The Cleveland Museum of Art

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East Blvd 11150
44106, Cleveland
(216) 421-7350

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O Museu de Arte de Cleveland é um museu de arte em Cleveland, Ohio, Estados Unidos. Foi fundada em 1870 como uma pequena escola de arte e biblioteca no bairro do Circle University da cidade. O museu mudou -se para sua localização atual no bairro de Wade Park em 1915. O museu tem uma coleção de mais de 45.000 obras de arte, tornando -o uma das coleções mais abrangentes dos Estados Unidos. O museu é particularmente conhecido por suas coleções de arte asiáticas e egípcias.

O prédio principal do Museu de Arte de Cleveland é uma estrutura de artes de beaux, projetada pela empresa de arquitetura de McKim, Mead, e branca e concluída em 1916. O edifício foi projetado para ser a peça central de um complexo urbano que incluiria um museu científico, um escola de arte e uma biblioteca. O complexo pretendia ser um centro cultural para a cidade de Cleveland e sua região circundante.

A coleção do museu inclui obras de arte de todo o mundo e em uma ampla gama de períodos e estilos. A coleção de arte asiática do museu é particularmente forte, com mais de 12.000 obras de arte da China, Japão, Coréia, Índia, Sudeste Asiático e Himalaia. A coleção de arte egípcia do museu também é digna de nota, com mais de 7.000 obras de arte do Egito antigo.

O Museu de Arte de Cleveland é um dos poucos museus de arte nos Estados Unidos que é gratuito ao público. O museu é apoiado por uma combinação de fundos públicos e privados. A doação do museu, que é um dos maiores de qualquer museu de arte do país, fornece uma fonte significativa de financiamento para a instituição.

O Museu de Arte de Cleveland é membro dos diretores da Association of Art Museum e da Associação Americana de Museus.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ The Cleveland Museum of Art: Opiniões

Frank Luna 1 year ago

Beautiful, spacious museum with a very extensive collection. The staff is gracious and accommodating. A must see when visiting Cleveland.

Fabricio Tissi 1 year ago

This place is AWESOME! If you're looking for a nice american traditional place to order a breakfast or lunch this is your best choice! Very good service, fast delivery and sensational taste! I loved the Cleveland tradinal dish Pierogi wish sausage. Perfect dish and good price! I will go back for sure!

Kyle Goodman 1 year ago

A stunning building with awe-inspiring works of art and somehow it’s free. When you walk in, you are greeted by a friendly staff member who gives you a quick breakdown of the museum. After that you walk into a massive atrium with natural light flowing in from the ceiling. From this point of view you get a sense of the scale present inside the building. Off the atrium are pathways to all the collections as well as the gift shop and a restaurant. We began our journey in the 1916 building with the Women in Power: Recent Acquisitions featuring two works by Amy Sherald (Michelle Obama’s official portrait) was on display. In this same area were works from the Islamic world with some dating back to the 700s. Up the stairs takes you to an area with an astonishingly high ceiling and many religious works. Off this is a room with medieval armor and weaponry including a full armored cavalry unit. Here is where we asked a staff member to point us towards the Van Gosh, Monet, Picasso area which they kindly did. En route, there were some stunning landscapes by the likes of Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church. Then we arrived and were greeted by Monet’s massive Water Lilies that he worked on for 30 years. Van Gogh’s The Large Plane Trees is mesmerizing. The Picassos on display are gorgeous and even feature works from his rose and blue periods. After seeing those timeless pieces, we ventured into the contemporary section where more astonishing works were on display. Most notably was the LOOKS collection by Derrick Adams that was made possible by the museum and a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic. This place is just incredible and it’s free. An absolute must-see and if you live near it, go often for those of us who can’t.

Forever Filmz 1 year ago

I like to think of this as an iconic photo and video stop in Cleveland on wedding day. It makes for beautiful imagery, so it's easy to see why. I have come down with a few different wedding groups, and it is always a fun and rejuvenating experience during the day. I should take a day off and go see the inside, lol. Enjoy!

