up and see the top section then move to the opposite side and work your way back down, but anyway you go will be great! I was really captivated by the Egyptian exhibit! ️⚰️⛲

Lucy Deans 1 year ago

This museum is huge! We spent hours there and certainly didn't see everything! Can't wait to go back and explore the rest! Walking through the British section really did feel like walking through a posh country estate back home. And the Egyptian section was incredible. My personal favourite part was the native American art. It was my first time seeing any native American art. It's truly beautiful. My overall favourite experience though was the kind member of staff who tracked down William the hippo for us! My partner remembered seeing him as a child and wanted to introduce me to their favourite hippo.

Kristen L. Matulis 1 year ago

Oh my gosh, The Met is a can’t-miss experience! This is by far the best art museum I have ever been to, there are so many exhibits to see + explore. The whole space is so beautiful & there is so much room to roam that it doesn’t ever seem to be crowded inside the museum (even on a busy weekend day). I recommend buying tickets in advance, but you can certainly purchase on-site on the day of your visit as well!

Crystal 1 year ago

It’s iconic, and as such deserves a visit. Very lovely staff, and great at giving directions I would advise that you plan what you would like to see because there is so much you can easily get sidetracked and may miss a favorite area. Loved the openness of the modern exhibit as well as the fashion exhibit. Incredible works you will not see elsewhere.

LV 1 year ago

One of the most prestigious museum of art in the world. Probably one of the biggest too. Only in New York for a week, we did « all » the museum in almost 4 hours but god … we had to rush. I guess if you take your time you can stay two full days here ! Exhibitions are super nice, architecture of the museum is gorgeous. Great great experience, worth the price !

Celeste Vieira 1 year ago

Not even sure where to start because this museum was so varied. I could have spent a full day here and probably not seen everything. I can’t wait to come back the next time I’m in NYC! The ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek works had me fully geeking out. It was such an amazing experience. Also a tip for eating - if you have a meal here, try going to the basement. The cafe there has a good selection. It wasn’t crowded, and there’s plenty of space to sit and chill away from the main museum space.

ADRIAN YU 1 year ago

I went with my friend yesterday (08/12/2022). It was both of our first times at the Met. I, unfortunately, did not get a picture of the grand stairs in front of the 82nd St entrance. Security lines were quick and painless. We went to the ticket counter and got 2 tickets for $1 (provided my college ID card and Zip Code). NYC residents and NYC students can always go in person to get cheaper tickets. The exhibits were fun and fascinating. Both my friend and I took lots of photos of the different art exhibitions. They had a rooftop garden that provided a view of Midtown Manhattan as well as Central Park, and it was quite a view. They had museum officials everywhere that provided directions to navigate this large and beautiful museum. Exhibits ranged from American Arts to Japanese/Korean Arts (and everything in between). Be prepared to spend 2-4 hours just viewing all the different art pieces. Also, wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot. Overall, we throughly enjoyed our experiences at the Met and would come back again.

Raghav Mathur 1 year ago

The Met is a fantastic museum with a huge variety of exhibits. I would HIGHLY recommend buying tickets in advance as the line to buy or obtain tickets is enormous. The Met offers free tickets for NY residents, so a lot of the line comes from locals who need to pick up tickets. If you book tickets online, there is no line. The museum is clean, well-maintained, and well-documented. I would definitely recommend doing research ahead of time to figure out what you want to see, as there isn't a "suggested route" to take through the museum (plus, it's MASSIVE, so seeing everything would likely be a multi-day endeavor). The gift shop had a nice selection of items for tourists and locals alike. The restaurant had good options and reasonable prices (for a museum restaurant), but the line was fairly long.

MJG 1 year ago

We came here in July 2022, mostly to see the Egyptian part, which we absolutely loved. It was so we'll laid out, so much stuff to look at, and very cool and high quality items on display. The museum itself it absurd how big it was. I wouldn't come here with the goal to see everything. Look at specific exhibits that they have on and go see them. We looked at 3 different ones over the course of 3 hours or so, but most of the time spent at the Egyptian section. The museum architecture is unreal, the washrooms are clean and the staff we dealt with were very nice. To me, the MET is a must do while in NYC. Highly recommend. 5/5. Follow me for more reviews, photos and great tips.

