Museo del Foro de Caesaraugusta

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Pl. de la Seo 2
50001, Zaragoza
976 72 12 21

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O Museo Del Foro de Caeselaruuguta é um museu em Zaragoza, Espanha. O museu está localizado no antigo fórum da cidade, que foi construído durante o tempo do Império Romano. O museu abriga uma coleção de artefatos do período romano, bem como do período mourisco. O museu também tem uma seção dedicada à história de Zaragoza.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM

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🗣️ Museo del Foro de Caesaraugusta: Opiniões

Matilde RAMOS TOLLAR 1 year ago

Although I had already visited it a long time ago, I liked it a lot, very different, for good, from the previous time The explanations of the Guide, very good

dd hanssens 1 year ago

Next to the hotel

Cristian González García 1 year ago

There is individual or joint entry for all the Roman museums. The joint is recommended as they are worth it. Regarding this, it is all underground and they have different objects from Roman times, a video about how they used the Ebro river to get to Zaragoza, and a sewage system in quite good condition. Highly recommended to visit.

Jose Antonio 1 year ago

It is impressive to know the historical jewels that Zaragoza's subsoil keeps. Remains of what was once a great city of the Roman Empire, with surprising architectural boasts. Recommended visit.

Pierre Adrian 1 year ago

What can I say, for lovers like me of the Roman Empire, it's a treat, I went there with wife and children, I strongly recommend it as well as the Roman theater are places that amaze and surprise us so much on the Roman engineering and its ability to adapt to indigenous populations, while reproducing the Roman model from north to south of Europe.

Maria de la luz Hernandez Cubas 1 year ago

I went to a concert, I loved the acoustics and the view of what remains of the Roman constructions make this a special place to visit

Gonzalo García Navas 1 year ago

Very interesting and a must see.

Angel FERNANDEZ GALINDO 1 year ago

Free guided tour over 65 years old, which I take advantage of, very pleasant explanations and information that I was unaware of, complemented with a visit to the river port, hot springs and theater museum, more than two hours, the French guide, with a lot of knowledge of the topics, I think who is a volunteer for an exchange with a French university.

Fernando Cavero 1 year ago

One of the recommended places to visit when you come to Zaragoza. Along with other monuments that are mandatory to visit, the Forum is among them for telling the history of the city in Roman times. Remains of the underground of the Roman forum are also preserved, as well as part of the sewers that can still be visited. totally recommended

Miguel Angel Garcia 1 year ago

Strategic point of the city since before the birth of Christ. From its development of pipes for drinking water and waste to its importance as a trading area

Ivan Sr Pez 1 year ago

If I had to describe it, it would be spectacular. You learn how the Romans lived, their constructions, etc. It is ideal to go with children if they have just studied ancient Rome at school. There is also a voucher for about €7 to see ALL the Roman museums, baths and others in Zaragoza.

Yiyiyolanda 75 1 year ago

A beautiful place to visit

Peggy McKenzie 1 year ago

Parte de uma série de 4 museus inter -relacionados em Zaragoza. Nós gostamos muito disso, mesmo sendo nossa segunda visita. Aguarde 1,5 horas. Existe uma apresentação visual do Audo que é executada nos horários definidos, por isso recomendo planejar sua visita em torno disso. Existem quadros de informações em inglês suficientes para realmente ajudar na compreensão da maneira como essa parte da praça era na época romana. É subterrâneo também.

Mar González 1 year ago

The content of the museum is quite complete. Its construction is on high to protect the Roman ruins. A good part of them consist of the canals and pipes that ran through the subsoil of the city. Very friendly staff and excellent treatment. Above all, thank the lady who accompanied us in the elevator through the different floors. Without your help it would not have been possible to see all the wonders that this museum hides.

Anna Frigato 1 year ago

Beautiful! Excellent explanations and reconstructions!

