Museu de Lleida

📍 Localização e contacto

Carrer del Sant Crist 1
25002, Lleida
973 28 30 75

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu de Lleida é um museu na cidade de Lleida, na província de mesmo nome, Catalonia, Espanha. O museu foi inaugurado em 24 de setembro de 2006 e está localizado na antiga igreja colegiada de Sant Llorenç de Morunys, no antigo bairro da cidade.

O museu possui uma coleção de mais de 2.000 peças, que incluem pinturas, esculturas, cerâmica, moedas, medalhas, armas, móveis e restos arqueológicos. A coleção do museu é dividida em duas seções principais: o Museu Arqueológico e o Museu de Arte.

O Museu Arqueológico abriga uma coleção de restos arqueológicos dos períodos pré -históricos, ibéricos, romanos e medievais. As peças mais notáveis ​​da coleção são as estátuas ibéricas do santuário de La Mitra, os mosaicos romanos da vila de Can Llauder e as lápides medievais da Igreja de Sant Llorenç de Morunys.

O Museu de Arte abriga uma coleção de pinturas, esculturas, cerâmica, moedas, medalhas, armas e móveis dos séculos 14 a 20. As peças mais notáveis ​​da coleção são o retábulo da imaculada concepção de Jaume Huguet, a pintura da crucificação de Lluís Borrass e os móveis do século XVIII.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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🗣️ Museu de Lleida: Opiniões

Ana Marina Coca 1 year ago

Very interesting. Very careful

Angel Perez Fuentes 1 year ago

Magnificent assembly and exhibition of works.

ALFRED C X 1 year ago

I really love it

jesole1 1 year ago

well Good assembly Too bad it's a lot of reproductions

Anna Oliveras Soler 1 year ago

A must-see if you are in the city. They are currently refurbishing part of the collection and admission is free. Set aside a couple of hours so you don't miss a detail!

Remi Zubon 1 year ago

This museum is very interesting and well worth visiting. It has a very large collection of antique objects from the region and everything about the history of Lleida. Thank you very much Eva for your kindness!

Rodolfo Soto 1 year ago

Excellent museum ❤️ Well organized, friendly staff, with clear explanations and top-notch exhibition materials. I love the museum of Lleida!

leidy prada vargas 1 year ago

I liked

Joan Rius 1 year ago

Very interesting to visit

Lucciano Lucciano 1 year ago

Very cordial., a very good vermouth

J.M. S.Q. 1 year ago

Wonderful exhibition of ancient Catalan art. Highly recommended visit

Ramon Bosch Torrent 1 year ago

Very complete, interesting, tidy, well-organized and very well-explained museum to know the history of Lleida. Very, very friendly staff. It takes a lot of time and a lot of peace of mind to enjoy everything. If you are unfriendly to museums, ask the staff what the 7 or 8 most important things are. At the end there is an extraordinary exhibition of "Les Titelles del Mon".

Esther Mompeo 1 year ago

Very good, it is really worth knowing the origins of Lleida and the different civilizations.

Miguel Capilla 1 year ago

It is the quintessential museum of LLEIDA, I recommend it, you can unique works, it is on the Rambla de Aragon, before reaching the Bishopric,

Caspar Dechmann 1 year ago

Este é um museu maravilhoso: tudo é lindamente exibido e iluminado e, embora os textos estejam todos no catalão, há um arquivo com traduções quase completas em inglês no ponto de ingressos. Esta é uma raridade na Espanha e bem feita.

juan manuel jimenez chicote 2 years ago

Complete provincial museum. Very interesting. The staff also very very friendly.

Daniel Plaza 2 years ago

We were pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended, a great archaeological work of the area and pictorial and sculptural exhibition. Highly recommended for people from Lleida and not -so- from Lleida.

Antonio Riao 2 years ago

We have come a long way from our African ancestors to our time as Christians. A very pleasant walk and a visit that we have to repeat.

lolita royo 2 years ago

Always very good, yesterday a good concert with a virtuoso of the viola.

Teresa Solans 2 years ago

It is a fabulous museum, a pity that we have taken 1400 works of art from the strip.

Marcela Rodriguez 2 years ago

Excellent exhibition very complete and varied

Rosa Gómez 2 years ago

An excellent place to learn about our history, suitable for visiting with children.

Adrià Codina 2 years ago

Museum formed with an exceptional art collection despite the spoils that the Museum suffers from the Spanish state

PEP FILLAT 2 years ago

Easy access, very educational and spectacular "the altarpieces of Sixena" .. as well as the rest of the exhibition. A must visit in Lleida city.

toni cucala 2 years ago

Magnificent museum although right now it does not have some works that have been taken to Aragon by a very contested judicial decision and when Catalonia was with the application of 155. It is a modern museum, very well structured and perfectly illuminated. From Prehistory to the Baroque, the museum offers very important works, especially Gothic art.

