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Eastern Pkwy 200
11238, New York
(718) 638-5000

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O Museu do Brooklyn é um dos maiores e maiores museus de arte dos Estados Unidos. Com uma coleção de mais de 1,5 milhão de objetos, o museu abrange arte egípcia antiga à arte contemporânea. O museu está localizado no bairro do Brooklyn, na cidade de Nova York.

O museu foi fundado em 1823 por Augustus Graham e tem sido aberto ao público desde a sua criação. O Museu do Brooklyn é uma instituição de renome mundial, conhecida por sua coleção expansiva e diversificada, bem como seu compromisso com a educação e o engajamento público.

A coleção do museu inclui objetos do Egito Antigo, Grécia, Roma, Mundo Islâmico, Ásia, África, Américas e Europa. O museu também abriga uma coleção significativa de arte contemporânea, com foco em obras de artistas de cores e mulheres artistas.

O Museu do Brooklyn está comprometido em fornecer acesso à sua coleção e exposições para todos os visitantes. O museu oferece uma variedade de programas públicos, incluindo passeios, workshops, palestras e programas familiares. O museu também oferece uma variedade de programas educacionais para grupos escolares, professores e alunos.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Brooklyn Museum: Opiniões

Ukemeabasi Esiet (Ukeme) 1 year ago

One of my favorite places in Brooklyn other than the Central Library, the Brooklyn Museum is a gem. I mainly visited for the sake of Virgil Abloh's "Figures of Speech" exhibit and I had a great experience appreciating Virgil's genius. Make sure to go through the shops on your way out (Figures of Speech and the main museum shop to get souvenirs and memorabilia.

Ayọmide Ṣolanke 1 year ago

On a self-guided tour of the museum, I found Brooklyn very refreshing. The museum has easy navigation with displays from Persia, Egypt and ´Period’ rooms. I found the period rooms my most loved pieces, capturing room and decors front many historical periods. Just beautiful that you can step into the past with those rooms. The reception asks you for a voluntary access fee and the staff paused well enough to enunciate what they were saying. Very relaxing escape from the buzz that is New York.

Semund Simensen 1 year ago

Love the place and the area. Admission is 16 USD an fir that you get access to general exhibitions. A lot to see, huge variety and would recommend the current DEATH TO THE LIVING, Long Live Trash by Duke Riley

Nils Paellmann 1 year ago

The "Metropolitan Museum" of Brooklyn. Superlative collections. Don't miss the Egyptian and the painting collections, including great paintings by John Singer Sargent, Edgar Degas, Charles Sheeler, and many others. Always great special exhibitions like the current Virgil Abloh show. The original murals from the Williamsburg Houses (architect: William Lescaze) are a special treat as is the unique Visible Storage.

Dana W 1 year ago

Very big…five floors. I went in first Saturday. There were a lot of venders very organized. Food restaurant open. I went from 6-10p

Marion NYC 1 year ago

Small but mighty museum. I didn’t get tickets to the timed extra exhibit but it was still worth exploring all the cool pieces that is part of the permanent sections. They have some fantastic pieces. This is easy to get to just off the 2/3 line. This is next to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I highly recommend this museum. Check it out!

Rolf Shmidt 1 year ago

This museum is a well-hidden gem in Brooklyn, far fewer visitor than at the Met and its Egyptian and Assyrian collections are as practically as good as the Met or the Louvre. The story of how 23-year-old Austen Layard discovered all the Assyrian slabs in 1840 while rafting down the Tigris river is beyond belief. The 25-foot-long Book of the Dead papyrus is also quite mesmerizing.

Nell C 1 year ago

the Brooklyn Museum offers world class art exhibits without the crowds of Manhattan venues. I recently viewed the Duke Riley installation: DEATH TO THE LIVING, Long Live Trash. It was both an amusing and disturbing take on plastics and other pollutants in our water ways. I especially loved the triptych about the Gowanus Canal and the drawings of the Newtown Creek which were humerus and full of detail which could take an hour to fully explore. aside from the drawings and films, most of the art is made with objects found on the beach. You will never think of a coffee stirrer, a Playtex tampon or a bic lighter in the same way. When you are tired of standing, rest on a bench while watching a beautiful meditative film of a woman in the snow gently cleaning up her beach. After the show, take a trip to the 3rd street Whole Foods and ponder the Gowanus.

L Madaus 1 year ago

not worth the $$$. really stuffy galleries (fans in the corner of the monet exhibit?) and an even stuffier staff. there are some some decent gems to be found - see pic. tldr: don't pay the admit fee, just borrow ur friend's membership card.

Katie Y 1 year ago

Excellent! Our six year old loved the clock and Egyptian displays, along with the Assyrian tablets. The sculptures were also a hit. The cafe is nice if you have a smaller child like we do so you can take a break. A nice, quiet, cool retreat with lots of enjoyable history.

