National Museum of Science and Technology

📍 Localização e contacto

C. del Pintor Velázquez 5
28100, Alcobendas
914 25 09 19

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia de Alcobendas (Muncyt) é um museu dedicado a preservar e promover a herança científica e tecnológica da Espanha. O museu está localizado na área metropolitana de Madri, na cidade de Alcobendas.

O museu foi fundado em 1992 pelo Ministério da Cultura Espanhola. Muncyt é um dos maiores museus de ciências da Europa, com uma coleção de mais de 200.000 itens. As exposições do museu cobrem uma ampla gama de tópicos, desde a história da ciência e da tecnologia até as últimas descobertas científicas.

A coleção permanente do museu inclui uma ampla variedade de objetos, desde instrumentos científicos antigos até tecnologia moderna. A coleção é dividida em quatro seções principais: a história da ciência, a história da tecnologia, a história da medicina e a história da comunicação.

O museu também possui várias exposições interativas, que permitem aos visitantes experimentar em primeira mão, os avanços científicos e tecnológicos que moldaram nosso mundo. O museu também possui uma biblioteca e um centro de pesquisa, aberto ao público.

O Museu Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia é imperdível para qualquer pessoa interessada na história e desenvolvimento da ciência e tecnologia.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ National Museum of Science and Technology: Opiniões

Vir F 1 year ago

An essential visit for children and adults... You can't see it for a while, you can dedicate the whole day to it. You can go in and back out. The general is free. The workshops and the planetarium around €3. The planetarium talk conductor is spectacular. There are tables outside set up for a picnic (you can bring your own food)

Jörge 1 year ago

Interesting museum on the evolution of science and technology. It contains a large collection of pieces from different eras, and the knowledge is presented in an entertaining and simple way. It allows you to see how technology has evolved both in the scientific field and in the domestic sphere. highly recommended visit


A great place to take the kids and to enjoy science and technology as a family and how we have advanced. Admission is free and you only have to pay €3 for special activities and the planetarium, which my daughter said was spectacular. If you want to spend a different day with your family and learn, this is the ideal place. 100% recommended.

Maite Tortosa 1 year ago

Delighted with the visit. The children have enjoyed a lot and the planetarium pass has been fantastic. Congratulations to the girl who explains it to you because she is charming. In general the staff is very friendly. We have not done any workshop but they paint very well. It has cost us to get them out of there to leave

Rafa JB 1 year ago

Free in permanent exhibitions. It has workshops and a planetarium, if you have to get a ticket. The exhibition of the advances of the human being on the ground floor are the same as we saw before the pandemic. If the exposure of the first floor has changed. Very interesting, related to space and time. The interactive exhibition is always a delightful experience for children, teenagers and adults.

cristina ribeiro 1 year ago

This museum is a great plan to go with children and without children. It is very educational, very complete and interactive, and the staff is super friendly and spend time giving explanations and participating in activities with the children. It is very beautiful and is very careful and well planned, which is why it is very interesting. I recommend a visit to the planetarium, after the projection the kids can ask questions and make requests to see what interests them. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit Admission without a planetarium is free and it also has free parking too.

hanna walther 1 year ago

Free museum, the children have loved it (3 and 10 years old), the boy who is giving explanations very attentively, can be seen in an hour and a half approximately.

Estibaliz Manzana 1 year ago

A museum that you cannot miss. Especially for the little ones it is great, very interesting and interactive. My 5-year-old son was amazed (well, and I was 32 too lol) all the members of the museum were very friendly and everything was quite explicitly correct, you can take photos... I recommend it 100%

Alberto Gallardo 1 year ago

A good place to spend the afternoon, learn about the history of science and technology, and enjoy the projections in the observatory. Very friendly and helpful staff. 100% recommended.

Laura RS 1 year ago

An essential visit to introduce us to the world of science and technology. The permanent exhibition and the planetarium are very interesting. The workshops and activities for children between 6-12 years old are very good and the staff is charming. It is a shame that the capacity of all the spaces in general are open and working and in museums, like this one, the interactive part for children is still closed due to COVID. It is only a section for adults and children through a guided tour.

Sergio Pestana de Carvalho 1 year ago

As crianças adoraram! Algumas restrições ainda se aplicam devido ao COVID, o que limita as opções para interagir com todas as experiências. Funcionários super amigáveis. Armários disponíveis. Estar lá cedo. Familiarize -se com todas as ofertas, pois variam com o tempo: Tour Interactive, planetário, exposições temporárias, ...

Lonestar 2 years ago

It is worth visiting. It has several exhibitions of different themes in which you can see their evolution (vehicles, telephony, TV ...). Very well displayed and with detailed signposts. The very elaborate and instructive exhibition of the conquest of space. It also has activities, but we were unable to do them due to a matter of time. In short, a good museum to visit.

Josefina Riesco 2 years ago

A must! Has lots of activities for youngsters and grown ups

Matthieu Berenbroek 2 years ago

Nice to do with kids.

Gonzalo “Knight Anubis” 2 years ago

A very entertaining museum and ideal for children and curious people or those who want to see science in an interactive way. We were around an hour and a half and we had a great time with the experiments. Then we went to a bonsai exhibition that is a 10 minute walk to complete the day.

