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Zamanstraat 49
9100, Sint-Niklaas
03 778 34 50

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O Mercatormuseum em Sint-Niklaas é um museu dedicado à história da cidade e seu mercado. O museu está localizado na antiga prefeitura, construída no século XIII. O museu tem uma coleção de artefatos da história da cidade, incluindo uma réplica da praça de mercado da cidade, que foi destruída na Segunda Guerra Mundial. O museu também tem uma coleção de pinturas, esculturas e outras obras de arte da história da cidade.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 1:30 – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 1:30 – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 1:30 – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 1:30 – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 1:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Mercatormuseum: Opiniões

Gerty Leyssens 1 year ago

We went there during corona, very interesting now the exit for Janssens house was on the monument day

Nico Vande Kerkhof 1 year ago

Beautiful exhibition

Lydia Vercauteren 1 year ago

Super !!

Pascale Lenaerts 1 year ago

Very nice exhibition about an old atlas that took 3 years to finish 1 copy

Daisy Struelens 1 year ago

Very interesting and extensively documented Reception was pleasant

Daniël Talboom 1 year ago

Unexpectedly beautiful museum

Stefan van Duuren 1 year ago

Very interesting to learn the history of maps..

hilde huybrechts 1 year ago

Interesting exhibition about the history of Belgium in maps. The museum has many historical maps. Nice setup.

Andries B 1 year ago

Very successful museum with beautiful and enlightening films on a large screen in between.

Leopold Stefan Vodak 1 year ago

Magnificent voi cards.

Karel 2 years ago

Very interesting and comprehensible museum

Kim De prins 2 years ago

Very educational. Definitely recommended

Dieter De Mey 2 years ago

Top pond

Bernadette Pieters 2 years ago

fascinating exhibition, beautifully worked out

Amar Dermouche 2 years ago

The Mercator Museum is the only museum in Belgium entirely devoted to cartography. located in Sint Niklaas was both instructive and interesting. Thought it was worth seeing both temporary and permanent exhibition

Anita Pauwels 2 years ago

Very interesting with that special atlas. Very nice

Annick en Danny 2 years ago

This review is only about the Atlas van Blaeu exhibition, which will run until April 25, 2021. We only walked around this exhibition for just under 2 hours. She's not big, but that doesn't make her any less interesting. We were more than happy with the design of this exhibition. Enough depth, beautiful presentation and a beautiful exhibition catalog that you will receive with your entrance ticket. We enjoyed it and came out knowing a lot more. We did find it somewhat disturbing that some of the screens played continuously and not immediately at a low noise level. This slightly detracted from the experience, but that's the only 'downside'.

Chris Vancroonenburg 2 years ago

Surprising museum

Hans Van Rompaey 2 years ago

Relatively small museum, but a nice, interesting exhibit on the history of maps, and Mercator's in particular. The temporary exhibition on Blaeu's Atlas is also great!

Ludo Auwerijckx 2 years ago

If you like topography, ideal, educational location

Walter Galle 2 years ago

Easily accessible and accessible. Also for wheelchair. Fantastic e exhibition. Adjacent Mercator Park with shade in warm sunny weather.

Tim Van den Branden 2 years ago

Instructive museum that has a beautiful permanent collection with a focus on Mercator. There are also regular temporary collections that highlight all kinds of important people, maps and historical cartography in general. The museum is also not very big, so your visit doesn't have to take that long. Recommended!

Dirk Standaert 2 years ago

Wonderful temporary exhibition about Blaeu atlas !!

Carine Van der Meulen 2 years ago

Nicely arranged overview exhibition. Fascinating map material with interesting commentary.

Luc Callewaert 2 years ago

Small museum located in the center of St Niklaas near the NMBS station. History of cartography with very old atlases, globes and instruments. Fascinating.

Filipe Landerdahl Albanio 2 years ago

Ótimo museu, boa exposição sobre o "Atlas Maior" de Blaeu. Informações muito boas sobre o Mercator também. A entrada do museu é gratuita, eu só precisava agendar via site uma data para visitar e trazer o código QR no dia. A equipe do museu foi bastante amigável! Há um estacionamento fácil para o carro lá também.

Bart Eekhaut 2 years ago

Museu pequeno, mas com uma coleção excelente. A exposição temporária sobre "O Atlas mais bonito de todos os tempos" foi para mim um abridor de olhos, como pouco era meu conhecimento sobre o item. Embora não seja o assunto mais fácil de expor, a apresentação foi feita de uma maneira muito acessível.

Łukasz Koba 3 years ago

Everyone in Belgium must see it, it is really worth seeing.

Inge Moeris 3 years ago

Very interesting, beautiful overview.

Rudie Cools 3 years ago

Always very instructive to get to know your environment better. On a map, of course.

Anne-Mie Van Wezemael 3 years ago

Very interesting to see how the current cards were created.

Paul Van Bladel 3 years ago

Museum of international level. Extraordinarily nice collection of maps, educationally balanced video and audio material about Mercator and cartography. But most importantly, the lady and gentleman at the desk know their business, are very cordial and make the museum an extremely delightful place. The Mercator museum is also the only museum where you are offered a drink for free, such as a Tripel van Westmalle. You do not immediately expect such a "Hidden gem" in the provincial town of Sint-Niklaas. Yet it is there and is absolutely recommended.

julle vv 3 years ago

First of all I want to tell you that the price is very cheap compared to other museums. I went to primary school there and again last year for a school project. The amount and variety of artworks is phenomenal. It is a museum that you must have visited if you can. Highly recommended for everyone.

Alexey Martyushenko 3 years ago

Um pequeno miseu rico em materiais didáticos sobre a história da cartografia. Livros autênticos de Gerard Mercator. Muito interessante. Outra característica do Musseum é que uma bebida de Choise está incluída no bilhete. As bebidas incluem cervejas locais.

scarrabee 4 years ago

Nice little museum for those who are interested in cards.

Anja Lorenz 4 years ago

Great collection that makes you respect how easy it is with Google Maps these days. The boards are only in Dutch, but that wasn't a problem for us via GoogleLens.

francine uytdenhouwen 4 years ago

Surprisingly extensive. Close and not yet seen. By the way, we were the only visitors on Wednesday afternoon. Shame

jan vermaut 4 years ago

What a discovery! If you know nothing, little or much about cartography, you can always learn something in this beautiful museum about Mercator, his life and work. A must for everyone!

Jan Verheyen 4 years ago

Very modern exposition, never thought that maps could be so interesting.

Werner Sterrenjager 4 years ago

Incredibly interesting Sublime data processing from the 16th century. A comeback

Teresa Torres 5 years ago


Eddy Maes 5 years ago

A forgotten pearl

Peter Jones 5 years ago

If you are at all interested in maps this is well worth a visit.

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