Minh Le 1 year ago

Overall great experience with high ceilings and well thought out on the “Dior” exhibit. Stunning development of storytelling through the dresses of Dior through the different designers vision. The white room with the mirrors to showcase the design process of couture was breathtaking. I’d wear the dresses even at this point of design. Can’t wait to go back to see other fashion exhibits.

Suheil Litardo 1 year ago

Clean amazing art work workers are very kind

pd speh 1 year ago

Extremely Biased Review as I work here. This place is like a second home to me and when you visit you will not be disappointed. I have worked in most of the Museums in NY and this one was always on my top 5 to work at and visit. It's the people that work here that make this place. A great NYC hidden gem as well. If you like a big Museum vibe with the crowded feeling of a big Museum this is the Place for you. A Huge Bonus is the museum has it's own subway stop on the 2/3 line! Mid April is my favorite time of year as the Cherry Blossoms bloom out front.

William Li 1 year ago

The Brooklyn Museum was a really cool 5 floor museum featuring some pretty cool exhibits. Powerful paintings that invoke feelings of insignificance and various sculptures and crafts from throughout the times. The thing that makes this museum so much better of an experience is because how it is sectioned off into bite-sized levels that doesnt feel overwhelming. It was super cleaning and cool inside making it the perfect escape from the summer heat.

Elle 1 year ago

O Museu do Brooklyn é uma vibração inteira. Eu tenho visitado o museu desde que era criança - as coleções e exposições variadas são divertidas, modernas e hospedam muitos programas comunitários, como artes para adolescentes, slams de poesia e os infames primeiros sábados. Cada entrada do primeiro sábado é gratuita e há uma grande festa no Museu. Se você está na cidade, confira! Alguns meses atrás, fui à exposição Dior e foi incrível!

Adrina Banks 1 year ago

Amazing venue for a Gala or special event! The setting was beautiful and the service was exceptional. Only downside was the noise level. Would suggest carpeting for events w presentations.

Amrita Mathur 1 year ago

I think this museum gets lost behind the other heavy hitters like Moma and MET but it definitely stands on it's own! Absolutley gorgeous collection of artwork and awesome to see reinvention of the museum standard by increasing indigenous, black, and non white male artwork as a whole. But not just adding the pieces but trying to create a dialogue and narrative around it to challenge old pieces without just hiding it away. It was the first time I'd seen a genuine attempt at conversation around colonialism, race, environment, the museum standard that worked well! Every floor stood it's own and created its own dialogue! Do not skip over this gem, strongly reccomend a trip here! And the beautiful botanical garden is right next door!

Andy 1 year ago

Minha primeira vez no Museu do Brooklyn. É menor que o Met, mas ainda é grandioso. Este museu tem artistas bem conhecidos, artefatos, arte moderna e muito mais. Eles têm um restaurante no local, bem como uma pequena lanchonete. Este museu também tem estacionamento disponível, mas você pode encontrar estacionamento na rua. Além disso, este museu atualmente exige que você seja mascarado.

Melissa Sutherland Moss 1 year ago

The Brooklyn Museam in collaboration with The Lay Out for First Saturday’s was a success. Such an amazing vibe, great music, & super fashion forward Black crowd. It started at 830pm, free but ticketed event. The space was extremely packed and a bit uncomfortable to move around especially during pandemic. No masks or vaccination requirements at this time. The museam is handicap accessible. Barbie had one hell of a time! See more of this story on @melissasktheartist (IG)

Anais G. 1 year ago

The Brooklyn Museum is one of my favorite museums in NY; you can find a mix of every genre in art. I have been visiting this museum since I moved to NY in 2000, and they constantly have new fun exhibits. My favorite so far was the Frida Kahlo exhibit. So many items she used daily. The exhibition had everything from her makeup, hairbrush, shoes, dresses, hair accessories, paints, books, and it portrays her culture and lifestyle much more than just her art. I also visited this museum as a chaperon with my son's school and saw "The Schenck Houses." The kids had a fantastic time going through the house and finding the hidden objects. The museum guide involved all children and made them feel as if they had traveled in time. It was a great trip. The museum is very clean. The coat Check-in - and check-out were fast and organized. You can spend hours here without getting bored if you enjoy the art. It should be more explicit that General admission is suggested, or pay what you wish. Because at the register, it is not mentioned often, but note General admission does not include access to any ticketed exhibitions,

massimo 1 year ago

probably my favorite museum in the city now. the lighting isn't as bright and overbearing as it might be in the MET or MOMA at times. all the exhibits are pretty awesome. i won't go into detail just trying to make this thing a little longer so i can get the extra points for detailing my review yeeeer

