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Alameda Sundheim 13
21003, Huelva
959 65 04 24

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O Museu de Huelva é um museu na cidade de Huelva, na região do sudoeste da Andaluzia. O museu está alojado em um ex -convento da Ordem de São Jerome, e suas coleções incluem arqueologia, etnografia, belas artes e numismáticos.

O museu foi fundado em 1883 e, desde então, suas coleções cresceram para incluir mais de 10.000 peças. A coleção de arqueologia inclui material dos períodos pré -históricos, romanos e mourish, e a coleção de etnografia inclui itens do modo de vida tradicional da região. A coleção de belas artes apresenta obras de artistas locais dos séculos XVI a XX, enquanto a coleção numismática compreende moedas, medalhas e outros objetos relacionados à história do dinheiro.

O Museo de Huelva está aberto ao público de terça a sábado, e a admissão é gratuita.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ Museo de Huelva: Opiniões

Emilio Fernandez 1 year ago

Incredible place to meet the history of Huelva. Excellent staff, who treats you with great pleasure.

José Manuel Moreno (Jmmrofa) 1 year ago

Above all, an archaeological museum with material from the numerous deposits in the province of Huelva. I especially love the cylindrical idols that were found in Huelva capital. It is a very quiet museum that also has a small art gallery on the first floor. And, from time to time, with some temporary exhibitions. I recommend your visit.

Ana Belen Wert Mayal 1 year ago

We went with the children and everything was great, free admission, everything very clean and the exhibition very interesting

danielle flores 1 year ago

Very beautiful and very enriching museum

Mª Isabel Vera-Muñoz 1 year ago

My admired Idols of Eyes, but they are not the only thing admired in this museum, there are so many things to admire that I never get tired!

Sue Evans 1 year ago

Este não é um museu muito grande, mas vale a pena dar uma olhada. A senhora na recepção foi muito útil

kitana sturio 1 year ago

A beautiful museum to visit, do not miss it if you visit Huelva. A pleasant surprise to go with my children.

Antonio Bovio 1 year ago

What surprised me the most was finding a very extensive collection of modern painting (19th-20th centuries). The prehistoric pieces, very interesting, very comet and well arranged. Recommendable.

Antonio Borrero 1 year ago

It is currently the only museum in the city. If you want to know the history of Huelva from the Tartessos it is the ideal place to take a small tour of the art that occurred in Huelva and the province

Joana Matias 1 year ago

Free entrance. Big space. Very complete. All very well explained about each piece. You can take pictures, just not with a flash. It is a museum for those who love History and Art, it has magnificent and interesting things. The frames are amazing.

Angeles Malfeito Cardenal 1 year ago

Magnificent experience. I loved. Excellent museum staff.

Julio César Martínez Andrea 1 year ago

The permanent exhibition is very good, especially the jewel in the crown

Javier Balosi 1 year ago

An interesting museum where you can discover the rich history of Huelva and the province.

José María Segoviano Olmos 1 year ago

A little known museum, but with a very interesting collection. It is worth admiring the Roman wheel and visiting the second floor, dedicated to Fine Arts.

Rosalia GM 1 year ago

Very interesting, especially the ground floor. Exceptional hydraulic wheel. Very attentive staff. Worth

Milagros Morano Pavon 1 year ago

I loved the visit and the archaeologist who showed us the entire exhibition, very professional and friendly

Ana 1 year ago

A museum that is above expectations. Very nice staff.

Javier Ramos 1 year ago

Huelva Museum divided into two parts, the first as an archaeological museum and the upper floor as a museum of paintings and sculptures. The works of the great Huelva painter Daniel Vázquez Díaz and the Baroque and Renaissance art rooms with religious paintings are very interesting.

MJ BO 1 year ago

Small museum of Huelva. It consists of two floors. The ground floor usually has objects found in excavations from previous cultures that populated this land, such as the Tartessos, the Celts, the Iberians and some remains of the Phoenicians. In the first, an art gallery, with some itinerant exhibitions. Admission is free for EEC citizens. Nice place. It is worth visiting, since, being small, little time is spent on it. The professionals who are in charge of this place are friendly and help you with the doubts that arise when you see exhibits.

