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Av. de Juan de Herrera 2
28040, Madrid
915 50 47 00

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O Museo del Traje é um museu em Madri, Espanha. O museu é dedicado à história de fantasias e têxteis espanhóis. O museu está localizado no Palácio Real de Madri. O museu possui uma coleção de mais de 5.000 itens, incluindo roupas, acessórios e têxteis. O museu também possui uma biblioteca e um centro de pesquisa. O museu está aberto ao público de segunda a sábado.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 10:30 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ Museo del Traje: Opiniões

Pablo Serrallonga 1 year ago

Unique museum dedicated to the history of costumes and clothing with careful exhibitions of costumes from the 17th century to the present. Not to be missed is the temporary exhibition of Dr Auzeau that is located on the ground floor with an exhibition of didactic models for the anatomical study of the human body, botanical and veterinary use made in the mid-1800s.

Magdalena TERRERO 1 year ago

Phenomenal. Very nice and well organized. In addition there were few people, despite being Sunday and free. I will be back

Alfonso Vazquez 1 year ago

100% recommendable. It is very well cared for and lovingly placed. Congratulations to those responsible. I went on a Sunday morning and admission is free. The exhibition is not very big. In about 20 minutes you have seen it. But it's worth it.

Felipe F. G. 1 year ago

The collection is spectacular. In order to enjoy the experience even more, it would be very helpful if the descriptions and indications on the posters were related to the pieces they refer to. For example with numbers or indicating their position in the exhibitor.

Marelvis Gutierrez 1 year ago

Very cool i loved it

ANGEL RS 1 year ago

A magnificent museum that is worth visiting. Very friendly staff explaining everything perfectly. The facilities are spacious and the surroundings with the cafeteria and wonderful gardens.

Ines Adam-Dima 1 year ago

Very interesting organisation of the exhibited pieces. Many correlations with history facts. Social and cultural influences in fashion.

Alex Calderon 1 year ago

If you like fashion, it has a good collection of dresses and suits going through many centuries to the present. A simple but complete museum. It costs €3 normal entry.

Beatriz Cristóbal 1 year ago

It is a highly recommended museum. The evolution of fashion is seen in its context.

Ernesto Carrillo 1 year ago

Friendly attention from the staff that works inside the museum, as for the permanent exhibition I must say that I loved the whole tour, the things that can be known about how people dressed at a certain moment in history is fascinating.

R 1 year ago

A wonderful museum. It has been spectacular with the reform, providing it with wide spaces and renewed qualities (exhibitors, bathrooms, locker, hall...). Lots of armchairs and seats both in the lobby and during the exhibition. The employees are very nice and friendly. Both the cafeteria and the temporary exhibition area are separated from the permanent exhibition, which is appreciated. It is a great detail that each month they choose a specific garment and display it at the entrance of the permanent exhibition. A very complete and interesting collection that is worth visiting.

Maria P. Márquez Estilista 1 year ago

Very cool!!! With good explanations and a marvel of collections

Linda H. 1 year ago

Very nice museum which traces the history of clothing and its role in society over the centuries and which compares the different styles of clothing. We see surprising parts and accessories. Everything is well explained, even without an audio guide. Free for large families.

Pedro Guillamon Romero 1 year ago

Very instructive place that reviews the entire history of fashion and clothing. very cool

Carmen Villanueva Martinez 1 year ago

Magnificent, very far from the center but it deserves to be visited, although they have removed things that completed it, such as the type of fabric or the seeds, but it is beautiful. Its exquisite restaurant, try to eat there. enjoy the whole experience

Reseñas En Google 1 year ago

It is a beautiful museum, in addition to hosting very interesting proposals. It has a very nice internal patio and is spacious. The temporary exhibitions are very interesting.

Dorelys Peñafiel 1 year ago

You have to visit the Museum, whether you like fashion or not. It is a graphic way of telling the story of men's and women's suits throughout history in part of Europe. Before visiting it I imagined that it was much more glamorous and larger. I missed more designs from Balenciaga, Pertegaz. I hope that they will also exhibit a sample of designers such as María Escoté, Palomo Spain, among others. It has an elevator to go up in a wheelchair. Current ticket price 3 euros. On Thursdays there is a concert. Recommendable.