Mikaila L 1 year ago

Fomos em uma tarde de quinta -feira e foi o momento perfeito para ir! Quase não havia ninguém lá, então parecia que tínhamos o museu para nós mesmos. Eles têm um café e restaurante, fomos ao café e tivemos um envoltório que foi bom. Queríamos um sanduíche, mas parte da alface parecia um pouco superficial. No geral, o museu era muito limpo, bem organizado e bastante fácil de navegar. Deveríamos ter pegado um mapa, eu não vi nenhum lugar. No entanto, a equipe foi muito útil e respondeu a quaisquer perguntas que tivéssemos. Eles tinham algumas pinturas a óleo incríveis aqui, uma infinidade de estátuas de Buda e, no 5º andar, eles têm uma sala onde mantêm itens passados ​​em armazenamento, o que é bem legal. Passamos cerca de 2 horas e meia aqui e vimos quase todas as exposições. (Não pagamos pelas outras exposições limitadas) Eles têm algumas peças interativas que eram interessantes, mas eu meio que gostaria que eles tivessem mais! Aquele em que podíamos escrever nos livros era o nosso favorito. Eu derrubei uma estrela porque, com a localização e a maneira como é apresentada, desejei que eles tivessem um pouco mais de exposições e peças de arte direcionadas para a juventude ou talvez informações mais envolventes que capturem nossa atenção? A maneira como as informações são apresentadas é muito franco.

K P 1 year ago

Uma experiência incrível geral. Estive aqui anos atrás e adoro o fato de que tudo sempre muda. Eles fornecem exposições sobre coisas que acontecem agora de artistas incríveis de todo o mundo. Muita caminhada acontecerá e você também precisará apresentar um cartão de vacinação para entrada. Certifique -se de usar calçados adequados e espere que eles estejam seguindo protocolos de segurança. Experiência absolutamente incrível e educadora. Definitivamente recomendaria fazer a viagem.

Alex R 1 year ago

Solely based on special exhibits. Like most museums that host special events, they follow the same policy no re-entry policy. It was a smooth flow, but still felt unorganized. Only real complaint was the lack of the souvenirs, but that is expected when dealing with Kaws or any other sought after Artist. If this exhibit comes back they should come up with a wider array of things for purchase. Rest of the museum was ok, but it definitely isn’t the style of art I’m used to.

amand grey 1 year ago

Went Sunday for the Christian Dior exhibition. I had purchased my tickets in the internet. It was very easy to find. We were ask for proof of vaccine and id cards . We were told to go to the third floor where the exhibition was. When we entered the first room with Dior's name a biography and a big screen showing runways of Dior's fashion shows we couldn't be more overwhelmed and excited to be there with all the fashion biography of Dior. The museum did such an splendid job combining fashion and the architecture design of each space were Dior's haute couture was displayed. The garden of dreams was spectacular the section were they showed all white pieces with the glass ceiling was amazing. I couldn't say anything else but what a wonderful experience thanks to the Brooklyn museum.

Alex Chou 2 years ago

Went to the Dior exhibit in Oct 2021. It was fantastic! You are up very close to the beautiful pieces of clothing and they have details of how each piece is significant

Michelle Wang 2 years ago

absolutely stunning Dior exhibition! the regular exhibition is also fun but had to admit the Dior was too good and ended up cost all the time I spent. An inspiring pioneer in the fashion industry from whom we all benefited a lot.

Abe Harb 2 years ago

The museum layout is spacious and well lit. I figured a museum like this would be busy on a Saturday morning/ midday - especially on a beautiful NY day despite COVID. This was far from the truth (it was busy) but the thoughtful design of the museum works so well. You can enjoy artifacts and art pieces without feeling like 20 other people are waiting to get closer behind you. Maybe it was COVID or just mutual respect, nobody packed around any piece. At times, I forgot I was in a museum with people around. The security is not obtrusive, but deff a known presence too. The vibe was so relaxed and respectful - I never felt rushed either. The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago (table pictured below) and Luce Center for American Art (5,000-square-foot visible storage - it's the pictures of items behind glass below) were my favorite parts of the museum. But I shared some pictures of artifacts and art below.

Annmarie Rousseaux 2 years ago

Underrated museum that holds its own in a city with top tier options. My boyfriend and I were able to explore the museum and take in each floor within 2 hours. Each floor is spacious and well-curated. We truly enjoyed the mixture of avant-garde art and the more classical pieces. It made for a perfect day to spend a Saturday, coupled with a walk in Prospect Park and the Botanical Garden.

Szandra Gecse 2 years ago

It was an amazing exhibition “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” at the Brooklyn Museum. Beautiful dresses and a lot of information about Christian Dior.

Nicholas Miles 2 years ago

this museum is ! I went this time to see the KAWS exhibit. KAWS is a Brooklyn-based artist known for his artwork focused around consumer culture. The KAWS: WHAT PARTY is a huge collection of his work (graffiti drawings, paintings, furniture, clothing, etc.) that is quite impressive! Then, i stumbled upon Judy Chicago’s the dinner party, which a huge triangular table full of beautiful plate settings commemorating notable women in history. Finally, i just simply enjoyed the stunning architecture of the building itself. beautiful i’ll can’t wait to go back!