Gordon Freeman 1 year ago

The best museum in the world, and this is coming from one who has visited 20 of the most famous worldwide. There is a plethora of diverse collections, from the ancient world to modern expositions (fashion, jewelry, warfare, art etc.). We loved this place, as it transports one into a different historical dimension. The way the collections are set up is simply amazing, and the architectural design of the museum is a master-piece in itself.

V L 1 year ago

New exhibition in Met: " In America, a Lexicon of Fashion". Very impressive, with a hidden messages. Some exhibit does not associate with word artist try connected (but it's my personal opinion), but every person can discover own interpretation, what they see. Plus music playing while you inside, created unique vibe. Clear your mind, put all stress behind and enjoy!

Pascal Keller 1 year ago

Overall one of the best museums. It has everything. Paintings, statues, Art Installations and rebuildings of historic sites. And everything spans across hundreds of years. You can get lost in this museum and it would be best to go multiple times to really savour it. If you are slightly interested in art or history this is a must visit.

Israel Kitzberger 1 year ago

As soon as we arrived, we noticed that the staffs were always very attentive, giving their best to guide and answer the tourists' doubts. The museum is beautiful and huge, it has three floors with several rooms with different themes and works of art for all tastes, from paintings to statues, books to musical instruments. In addition, on the ground floor there is a gallery with a ceiling full of windows that make the place look magnificent, and at the end of this room, a cafe with a variety of food and drink options and many tables to enjoy the place and the flavors. The location is on the edge of Central Park, being easily accessible and close to other famous New York attractions. The only tip I would leave for those who come by car to NYC is to look for a place further away to park as there are not many parking spaces around the museum, in addition to the fact that it is a great opportunity to stroll through the beautiful park.

Brooke Peterson 1 year ago

Of course this is a beautiful museum! Some incredibly famous pieces of art! My husband and I were there for about 5 hours and did not see everything. I feel like I would've planned to stop in the middle and eat as my feet were getting very tired. It is also difficult to make sure you see everything in a certain area, as the "flow" of the building isn't really planned. I feel like we missed a lot of things that we basically walked only a room or two away from. I would say if you were planning a trip, look at the specific artworks you might want to make sure you see and find them on the map and go to them for sure. Towards the end of the day when we were thinking we would call it quits my husband took a look at the website and realized we had missed a couple of key paintings we were hoping to see. We walked back to them to find we were only a room or two away at certain points. There is a little fast food type restaurant inside to pit stop.

Timothy Phoenix 1 year ago

Such a wonderful place to visit. Pricing for NY residents and students is what you can pay, suggested price is $30/adult. There are three floors and ~5 additional exhibits that are extra. I've done one previously and it was very much worth it. You're able to come back at any point during the day with your ticket purchase. You could spend ALL day here and still not see everything. Audio equipment available for those with disabilities or even just to listen, which allows those to hear exhibit descriptions.

Emily Bovan 1 year ago

Este museu é ótimo, mas definitivamente esteja preparado para passar horas lá. Há muito a ver que você pode dedicar um dia inteiro a essa atração, se quiser ver tudo. O lobby estava muito ocupado, mas como o resto do museu está muito espalhado, não estava muito lotado para caminhar por todos os quartos. Eu realmente gostei da exposição musical.

L T 1 year ago

Um dos melhores museus em que já estive, além do Louvre em Paris. É um dos poucos lugares que está sempre na minha lista sempre que estou em Nova York. O Met é um grande museu com muito para ver, é difícil ver toda a arte e artefatos dentro de um dia; portanto, se você deseja explorar o máximo possível do museu, recomendo ir cedo. Você pode pegar um bilhete no balcão de bilhetes quando estiver lá ou do quiosque automatizado, eu recomendo o quiosque automatizado, pois é muito mais rápido. Existem guias de áudio para a arte e os artefatos dentro do Met, que eu recomendo, pois ela contenha o que você está vendo. O museu é lindamente montado e construído, eles têm exposições permanentes e temporárias. Todas as exposições são feitas com tanto cuidado que você sente como se fosse transportado de volta no tempo. O pátio chinês dentro do museu é um dos meus favoritos. Também tive a chance de ver muitos vestidos bonitos para a exibição da semana de moda, que foi exibida e configurada com muito bom gosto. Eu recomendo o Met para quem quer fazer o checkout de um museu com muitas artes e artefatos interessantes! É definitivamente uma experiência como nenhuma outra.