Joao Sans 2 years ago

It's worth it, even if it's just to admire the baptismal ensemble of the town of Bovalar. Correctly lit in a room set in dark colors, it is a unique piece; simple and magical at the same time, which leads you to think that fifteen hundred years ago possibly one of our ancestors was baptized there.

Louis Gibson 2 years ago

Museu muito legal levando você a toda a história humana da região. Eles têm muitos artefatos legais e fornecem informações em vários idiomas diferentes, se você perguntar na recepção. Vale os 5 euros para entrar definitivamente.

Rosa Burrell 3 years ago

Ancient and contemporary history gathered in a common space, an example of how we have evolved in the lights and the mistakes we continue to make in the shadows of humanity. Must visit!

Kim Perea Hund 3 years ago

Fantastic exhibition RED LINES.

Núria BP 3 years ago

The art collection of the Diocesan Museum is highly recommended, well structured, it also has audio visual media. Affordable price.

Eugenia OB 4 years ago

Magnificent Museum. His exhibitions are always fantastic.

carlos serafin 4 years ago

Excellent visit, all very nice and very orderly, the only pity is that there are missing works that went to Sixena, and we still do not know why? nor for what? , but what we are going to do, is still a museum of the first category, very beautiful, to repeat a thousand times, very well taken care of and everything very organized and explained.

N Cb 4 years ago

Culture in its purest form, I found it fascinating. It's huge, the treatment was spectacular, everything spotless and with access for people in wheelchairs. Unbeatable location. I wouldn't know how to say the price since I entered one of those "nits de museu". I will be back soon, a lot of variety, I loved it.

Oriol Solans 4 years ago

A good art museum to visit at least once in your life if you are from Lleida.

Maite Marsol Jiménez 4 years ago

Very good place, both to learn about history and religion, but more for history from another point of view

Rebecca Haddad 4 years ago

Take your time as the museum is bigger than it looks and very interesting, sweeping through a period from prehistory (always with a local focus) to the renaissance. The cathedral is empty but all the masterpieces that were stored there are in this museum

Martin Ripsam 4 years ago

Um museu muito informativo, se você pudesse ler apenas as informações em uma sala semi-escura. A exposição precisa de um pouco mais de relações públicas.

Aditya Acharya 4 years ago

Todas as descrições são no catalão, mas há um livreto em inglês que você pode obter do balcão de serviços :)

Paul Roberts 4 years ago

Bom museu com muitas obras de arte da igreja renascentista.

Sònia Ollé 5 years ago

They gave us a very entertaining and fun guided tour. We were a group where there were children, who had a lot of fun with the performances and costumes they were made to perform. A highly recommended visit in a space that surprised us by the amount of things there is to visit.

Blanca Lloret 5 years ago

Always with good collection and traveling exhibitions, in a very quiet and central area. Congratulations to welcome the work of Santiago Sierra, a great pleasure, as always.

J.M. Villar 5 years ago

Very well distributed museum with audiovisual areas and educational activities. Great conservation work and good explanations of the pieces that can be seen during the visit.

Margarita Andion 5 years ago

Super bona

marta planes 5 years ago

A tour through the history of Lleida through very interesting art

albert torra cabello 5 years ago

Very instructive visit for our recent history. A very interesting museum. - We took the opportunity to see the work of Santiago Sierra (temporary).

M.Teresa 5 years ago

We visited the temporary exhibition "Political prisoners in contemporary Spain", which is very good and has interest because of the controversy it caused at IFEMA in Madrid.


Referent cultural a Lleida

J B C 5 years ago

Support, respect and admiration for the professionals of this museum who do an excellent job and love the heritage they guard. A must-see when you go to Lleida. It seems a lie that a judge - justice, they say - can authorize the police to enter by force. How uncultured!

Montserrat Filella Buira 5 years ago

Visiting the Diocesan Museum of Lleida is like knowing a little more about our ancestors, the place where the people of the West live, among others. Findings that date back many centuries: the mosaic of the Romeral in Albesa, of the magnificent mural of the Pia Almoina of the Seu Vella without leaving the part of the glass chess of Àger from the time of Arnau Mir de Tost, of the century XI ... Don't miss the guided tour to delve into each of the pieces and way of life you will find there.

JJ MM 5 years ago

The facilities at the height of the many works of art that have deep history. Very well explained, but there is a lot of lyrics in Catalan, I doubt very much that only people from here go to promote tourism. Good lighting and presentation of pieces. Good condition of pieces with their real colors. Crystals clean and careful. A good museum for a small town. To visit her again!

Santi Bis 6 years ago

Tomb of Isabel de Aragon. Workshop of Blasco de Grañén (attribution). Circa 1434. Monastery of Santa Maria de Sixena (Monegres, Huesca). MLDC 126. - Tomb of Isabel de Aragón. Workshop of Blasco de Grañén (attributed). Circa 1434. Monastery of Santa María de Sigena (Monegros, Huesca). MLDC 126.

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