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Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28
3000, Leuven
016 27 29 29

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M Leuven é um hotel moderno e elegante localizado no coração de Leuven, na Bélgica. O hotel oferece uma variedade de quartos e suítes, cada um com seu próprio estilo e comodidades únicas. O hotel também possui um centro de fitness, um centro de negócios e uma variedade de opções de refeições. Os hóspedes podem desfrutar de uma refeição no restaurante do hotel ou relaxar com uma bebida no bar. O hotel está localizado perto de muitas das atrações de Leuven, incluindo a Prefeitura de Leuven, a Catedral de Leuven e a Universidade de Leuven.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ M Leuven: Opiniões

Hugo Moors 1 year ago

Well laid out, clear directions. Beautiful diverse collection of old and modern art. The view from the roof is very nice.

Filipe Governa 1 year ago

Museu moderno e agradável, com algumas peças ridículas de "arte" como uma tela completamente preta (?!). O bilhete padrão é de € 12. Sem desconto para estudantes.

Pawel 1 year ago

Eu não tinha certeza do que estava esperando, e ainda não sei como me sinto infelizmente. Não gosto de arte, e este museu não me fez encontrar a apreciação por isso, embora gostei do conceito por trás de algumas coisas.

Valentinmarlene Marlenevalentin 1 year ago

Interesting Event location

Alejandra Castillo 1 year ago

Os curadores realmente se esforçam ao pensar em como conectar a variedade da coleção o que é muito admirável e eu aprecio isso porque foi meio inesperado. Eu realmente gostei de visitá -lo! Obrigado

Hao Yu 1 year ago

Museu incrível. Com itens limitados, cria uma experiência maravilhosa. A exposição especial de Wael Shawky é realmente maravilhosa. Desde que acabei de ler os livros de Roger Clawley, a turnê é bem a tempo.

Andros Acuña 1 year ago

Loved the current exhibitions. The staff is beyond friendly. They are incredibly helpful and always ready to answer your questions. The audio guide is available in English. Definitely a place to visit in Leuven.

Piet Pollet 1 year ago

Came for the excellent "verbeelding van het universum" exhibition but truly enjoyed the permanent collection as well. Every theme is well presented and of manageable size, avoiding museum fatigue. The seven sacraments by Rogier van der Weyden was a pleasant discovery.

Michelle Rodrigues 2 years ago

Lovely museum! Covid regulated with friendly staff and cloak room!

Joel Lammeretz 2 years ago

Great museum. The museum has an amazing mixture of contemporary/modern art and historical/christan art. Something for everyone. I've visited twice and I'll be happy to visit a third time whenever there'll be a new exhibition.

Pedro Elias Marques 2 years ago

The museum is brand new and very well maintained. It was very interesting to see the parts about Leuven history and religion. Also, the view and bar at the rooftop (closed due to covid) was an extra plus to the whole experience

bert vdbroeck 2 years ago

need 2 make an appointment due to covid, next you have the museum almost to yourself

Janice Van de Putte 3 years ago

After 11 years of living in Leuven I went last week to the museum. An excellent one and the staff are so nice! Really recommend

Sybil Touyz 3 years ago

A lovely Museum to have a wander in with many really interesting pieces including art. Well worth a visit so don't miss it.

Heebah Sultan 3 years ago

Wonderfully curated museum. Audio guide was really helpful as you tour the museum. Interesting pieces.

Alain Orban 3 years ago

Excellent presentation of a mix of old masters and modern painters

Amita rawat 3 years ago

Worth visiting, as they provide audio guide, which makes it much easy to get the feel of the era.

Matthias Tytgat 3 years ago

Nice museum where you can easily spend 2 hours. They have audio guides in different languages. Before and after the visit you can check out the nice architecture of the building.

astonmartin550 astonmartin 3 years ago

Weelchair and babybuggy accessible. Very well made museum.Clean.

Sukanya Acharya 3 years ago

Excelente museu, estou surpreso por não ter visto isso antes. Uma ótima coleção, lindamente explicada e o próprio edifício é uma obra de arte para admirar. Suponha que você precisará de pelo menos 2 horas lá, se não mais, há muito o que ver. O guia de áudio em inglês é ótimo e a equipe é muito amigável.

Julia E 4 years ago

An excellent array of artifacts from all eras, from Ancient Egyptian papyrus to a key to the city... Interactive and thought provoking. Great staff.

Kostas Kakavoulis 4 years ago

Great museum, you can modern and classic art!