Ana Muñoz 1 year ago

A very interesting place. It is well worth visiting and strolling through the Roman remains that were once Caesaraugusta. It has explanations, models and very didactic audiovisuals.

estela del valle 1 year ago

Very good I recommend it, it is very cheap 4 Euros and apart from the whole tour they show you a beautiful video with a historical summary.... I will not tell you more VISIT IT

Liset B. Armas Aguila 1 year ago

It is a museum space in the city of Zaragoza. The museum exhibits archaeological remains excavated during the years 1988 and 1989 belonging to two different periods: from the founding period (1st century BC) of Emperor Augustus. From the time of his successor Tiberius there are remains of the splendid urban forum, a sewer, canals and some foundations. In Caesaraugusta, the forum was located at the end of the river port due to its dynamic role in the economy, constituting the nerve center of the city's social life. The Forum Museum offers the visitor a taste of everyday life in the city during the 1st century AD. C., shortly after its foundation.

Mykola Sonko 1 year ago

Got here for free during the promotion dedicated to the International Day of Museums. A magnificent museum of the Roman era. Located in the dungeon. Everything is arranged at the highest level.

Josue Cruz 1 year ago

The Cæsaraugusta Museum Route comprises four sites with ruins belonging to the Romans who occupied the land now called Zaragoza around the 1st century BC, these being the Forum Museum, the River Port Museum, the Public Baths Museum and the Theater museum. The route with access to all four sites costs €7 and can be viewed on different days if preferred. The Forum one in particular has huge and impressive ruins of what was once a Roman square or forum, with a short audio-visual display (same as Port and Theater) that gives you more context of what is on display, as well as discoveries made during the archaeological find. Super recommended to visit them if you pass through Zaragoza.

Isabella Dicaprio (Isabella) 1 year ago

É incrível que este lugar esteja sob o Plaza del Pilar. É bem preservado e também não é muito caro.

Laura Moliner 1 year ago

Museum located in Plaza la Seo, it is interesting to see how things were many, many years ago

Nabil Nicole Mercado Sanchez 1 year ago

Hyper well conditioned, first-class facilities, and the history and culture that it reveals to you about the Roman Empire and Spain, (Zaragoza, in this specific case) is the most interesting and captivating. The foundations of Zaragoza in a museum in the center of the city, the perfect plan for a quiet Sunday. I loved meeting you!

K. A. 1 year ago

The large excavation below and the water channels that supplied the Roman forum and market that were there centuries ago are surprising. Everything well indicated and explained. With an explanatory video of how the Ebro river supplied the city. Entry €4 but if you go to the 4 Roman museums there are €7 in total.

Cristina Pocol 1 year ago

Eu recomendo visitar a rota de Caesarauguta. Todos são museus interessantes. Muita informação nova e interessante. Embora a parte triste seja que muito poucos detalhes têm tradução para o inglês. Você pode ler em espanhol e pode entender algumas coisas, mas é uma pena não se traduzir em tudo para que todos possam aproveitar completamente as informações.

Ra W 1 year ago

Grátis todo primeiro domingo. Um lugar interessante, mas quase bilíngue A equipe é muito amigável

Maria Esteban Pantoja 1 year ago

A must see, incredible what we have in the basement of this wonderful city, 100% recommended.

Jörge 1 year ago

Archaeological site musealized in the Plaza de la Seo, where you can see the archaeological remains of the forum of the ancient Roman city of Caesaraugusta. This construction, from the 1st century AD, was one of the most important public places in the city. In the museum you can see the remains of the structures that supported the portico of the forum, as well as part of the businesses and shops existing in it. It highlights the existence of two sewers in a great state of conservation, which were used until medieval times. You can also see a series of archaeological pieces found during the excavations of the forum.

julio ccr 2 years ago


Jon Simpson 2 years ago

A gorgeous museum with plenty of Roman artifacts and a fascinating insight into life back then.

