Museo Arte Público

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P.º de la Castellana 40
28046, Madrid

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O Museo Arte Público, em Madri, é um museu de renome mundial que abriga uma extensa coleção de arte pública. O museu está localizado no coração de Madri, no Plaza de Cibeles. O Museo Arte Púb Boblico foi fundado em 1884 pelo governo espanhol. A coleção do museu inclui obras de alguns dos artistas mais famosos da história, como Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali e Diego Rivera. O Museo Arte Púbblico é um dos museus mais visitados de Madri, e é imperdível para qualquer pessoa interessada em arte.

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  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours

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🗣️ Museo Arte Público: Opiniões

Descubriendo Mayrit 1 year ago

This open-air museum was previously called the Castellana Open Air Sculpture Museum. It is located under the bridge of Enrique de la Mata Gorostizaga, which passes over the Paseo de la Castellana to connect the street of Juan Bravo with that of Eduardo Dato. This museum was an idea of ​​the sculptor and painter Eusebio Sempere and in it we can see works by Eduardo Chillida, Martín Chirino, Andreu Alfaro, Amadeo Gabino, Joan Miró and Gustavo Torner, among others. The best known work is titled "La sirena varada" by Eduardo Chillida, although it was originally called "Meeting place III".

Cuenta En Deshuso 1 year ago

It is located in Madrid on Paseo de La Castellana, on the ground floor of the bridge that joins the Streets of Juan Bravo and Eduardo Dato, a museum with abstract sculptures by great artists such as Subirachs, Miró, Chillida, ..... I like it a lot because we can admire all the works, without the need to queue or hinder anyone, dedicating all the time we need to appreciate these great and varied sculptures.

Carmen Pérez Pérez 1 year ago

What beautiful statuettes under a bridge, in the Paseo de la Castellana and you see the buses go by.

Аврора Иванова 1 year ago

Great museum! You can arrange a photo shoot in the open air! There are no crowds of tourists.

Diana Jimenez 1 year ago


DVørchweęssé1fœrfdözēßmkåâñai 1 year ago

I did not expect that under a bridge of pedestrians and cars there would be such a hidden space where various works of such striking sculptures were exhibited

Simone Diogo 1 year ago

Excellent, I recommend the visit, there are works on the way of those who pass by the place.

Tibi Sofian 1 year ago

Quite a curious place where it is worth stopping and seeing the works. They are in good maintenance

석봉이 1 year ago

Sob a ponte, perto do Calle Castellano, você pode ver alguns desses instaladores. Quando eu estava em um ônibus, era uma aparência de olhos. Seria melhor quando fornecesse comentários das esculturas de Tesse via código QR para obter as informações ou mais compreensão.

antonio castillo 1 year ago

A very pleasant walk in the open air with beautiful sculptures highly recommended

Javier Rodriguez Perez 1 year ago

The street name is La Casa La Salteñea Bolivia.

Alberto Visser 2 years ago

One of the secret places in Madrid, under the Juan Bravo viaduct. With the spectacular work "The Varada Mermaid" by Eduardo Chillida, hanging from the bridge. Numerous outdoor sculptures that can be seen for free although they should be in a museum.


A large outdoor exhibition.

Marina Silva 2 years ago

Spectacular museum in the middle of the street !!! It is worth visiting

Margit K 2 years ago

Public sculptures in interesting environment

Evan Rigby 2 years ago

Grande uso do espaço público que, de outra forma, teria sido um concreto sem graça. Os favoritos são o miro e a fonte

Marcos Manuel Saiz de Pedro 3 years ago

Large number of works, very cozy, very well indicated. Highly recommended

Mariano Gonzalez 3 years ago

Interesting museum. Recommended if you are going to pass near the Rubén Darío area.

Pilar Ruiz 3 years ago

Surprising exhibition of sculptures in an urban environment, integrated into the daily life of Madrid. Wonderful sculptures by many of the most important contemporary sculptors. A great enjoyment for culture to be able to contemplate works by Chillida, Miró, Subirachs ..... You have to see it and recreate

Dani Gomez 3 years ago

It's pretty and it's outdoors. Even so, it is quite well cared for, if you pass through the area it is worth taking a look at those abstract sculptures.

Virginia Caballero 3 years ago

It is a great site to visit, as you can find a great diversity of sculptors. Without a doubt, it is a good place to walk and to clear your mind.

Manuel Antonio Muñiz Estévez 3 years ago

Open space, very nice but no directions. Found by chance.

Ana Gutiérrez 3 years ago

Many works, it's very good

Esther López Díaz 3 years ago

Super well preserved and with frontline artists !! A pleasant walk to rest from the Castellana.

Alejandro G.L. 3 years ago

The museum has little interest in general. Not bad, but in 20 minutes you have plenty to see all the sculptures. The most prominent is one of Miró. Without a doubt, the best thing about this site is that you can skate on rainy days at the top.

