Saint Isidore Museum

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Pl. de San Andrés 2
28005, Madrid
913 66 74 15

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu Saint Isidore está localizado no coração de Madri, no distrito histórico da cidade. O museu está alojado em um ex -convento da Ordem de São Isidore, fundada no século XIII. O museu contém uma riqueza de artefatos e obras de arte da ordem, bem como uma biblioteca com uma coleção de livros e manuscritos raros. O museu está aberto ao público para passeios e eventos e também oferece um centro de pesquisa para estudiosos.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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🗣️ Saint Isidore Museum: Opiniões

Nicolas Llorens 1 year ago

I’ve come a couple times to this small museum close to metro La Latina and i must say i still enjoy it. It doesn’t have a very big collection of artifacts or fossils, but those that they have are impressive. It turns out the city of Madrid literally stands on top of some of the best preserved Miocene fossil sites in the world and one can see wooly mammoths and rhinocerous huge fossils inside this little historic building. Apart from artifacts from the bronze age, early roman colonization, visigoth conquest, islamic conquest, christian conquest… It explains in a concise and understandable way how history developed in the area that now holds Madrid, my city, and just because of that, i treasure this little museum, close to my heart.

Max Hollingdale 1 year ago

Excellent museum giving history of Madrid from first settlers to current day. And it’s FREE!

Valerio Agricola 1 year ago

An extensive excursus on the history of Madrid, from the Palaeolithic to the most recent times. Rich collection of flints and primitive tools, finds from pre-Roman Spain and after Roman colonization. Relaxing by the fountain inside the patio. Place that captures for a good hour, not very busy, therefore pleasant and moreover it is totally free.

marje 1 year ago

We liked a lot . The museum is located in the house where San Isidro lived. You can learn about the history of Madrid from Prehistory to the establishment of the Court. It offers a large number of objects and interactive panels, of prehistoric origin. The staff is very friendly and nice. One hundred percent recommended for all ages. It has an interior patio that at the moment on October 12 was closed You can also see the well with its great depth

D. D. 1 year ago

Beautiful and interesting like all other places connected with Saint Isidore ( Ermita and church with his tomb ... ) Located in city centre next to Saint Andrew church and very close to San Isidro street Entrance free of charge The saint and his wife used to live there The place of one of his miracles ( the well that saved the boy's life )

Cindy Moyer 1 year ago

Muito informativo

Milena 1 year ago

Free entrance, cordial employees, fabulous exhibition, you can't miss it!!!

Rosalie B 1 year ago

Belo museu pequeno que mostra alguma história dos humanos. Não estava lotado enquanto este era um museu super interessante. O homem mais velho na entrada era incrivelmente adorável e agradável. Não faço ideia de qual era o seu nome, mas você derreteu meu coração, você era adorável.

Mattia M 1 year ago

Very interesting, up-to-date and with descriptions in spanish and english. Recommend it!

Hernán Folgueiro 1 year ago

Beautiful museum on the history and prehistory of the City of Madrid. The presentation is very didactic which makes the tour very pleasant. It is a nice space to visit with children. Congratulations to those who take care of him and made it possible!

Gudmundur F. Magnusson 1 year ago

Museu muito interessante sobre antropologia e os primeiros humanos e animais na área de Madri. As telas multimídia o tornam moderno e ajudam os hóspedes a entender os assuntos.

Althea E 1 year ago

Free entrance. The museum has English translations on their displays. The staff and guards are so nice and accommodating. The toilets might be old but they have hot water in the tap.

David Lopez 1 year ago

Great museum to know more about the history of Madrid! Free tickets and children friendly. The little ones will love to see the rest of some animals like the mamuts, and see the different stages Madrid has gone through since the first settlement.

Lukasz Zbylut 1 year ago

Museu de antropologia muito agradável com boas exposições que recriam a vida e o uso de ferramentas dos primeiros humanos. Confira os mosaicos e os crânios de animais. A equipe pode ter temperamento curto, mas o museu é gratuito, por isso ainda vale a pena ver. O mapa do acidente Madrid e sua expansão são um destaque definitivo. Há um poço que foi o local de um suposto milagre, e o pátio é muito refrescante. Lembre -se de usar o desinfetante para as mãos quando entrar ou você terá uma aparência com raiva. Não há mapa do museu, mas seguir o caminho único o levará a perguntar os lugares necessários.

