Middelheim Museum

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Middelheimlaan 61
2020, Antwerpen
03 288 33 60

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O Museu Middelheim é um dos maiores e mais importantes museus de Antuérpia, Bélgica. É o lar de uma grande coleção de arte da Idade Média até os dias atuais e é particularmente conhecida por sua coleção de arte flamenga dos séculos XV e XVI. O museu também tem uma coleção significativa de arte moderna e contemporânea e é um dos principais museus da Bélgica para esse tipo de arte. O Museu Middelheim está localizado no Parque Middelheim, um grande parque público nos arredores de Antuérpia. O museu está alojado em vários edifícios diferentes, incluindo um antigo hospital, e está espalhado por uma grande área do parque. O Museu Middelheim está aberto ao público todos os dias, exceto segunda -feira, e a admissão é gratuita.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Middelheim Museum: Opiniões

Miika Hyytiäinen 1 year ago

Big, but not too big. A lot of cool little surprises.

mirjana maric 1 year ago

Lovely place for walking, running and seeing some art.

franchef 1 year ago

Superbe! Worth a visit . Beautiful trees , very nice permanebt exposition of art..

Ronan Cooney 1 year ago

Great day out with the faily

Mees Daalder 1 year ago

Great assortment of sculptures and a beautiful location

Martin Verstappen 1 year ago

Beautiful, wish more parks were like this

Nemanja Ciric 1 year ago

Beautiful sculpture park! Can visit on a bike as well.

Hao Yu 1 year ago

Meu parque favorito em Antuérpia. Sempre elegante e quieto.

Mirna Bečević 1 year ago

Quirky place, quite interesting cultural experience.

Andreea Stoica (#iloveantwerp) 2 years ago

Always enjoying the park...now even more with the mushrooms everywhere.

christian mertens 2 years ago

Free open-air museum and a nice park.

Arturo Cancio 2 years ago

Great open air sculpture nuseum. It worths a visit!

Paraschand G 2 years ago

Very nice place to visit. Good artistic view

tino Y 2 years ago

Peaceful place with many interesting artworks.

Boitumelo Phelwane 2 years ago

I can't seem to get enough of being here. I have went there a number of times and yet I have to seen it all. I keep on going every month. It is huge, beautiful, tranquil and green. It is a must see

Dazzle L 2 years ago

Um parque muito aconchegante e que vale a pena visitar para vir com amigos para uma caminhada. Muita natureza e esculturas interessantes. No centro do parque, há um café para descansar. E três museus sozinhos os parques. Recomende 2-3 horas :)

Saskia Ruiz 3 years ago

One of my fav places in Antwerp <3 you can enjoy a nice walk while admiring great pieces of art.

Miguel Melo 3 years ago

Perfect place for walking between art and nature

Giulia 3 years ago

Can't probably add much with my review to the others. It's a lovely park packed with sculptures at every corner, each one with its own label. Entry is free, and you can wonder around for hours. There are two parts, both gated. Around half hour before closing, staff will invite you to make your way towards the exit.

frederique porri 3 years ago

Brilliant! Good explanations, the restaurant is very convenient and staff is helpful. I discovered new artworks and enjoyed the walk in the park although it was cold weather.

Lynda Hardman 3 years ago

Wonderful park in its own right but then full of sculptures. Even after exploring for an hour there was plenty more to come back to. The park is free to enter. There is also a café in the park - with good cake... If you use the shared Antwerp Vélo bicycles then you can park very close indeed.

Cristina Cellini Antonini 3 years ago

One of the most beautiful sculpture park in Europe! A not-to-miss experience while in Belgium

Esbon Gakuo 3 years ago

Absolutamente lindo parque artístico a cerca de 3,5 km da estação central de Antuérpia e facilmente acessível de ônibus, carro ou bicicleta. Acompa um bom equilíbrio entre arte e parque com uma incrível variedade de arte contemporânea, que são exibidas ao ar livre. Há também uma ampla gama de árvores únicas que são rotuladas adequadamente. Não há muitas pessoas e turistas. Entrada gratuita e eles têm um aplicativo que pode ajudar na navegação pelo parque e na identificação da arte. Se você quer se perder em pensamento, mergulhe na natureza enquanto desfruta de belas obras de arte, não há lugar melhor na Bélgica. Altamente recomendável para quem visita Antuérpia e com algum tempo de sobra.