Mario Fernández Pereira 1 year ago

It is an amazing museum to visit. It takes a journey through history through clothing and times. There are unmatched pieces from greats like Fortuny, Balenciaga or Pertegaz. 100% recommended if you are a fan of fashion or a history enthusiast.

teresa garcia aguado 1 year ago

The exhibition is very careful and pleasant to see even without a guide because everything is well explained.

Juan Jose Rubio 1 year ago

Fantastic journey through fashion from its beginnings to the present day... essential in your travel agenda

Yadid 1 year ago

Very nice museum for fans of fashion and history.

Mónica Mediavilla 1 year ago

It is one of my favorite museums in Madrid. It is beautiful, but not very well known because it is located in Ciudad Universitaria, outside the usual route of the museums. They reopened it in 2021 and, although they have kept part of the pieces from the previous collection, they have included new ones that are wonderful What I liked the most is the scenery they have created for each of the showcases and how well they are contextualized are the pieces. The part of years 20, 30 and 40 is amazing. I dedicated 2 hours to it, because I wanted to see the entire collection quietly and enjoy the details, but it can be seen in 1 hour if you go at a faster pace. The cafeteria and the shop are located outside the museum, in the lower part, and on weekends there are free hours. During the week, they conduct guided tours. And sometimes, they make visits to the warehouses, highly recommended!

Un opinante delirante 1 year ago

Excellent museum with a large and very interesting collection in an attractive building with a beautiful garden. At a reduced price, you can also visit for free on weekends. It is not very crowded, I suppose because it is in a place that is not very central and outside the usual tourist circuits. It certainly deserves a careful visit.

Diego Prieto 1 year ago

One of the unknown museums in Madrid, but if you visit it is worth it. The textile collection that it has is impressive. You understand perfectly through its showcases the evolution of fashion from ancient times to the current world.

Orlando V. López 1 year ago

Excellent experience, a must visit place. I've been there a couple of times and will be back soon.

Maria Isabel Blanco del Pozo 1 year ago

Beautiful and very careful and the Museum staff very nice with us who are older. A big round of applause for them

Alê Niza 1 year ago

Well organized museum, with great structure, accessibility, lots of information and history. The costumes are supported by historical objects that help to understand the context of when they were created.

Amador Jimenez Perez 1 year ago

Guided tour today, spectacular museum, they have countless dresses and objects related to fashion. The guide Ana Guerrero, great, knows the history of Spain and applies it to the clothing of each moment in a very informative, entertaining, fun way, you would like to spend more time listening to her, a joy.

Arquimedes Llorens 1 year ago

Impressive and one of the best clothing museums I've seen. I hope one day my designs will be among their showcases!!!

Rubén HG 1 year ago

Fantastic museum about fashion and tangentially about design. Modern, in a magnificent building, with a formidable setting. If you like fashion, this is your museum, if you don't, the place is nice, and you can always stay on the garden terrace enjoying a nice space. If I had to put a but, I would say that it would be desirable to have more explanations of all the pieces.

Jose Antonio Franco 1 year ago

Beautiful museum and little known. Everyone would have to go meet him.

Beatriz Aranda 1 year ago

Hello. All the workers that we have seen are very kind and excellent treatment with my family and me. Thank you very much again. As for what to see in the Museum, they have more beautiful things besides the costumes and their details, some with sketches, accessories, jewelry. Well set, each one in its time: royalty dresses, movies, television, nod to photography, advertising, perfumes. A big hello. Thanks.

julia carbayo garcia 1 year ago

A rewarding experience, especially if you go with a designer who explains. The progression of fashion can be seen very well, the well-kept spaces and the scenery achieved, the setting, it really was a different morning. A 10 to the managers of the museum. Very good area for parking.

Othilia Zen Tao 1 year ago

Museu bastante interessante. Lindas roupas e muito mais. A história das roupas durante os tempos até hoje em dia.