Antonio antoñito 1 year ago

Provincial Museum of Huelva where they exhibit a great diversity of objects found in the subsoil of this capital, old waterwheels, weapons, vessels, etc. etc. Free tickets

Antonio ALONSO A. 1 year ago

Small museum, but very interesting, for young people and children it is very educational.

Rafael Sánchez 1 year ago

A good experience. My son and I enjoyed the ancient objects. Sonia attended us. Very kind and attentive. We were able to meet archaeologists who informed us perfectly

Edu López 1 year ago

As an art historian, I would love to defend my city's museum against criticism of "it is of little value", "it is very small", "it has nothing...". Well, look, yes, it has, it has many things of incalculable value and it is not basic at all. The organization of the museum does what it can with that continent joke, exhibiting in a place that the pieces that the museum has do not deserve. In general, people think it is little and of little value..., but they do not stop to think about a time when the museum has several warehouses full of archaeological works of a very high value that cannot be exhibited because the exhibition space it's a joke. That is why in Huelva we have been working for YEARS to clean up the old Bank of Spain building so that all these archaeological objects can be exhibited and keep their storage to a minimum, since it is shameful that an institution has to allow more Works in a warehouse being exhibited, and that's not the Museum's fault. In the archaeological part, authentic wonders are exhibited that go from Prehistory, through Protohistory, Greeks, Phoenicians, Tartessos, Romans and Muslims, making a historical journey that, museographically, is a genius. On the other hand, the Fine Arts section is another wonder, as it houses works from the Romanesque, Gothic, Hispano-Flemish Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Realism and the avant-garde, housing works by artists as important as Francisco de Herrera el Viejo, José Caballero or Daniel Vázquez Díaz.

casa de la juventud Aracena 1 year ago

A very good attention by the staff and a very interesting collection. It is worth visiting to learn about the history of our province.

Manoli Liañez 1 year ago

A very nice museum to see and learn. Very educational for children and very fun my children loved them when they were little. Very good temporary exhibitions...

dubravko aladic 1 year ago

Excellent service and even better people

Luis Roman 1 year ago

Small but very interesting collection. It is divided into two parts. In the lower part they exhibit an archaeological collection from the bronze age, the evolution of Onuba, to medieval Islam. In the upper part there is an art collection by local artists from the 16th to the 20th century. Many of them could be confused with a Prado collection due to their quality, but the fact that they are there gives it quality and a desire for prestige. When I went, I think there was also a temporary photographic exhibit. Admission is free. It also opens on Sundays, I think it also closes on Mondays.

Juan Martinez 1 year ago

I would love Spanish sign language more clearly. But direct YouTube video measures Ilse very small please lack large for perfect visual

Gema Carrion 1 year ago

Hopefully soon we can enjoy an Archaeological MUSEUM as Huelva deserves, showing the unique specimens we have.

Manuel Campanario Macías 1 year ago

I visit it periodically. Today I have dedicated myself to seeing the exhibitions of Latitudes. I recommend it. A still life (photo) caught my attention. You can also see the waterwheel that was found in the Corta Atalaya in Riotinto (photo) Admission is free.

Aurora Fernández Cervera 1 year ago

I loved it. And she was lonely too. So cool. I will be back

aclaro 1 year ago

Corner of cultures, here we are going to see various archaeological remains of the province, paintings and sculptures by well-known painters. It transports us to ancient times, very well documented and exposed. I encourage you to visit, you can take photos. The personnel is very friendly.

Jose Manuel Bermudo 1 year ago

The chronology is very good, the remains found are very well exposed. A museum not to be missed

Tomas Rincon Garcia 1 year ago

Numerous vestiges, treasures, elements and pieces from remote times are in this museum. Its enormous Roman wheel stands out at the entrance of it. Divided into two floors, the ground floor is dedicated to the historical part, from the Paleolithic to Christianity (I was impressed by the complete collection of Roman coins to give just one example). On the upper floor they make a very good selection of works of art, there are even a couple of rooms for Huelva artists and another for outstanding works of this 21st century. Visit essential if not necessary. Huelva is rich! (Free entrance)

Noemí P.J. 2 years ago

If you have not been there yet, it will not cease to amaze you in every showcase. Quite well explained and complete.

rocio bolaños 2 years ago

I loved it. But it is a shame that having him so close and with so much history and is not included in the activities of the school. We had to see it on our own, although that was with a guide who, apart from being very well prepared, was charming and friendly Truly a shame. That they also do not have a building in conditions to expose all the material that is stored.