Jose Lara 2 years ago


Louis Heili 2 years ago

Insightful and interactive!

Merlina Angeles 2 years ago

Awesome,safe great place!

Guillermo Torres 2 years ago

A small museum, 30-60min tour, and a real gem in the city. Entrance is free, and holds a nice collection of artifacts from prehistoric to the Renaissance period in Madrid. Excellent place to visit!

Endika A 2 years ago

Awesome and beautiful museum

Jan de Klerk 2 years ago

Very interesting museum about the history of Madrid

Ricardo Fossi 2 years ago

Great Museum with professional staff that will explain for free some history of Madrid

Andrew B 2 years ago

O museu está acostumado a turistas internacionais, então, quando você diz de onde você faz o registro do país e fornece um folheto em seu idioma nativo. Muito mais do que San Isidro Este museu passa de tempos pré -históricos, incluindo relíquias até a época de San Isidro. Tour interessante com ar condicionado. Incluindo o Miracle Well (Leia interessante sobre isso)!

Rob S 3 years ago

Cool educational museum

Natalia Uribe 3 years ago

Excellent place to visit and to learn about Madrid’s history since early times. The explanations are very clear and they are available in English.

Eddy Y 3 years ago

FREE museum about the history of Madrid

Jorge Ferreira 3 years ago

Great and incredible place

Samuel R. 3 years ago

It is a very interesting and well organized museum. It is not a big one, but a good one. You must visit it if you are in Madrid!

Snehasish 4 years ago

Nice and calm

john hill 4 years ago

Wow! I don't understand how this museum doesn't have a perfect rating. Truly astounding for a small, free museum.

Mikolaj Oskierko 4 years ago

Very nice museum of Madrid origins with archeobotanic garden.

Andrew Taylor 4 years ago

Great free museum that is just off a nice sunlit square. Tells the history of Madrid from prehistory. Also some of the stories of San Isidro the patron saint of Madrid.

Raj Singh 4 years ago

Um lugar fantástico para visitar tanto para ver. Está apertado, se coisas interessantes. E o museu de fora parece que é o século XVI e quando você entra. É transportá -lo para o futuro. O design é excelente. E se você for depois das 18h, é uma entrada gratuita.

Darcee Fox 5 years ago

An impressive museum, it tells you the history of this city from the beginning, the guides treat you very well, good to come with the family.

Fernando Hoyos 5 years ago

A hidden jewel in one of the most traditional neighbourhoods of the city. Don't miss it if you want to know more about Madrid. Free admittance.

Allan 5 years ago

Good review of prehistoric central Iberian plain history, some artifacts.

Raymond Size 5 years ago

Belo museu

Tanya Yurasova 5 years ago

An excellent, friendly free museum describing early local history, starting from the prehistoric times

Kadee Horn 5 years ago

Very cool place to visit. And FREEEE!

roberto pasandin 6 years ago

Justo love it. Great vídeos documentaries. Interactive.

László Attila Aszalós 6 years ago

A very nice museum. Interactive, informative and it is for free. I would recommend it for families as well.

c “dino” castle 6 years ago

Well worth the time spent. A small but detailed window into the area's history

Frank Liz Yates 6 years ago

Easy to get to informative. Well presented and mot too many tourists when we visited.

Ma. Angeles PK 6 years ago

Great little museum in a fantastic location! My favorite area in the city of Madrid ;)

Areli Alcazar 6 years ago

Very informative! Admission is free, so it's a nice stop right after visiting the Rastro and grabbing a bite on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Martin jaras 6 years ago

PARADA 3.- PLAZA DE SAN ANDRÉS: MUSEUM OF SAN ISIDRO. On the way to the Plaza de los Carros, it is worthwhile to stop at the jewelery and ornament shop "De piedra", in The nº 10 of the Calle del Almendro. Its facade is constructed from black slate, and can be observed areas of red color Due to the oxidation of the slate

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