National Museum of Decorative Arts

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C. de Montalbán 12
28014, Madrid
915 32 64 99

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O Museu Nacional de Artes Decorativas de Madri é um dos maiores e mais importantes museus do gênero na Espanha. Abriga uma extensa coleção de arte espanhola e européia dos séculos 14 a 20, com um foco particular nas artes decorativas. O museu está localizado no Palacio de Longoria, um belo palácio do século XIX no centro da cidade.

A coleção do museu inclui móveis, tapeçarias, cerâmica, metaljamento, copos e outros objetos de arte decorativa. Muitas das peças são de qualidade e raridade excepcionais, e a coleção como um todo fornece uma visão fascinante da história das artes decorativas na Espanha e na Europa.

O museu está aberto ao público de terça a domingo, e a admissão é gratuita.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ National Museum of Decorative Arts: Opiniões

Jorge A M 1 year ago

A very interesting place in Madrid to understand the evolution of the decorative arts between the 16th and 18th centuries. It contains very curious pieces. The recreation of the daily spaces of the houses of each era stands out, especially its 18th-century Valencian kitchen

Magda Quintero 1 year ago

Seeing the change in the architecture of the mieblea over time and knowing the history was very useful, and you learn and appreciate more the furniture used in everyday life.

Ivan Tejera 1 year ago

The exhibit I visited had very nice pieces of chairs and furniture.

Jp Eso 1 year ago

A secret jewel of Madrid

Elisa R 1 year ago

Very interesting and little known museum. The temporary exhibition on furniture from the 1930s is very interesting and well documented. The rest of the wide and varied collection. A 10 to the museum staff for their kindness and attention. Thank you!

E K 1 year ago

Nice exhibition of modernist furniture and kitchenware

Carmen Tomas Nogues 1 year ago

Beautiful very interesting museum and very attentive employees, I recommend it

MICADINA 1 year ago

It was a guided tour with a volunteer guide who was overflowing with knowledge about the museum. Very interesting and educational as well as leaving the visitor speechless at the beauty and craftsmanship of some of the furniture and objects on display.

Susana Ruiz 1 year ago

We went on the Night of the Museums and they had prepared a very cool activity. The people were wonderful and they seemed very involved and eager for us to participate and have a good time. In addition, they had taken advantage of exhibits to prepare tests, so they encouraged you to look at objects that could have gone unnoticed.

Ri V (ritchy) 1 year ago

Very pleasant place, not big but on 4 floors, temporary and permanent exhibition, magnificent furniture, pottery, porcelain, jewellery, a must see, free on Thursdays but even at 3 euros it's good

Josu Camacho 1 year ago

Este Museu Nacional de Artes Decorativas (Museu Nacional de Belas Artes), talvez por seu nome ou por sua proximidade com o Prado e o Thyssen, seja um dos museus esquecidos da cidade. Uma pena, porque as coleções deste excelente museu permitem que o visitante conheça os aspectos da cultura espanhola que não são acessíveis em outros lugares. Item dos utensílios de cozinha, tapetes de Mudejar, armários e jóias espanhóis decorados são apresentados com sabor requintado em diferentes configurações

Patricia Beatriz Vargas 1 year ago

To travel in 3 hours. Very pretty. The kitchen on the top floor is unmissable.

Unapologetically Spanish 1 year ago

Um belo museu mostrando uma coleção diversificada de itens decorativos. Eles também foram interessantes. O museu é de bom tamanho - não muito grande, não muito lotado. A exposição é bem selecionada, mostrando os itens mais significativos. Qualidade acima de quantidade. Muito satisfeito com a visita.

Pablo Movilla 1 year ago

Both the permanent and temporary collections are interesting. They usually participate in the Madrid Design Festival, the night of the museums and other museum activities, conferences and guided tours. Essential. It is a relatively small museum that can be visited in a couple of hours without problems, but if you want to delve into the pieces you can complete the information on the visit through documentation available online. In each room there is a QR code that takes you to it.

Dori Benito 1 year ago

Cozy place

helen rojas 2 years ago

I loved this site. The different floors have their charm. Each one well explained. I recommend it to children loves it. A good place to induce children to culture and a passion for museums.

Adriana 2 years ago

Extraordinary museum that houses a multitude of objects from the 20th century and earlier that show us the journey and evolution of the decorative arts through time. The second and third floors stand out above all, where we can find a model of an 18th century manor house with all the rooms exquisitely decorated, and observe the Asian influence, the different European styles and the role that these played in the decoration of the time. . A very educational and interesting museum, and free entry. Absolutely recommended.

Victoria Senaty 2 years ago

A building that houses a world on four floors. In it we are going to see the fashion, use, and evolution of goldsmithing, from fine silver threads to brooches set with precious stones. On another floor, in different galleries. Sponge glazing ceramic, in tricolor. Chairs from the 17th century to the nouveau. Chests, oak wood armchairs. The history of Fabrics, silk linens and their drawings. The Royal Glass Factory and the different schools. Until Bauhaus hit on the touch of thermal resistance. Boron was the key. Now glass would have an industrial outlet, but without art. Has disabled access and chairs. There is an elevator. There are helpers on all floors. The entrance is very affordable. 100% Covid measures taken.

E M 2 years ago

It is worth visiting, it has furniture and decorative objects from different times and places. A pity that the last two floors were closed due to the heat. In August and September it is free. I post some photos.

Ana K 2 years ago

I loved it. Very interesting the collection and a ten for the attention. Beautiful dollhouse and the Neapolitan nativity scene. Stunning ivory pieces. And, of course, the famous Valencian cuisine. A part of the second floor (bedroom) was closed, I hope to return one day to see it.

Paloma Tenorio Gonzalez 2 years ago

Beautiful museum. Now the third and fourth floors are closed. Free until September 30.