Gabi Ilieva 1 year ago

Museu muito bom e grande. Você pode ver como a moda mudou durante os anos. Recomendar totalmente!

fran godp 1 year ago

We went to see it now that it reopens its doors and it's great. Not just because of what they teach, but because of how they teach it. The tour is chronological, putting each period in its historical setting and in its particular circumstances. It is an entertaining and educational tour. What you have to read is not tiresome and what you have to see is very interesting. Totally recommendable Ah! And the "Model of the Month" activity is not to be missed.

Iman Dankar 1 year ago

Belo museu com muito conhecimento sobre moda que eu adoro !! Não é facilmente alcançado para mim, mas valeu a pena! Eu fui lá andando do centro de Madri. A recepção era tão amável que eles sentiram que 8 estava cansado e me deixou entrar de graça (geralmente custa cerca de 27 euros). Encontrado em uma área tranquila com um café da moda, eu gostei do design do banheiro O fato é que estou apaixonado pelo design da moda desde criança, e nunca me arrependo de ir para lá, sentindo a linha de melhoria da moda desde séculos até agora foi muito interessante! No geral, fiquei feliz em descobrir uma nova área de Madri.

Maria Emma Quiñones 2 years ago

A visit to the incredible Costume Museum. Our guide Antonio is a professional who transmits a high level of knowledge, both historical, artistic and cultural. How well he has explained everything to us, how pleasant he has done it, he has left us wanting more. It deserves a 10. Without a doubt one of the best museums I have visited. A great experience. Thanks Antonio and thanks to the Museo del Traje for being an "unknown" treasure of Madrid.

José Volga 2 years ago

A museum with a super interesting journey through the history of the suit in Spain. We did a guided tour with Antonio, one of the best professionals I have come across guiding a museum in Spain. The desire with which he explains everything and the way he transmits all his knowledge is incredible. Totally recommended.

Karolina Wojtal 4 years ago

Great museum. It's not too big (max. 1 hour), but have some interesting clothes. Both spanish and english information. You can get to know also tradicional spanish outfits. Recommended to go on Sunday (free entrence).

Velma Louis 4 years ago

The permanent collection is full of great peices. After you pass through roughly 400 years of preserved clothing, you get to walk through an interactive exhibit. If you've ever dreamed of wearing special collars or trying on a crinnalen this is the place to come.

Martin Mendez 4 years ago

A must go in Madrid

Charo Gutierrez 4 years ago

Fantastic fashion museum!

calnau 4 years ago

Muito interessante.

Fernando Fernandez-Giro Diaz 5 years ago


Stephanie 5 years ago

Amazinnngggggggggg. The most fun in a museum i ever had lol. They even have a cute cat walk!!!! If u love fashion then its a must see!!!

Christine Wisch 5 years ago

This is a bit out of the way, but it's certainly worth the subway ride and walk. The museum offers a great overview of style trends from the early modern era through present day and provides detailed cards in Spanish and English identifying terms and details of the garments in their cases. Short videos along the way help provide social and historical context. Great selection and exhibits.

Jajaval Nakhakes 6 years ago

Fashionista don't miss this museum

Kathy Ho 6 years ago

Yes you can indeed finish this museum in 10 minutes. It's one floor, one circle. But hey, did you know that you can see this entire museum on their website? You can take "a virtual tour" and walk through the entire museum. - so it's free online! - it's free Sundays. It's free Saturdays after 2:30pm - it's also free on certain days, like World Heritage Day (April 18, 2015, which was when I visited) The museum kept true to the Spanish culture and history. Sure, France and Italy started much of the country's fashion influences, the museum emphasizes on the SPANISH history -how they dressed, how they were influenced, what they kept from the Spanish ancestors, what they added from the French, etc. There are leaflets in each section/room that tells you the name and dates of what you're looking at. Eventually the dates look like numbers (uhhhh 1930s.. 1920s...) to me. But for the first half of the museum, I was like, "ZOMG THIS IS ##### YEARS AGO!" I stayed here for 2 hours!!

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