M Pol 3 years ago

It is a place that must be given great value and given much more merit because it has it. It is a unique site and I think underestimated. Works of great authors in the open air.

Paco Perez 4 years ago

Urban art, a little-known museum within the city. Do not miss it.

Pascal Verhoest 4 years ago

Not a traditional ̂museum; some sculptures on the street; what an experience to stumble upon great artists unexpectedly.

Victoria 4 years ago

It is a Sculpture Museum that is under the overpass that joins the streets Juan Bravo and Eduardo Dato, passing over the Paseo de la Castellana. It was created in the 70s, and exhibits works by Chillida, which is anchored under the "La Sirena Varada" bridge, which is the largest sculpture in this Museum. De Miró is "Mére Ubu" a figure shaped like a bird-woman, other sculptors who have works there are Martí, Leoz, Palazuelo or Rivera among others. Of course access is free and free and represents something different to see in Madrid. If you take any bus that runs along the Paseo de la Castellana you will have a stop right at your feet to walk there.

Rrs 4 years ago

A piece of outdoor culture, it is worth taking a walk around the

Luu Bravo 4 years ago

It is a turning point, a parenthesis in the chaos of Madrid.

InglesUK Madrid 4 years ago

InglésUK SL has a branch here!

Pablo Martínez 4 years ago

Essential Spanish sculpture of the early twentieth century

Maria Eugenia Almandoz 4 years ago

It is a beautiful walk through the sculptures and the beautiful walk of the Castilian

Gustavo Fernández 4 years ago

An entertaining walk that can be extended by the environment full of points of interest.

Sonia Fernandez 4 years ago

It is free, decorates a passing space and makes it pleasant with modern sculptures.

Marcos García 4 years ago

Very clean and pretty careful. An art exhibition that you can enjoy while having breakfast in one of the bars in the area or while you walk around the area. With a sign that indicates the authors and the titles of the works, also in Braille.

David Murphy 4 years ago

My morning bus stop. What a way to start the day with the view of an incredible Chillida.

Abiodun Abdullahi SOLANKE 4 years ago

Belo Museu Público nos corações da cidade de Madri. Você verá uma exibição pública de belas obras de artes sob uma ponte da cidade cuidadosamente arquitetada. Incrível! O acesso ao Paseo de la Castell Ana é fácil pelo metrô e ônibus da cidade. Você verá as obras de Joan Miro e Eduardo Chillida.

Melissa Wright 4 years ago

À primeira vista, foram apenas algumas esculturas sob uma ponte, colocadas ali por uma iniciativa de artes da cidade bem-intencionada, mas ineficaz. Passei por isso muitas vezes sem perceber. No entanto, minha perspectiva mudou quando fui levado para um guia local e historiador de arte que poderia explicar o museu como um todo e mais sobre as peças individuais. Mais peças fazem parte do museu do que o que encontra os olhos. Eu recomendo com a ressalva que nem todos vão entender e nem todos vão gostar.

Liliana Dos Santos 5 years ago

It's great to be able to appreciate art on the street

Carmen Sidera 5 years ago

Extraordinary Museum. Lack of attention and cleanliness on the part of the City Council or to whom it corresponds.

Marga Llamas 5 years ago

An approach of art to the people. I love Chillida's Stranded Mermaid and some other works by Miró, Julio González or Sempere. Very well lit.

artiyer a 5 years ago

Hidden under a bridge, it is a hidden wonder of a time when people thought about beyond the next elections and beyond.

Roberto Pérez Olave 5 years ago

Outdoor sculpture, in particular the main piece is the Siren of Chillida

francisco morales muñoz 6 years ago

formerly called the Castellana Open-Air Sculpture Museum, which houses seventeen abstract sculptures by Spanish authors, under the Enrique de la Mata Gorostizaga bridge, which joins Juan Bravo street with Eduardo Dato street over Paseo de la Castellana, between the Madrid districts of Chamberí and Salamanca.

J. Carlos Garcia 6 years ago

One of the best samples of Contemporary Art that can be seen in Madrid and coincides with being the great unknown. - The Mermaid Varada (Chillida) - Permutational Structure (Francisco Sobrino) - Mediterranean (Martin Chirino) - Mobile (Eusebio Sempere) - Hyperpolyhedral Space Structure (Rafael Leoz) - Across the wall (Subirats) - Proali (Marcel Marti) - A mon per per infants (Andreu Alfaro) - Mère Ubu (Joan Miro) - and others Must visit if cultural tourism is done.

Rolando Galeas 6 years ago

You walk calmly through Madrid, and you find it.

Pablo Jimenez 7 years ago

Very nice and in the middle of the street, so you can simply see it passing by without paying an entrance fee.

Cinthia Ezcurra 7 years ago

If you like modern sculpture it is worth going to see it, where you can admire works by Joan Miró or other artists, it is worth going and it is free

gonzalo cano 7 years ago

Although it goes very unnoticed, it has beautiful sculptures

Morten 7 years ago

Worth a quick stop

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