Kevin Van Ryckegem 4 years ago

Nice collection of art with a lot of interactivity, recommend!

Per-Johan Ørmen 4 years ago

great museum - certainly worth a visit.

Dasol Chun 4 years ago

Very interactive museum. You can enjoy the place with lots of joy!

Sergio The christian 4 years ago

Its a museum about at, it is fun and very friendly staff. Great collection if you are into art.

Alexander Le Roy 4 years ago

The three paintings of Bonnecroy of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Brusels are mindblowing. That in itself is enough of a reason to explore the current exposition of The Arenberg family's heritage.

Jaak Creemers 4 years ago

Museum displays recently rearranged. Whole setting much better now. Top pieces now presented clearly. Temporary exposition on wood carved statues is world class and a must see

Samra Silajdzic 4 years ago

Beautiful architecture in the middle of Leuven. It compliments the museum and its exhibitions perfectly well. Go on the roof of the museum for a splendid view of the city. You will not be disappointed. The exhibitions are always worth visiting. Museum M curates them superbly.

Jerne Vingerhoets 4 years ago

Great museum with a wide collection of old and new art.

Stephen G 4 years ago

Extremely helpful staff assists with appreciating the large, eclectic collection. Also recommend the wireless technology for best experience.

Mariana Z. 4 years ago

This is a very interesting museum in terms of curatorial interpretation of their collections, integration of new technologies in the museological context and enabling innovative exhibition formats. Do not miss it!

O F 4 years ago

Secret hideaway in the city. Diverse exhibitions. Great interpretation in multiple languages. And a good priced restaurant cafe to help you relax.

Jeff Taylor 4 years ago

The museum was very well organised with numerous interactive exhibits. It told a story about Leuven and the pieces the museum had collected over the years. I'd highly recommend that you take it in if you have the chance

Vera Martins 5 years ago

Very interesting the way that the history of Leuven is told. I strongly recommend it. The building is also beautiful, mixes the old with the new architecture, just like the stories inside. The coffee place inside is also pleasant but a bit expensive. Some parts of the garden were under construction, but we still enjoyed a bit of it and it was very relaxing. Tip: from inside the building you also have some great views of the city of Leuven

Louis Broekhuijsen 5 years ago

New beers available in many styles. Perfect condition

Dasha P. 5 years ago

Great museum. Though I am not a fan of visiting museums, but there is a lot to do. Contemporary technologies make visit there lively and vivid.

alec heskin 5 years ago

Very good museum, one of the better ones I've visited lately. It has a well thought out exhibition which blends old and new and also is interactive because it makes you think about the artwork and shows new angles to look at it. We had a blast!

Marrit van den Heuvel 5 years ago

In summertime, go up to the rooftop terrace for a nice view of Leuven!

Oleg Naumov 5 years ago

Museum has Gothic paintings of XV century including one painted by Rogier Van Der Weyden. Unfortunately Museum is under renovation at the moment and not all artifacts are available for public observation.

Daphne Ramos 5 years ago

Always has nice stuff to look at and do. I went there with my class and had a wonderful time! I also threw my birthday party there ( zombie vs heroes) had a blast.

Antti Ulmanen 5 years ago

Musy see places in Leuven. You descover old artist and history. You also find modern artist there.

Richard Ventham 5 years ago

Great selection of beers at the cafe

Thierry Declerck 5 years ago

Museum that can bring an out if this world experience.

Tim Peeters 6 years ago

Beautiful building, excellent exhibitions and an interesting way of making you think about how art is displayed and what effect it has on visitors. Excellent approach to getting kids involved with art too with special guides for the young ones for every expo. I also like how the museum is an active player in seeing how art and high-tech can interact.

Geert Moors 7 years ago

Nice museum with a diverse collection of old and contemporary art with a focus on local artist. (some of the historical top artist are from this region). Not too big, so you won't have to spend all day here or rush through.

Jolien Dirix 7 years ago

Traditional white cube museum with a great selection of contemporary and historical art.

Timothy de Ruyter 7 years ago

Very interesting exhibitions; both permanent and temporary, both modern and classic, and both local and international. Don't forget to visit the rooftop bar!

Tarou CrossRiver 7 years ago

This museum shows old master pieces of church art and pairings in the golden ages of Dutch. The painting shows us blue, bright and wet climate of Netherlands. Especially, Frans Hals's portrait deeply impressed me, in which people often smiled.

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