Asun Fernandez 2 years ago

The audiovisual that tells the history of Zaragoza from the point of view of Tío Ebro is very good and worthwhile.

Raphaël J 2 years ago

Don't stop at its cubic allure. Under its soil there are incredible remains where Roman technology shows us all the ingenuity of an ancient civilization which was, let us not forget, a world power in its time.

Vranaxxas 2 years ago

Nice cube just besides some ancient historical buildings, you will find some nice treasures underground.

Ex. Miki 2 years ago

A museum that highlights the history and Roman roots of the city, reasonable price. Very complete. Apart from the samples of archaeological remains, it has exhibitions and very interesting audiovisual montages.

carlos heras 2 years ago

excellent!! outstanding!!

F. Jimenez 2 years ago

Se você vier a Zaragoza, visite este lugar. Eu recomendo. A era romana está presente aqui.

Eva Nemeth-Csoka 3 years ago

A historical museum that explains very well the life of those times. There is a movie as well which is very informative and entertaining. This museum is worth visiting.

SnaTanS 3 years ago

After the theater it is the second most interesting museum to see on the route of the 4 museums of Caesaraugusta (Zaragoza). It is an underground museum where you can visit the different pieces found and the drains of the ancient Roman city. The video they put on is very entertaining and didactic. Highly recommended this visit.

Jose Pastor 3 years ago

At the end of the long Plaza del Pilar, today in an underground stratum where the remains of the ancient Roman city of Caesaraugusta are found, the Aragonese and municipal government have rescued the remains of the old Forum for their admiration. With a cube-shaped roof, very well signposted and protected by modern, comfortable and staggered structures, you can access the level of the remains. It is full of explanatory panels, audiovisual and friendly and knowledgeable staff. You can pay the individual ticket or buy the ticket to visit the four museums related to Roman vestiges (Forum, River port, Baths and Theater) for € 7. Very interesting.

noelle cambridge 3 years ago

Impressive!!!! The underground is a complete book of history!!! You will be impressed by the genius way that the foundation of a complete hydraulic system was built 2000 years ago!!!

Javier Barcelona Alba 3 years ago

In Cortinas and in San Juan, quiet prices and little tourism, the locals are very friendly and happy to inform you.

Juan Francisco Ruiz Diaz 3 years ago

It is very nice to visit, they usually project an exhibition to learn more about the history

Martin Navratil 4 years ago

Absolutely great museum where there are excavations from Caeser time where for example it is clearly shown how the drain was then. I warmly recommend!

Sebastiao Zimerman 4 years ago

Excavations have found what would be an ancient Roman forum. The discovery is invaluable to the city and tells its past even before Christ. The building itself is already an attraction, very beautiful and modern, contrasting with the secular buildings around. The entrance costs € 3.00 and gives access to everything that is found underground. Do not expect to find anything more than ruins, but the dedication of explaining what each thing means leaves the visualization of the era much easier. The construction for site preparation, with concrete and steel beams, and the whim with the details make the place even more interesting.

Niki Portas 4 years ago

It is worth visiting, a very interesting place. The girl at the reception very attentive and friendly.

Ruby Tuesday 4 years ago

Amazing and wonderful collection

Zac Mac 5 years ago


Trahimi Nahire 5 years ago

Belo museu

Susana Valquiria 5 years ago

It hadn't been there yet and we loved it. All very well explained so that you can see what life was like then and the relationship of the Forum with the River Port. Very interesting for adults and children and above all essential for any inhabitant of the city.

Jeroen Mourik 6 years ago

Wow, what a grand presentation of this historical site. Very impressive underground museum showing both remains of the Roman Forum and archaeological finds from the dig up.

Alvaro Belmar 6 years ago

Get the five museum option for 9E (four of Roman period) and go see them all!

Jerry Hanson 7 years ago

The city has gone to considerable expense to expose it's Roman past. This site is one of 4 in the neighborhood. Very much worthwhile seeing if you're interested in the Roman past.

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