David S 1 year ago

A must see if visiting New York. We spend half a day, but could have easily spend a full day and possibly another day. Museum opens at 10AM and we got there at 10.30AM. There was no line up to get in, but when we left at 3.30PM there was a long line up to get in. Buy your pass at kiosk after you’re inside to avoid the ticket line. If you get a chance, go to the top level in the South West corner of the building and there are some amazing views of Central Park. Will definitely visit again.

Ashley Sullivan 1 year ago

Even after having been to the MET before, the sheer size of the building is still incredible. I wish there were more frequent benches since it can become tiring walking for so many hours through the exhibits. There were multiple times I was looking for a bench through multiple rooms only to find ones occupied or just missing. Still an incredible museum to visit. You need more than one day to see everything. Even two days isn't enough unless you speed run every section

Pradyumna Shome 1 year ago

Amazing experience. There are so many interesting stories and conversations told by the art here. I highly recommend getting a private tour to truly be able to appreciate everything that is on display. You cannot hope to see everything in one visit so it’s worth planning the sections/periods you’re most interested in and prioritizing them in the time you have.

Nicole Spitler 1 year ago

ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT !!!!! SO MUCH TO SEE,, CAN NOT SEE ALL OF IT IN ONE DAY!!! Very well laid out, maps available in many languages, attendants everywhere to help you, explain things, keep people from touching what they shouldn't. Will definitely return!! Was there for 6 hours, only got to see a quarter of the first floor. You can know nothing about art (such as myself) and still enjoy yourself and be able to appreciate the history and art of it all, very good variety of everything.

Laurence Walsh 1 year ago

What more can be said about the true educational and inspirational treasure that is the Met museum. Such a grand experience. I would caution to time your visit away from crowds if you are able. This past July (2022) we enjoyed few lines but only because we came before noon and passed through the more popular exhibits before the crowds.

Guineviere Caerlaverock 1 year ago

Do NOT expect to take this all in, in just a few hours. Heck, don’t expect to explore and admire everything in a days time. We could have spend days here and found more to see and experience. This place is built like a maze. You WILL get lost. Get a map, we were stupid to have not done this. Even after looking at one, we still got lost. If you are on the fence about whether you want to go see some dead peoples paintings, let me tell you there is SO much more here than that. Priceless pieces of history, an intimate look into the furnishings of eras from times past. Piece of art and items that changed how we look at, design, and experience the present. Everyone should come here at least once.

Sonya Williams (Wildflowers and Hooyahs) 1 year ago

Veio aqui pela primeira vez e adorei muito. As exposições foram lindas, mas é fácil se perder se tentar sair mesmo com um mapa. As pessoas que trabalharam aqui eram legais, exceto por um cavalheiro branco mais velho que era extremamente inútil e rude limite em comparação com a forma como ele respondeu à família caucasiana diante de nós e como ele nos respondeu. Além dele, nos divertimos. O café estava aberto, mas não fomos por causa da quantidade excessiva de pessoas que estavam dentro dele. Muitas áreas para parar e sentar e eu realmente adorava o quanto de uma variedade as exposições tinham: quase toda cultura foi representada em alguns Moda. Também não conseguimos ver a exposição de moda por causa da longa fila, mas talvez da próxima vez. Ou talvez não. É melhor comprar ingressos antes, para que você não precise lidar com os quiosques. Além disso, traga uma água engarrafada porque é caro aqui. Um dos caixas eletrônicos não funciona para obter dinheiro. Vamos voltar, mas para a família, não recomendo que você traga um carrinho. Algum Das áreas que você passará, não são muito acessíveis a carrinhos ou cadeiras de rodas e, para ser sincero, há tantas pessoas tão próximas umas das outras que eu provavelmente nem traria uma criança, a menos que você venha quando não estiver tão lotado.