Isabel Borja Yerro 2 years ago

Very interesting and very friendly and attentive staff, they have explained us very well, totally recommended

Territorio Luismi 2 years ago

Located very close to the Retiro, this museum keeps a large collection of objects dedicated to the decorative arts, it is worth visiting

Paulino Montero Carrasco 2 years ago

They are several floors of exhibition. To see it in detail it would take two days.

Marisa Palmero 2 years ago

I was seeing a ceramic exhibition and then I took the opportunity to see the rest of the Museum quietly. I did not finish seeing it because it is deceiving, it seems small but then you start to see it calmly and time ran out on me and they were already closing but I will return because it has seemed very interesting and beautiful. I found the Valencian cuisine beautiful

Bego Benito 2 years ago

Beautiful and original museum. It deserves to be visited !! Highly recommended, and all its staff, attentive, friendly and prepared. Do not stop visiting them !!

Mayovaaz 2 years ago

Surprised by the collection on display! And more surprised by what they cannot exhibit due to lack of space! A highly recommended visit!

Kent Wang 2 years ago

Museu pequeno. Atualmente, entrada gratuita. Muitas peças de baixa qualidade. As coisas modernas são muito ruins. Punhados de boas peças, como tapeçaria e mesas embutidas

Sylvia Ruiz 3 years ago

It is a little-known museum, a 19th century mansion, there are several floors with different rooms, the permanent exhibition highlights the collection of oriental art, Spanish and other European ceramics and porcelain, an 18th century kitchen, a collection of jewelry, furniture, etc and temporary exhibitions. What is striking about the museum is the contrast of the old with the modern. The floor on the ground floor is very nice.

Grace 4 years ago

Nice museo

Fer 9o 4 years ago

A precious museum and great unknown, where you can enjoy all kinds of art from centuries and years past ... Furniture, clothing, jewelry, utensils of daily life to a collection of ceramics and glassware worthy of admiration.

pao p 4 years ago

Magnificent proposal. Beautiful space and interesting museographic idea. The last floor, dedicated to glass and crystal, will not be open until September. Reason? The excessive temperature of the rooms, which do not have air conditioning. Well, a good excuse to go back. Ah! and during the summer it is always free. Very close to the Retiro.

Kelsea Stamper 4 years ago

Very fulfilling and cheap activity for tourists! Beautiful displays. Minimal English but great regardless

michal U 4 years ago

Amazing little pearl of a museum. Small but full of beautiful things to see.

Misty Flores 4 years ago

My favorite place in Madrid!

luis manuel quiroga López 4 years ago

Former Summer Palace of the Duchess of Santoña, built in 1878, the Museum of Decorative Arts moves in 1932, to house the collection of minor and industrial arts (Silver, ceramics, glass, textiles, porcelain, etc.) since the fifteenth century until the 20th with a review of all historical styles. To review the 18th-century Valencian cuisine all in hand-painted tile. Important collections with a fund of more than 7000 pieces, has 60 exhibition halls. The Museum needs an urgent restoration, does not have air conditioning and does not follow the current museum criteria. Interesting temporary exhibitions and pieces of the month. Today I visited it and I ran away since the heat was unbearable and the two exhibitions (one of them advertising) and another of young design, were not very interesting, say curious but nothing more.

Tanya Hristova 4 years ago

I love going there! That feeling of luxury and class is fabulous!

James Carroll 4 years ago

Chave baixa, mas mais interessante do que eu esperava. A equipe parecia útil e amigável. Notei na saída que há um aplicativo para ajudar na visita, mas não conheço seu alcance de idioma.

P C 5 years ago

Los Manolos, bonita Expo.

T OC 5 years ago

One of those museums that will surprise ... they even have treasures of the Viceroy of Mexico and period furniture, the visit becomes very easy. Specifically, I went to Manolo Blahnik's exhibition, referring to Spanish design throughout the world.

Ambrose & Brid O'Halloran 5 years ago

Museu interessante

Jane 5 years ago

Free on Thursday evening and well worth it. Excellent display of Spanish daily life the tiled kitchen is superb. Had the added bonus of a temporary Manolo Blanik exhibition which was detailed and extensive. If you can't get there for Manolo however the rest of the exhibits are worth it especially if you are interested in craft, design and social history

Grisha Mirgorodsky 5 years ago

Very nice place.

Dave Pass 5 years ago

Floor 5 closes at 10:30☹️ and only 3€

Gert Fourie 5 years ago

Very interesting and beautiful. Something different. And cheap entrance.

que torremolinos 5 years ago

An impressive site, in addition to visiting the collections you will be impressed with the architecture of the palace. I went a few days before closing the shoe exhibition (Manolo Blahnik) and it was a little crowded, but you can't complain about it. Very friendly and close customer service. Thank you!

Jette Thomassen 5 years ago

A maior parte do museu é dedicada à arte decorativa espanhola dos séculos XVII e XVIII. O restante continha exposições especiais. Fiquei desapontado por não encontrar mais itens de Mayólica na coleção permanente. Além disso, apenas o guia da planta estava disponível em inglês. Visitantes que não falam em espanhol vão sentir falta de muita coisa.

P.A. P. 6 years ago

Great and quiet museum of antique Spanish furnish with a beautiful collection of textiles and old fans (ask the guards to show them to you).

Susana Herreros 6 years ago

The building is actually a palace among apartments. The use to have mi nterrsting but unknown expositions. On the 3rd and 4th floor, you will find examples of homes fron16th century.

Sarah Bailey 6 years ago

Very interesting museum with reproductions of rooms from the 16th and 17th centuries as well as a unique collection of furnishings and decorations. A great "off the beaten" option for visiting in Madrid in a central, convenient location.

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