Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussel

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Rue Ravenstein 23
1000, Brussel
02 507 82 00

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O Paleis Voor Schone Kunsten é uma das instituições culturais mais importantes de Bruxelas. É o lar de uma extensa coleção de obras de arte do século XV ao XX. O museu também hospeda exposições temporárias, programas educacionais e eventos culturais.

O próprio edifício é uma obra -prima arquitetônica. Foi projetado pelo arquiteto belga Victor Horta e concluído em 1887. O exterior do edifício é decorado com esculturas por alguns dos artistas belgas mais renomados da época.

O interior do museu é tão impressionante quanto o exterior. O salão principal é decorado com uma cúpula de vidro deslumbrante e as paredes são adornadas com pinturas e esculturas. O museu também possui uma biblioteca, um café e uma loja.

O Paleis Voor Schone Kunsten definitivamente vale uma visita se você estiver em Bruxelas. É um lugar onde você pode admirar a beleza da arte e aprender sobre a rica história cultural da Bélgica.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussel: Opiniões

Daniel Portik 1 year ago

Good acoustics.

Spirit Crusher 1 year ago

Best place for classical music lovers!

MIHKEL KOKKA 1 year ago

Great exhibitions and very unique architecture , make sure to give it a visit

synergism100 1 year ago

Best concert hall in Brussels

Jennie Elkin 1 year ago

We saw Yuja Wang's and Tarmo Peltokoski performance! It was outstanding!

Joseph Villalba 1 year ago

Nice place went from Netherlands to see Mariza such a nice place.

Kestens Tom 1 year ago

Grande exposição Rinus van de Velde. Obras de arte verdadeiramente inspiradoras, culminando em um curta -metragem de 13 'La Ruta Natural ". Deve visitar.

Karla Moura 1 year ago

Linda sala de concertos com uma agenda interessante em todo o ano

Mariana Cadenas 1 year ago

Um dos maiores pontos culturais da Europa. Programa ousado e interessante. Honra a beleza e a dimensão de hospedar dança, arquiteto, artes visuais, cinema e discussões em um belo edifício Horta. Acabei de gostar do mais recente David Hockney, incrível como sempre!

Luc Orient 2 years ago

Fabulous building, awesome design, friendly staff. PSK rules.

Saz Dosanjh 2 years ago

We've been here a few times, great food and wide drinks selection. The service is always good here.

Ciara O'Brien 2 years ago

Bozar and the Hockney exhibition were lovely but shocked at the almost complete lack of mask wearing

Jeroen Dijkstra 2 years ago

ART ON PAPER BRUSSELS Livingstone gallery The Hague Berlin booth 29

Victoria B. 2 years ago

Amazing concert hall.

sam cotman 3 years ago

The palace of fine art might just be one of the most impressive musea Belgium has to offer. The building interior is an art piece on its own. For art lovers of pieces between 1300-1800 the museum holds an impressive collection of old masters such as Rubens or Bruegel on permanent display. Mix that up with a layout containing sculptures and you will be set for a few hours. Though ever changing, the temporary exhibitions can run from traditional to contemporary. On my time of visiting this was the Magritte exhibition, with pieces nicely ordered by age for somebody new to the artist to figure out the progression over the years. I would recommend taking your time & grabbing an audio guide, as descriptions for paintings are not always present. This way you will get a better grasp of the works and enjoy your trip more. For tourist I highly recommend visiting after 13:00 on a wednesday. Admission to the museum is free at that time.

Olivier Verbeke 3 years ago

If you have the opportunity to listen to the organ pipes in the Henry Le Boeuf concert Hall. Simply a unique experience. Just do it.

Patrice Kerremans 3 years ago

Went to the Keith Haring exposition. It’s small but interestingly set up. It gives a good overview of the Zeitgeist of the 80s atmosphere in which Keith Haring became the activist artist that he was.

Arnaud D. 3 years ago

Beautiful place for visits and expos. They have more temporary and long lasting expositions as well as convert concerts, mostly classical. Place itself is beautiful, old building which was just renovated for a part. Be careful to go across the street to buy your tickets.

Tijs van Raalte 3 years ago

If you love art then this is a must see. We have free admittance with our museum pass. They have regularly different exhibitions going on. The most recent ones for us were about Rene Margritte and also one about Keith Harring. Locker space to store items during your visit are a bit limited and the room is easily crowded. All in all a very nice place to spend a day while broading horizons and learning new things

Michelle F. 3 years ago

It's a beautiful neoclassical museum and has great exhibitions.

Joel Esparza 3 years ago

I used arsene50 to buy tickets for a jazz concert, price was 13 Euro for a great jazz concert. Beautiful architecture, sound was superb, the theater is a must visit in Brussels.

Giulia Bravo 4 years ago

Classic and elegant theatre in the heart of Brussels. Excellent acoustic.