Alexia MC 1 year ago

This is one of the biggest and greatest history museums that I’ve visited. There’s a permanent exhibition which includes Roman and Greek museum, Egyptian, medieval, contemporary and modern art. In this part of the museum, which is most of it, you can see from roman sculptures to mommies and egyptian temples, paintings, armors, armament, musical instruments and much more. There’s also a temporary exhibition which varies depending on the dates. Inside the museum there’s also a cafe, store and auditorium. In the highest floor there’s a wonderful terrace with great views to the Central park. The ticket costs 25$, very worthy. Must do

Maria K 1 year ago

Great place to visit. I used culture pass to get in free. My typical visit always includes Egyptian section, Roman and Green sections, Asian wing, some exhibits on first floor, and the rooftop. This time I have seen Winslow Homer’s exhibit, Kimonos exhibit in the Asian wing, Samurai. Splendor by the arms and armor section,… Anthology of Fashion had massive lines, so I’ll have to see it next time. Rooftop is always great to visit. Security calls you inside one by one to walk through a metal detector. Then you can purchase a ticket at a machine or at the counter. If you are using culture pass you have to go to the counter and get stickers to put in your clothing to enter the exhibits. If you are a member you can use your member card to enter exhibits.

Jess Easley 1 year ago

The Met is one of those places we didn’t get to see. Believe me, I’d have a lot more pictures for you. It’s not within walking distance from where we were staying, and we didn’t realize it was closed on Wednesdays, so I guess we’ll just have to add it to the list for our next trip. The exterior architecture is amazing though, and just walking up on it is a treat.

Bianca Diaz 1 year ago

I was absolutely awestruck by everything there while I was visiting New York. It is such an amazing experience and the home to such beautiful art. It is the pinnacle of art and history, with its rich array of artwork from various cultures, regions, and historical periods. I literally was in the museum all day, but there was still exhibits to be seen; however, they were closed for renovations. I personally could just live there. I will advise to purchase tickets in advance and the line through the main entrance can get pretty long.

Dannielle Rice 1 year ago

This place is crazy big! So many things to look at that it gets overwhelming. Be sure to see Washington Crossing the Delaware, the Monet, Picasso and Homer collections. The Armor section is fabulous. So much history, makes me feel small but highly appreciative of what people have done through the ages!

D Z 1 year ago

My favorite museum in the world. You definitely need a whole day or probably more to be able to see all the pieces they have. I enjoyed the Greek and Egypt exhibits the most. Everything is perfectly conserved and there’s a lot of attention to the layout of the museum. The only thing I didn’t like is that a guard yelled at me when I was taking pictures. I didn’t see any sign. He could have been more gentle.

Moon Jung Lee 1 year ago

If you love art, then you have to visit this place. You can spend the entire day here — so much to see. Although it is not as expansive as the Louvre, it still has a lot to offer. I have been to the Getty, Guggenheim, Chicago Art Institute, and by far, I think this is the best art museum in the United States. If I have the opportunity to visit NY again, I will definitely visit this museum again.

Mohammed Yaman Allaf 1 year ago

O museu foi fenomenal! É enorme com obras de arte de muitas regiões diferentes! O museu está dividido em regiões e definitivamente havia mais do que suficiente para ver em cada seção; portanto, esteja preparado para andar muito! (Não se preocupe, há muitos lugares para sentar) Eu recomendo comprar ingressos on -line com antecedência, porque se você esperar para comprá -los pessoalmente, esteja preparado para ficar na fila por um tempo. Certifique -se de verificar on -line quais exposições exclusivas elas estão acontecendo na época, porque definitivamente vale a pena ver e você não quer perder!