Victorya Kaon 2 years ago

The Brooklyn Museum is an awesome art and historical experience. I highly recommend visiting and viewing the Obama portraits that are now on view, they are vibrant and really moving to see in person. They also have an exhibit on Dior as well as Andy Warhol. If you come be sure to really plan your visit, the museum has multiple floors- so pick up a map and figure out what installations you are most interested in and go from there. I would say that a visit can be a half day or even full day thing. They are accessible and I’ve elevators as well as audio exhibit style listening. They have a cute gift shop as well as a restaurant- however it has been closed due to COVID. **they require Photo ID and Proof of Vaccination to enter the building.

* 1JazzyLady4U * 2 years ago

I had a great day hanging with my Sorority Sister Carmen at the Brooklyn museum. We went for the Obama's Portrait Exhibit, but got much more. We were pleasantly surprised that we were also able to see the Christian Dior Exhibit..These two exhibitions will have to be done in two post. Each fabulous in their own right and must stand alone. I encourage anyone in town to check them out before they leave. First we will start with the extraordinary designer "Christian Dior".. I was spellbound by all the magnificent fashion designs.. Second we checked out the Obamas' Portraits viewing.... What can I say, but beautiful, insightful, inspirational and moving.. Enjoy!❤❤❤❤

Rachel Lambo 2 years ago

I went to see the Dior exhibition! It’s absolutely stunning and breathtaking. The entire museum is a wonderland of history, stories and adventures. Your turn and something else is brought to live.

Irina Roskina 2 years ago

It has a lot of interesting exhibits. Very clean,spacey. Dior exhibit is amazing!!! It is so beautiful setting.Lighting music,and visual effects are charming!Lots of outfts and accessoires. Also it has a lot of photographs and documents. Masks and vaccination cards are required. Also tocketed reservations are required.

Greg “Bosco” Robinson 2 years ago

The Brooklyn Museum is well laid out. The exhibits are culturally respectful, and well documented. The special exhibit spaces are designed so that everyone can experience the art without feeling rushed, cramped or pressured to rush. There is space for visitors to write, sketch or in other ways document artwork they're studying, or focused upon. The guards are respectful and unobtrusive; their presence is not disruptive while at the same time they are aware and observant.

Van R. 2 years ago

Absolutely loved it. Proper physical distancing as well as sanitizing booths. The pieces on display, the ones tucked away in the visible storage, and the overall architecture of this museum was stunning. Would definitely recommend it to locals and visitors alike. A place worth taking the time and having a visit.

Soulful Kitchen 2 years ago

There were many interesting pieces. It was very enjoyable. It was clean, had hand sanitizer in various places, and everyone is required to wear a mask.

Renata Oliveira 2 years ago

Always great to come visit the special exhibitions! I became a member recently and it's been soo worth it! The Dior exhibition is one of the best!

Mrs. BENT 2 years ago

I have lived in this neighborhood for 30 years and the experience today was phenomenal. The bright vibrant colors of the the Kaws exhibit and the exhibit on the first floor was fantastic. Please come and support the Brooklyn Museum.

Tarun Kodaganti 2 years ago

A must visit when you are in or around New York. The place is full of inspiring artifacts of history, art and culture, keeping you engaged the whole time you’re there. Often gets overshadowed by the museum’s in Manhattan but you don’t want to miss this place while you’re here. Residents and students get to pay whatever they like for the entrance. Plan to spend at least 2 -3 hours when you visit.

Ews 2 years ago

A lot of cool stuff to see here! I totally recommend it! The KAWs exhibit was $16 for students but I think the rest of the museum is free or donation based.. vaccination card is required for entry

Osvaldo Natal 2 years ago

One of the coolest museums in NYC . Great exhibits, not too crowded, staff is very courteous. Right next to the subway. Sits next to the Botanical Gardens for anyone wanting to make a double feature. I highly recommend it to anyone for a day of culture and beauty.

Michael Connor 3 years ago

No quinto andar do museu, apenas retratos mais solenemente sóbrios de ricos colonialistas, é uma das características mais estranhas do museu da América: uma amostra pesada das coleções e artefatos ocultos do Brooklyn Museum. São algumas das coisas que não podem se encaixar nas paredes da instituição e em casos de exibição, e incluem arte formal, além de objetos mais mundanos, como uma dúzia de alarme da velha escola e relógios de parede. Os itens são iluminados e organizados profissionalmente, mas são empilhados para evocar os sentimentos apertados do sótão de um tio rico ou um armazém na lista de tarefas de Indiana Jones. Os curadores se divertiram com este espaço, e isso mostra!

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