Sonia Haidar 3 years ago

The best museum in madrid

Joseph Xhuxhi 3 years ago

Amazing, fun activities for the whole family.

Rocio Masip 3 years ago

A must to see

Carol Romero 3 years ago

Museu muito bom, com fatos muito interessantes. Sinto falta de um restaurante no site que almoça. Há uma área de "piquenique" que é uma sala com mesas e cadeiras e máquinas de venda automática. A área interativa é muito agradável para crianças. As atividades para crianças poderiam ser oferecidas para crianças e adultos acompanhados, pois algumas crianças (como a minha 3 anos) não queriam estar sozinhas.

paula socorro 4 years ago

Small museum. Free entrance. But is far away from the center of Madrid.

Caroline Barlow 4 years ago


Chris Shewan 4 years ago

Brilliant for the children, especially the planetarium and the interactive experiments

Monica Lidia Rodriguez Estrada 4 years ago

Fantastic for kids all ages .I love going with my kids.

ken_kramer Kramer 4 years ago

Excellent temporary exhibit about motorcycles!

Botond Palencsar 4 years ago

Not too bad

Moises Figuera 4 years ago

Great place!!

Jorge Herguera 4 years ago

Interactive and enjoyful

Lucy Kleboe 4 years ago

Well presented, cool & calm in the hot weather & interesting.

Serie Adicto 4 years ago

Great visit and even better if you bring your kids.

Mario Madrid 4 years ago

Highly recommendable, one of the most interactive science and technology museums I have ever been. Lots of exhibits where children and adults alike can touch and feel how physics principles work. Free entrance. Scheduled workshops require a fee but are enjoyable mostly for the little ones. The attachment is a video with a demo where cosmic particles hitting a gas are shown!

Ken Kramer 4 years ago

Interesting temporary exhibits !

Deepak Vijay 5 years ago

Nice place for children

Carlos Bermeo 5 years ago


Laura Chico 5 years ago

I must visit! Such a wonderfully interactive museum which helps kids and adults see concepts in an easier way. There are cool workshops and the planetarium offering many shows. Love it! There is a 'vending machine in a room to eat picnics.

Jean L 5 years ago

Free access for everyone, it has a great collection of thing to see, free access to this place by public transportation, it may last one hour arriving there.

Valer Zetocha 5 years ago

Great museum with plenty of interesting hands-on experiments for kids and adults. Sessions for kids are great too. The only thing missing is a real cafeteria, there is only a picnick room with vending machines and a microwave. Overall great experience, will come back for sure. Before the visit check the times of presentations and kids workshops. They are worth it and cost little (3 eur). General entrance is free.

Kholood Al Tabash 5 years ago

Quite limited but enjoyed it

Piyush Dedhia 5 years ago

Underrated. It's a bit away from city center but worth a visit if you have time. Kids will love it. Knowledge with fun.

Charlotte Valencia 5 years ago

Very interactive and not very full.

Jose Miguel Jimenez 5 years ago


Endika A 5 years ago

Excellent presentation of technological artifacts and scientific experiments plus a planetarium and exhibition halls

Anand Gothe 5 years ago

Lugar incrível, para crianças e adultos. Muitos itens e experimentos interessantes em exibição. Todos os rótulos e descrições são espanhóis. Você precisará de cerca de uma hora para cobrir os dois andares. A entrada é gratuita para ambos os pisos. Se você fala espanhol, eu recomendo o planetário no terceiro andar (por 3 euros). Há também uma seção de piquenique no térreo para crianças e famílias desfrutarem de suas refeições.

vivek sinha 5 years ago

Um local obrigatório ... muitas coisas a ver com experimentos científicos Taxa de inscrição - GRATUITO PARA O MUSEU (embora você precise pegar ingressos); 3 € para planetário Tenha três andares - o piso térreo, na maioria antigos de carros de bicicleta, fabricação de filmes e equipamentos de saúde O primeiro andar é a melhor parte - tenha muitas coisas interessantes (explicando conceitos científicos), qualquer criança adoraria este lugar Plano superior tem planetário Há uma cafeteria também no térreo No geral, um local de visita obrigatório e ideal para uma viagem de meio dia

José Manuel 6 years ago

Family science

Durlabh Deshpande 6 years ago

Very good science museum and planetarium.. its free to go in and explore except minimal fees for planetarium (3€).. must visit if you are in Alcobendas area with your family.. nicely maintained with most sign boards giving information in English as well as spanish..

Jose Manuel Alfaro Lopez 6 years ago


Armand Heijster 6 years ago

O grande Museu Local de Entrada de Ciências é gratuita, mas é uma coisa extra como o planetário que você precisa pagar, mas é barato. A única coisa que poderia ter sido melhor é um restaurante/cafeteria local, é apenas um monte de máquinas de fornecedores.

Kenneth Curtin 7 years ago

an amazing resource for free in Madrid, vintage cars, and brilliant experiments, great for Spanish and English speakers,

Jack Hands 7 years ago

Beautiful museum with some great interactive parts on the upper floor.

Tim Tregenza 7 years ago

Fantastic interactive museum

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