Rodney 1 year ago

Beautiful building and grounds. The atrium area is spacious and a place to relax viewing another gallery. Thy have a nice Cafe near tables in the atrium. The galleries are large and allow for a relaxing experience. The Art lens app offered by the museum is a nice complement to viewing the art. It allows you to gain more information on the specific art pieces and the artist. I suggest having the staff assist in setting it up.

Okay Yea 1 year ago

First time being to a museum of this level, couldn’t believe my eyes. Truly made my trip to PA/OHIO, out of all the activities me and my Fiancé did this was by far my favourite.

Y HL 1 year ago

Despite having visited many art museums in Europe, this has got to be near the best I've visited (have not visited The Met nor the Washington National Gallery). The huge amount of quality art is amazing for any art museum, let alone one without any entrance fees. Spent over four hours and could barely finish the 2nd floor (the main floor). There's Picasso, Monet, Van Gough, and many other spectacular pieces of art, from all around the world: Europe, Americas, India, China, Japan, Korea, etc. This museum must not be missed, and do be prepared to spend over five hours if you're really into art.

kelsie danner 1 year ago

They have so many cool and beautiful things there I love this museum. A part of me wants to see an expanded selection of indigenous artwork so people can enjoy it and be educated by it but a part of me doesn't because I believe indigenous objects should be kept by the people of the tribes they belong to. I posted a photo of my favorite piece I saw today.

V Bennett 1 year ago

I love art museums and this one was fantastic! In Ohio the museums are free, which is great. The exhibits were a mix of art and vintage pieces, such as knights armor, mummy sarcophagus, Tiffany glass and beautiful works of art. It's a beautiful place and the rooms are all very large. Expect to spend about 3 hours here or more. Go while in the area, you will be glad you did.

April C 1 year ago

FREE!….Everything a classical art museum should be, huge, beautiful, tons of friendly staff/volunteers…. And something ALL large classical art museums should be, FREE to the public! donations appreciated tho. I’ve been going here since i was young and this museum helped bring to life ancient peoples, their history & especially appreciation of the old masters oil paintings. (Tip: huge changes in the area near the museum in the past decade….avoid their outrageous parking garage fees by parking on the street just below the museum. They’ve REALLY cleaned up the area and felt completely comfortable street parking during the day)

Mike 1 year ago

What an incredible gem right here in the city of Cleveland. On top of that it's FREE!! There's no excuse why every single clevelander and out of town visitor does not go to the art museum.

Andy Luu 1 year ago

We wanted to check out the chalk art event and we’re not disappointed. Although we were a bit too early to see the professional artists replicate famous paintings, it was fun to see so many chalk art around. We also toured the art galleries inside the building and were impressed by the collection of art available to the public for free viewing. This is definitely a great place to go.

An Pham 1 year ago

This place is AMAZING! There's so much art, and I could probably spend a whole day here and not see everything. There are west, east, north, and south wings - categorized by era and place of origin. There's paintings, sculptures, pottery, armor, weapons, furniture, remnants of an old building, and so much more! Plus there's a cafe and a restaurant if you're feeling a bit hungry. I need to come back! I've included interior pictures of the building and some of my favorites.

Eddie Gomez 1 year ago

As a member and frequent visitor of the MET And MOMA in New York, I went in with certain expectations, I was not disappointed. The collection is quite extensive. One thing I also liked was that while it was a large venue, I was never lost or worried I missed exhibits, as it sometimes happens in larger buildings. The museum itself was a fantastic piece of architecture. Will definitely be going back.

Justin Wisniewski 1 year ago

This place is awesome! Great date day, we didn't about 6 hours looking at all the art and still couldn't get through all of it.

Angelo Serra 1 year ago

Com o estacionamento relativamente barato e gratuito, isso é obrigatório quando estiver em Cleveland. Galerias em dois andares, com o mais impressionante sendo a galeria de tapeçarias e a Galeria de Armadura Medieval que é apenas uma visão de se ver. Muitas pinturas modernas e impressionistas e várias peças muito interessantes de Picasso. Alguns são muito reconhecíveis, outros muito interessantes. Há também uma boa galeria egípcia e algumas pequenas exibições da Tiffany.

fsxaviator 1 year ago

Já foi dito 1000 vezes, mas este lugar é absolutamente incrível. Se você estiver em qualquer lugar perto da área, realmente precisa conferir! Já estive em dezenas de museus e este está honestamente em outro nível. Se você deseja explorar tudo/todas as exposições esperam gastar pelo menos 3 horas, mas se você tiver menos tempo, é muito fácil entrar e sair das diferentes exposições! Também fui um sábado e nem era super ocupado, excelente local.