Indy 4 years ago

Love this park with all the sculptures presented in an open air museum format. Best of all, it’s free!

Vojtěch Krča 4 years ago

Very nice park for a bit of leasure. It is very quiet and calm and therefore perfect for chilling on the grass. The sculptures are nice. There is a big variety of them of many different art styles.

Olga Ivochkina 4 years ago

Amazing place! There were a lot of people visiting but you still can enjoy a bit of a privacy because the park is so big. Great place to visit, highly recommended!

Patrick McAlvey 4 years ago

Very enjoyable sculpture garden, even in winter. Worth taking a bus away from central Antwerp for a visit. A nice variety of forms and styles. Really fun to stroll around and be continuously surprised as we came upon interesting and beautiful works. And it’s free!

Darren Murphy 4 years ago

A nice breathing space on the outskirts of Antwerp. While visiting for a long weekend we used Bird to get out here, great way to explore the city. However there isn’t much around here so except to enjoy the park’s cafe!

Luly H. 4 years ago

Nice park to walk with family!

Stephan van der Holst 4 years ago

Beautiful parc. Rent a bike and you get there within 20 min from Antwerp city center. Easy to reach. Yse your Google maps. Great terrace with nice variety of drinks and ofcourse beer. Antwerp triple. Food good, VERY yummie salads.

Stephen 4 years ago

Huge Modern Art museum in a parc which is extremely beautiful. This parc is a bit outside Antwerp but is easily reachable by tram or bus. As this is one of Antwerp’s hidden gems you will not find so many people here and you can wander around seeing amazing statues and art. In fall it creates a magical feeling with all the leafs around. Count atleast 2 hours if you want to see and enjoy everything. Drinks and food inside the parc are expensive and limited.

mercu hehi 4 years ago

Open air museum. You can walk, bike or run in the nature surrounded with modern and contemporary artworks. There's also a museum for temporary exhibitions. It's a place for recharge your soul and think. Every time I'm in Antwerpen I must to return.

Mustafa Alhamdani 5 years ago

It's really a special museum in middle of nature in really nice park you find art in middle of grass and there is a bar and restaurant with nice view

Max Muscles 5 years ago

Incredibly serene. The space is wide open yet the sculptures make a more intimate experience. An excellent place to visit alone or with friends and family.

Justin Keery 5 years ago

I love this place. Fantastic sculpture collection, lovely park, and it's free..Worth travelling to.

Tamira van Wermeskerken 5 years ago

Great place to take long stroll. Don't know what could be improved. It's free to enter, there is a lot of walking space, there are a lot of interesting statues around (even for people who aren't very interested in art), there are open fields (not sure whether picnics and football and such are allowed, but I have seen people do it so I think it is). It's also very clean, and the trees are huge, really nice to see.

Beatriz dos Santos Laus 5 years ago

Visit the sculpture park and the restaurant, nice park also to enjoy the good wheather

Bob Ward 5 years ago

Lovely gardens near Antwerp, hosting a permanent and evolving display of modern sculptures, from XIXth century to contemporary artists. Nice terrace with bar and some limited choice of food, too. Don't miss this open air museum while in the area, especially with fine weather !

Koen Alexander 5 years ago

Large park, no entrance fee, with sculptures throughout the park. The castle (I'd call it a mansion, not a castle) has a souvenirs shop and a cafe with coffee, tea, cake, beer and booze. A great stroll provided the weather is good. There is also an indoor gallery, but it was empty and preparing for a next exhibition when we visited.

Munch WillbeBlue 5 years ago

Middelheinmuseum is an open. Air museum filled with lots of art pieces. From very large statues to rocks, woodcarvings and much more. The castle is also a nice place to host parties or brunches. The park is also used by many people who like to go for a run. Although there are quite a few people, it is a quite park.

Carol Bulaya 5 years ago

Mordern Art in an Open Air Museum. Great for everyone. I suggest a guided tour for more information on the art.

Cassidy S 6 years ago

Really nice place to take in free art and sculptures. Lots to see and very diverse projects on display.

Anton Raath 6 years ago

An amazing experience, experience great art in a green natural setting.

Claes Buckwalter 6 years ago

Definitely a must-see if you are into sculptures, contemporary and old.

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