Seville Museum of Fine Arts

📍 Localização e contacto

Pl. del Museo 9
41001, Sevilla
954 78 64 98

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu de Belas Artes de Sevilha é um dos museus mais importantes da Espanha. Está localizado no centro histórico da cidade de Sevilha. O museu foi fundado em 1839. O museu tem uma coleção de mais de 5.000 pinturas e esculturas. O museu também possui uma biblioteca com mais de 30.000 livros. O museu está aberto de segunda a sábado, das 9:00 às 19:00.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ Seville Museum of Fine Arts: Opiniões

Cathy Priest 1 year ago

Beautiful building and presentation of Spanish artwork. A hidden gem, it seemed. Would definitely recommend!

Mario R 1 year ago

Great museum and for free! The topic of most of the permanent exhibition is religious, but they also have some portraits and still life art. The architecture of the building is marvellous, especially the room with the high dome. It is a nice place to relax because the atmosphere is calm and it is not too crowded. You cannot take bags inside, but they have free locker rooms at the entrance to leave your stuff.

ste da 1 year ago

Happened to go on a day/during a time when entry was free, the museum was nicely laid out and had beautiful architecture to enjoy would definitely recommend

Tetsuya desu 1 year ago

This is an amazing art museum which you can find the major local Sevillian artists work, and also the typical inner patios which are decorated with amazing tiles. By observing these local masterpiece you would get to see how people used to live a life in this beautiful city. This is highly rexommended.

Colm Bennett 1 year ago

A really enjoyable couple of hours, very well laid out and introduced me to some new artists.

Noelle Reimers 1 year ago

Museu incrível, com artistas de Sevillano dos últimos 500 anos que abrangem estilos de Renniassance, Barroco e Rococo. Este foi um dos destaques da minha viagem a Sevilha e a entrada é gratuita para cidadãos da UE ou 1 euro para os visitantes. Obras tão bonitas e uma janela maravilhosa para a história de Sevilha! Definitivamente um imperdível na minha opinião

Louise Dear 1 year ago

Incredibly Spanish experience- wonderful museum which tells many stories vis paintings, friezes sculpture, mainly focusing on religion and royalty. The only quibble: so authentically Spanish that only the permanent collection has English translations. We would have lingered longer if there had been more translations for the salons we visited.

Vanessa G 1 year ago

Belo museu no centro de Sevilha! O preço do ingresso é de apenas 1 euros e definitivamente vale a pena ver todas as incríveis peças de arte espanhola. O andar no andar de cima tem uma grande coleção de esculturas e mais pinturas, então definitivamente confira isso. Além da arte, há muitos pátios onde você pode sentar e desfrutar do ar fresco.

Wim Buitenhuis 1 year ago

Beautiful museum in an old convent. Collection is very extensive consisting of mainly paintings. I would advice everyone visiting Seville to visit this place for sure as they truly have some amazing pieces of historical art. Entrance is free of charge for residents of the European Union.

Aimee Fenech 1 year ago

Free for eu citizens a wonderful place to visit

Beth May 1 year ago

Lovely courtyards and spectacular pieces housed in a former convent. It is spacious and not crowded at all. Plenty of space to explore. Not an essential to do during a trip to Seville, but a nice relief from the heat. As UK residents, this cost €3 between 2.

Ioannis Tsimperidis 1 year ago

Great paintings from Spanish creators. What is unbelievable? This experience is free for European Union citizens

Luka Todorovic 1 year ago

Beautiful collection. It does not take too much time, and the art on display is all interesting, even though they could have surely cluttered with more works. Entry was free.

Josu Camacho 1 year ago

Besides having an impressive cultural, Seville can boast of having one of the most important painting museums in Spain. In addition to works from the Medieval and Renaissance period, this extraordinary museum is obligatory for those who wish to delve into the works of the best of the Golden Age of Spanish Art, such as Velazquez and Murillo.

William MacDonald 1 year ago

Beautiful interior and exterior spaces. Courtyards, tiles, gardens, and wonderful galleries which are spacious and not overwhelming. I have little tolerance for endless religious art but this gallery is beautiful. Plus very few people hustling around.

YS OC 1 year ago

One of my favourite art galleries in the world. The Murillo collection is a must see and LOVE the new room layout! Beautiful building too. And the square outside plus Sunday art market are not to be missed!

Jerry Zhang 1 year ago

very beautiful collection, lots of Spanish (and Flemish) art across the centuries a lot of Zurbaran and Valdés Leal very cheap entry open late

Carson Allan 1 year ago

A nice smaller art museum, not crowded either. The building itself is beautiful as well. Very low cost at 1.50 euro. Well worth the time.

Carlo Stevanovich 1 year ago

Um museu livre para entrar com um passaporte da UE, fomos capazes de passear por uma magnífica exposição de arte religiosa por um dos maiores expoentes de Sevilles do século XVII. As estátuas eram extremamente realistas e as pinturas eram obras de arte reais. Vale a pena as duas horas que passamos, que pareciam meia hora. Altamente recomendado.