Khurram Hassan 1 year ago

I brought my son to view the Arms and Armor exhibit because he is 10 years old and into medieval knights and swords. We were very impressed by the medieval collection. Such detail and variety and eras. We were also impressed by the Japanese, Chinese, Ottoman, and Syrian collections. I was pleasantly surprised by how rich and varied the entire museum's collection is. It is such a large building and so well organized and maintained. It's nice to see how much they focus on education and they let kids under 12 in for free

Jack Straw 1 year ago

What's not to love about the Met? You could easily spend several days here and not even begin to scratch the surface of all of the incredible things there are to see and experience. It is truly one of the most exceptional museums I have ever been to, and it is simply a must on anyone's list of things to do regardless of whether or not you're a local or you're visiting NYC from somewhere else. One of my favorite things about it is it's location, and spending the day exploring the park and visiting the museum is one of the easiest ways to plan a memorable and wonderful day out.

Ranium 1 year ago

Este foi um dos maiores e um dos meus museus favoritos que visitei. Em resumo, contém arte de todo o mundo. Uma grande parte das pinturas é européia. A arte inclui não apenas platings, mas também esculturas e outras obras de arte. Alguns dos destaques existem um templo egípcio em tamanho real, uma galeria de armas e armadura e uma galeria diversificada do sul da Ásia com grandes obras de arte. Eu recomendaria reservar ingressos com antecedência e você tem para onde uma máscara em todos os lugares do museu (exceto ao tirar fotos).

John Foster 1 year ago

This was a great museum to visit. We had seen the natural history museum just the other day and were excited to contrast a little. The galleries that the MET had to offer were really impressive. So much history to see through the various items in the museum. I'm a medieval fan so I enjoyed seeing all that armor and jousting stuff, swords were really cool. With the artwork, it is incredible to see things in person for once, that you have only seen online ever before. As with all great museums, you could spend a few days reading through and looking at everything. You'll learn something, that's a guarantee! Some of these paintings look photographic portraits! We left around 8p, getting a cab seemed practically impossible, but it'll happen after a few minutes!

Kéri Dávid 1 year ago

The museum is located on the Upper East Side avenue, next to (or rather in) the Central Park - a great location to take strolls before or after your visit to the exhibitions. Entry is via the main entrance - be prepared for at least 30 minutes of wait time, which may increase if the weather is not so good and many tourists decide to visit the museum. Tickets can either be purchased in advance on a select MET external locations (see their website) or upon entering the museum. For permanent residents, a pay-what-you-will fee is available - you have to have some form of proof (electric bill, student card, etc...) to verify you live in NYC. Once you purchased your ticket, you are given a handy map of the museum which will be your best friend during your stay, as the exhibition is huge. I've decided to visit the Arms & Armor exhibition hall extensively, which houses a number of medieval armors from Europe and Asia (Japan in particular). There is a coffee shop available with limited amount of snacks (brownies, salads, sandwiches). Tables and chair are available to rest a bit while you refresh yourself.

John Turner 1 year ago

By far the best the best museum experience we had in New York. Exceptional experience from start to finish. I would go back and I would recommend to anyone of any age. You could spend 2 or more entire days in there and never see it all. I can’t want to go back.

Melissa Ng 1 year ago

The Met is amazing and feels like it should be a whole day if not multi day event! I came around 2 pm on a Friday and left around 5:30 pm for dinner reservations but I only explored a third of the museum! There was so much more that I didn't get to see and will definitely come back next time. I recommend purchasing tickets online so you can enter on the side with no wait.

John a 1 year ago

One of the great museums of the world, where the building, and design of the galleries is as much of a treasure as the collection itself. The rich collection continues to impress and improve as the museum reassesses it's own holdings and presents new viewpoints. Recent examples of this are the contemporary and modern art collection which is now 7 galleries covering 1900-1930. If you are not a huge fan of paintings, the museum has large collections of everything from Greek / Roman statues to Egyptian mummies, to Buddhist and ancient art from Asia to see. Plan a day. Wear comfortable shoes. Make a reservation somewhere relaxing for dinner afterwards. It's a terrific way to spend a day in the city.

Grace Martinez 1 year ago

I don’t have words to explain how amazing is this place. I came here I think 10 times the 4 years I am living here. You just must go… If you live in NY or NJ or Connecticut you pay what you want at the entrance if not the regular price. There is food inside is clean and everything bit is not a good food. Better the Halal food outside is the perfect choice. Get a Map inside is bigger than it looks. There are maps for kids, illustrated and very funny. In general is a life experience, The Met is one of the best things in NYC ❤️

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