Ann Shevchuk 1 year ago

Adorable place! we spent about 3-4 hours in the museum, and we want more. I recommend this place for curiosity and development. I fell in love with this place

Ogulkeyik Hudayberdiyeva 1 year ago

One of the BEST and humongous museums I've visited so far, and it's also FREE. A must visit when you're in Cleveland!

吴锐恒(Ruiheng Edbalt Wu) 1 year ago

The size is big. The armor room and the baroque art collections are decent. Before coming I had a high expectations of the Asian collection, but the exhibition quality is close to that in the art institute of Chicago. The Impressionism paintings only occupied one room, which is really small considering the size of the whole art gallery.

Mustafa Kilcak 1 year ago

The best museum that I have ever visited in the US so far. There are good historical arts. It is also good that it is free.

Brett Wilms 1 year ago

5 stars every time. The Cleveland Museum of Art is a gem. There is so much art in this museum everybody can find something that speaks to them. As a child growing up in the area, the Medieval weaponry area brings back the strongest memories. But as an adult I find the modern and contemporary collections to be the most engaging. With regularly rotating galleries and special exhibits, CMA always has a reason to visit. Not to mention the spacious atrium and best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

Kathy Wilde 1 year ago

Amazing Gallery! Give yourself plenty of time for this one. Fantastic collections from ancient to Modern. Something for everyone. If you enjoy art don't miss this gallery. Can't wait to go back! The staff was friendly and helpful, as well as passionate about the art.

Jeremy Cubranich 1 year ago

From new special collections desk times throughout the year, to the everyday, amazing variety they display, you can't miss it. Modern, classic, and between. Local, national, and intentional alike with plenty of genres and mediums on display. Plus, even the "regular" displays are changed out and moved around enough to keep it feeling fresh.

Ashley Whitson 1 year ago

I'm no art buff, but we still had a great time here. Obviously it has great art, but I think the atmosphere is what makes it so enjoyable for all. It's not "stuffy" so you're free to go at your own pace and bounce around. The building itself is also really pretty. We visited for the first time and looked a little confused when we entered so a very nice employee explained the best place to start. Everyone we talked to was nice and helpful and looked like they enjoyed being there. Oh bonus, it's free!

Nengah Hariadi 1 year ago

Really nice doable museum that you can spend an hour on a weekend. The best part is it's free just have to pay for parking of $12. Though you may be able to park on the street around the area. One little gem is the lake right across the museum. We came around Easter weekend and it was definitely great. The trees, some were probably cherry blossoms, and they looked amazing. If you have time, I strongly recommend this place and don't forget to visit the lake outside while enjoying the weather.

Liz 1 year ago

Uma jóia maravilhosa em Cleveland. Eles têm uma extensa coleção de diferentes tipos de arte, variando da coleção de armaduras a barroca. Eles também têm uma boa loja de presentes e um café que você pode parar. A arquitetura dentro e fora são obras de arte. A melhor parte ... é grátis! Todos os funcionários que encontrei também foram muito simpáticos e informativos. Uma ótima maneira de passar uma tarde.

Tara 1 year ago

Such an amazing experience at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was free to enter. If we wanted to see the special exhibits, we would have to pay extra. We only made it through the 1916 building (south building) when we went. Everything was so wonderfully curated and preserved. I loved the fact that the exhibits had ample space and it did not feel cramped at any point which was wonderful because one person in our party was in a wheelchair. I have been to 5 other major art museums including Chicago and thus far, the only Cleveland Museum of Art has been my favorite. They also have a cafe that has baked goods, coffee, soups, sandwiches and sushi. I also noticed that they had small bottles of wine and sparkling wine for purchase. The gift shop has a wide array of gifts ranging from a keychain all the way up to fine jewelry. We are hoping to become members in the near future!