Zeljko Manic 4 years ago

Great concert seasons and the heart of Beaux arts in Belgium! Mostly great expositions and also the famous Cinemateque on the left side of the entrance. (Don’t miss one of the mute films with the piano accompagnement improvised on the spot) A place to be.

Tudor IVANOV 4 years ago

Place to be for art lovers...

Gernot Hoffmann 4 years ago

Nice location for art expos and concerts. The great concert hall is really worth the visit (only for concerts).

Bo Heylen 4 years ago

Great exhibitions, concerts etc. Place to be in Brussels if you are into cultural experiences.

Beauvais J.Sebastien 4 years ago

One of the best concert hall in Brussels. Enjoy the divers and wonderful concerts programs, one of the exhibits or simply food in the delicious brasserie! You’ll come back

Mandy H 4 years ago

Great and challenging temporary exhibitions.

Anastasia Wilms 4 years ago

Great exhibits. Always something new to discover. Prints from the Bruegel Era are a must

Gauthier Muguerza 4 years ago

One of the best concert halls in Europe! Whether it’s for classical music, jazz, conferences, performances... this place is ideal. It’s ideally located and the atmosphere is really special. I love coming here.

Vladimir Čarapić 4 years ago

Brilliant place. I am visiting it almost every year during ISICEM. Unique atmosphere. Very clean.

Mariana Salles 4 years ago

went here for BIFFF, which was incredible. The place itself is super big and right next to Gare Centrale, so it’s super easy to get there and go home afterwards. The bar was great too, very nice prices for the beers and a overall a great space to hang out, even if you’re not going to watch any of the movies. There’s also expos about horror and the festival itself, all worth a visit. I don’t know how the place runs when BIFFF isn’t happening, but I had a great experience there.

Niki Bix 4 years ago

Really lovely venue.

Lucian Toma 4 years ago

A great oportunity to see a few of Constantin Brancusi's pieces of art.

darius savolskis 4 years ago

Principal para atividades culturais. Sempre tem ótimas exposições, shows. Simplesmente excelente. Embora fosse bom se eles reabrassem a entrada da Rue de la Régence. Também pode ser um pouco difícil com a acessibilidade se você estiver com crianças pequenas e buggy.

Petro Molala 4 years ago

Um lugar muito bom com exposições incríveis! Coisas legais e gentis com uma excelente organização em todos os departamentos do edifício, como livraria e cafeteria. Vi os New Horizons Beyond Klimt na Europa Central 1914-1938, a exposição e foi incrível! Muitos trabalhos em corrida e arte para admirar!

Jos Dehaes 5 years ago

The PSK has been for a long time the best concert hall in Belgium. Beautiful art nouveau building by Horta.

christophe christiaens 5 years ago

My favorite museum in Belgium. There is currently a great exhibition on Central European art from the interbellum.

Andreas Dietl 5 years ago

The Brussels culture hub, from the permanent exhibition of Flemish masters to concerts of the latest in jazz and contemporary music.

Cedric Schmidtke 5 years ago

I was there for an architecture lecture and a dinner at bozar cafe. The waiters were available and the food was great. I'm used to dinner there, the design of the cafe but also the design of the whole building makes it cosy. I particularly loved the quality of the lecture, with an architect from Sweden. No hesitation, going to bozar is always a nice experience.

Daan Herreman 5 years ago

I come here often, each time I am amazed by the architecture and the way the building is preserved. A pearl in the center of Brussels.

Alain Orban 5 years ago

Full of life, one of the top 3-4 cultural hubs in Brussels.

Lili De Groote 5 years ago

Stunning environment with a lot of cultural activities. Definitely worth a visit

naO Mani 5 years ago

Conference pgd-pnd was a real succes. Amaizing location BOZAR The service was flawless

Claudia Chileshe 5 years ago

Beautiful! In middle school I used to sing here every Christmas season. Great child hood memories. I have enjoyed classical music events here as well as the Mormon Tabernacle choir. Dress code dependent on event.

Rachel Brotchi 5 years ago

Expositions, music are always with a very high level in a building built by Horta .It is also a must when visiting Brussels.

Roeland Lacroix 6 years ago

It is a place that is charming in its very own way!

Serkan Zararsız 6 years ago

I've been two times here. Perfect atmosphere inside. The orchestra was amazing. And jazz legend Ahmad Jamal was hilarious.

Thibault Dosunmu 6 years ago

I had the pleasure and privilege to watch Lang Lang's concert in the Henry Le Boeuf Hall in November 2016. Truly an unforgettable experience!

Arnaud Ganseman 6 years ago

My favourite building in Brussels. Art Déco at its best. There is always a great temporary exhibition to see. Must see

Nima Yeganefar 6 years ago

Beautiful place if you enjoy arts in general. The program is usually dense and very interesting.

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