Fries Museum

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Wilhelminaplein 92
8911 BS, Leeuwarden
058 255 5500

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O Museu Fries em Leeuwarden é um museu dedicado à história e cultura do povo frísio. O museu abriga uma coleção de artefatos e exposições que contam a história do povo frísio desde a história mais antiga até os dias atuais. O museu também possui uma biblioteca e um centro de pesquisa que é aberto ao público. O Fries Museum é uma das atrações turísticas mais populares de Leeuwarden e é imperdível para qualquer pessoa interessada na história e na cultura do povo frísio.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Fries Museum: Opiniões

Jolanta D. 1 year ago


Daniel Walkenhaus 1 year ago

Very good and nice museum also everything in english

Kseniya Slaston 1 year ago

I got a lot of impressions from visiting the exhibition "A la Campagne"

Ceasars Z 1 year ago

O museu é um novo edifício moderno e moderno, com muitos espaços abertos. Tudo estava claro e bem deitado. As exposições não atenderam às minhas expectativas. Eu experimentei o Museu de Resistência da Frísia e a exposição de Campagne à la Campagne bastante pequena. Eu me encontrei pela porta em uma hora ou mais, o que é muito rápido para mim.

Ynke Drenth 2 years ago

Very interesting art. These pictures are from the upper level of The Frisian Museum, there is usually a theme with art this one was about different things, it went from social media to underwater.

Rebecca Maddox 2 years ago

I loved the first floor, it was fantastic and I learned a few new things.

PussPuss McKitten 2 years ago

Located in Leeuwarden, capital of the Dutch province of Friesland, the Fries Museum has a rich history spanning almost 190 years. It has a wide range of art and culture on display from Friesland and beyond. Ranging from paintings, weapons to silver wear. It’s a beautiful museum with great staff and service! I personally really liked the works by the 19th-century painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema, artist Escher and the story and life of Grutte Pier (Big Pier) who was a giant Frisian Rebel leader against Spain. You can see his enormous sword in the museum and measures 2.13 metres (7 ft) in length and weighs about 6.6 kilograms (14.6 lb). If you are in the area, I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful museum!

Irene A 2 years ago

Excellent museum with lots of history and beautiful exhibitions

Joost Heymeijer 2 years ago

Absolutely loved it, even during corona. Well laid out. Super informative. Friesland during WW2 was a very good exhibit. Nice building too in a lovely city. Very impressive.

Upasana Shukla 2 years ago

I totally recommend it if you want to know about Friesland and its history and culture.

Mitch Khonor 2 years ago

Great museum ! Must visit if you are in Leeuwarden

Noah Summer 2 years ago

Gostei do estilo do museu, tem uma sensação muito moderna. A arte também foi interessante. Havia uma exposição Esher, que eu amei. Infelizmente, a turnê parecia muito apressada e não conseguimos realmente apreciar a arte o suficiente na minha opinião. Gostei da sala em preto e branco, onde tudo dentro era preto, branco ou alguma variante de cinza. Me senti muito surreal. Esta é uma foto colorida da sala.

Eddy Collard 3 years ago

Spent 5 hours there, an exhibition about Vikings, fascinating, and an exhibition about the Frisians themselves, also very interesting... in short, highly recommended.

Mark Herrewijnen 3 years ago

High quality, if a bit small. Me and my partner were impressed with the exposition of local history and heritage. Five stars for the quality time spent there and the relatively easy access via public transport.

Joël de Jong 3 years ago

Brilliant museum about Frisia, it's origin and it's culture.

Nicole 3 years ago

Nice museum about Friesland. They also have temporary exhibitions. At the moment there is an exhibition about Leeuwarden during the 2nd World War, which is really interesting. The audio guide is incl. in the ticket.

Hannes De Giro 3 years ago

Very interesting museum! I was positively surprised by the quality of it and it was better than I expected

Tomás Alberto Chang Pico 3 years ago

Great experience in the museum! The staff was very friendly. We learned a lot about the local culture and the expositions are interactive. Everything was well organized and the measures to avoid COVID19 infections were good.

R Oliemuller 3 years ago

A great museum to visit with your family. A magnificent building with beautiful expositions. The tea bar was good and the people in the museum were great and fun.

Ajit Thakkar 3 years ago

Always a great place to visit. Currently (December 2019) there is a Viking exhibition that is super. It shows how the history of the Vikings is interwoven with Frisian history.

Jan de Groot 3 years ago

Absolutely must see when visiting Friesland, great exposition.

Dennis Nothdruft 3 years ago

First rate museum with interesting mix of old and new, fine and applied arts.

Rakesh Kumar Barik 3 years ago

Um ótimo museu para aprender sobre a história da Frísia. O museu está cheio de artefatos históricos e culturais da Friesland. Os interiores do museu são artísticos e modernos demais.

Pearl Xia 3 years ago

Um bom museu, um edifício enorme com 3 andares. Há exposições de vikings, 2ª Guerra Mundial e Artes da Friesland. Grande, mas não cheio, pode haver mais coisas sobre a história da Friesland e o desenvolvimento hoje em dia. Não há nem explicações da bandeira de Friesland: o símbolo é uma folha de lírio de água ou apenas uma lentilha? Além disso, pode haver coisas mais interativas para as crianças.