Diana Guzman 1 year ago

Comprehensive museum, clean with modern architectural. Plenty of space to view special Exhibits and the permanent galleries are well Organized with many examples of art and artifact from a wide range of cultures. Nice cafe to stop for lunch or a snack

Jessie Long 1 year ago

We love the mesum of art. Lovely space for relaxing and just being. I also bring my daughter whose sometimes Cranky and it's nice that they are patient.

Katarina D 1 year ago

Uma experiência divertida e interativa. Fiquei impressionado com todas as belas peças que eles tinham, apenas com pura admiração. Mãos para baixo uma experiência incrível assim que você entra na porta. Um imperdível ver em Cleveland e grátis !! Ótimo lugar para passar o dia todo, aproveite o café e a loja de presentes e um bom lugar para trazer crianças ou ir com os amigos. Funcionários muito acolhedores disponíveis para compartilhar detalhes ou responder a quaisquer perguntas.

Frederick Roughton 1 year ago

Lindo lugar. Muitas exposições diferentes para desfrutar de graça. Neste momento, você deve usar uma máscara (não é grande coisa que eles oferecem gratuitamente, se esquecer). Ótima coleção de armaduras, espadas e outros artefatos daquela época. Lotes 0f esculturas reais hindus e budistas, comprimidos e esculturas. A segunda vez passou algum tempo caminhando pelos parques que levam ao museu definitivamente vale a pena também valer o esforço. Definitivamente vou dar tempo para ir novamente se eu estiver em algum lugar perto. Amei .

Shine Thomas 1 year ago

Very good museum in Cleveland with lot of historical paintings and artifacts. When I was there it was some Egypt spcific exhibition was going on and got a chance to learn a lot more about Egypt. Lot of Christian artifact's and paining a also available there. And the whole place has been kept really neat too. One would need about little over half a day to cover the entire museum.

Trent 1 year ago

This is an amazing and beautiful museum! They had exhibits from India, China, Japan, and Korea all the way to Warhol and Dali. I could really have happily spent several hours there. The have a beautiful restaurant and cafe in house as well as a small but well stocked gift shop. There are several public restrooms complete with no-touch facilities and baby changing stations in the mens room (which is often overlooked). It is hard for a younger child to stay engaged however so you should plan accordingly. Parking is also limited to the street.

Amanda Taylor 2 years ago

The Cleveland Museum of Art has a really lovely collection. It is worth a trip for that alone, but the true gem of the museum is its integration of digital experiences with the actual collection. You can plot a tour by selecting pieces that appeal to you on a big wall near the entrance. Using your smartphone after downloading their app, you set your phone on a station and then touch pieces you want to see on the large, interactive screens. These "loved" items are collected by the app and then you can see where they are and be guided to them in the galleries. You can also see other tours from visitors and curators that have been saved in the app. There are so many more interactive experiences using 3D models of several pieces on display. Unlike the real things, you can virtually move these around and zoom in and out. I appreciated the actual pieces so much more as a result. The best thing, though, was the Revealing Krishna exhibit. The use of the 3D models, the virtual reality experience, and the amazing story of the two Krishna statues were simply stunning. It was a beautiful and rich narrative and I can't recommend it enough.

Taylor Orvosh 2 years ago

This is a fabulous museum with many great exhibits. We love going and spending the day walking around and looking at all the great artwork. The parking garage can be confusing - the best place to park is on the top level not the bottom - and the interior of the museum can be a little difficult to navigate but there are always plenty of attendants around to provide assistance. This museum is a Cleveland treasure!

Rachael Rudisill 2 years ago

It was an amazing experience. Took my daughter on her birthday along with my other 2 kids. There was plenty so see for all. We literally walked around the whole museum. My kids did not want to leave. I would not recommend buying anything at the gift shop as the prices were expensive, but my spoiled children got to choose 1 thing a piece; totaling 3 things and it was over $125 (1 stuffed elephant and giraffe and a book). But it's definitely worth going, did I mention it was FREE to visit!?! I would like to go again.

Sarah Jessica 2 years ago

It was an amazing experience! I really enjoyed all the different pieces of art. It was really well laid out and had many spots you can also sit down. The staff was very friendly and helped a few times when needed. It is also a lot bigger than expected that itll take quite a bit of time to go through it all!!

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