Isabel Expósito Veladco 2 years ago

Magnificent, it's a shame not to have more diffusion, we miss an audiovisual room with the history of Huelva.

Miriam Pedrosa Diaz 2 years ago

Too bad it's small. I would like it to have some ethnography of Huelva. To have a more complete vision of the province of Huelva. It's still interesting and the staff is very friendly.

Ismael González Díaz 2 years ago

This museum is, despite its small size, one of the best and most organized that I have visited in Andalusia. We are from Seville and we have a tradition of coming to visit it every summer. In addition, the building in which it is located is very good. I see no need to take it somewhere new. If something works, why touch it?

Kyber Netes 2 years ago

Magnificent conference by the director of the museum and the archaeologist specializing in the Tartessian sites of Huelva. The photos correspond to the Tartessian funerary jars, a stele found in the Cumbres Mayores terminus and some of the findings of the Seminary.

Lola Maestre Guidet 2 years ago

I've walked past this place thousands of times and I've never been there until today... it's a shame I haven't been there before, really... It's great and very interesting what it shows both in the archaeological zone and in the painting rooms We have to learn to value what we have close and what is from our land. Super recommended, we will return

Valeria Regañó Vidondo 2 years ago

I have taken my granddaughter to a museum for the first time, she has enjoyed it very much

Ma del Carmen López Castilla 2 years ago

A museum worth visiting, the exhibition of archaeological remains shows us part of our prehistory and history of the province. The part of the exhibition of paintings shows us many of our painters from Huelva. Worth

Ramon Campos Olivas 2 years ago

Este é um pequeno museu com exposição arquelógica e de pintura. É gratuito e é obrigatório para os amantes da cultura em Huelva

Ela Jurko 2 years ago

É um museu fofo que exibe descobertas arqueológicas e artes plásticas. É gratuito e interessante se você tiver uma hora extra em Huelva.

APULY APULY 3 years ago

It has very valuable antiques from the time before Christ, on the second floor there are some ancient carved figures that contain carved demons, and religious carvings with diabolical symbols, it also has spectacular paintings of the old Huelva, that is, this museum has everything, it is extremely valuable And the best thing is that admission is free.

Isaac Chalmain 3 years ago

Great, a place full of art and history. Your friendly and competent staff. Highly recommended a visit.

Gary Mac Nicol 3 years ago

Brilliant place to go

family Acuario 4 years ago

Very good for hiking with the children, we were very well looked after and everything was so understandable to them thanks to the monitors of the museum.

ASHISH GUPTA 5 years ago

It's one of the most important place in history as well as in huelva. It has a boat in it on which christopher coloumbus had sail. Worth to visit.

Andrey Moiseev 5 years ago

It was an interesting museum to visit. Free entrance, small but still things to see.

Nick Nutter 6 years ago

O Museu Huelva está alojado em um edifício moderno nos arredores do sul da cidade. Ao entrar, você vê imediatamente a roda d'água de 3 metros de diâmetro encontrada na mina do Rio Tinto. Esta foi uma das várias rodas alimentadas por escravos durante os tempos romanos, que foi usada para extrair água dos níveis mais baixos da mina. O museu também contém descobertas nos locais megalíticos de La Zarcita em Santa Bárbara de Las Casas e El Pozuelo em Zalamea la real e fenício e artefatos gregos encontrados durante escavações na própria cidade. Para uma compreensão dos eventos na província de Huelva, de cerca de 3000 aC até os tempos romanos, este museu faz um bom ponto de partida. Em janeiro de 2015, as informações foram apresentadas apenas em espanhol.

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