Mohammad Mohammadi (Momo Aria) 3 years ago

É um bom museu principalmente sobre a história da Friesland, se você quiser saber mais sobre a cultura frísiana, recomendo este museu. O edifício tem uma boa arquitetura e preste atenção ao muro atrás da recepção coberta por Wol por um artista local! O museu não é tão grande que você pode visitá -lo em poucas horas. Em alguns dos salões, eles usaram a projeção de vídeo para criar uma atmosfera diferente e especial, que é feita com sucesso!

Roxane Medeiros 4 years ago

Superb architecture with very well curated exhibition about Friseland.

Marco Bouwer 4 years ago

This place was much bigger than I expected and offered a wide variety of cultural information and art exibitions. The venue was impressive and very accessibly. Accessibility was especially important since we visited with my 83 year old mother, there were no issues getting around. Friendly staff and a very professional and pleasant atmosphere in general.

Garford Moore 4 years ago

Lovely little museum. The modern building is spacious and well laid out. We came for the Escher exhibition, which was comprehensive and very well put together. Permanent collection worth a look too. Staff very warm and helpful.

proxy bar 4 years ago

Loved it. Especially the exhibition inspired by MC Escher

Tamás Péter Szabó 4 years ago

The current exhibition on Rembrandt is pretty interesting!

Adam Wexler 4 years ago

A truly modern museum that proudly displays the rich Frisian heritage while fearlessly curating the living pulse of today's Frisian artists. Friendly, knowledgeable, and awesome staff. You will love it!

Tat Chuen Kong 4 years ago

A very interesting museum recounting the history of life in Friesland, this museum is located in the Dutch northwestern city of Leeuwarden. There are usually two temporary exhibitions on the upper two floors, though at the time I visited, the Escher exhibition had just finished the previous week, and the Rembrandt exhibition was yet to open. The annual Noordeluik (Dutch for northern) Film Festival is also held here, but was in its last few days for this year. The permanent Friesian Verwals museum on the first floor is particularly worth seeing for those who have an interest in the Second World War, detailing life under German occupation of the Netherlands in general, and Friesland in particular.

M 4 years ago

Clean and quiet museum, the assistant are super nice and friendly.

Lynne 4 years ago

Rembrandt and Saskia exhibition. Beautifully presented in a chronological flow with interesting historical data as well as Rembrandt's early life with love and loss.grest facilities, friendly staff, well stocked museum shop, cafe nearby and clean facilities.

Scott Shay 5 years ago

Must see in Leeuwarden; very interesting and informative exhibits.

Dave Emson 5 years ago

Fab place with an absolutely excellent Escher exhibition

Alex Wilson 5 years ago

I liked this museum, loved the Escher exhibit. The staff that gave us the guide prior to entry were so incredibly nice and welcomming. It was spacious with modern decor, well worth a visit. It was a good introduction to the history of Friesland, to which I was very new.

Aleksandra Bolek 5 years ago

Great exhibitions, valuable Input. Escher was amazing.

Marten Van Der Pal 5 years ago

Great museum, unique perspectives and lesser known history beautifully shown

Barn Heijmink Liesert 5 years ago

Amazing expo on iconic Dutch artist Escher, a must see

ivars ansons 5 years ago

I've realised recently my old dream to visit the birthplace of Mata Hari Leeuwarden, and the Fries museum new exposition, devoted to her life and tragical faith helped me to understand the woman.Thank You!

Kamael Sugrim 5 years ago

Amazing exhibits and a pretty good looking museum as well!

Martin aime schepers 5 years ago

Amazing place. Beautiful Mata Hari exposition and lots more.

Stojan53 5 years ago

Very modern venue. At the time and through September there is a phantastic exhibition devoted to M.C.Escher, the famous master of optical illusion.

Imane Chafiq 5 years ago

Have diverse expositions from Friesian history to modern arts. Building in city centre and view from the top is wonderful

Mary Singer 5 years ago

Excellent museum. Definitely worth a visit.

Frits Spieker 5 years ago

Very nice museum. The resistance part (ww2) is very good.

Hsu A. 5 years ago

Escher op reis.... Super centrL located just next to the open markt where you can enjoy wonderful Dutch Cheese. This super exhibition of Escher is echo with the one in The Hague. Especially you must look the work called "Oog" shows the skull in eye centre.... It tells the details of this artist and how his talent on each work he made..... Must must visit... Also do enjoy a cup of coffee at side of canal.... Listen how people talk and discuss about culture of Fryslan. Cool

Dominique van Aalten (Oaklight) 5 years ago

Very nice museum with interesting exhibitions and a building to match the art

Andre Lot 6 years ago

The museum is very well organized, airy and well curated. I went there mainly to see the chintry exhibition and was pleasantly surprised.

Mike Connock 6 years ago

An amazing museum. A massive amount of information and research has gone into this. Enjoyed my visit.

Farhad Kamranvand 6 years ago

a great museum with knowledgeable tour leader who explains everything in a very simple manner. it is a must seen in Leeuwarden

Roza Weber 7 years ago

One of the best musea in the Netherlands. The new exposition about Alma-Tadema is simply wonderful. A must see!

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