Ивица Пејчев 2 years ago

Must visit! The Museum of Fine Arts, Sevilla, was established as a "Museum to display paintings", by Royal Decree on 16 September 1835. The building which we see today owes its general layout to the transformations carried out in the first decades of the 17th century thanks to the initiative of Fray Alonso de Monroy, general of the Order from 1602. In 1603, the architect and sculptor Juan de Oviedo y de la Bandera presented the plans and instructions for its construction, which was begun with the demolition of the former Mudejar building. In 1612, the temple was finished and almost half a century later, the rest of the cement works were completed, thus becoming one of the most beautiful examples of Andalusian mannerism. The Museum has a collection of mainly Spanish visual arts from the medieval period to the early 20th century, including a choice selection of works by artists from the so-called Golden Age of Sevillian painting during the 17th century, such as Murillo, Zurbarán, Francisco de Herrera…

Honesty IS the Key! 2 years ago

Beautiful museum, the paintings are spectacular. A must see when traveling to Seville.

Delia Dobritoiu 2 years ago

Such a gem! And no charge for EU citizens! It is a beautiful place, with many artworks. Murillo and Ribera, a bit of Velasques as well, just to name some of the painters I was familiar with. It is a great space, looked after very well.

Marta Borecka 2 years ago

I always go back to this museum willingly, not only you can find there numerous artworks, but also the architecture of the building itself and gardens are charming and worth seeing. Entrance is free for all citizens of the European Union.

Ela Jurko 2 years ago

Free entrance for the citizens of the EU. The museum itself is beuatiful even if you are not a fan of Fine Arts. The organization is immaculate unlike many other museums in Spain. I was pleasently suprised with the number of important paintings we could see.

Aydin S. 2 years ago

A nice classic Art Museum. Entry was for free.

Kat Edwards 2 years ago

This want one of the most pleasant experiences I have had with an art museum. The four seasons of food should not be missed. The architecture in the museum rivals the art.

Αναστασία Xαλκίδου 2 years ago

Great collection of art. It's free for European citizens, worth a visit!

Claude Waddington 3 years ago

Make sure you bring a passport to get in for free, otherwise it's €2. Cheap. I actually didn't mind paying. The museum is good, very heavy on religious motifs, a bit too much Jesus crucified for my taste, but there's also other fine art paintings that are less Jesus GRUESOME.

Jacob Clark 3 years ago

I normally am not a fan of museums, but I could spend all day here. The art work that’s included is very thematic but not exactly the same, so you won’t get bored seeing basically the same paintings in every room. There are inside parts to the museum and outside spaces (which are mainly for walking from exhibition to exhibition, but they also include some art). It’s a very very nice atmosphere, and I will definitely return here next time I’m in Sevilla. Entry is free if you are a EU citizen (but they didn’t ask for verification... js). I recommend getting there closer to the opening time of the museum, because there was an exhibition that was getting ready to close as we were entering (so we didn’t get to spend as much time there as we would have liked).

John Muller 3 years ago

My favorites are the pictures from Domingo Martínez (1688-1749) which depict in minute detail Sevilla around 1748.

John Leger 3 years ago

Now this is an unassuming museum in the heart of Sevilla which has so much to offer for those who enjoy art. Even if you are not an enthusiast it is worth a few hours of your time. Just take a look at what you are missing and more besides.

Howard Bright 4 years ago

This is a really nice place to visit, and free to enter for Europeans. Quite a varied range of art, well laid out. You'll need to leave backpacks and bags in lockers, but you can take cameras for photos. Not a huge collection but many of the pieces are interesting. It's also quite cool in inside, which can be a pleasant respite from the heat!

Kanishka Jayasinghe 4 years ago

Quite a good museum located in a beautiful building. The entrance fee of 1.50 euro (as of April 2019) is worth it to see the patios alone. The works of Murillo in room 5 are a definite stand out here. If you see anything at this museum check them out. Well worth a visit.

Frank Wils 4 years ago

Located in a beautiful old convent, visiting this site just for the building itself is already very much worthwhile. The entrance is cheap, even free at some days. The beautiful square building has a nice garden to catch some fresh air inbetween the rooms. The paintings on display are very worthwile seeing also. Highly recommended!

Nicholas Curry 4 years ago

It is a great little museum. Many of the works need some cleaning/conservation and appear quite dark, but a careful eye can imagine the beauty and vibrant colors below the grime. For 1.5 Euro, it’s definitely a good value. Yes, there is a lot of religious art, but there’s also more.

Tony Lamb 4 years ago

Really lovely building and wonderful collection of Spanish artists, remember to look up occasionally as the cathedral part is seriously impressive.

Séverin TARBOURIECH 5 years ago

No queues, free entry for EU citizens and a stunning setting (former Convent with beautiful courtyards). Impressive collection yet each painting has enough room to present itself. We preferred the ground floor (rooms 1 to 5). We recommend!

lili liu 5 years ago

The building itself is fascinating to look at (built in 1594) for its detailed decos. Worthy for a visit for around 1 hour tour under air conditioned, especially during summer days. Free entrance on Sundays and plus you can have a look at local artists have their own stands in the plaza (park) right in front of the museum makes your experience more interesting.

Peter B. 5 years ago

Beautiful building and gardens. Picture selection is mostly religious portraiture which is not my thing but I still highly recommend a visit.

Mof Gimmers 5 years ago

Amazing art gallery with a gorgeous courtyard. Free entry if you show an EU passport, and €1.5 if you don't. Honestly, it's worth donating such a small amount even if you can get in for free. Great Spanish art through a variety of period. Fantastic.

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