Museum of Illusions

📍 Localização e contacto

Carrer del Pintor Fortuny 17
08001, Barcelona
618 55 56 55

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu de Ilusões é um museu de renome mundial localizado no coração de Barcelona. O museu abriga mais de 200 ilusões, variando do clássico ao moderno. A coleção do museu está constantemente se expandindo e novas ilusões são adicionadas regularmente.

O Museu de Ilusões é mais do que apenas uma coleção de ilusões ópticas. É também um centro de aprendizado, onde os visitantes podem aprender sobre a ciência por trás das ilusões. O museu oferece uma variedade de exposições, palestras e workshops interativos.

O Museu de Ilusões é imperdível para qualquer pessoa interessada em ilusões de ótica, ciência ou simplesmente diversão.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum of Illusions: Opiniões

Ciprian Cuc 1 year ago

make sure your phone battery is full as you will need it to take lots of photos.

Abubaker Nazir 1 year ago

Best tourist spot to visit

Bogdan Mihai 1 year ago


efi ell_16 1 year ago

We love it ❣️ best way to spending time

MAFA 535 1 year ago


michel maksev 1 year ago

Never go alone over there. you will need at least two people

Malin S (Malin) 1 year ago

Não estava ocupado. Na primeira vez em que fiz essa atividade, foi um pouco confuso e ajudou que houve fotos do resultado nas paredes.

Nigel Saunders 1 year ago

É pintar na parede que você pode tirar fotos de / com você nelas. É isso. Nosso filho (11) gostou. Valeu a pena a sua entrada por sua diversão? Sim. Valeu a pena pagar por todos nós por seus (20 minutos ou mais de) diversão? Não tão certo. É irritante que, quando você procure on -line, ele diz 7 euros e, quando você chega lá, acaba sendo 10? Definitivamente. Mas eu gostaria que isso fosse surpreendente

Trishie Shumba 1 year ago

Eu nunca soube que os museus podem ser tão engraçados e que valem a pena visitar. Eu tive uma experiência incrível e não me importaria de visitar novamente. Tirou muitas fotos e para quem gostaria de visitar, certifique -se de liberar algum espaço no seu telefone ou câmera porque você precisará de alguns. Foi uma ótima experiência e eu recomendo. A taxa de entrada é de apenas 10 € e eles também estão abertos aos domingos.

Chris Rollins 2 years ago

Great place to get a ton of fun photos

Roman Gorbonosov 3 years ago

The museum is composed of many pictures on the walls (pictures are big, from the floor to the ceiling) where you are invited to become a part of these pictures! All the pictures are of different themes - so just use your fantasy to complete them with yourself! If your fantasy is not in a good mood today, there are some ideas proposed as well as the points from where it is better to take a picture. Don't forget your photo-camera!

Raluca Maian 3 years ago

It is an intersting place to visit for childrens and adults, especially the area ,, Alice in Wonderland,,. You have 10€ discount if you buy also the tickets for Big Fun Museum

Wouter Jaspers 3 years ago

Nice place if you love taking pictures!

Steven G. Fox Ph.D. 3 years ago

Magical distortion of reality, do it.

ANATOLIY 3 years ago

Good fun to take funny pictures

Vian Mulder 3 years ago

Great Fun for part of a date night. Lots of cool pictures to take. Very good laugh.

danijela cogelja sanic 3 years ago

Very funny!

Lumi Boo 4 years ago

Great pictures and great moments. A little expensive in my opinion because is a small place. But it was fun

Outkast Panda Crew 4 years ago

This was class great place to visit

Danny Langs 4 years ago

Just a fantastic place to take some good pictures! It's definitely a lot of a fun and anyone who's in Barcelona should defiantly experience it. It's also a place where kids would love! Tickets however are cheaper to buy online then at the actual place.

Sara Tozer 4 years ago

Great art had a great laugh with the picture

Romana Berber 4 years ago

Cute place.. he have lot of fun... I would recomend..

Bri E. 4 years ago

This museum was such a fun different experience. They have a variety of rooms which were all amazing. The ball pit says it’s for all ages but I would suggest it’s only for kids (we ended up not picking that room since it was filled with children and we were all grown adults haha). The scary maze room was so fun and scary (I get scared easily) but it was all laughs and just a great time. The illusions room is in a whole other building a couple of blocks away but they give you instructions on how to get there.

ALMA 4 years ago

It is an unforgettable experience, everyone should visit and spend a fun time taking all the photos they want.

Creadores Jewellery Co. Ltd. 4 years ago

Really something nice Good to see Should be missed Many things amazing

Anna Burgess 4 years ago

Good fun and really clever

A Mohammed 4 years ago

Belo museu

Peter B 4 years ago

Funny place near La Rambla, if u like funny photos this is place for you. Lot of backgrounds, some of them looks really 3D (my favourites are angel wings and rope bridge) . During our visit in may the museum was almost empty so there was no problem to took photo everywhere.

Nicola Beltrami 4 years ago

So Amazing! The perfect place to shot some pic.

David J. Cerdas 4 years ago

Is better to go with someone, but if you go alone people from the museum can help you with the photos.

Lee J 4 years ago

Came across this gem as we were walking around and the experience was great - would give it six stars if we could

Justin Bayoneto 4 years ago

A bit corny perhaps, but so much fun. With dozens of creative photo opportunities, you’ll have plenty to post on your social media. Buy a ticket in tangent with the Big Fun Museum to save money and have even more fun. Great rainy day activity, for both kids and adults!

Lorenzo Loconsole 4 years ago

Ahahaha we had so much fun here! The ticket it's just €10 and it's gonna take you around 1 hour to "visit" it (be sure to have a lot of storage on your phone for all the pictures you'll take)

Dessislava Dilovska 4 years ago

So much fun. Great idea.

justyna schleiss 4 years ago

Small but fun place. Something different to do in Barcelona. Kids loved it! Nice break from historic places.

Nathalie Richa Raïdy 4 years ago

Lots of fun!

Georgia Papadopoulou 4 years ago

It s a very clever idea! I had a lot of fun!

Susan Brennan 4 years ago

What an amazing place, kids loved it for the quirkiness of it and the timeout it offered from sightseeing. Highly recommend it.

Lucy Ford 4 years ago

Loved it! Bargain for a few hrs of fun and enjoyment!

Alberto Rubattu 5 years ago

That's a great museum for families. It is possible to make photos in incredible worlds seem real

SummerRoseArt 5 years ago

really good and fun

Kamil Jureczko 5 years ago

fantastic opportunity to try your imagination,for all people age categories ! Don't forget take with you camera and spend time having fun with great photos ideas

Darlene Pettit 5 years ago

So much fun.. Great for kids

Markus Waldl 5 years ago

Super pictures. We loved it

Marta Domingues 5 years ago

Amazing fun for everyone look out for discount tickets

Desoxy 5 years ago

Really good, and fun. Do not forgot your camera

Raksha Rhodes 5 years ago

This was so much fun, it's quick to get around and something you can do as a fill in. It's open till late too. the pictures we took came out great. it wasn't busy either. Hidden Gem definitely a must see for fun.

Art and Sugar Pasteles de Alta Costura 6 years ago

Great family/ friends activity! Minimum 2 people!!!!!! As You'll need a photographer.. Loved it! I've being back! Didn't think I and my kids would like it so much! For it to be a great experience you have to go with the idea of being willing to participate (kind of be silly) and the pictures come out really well! Make sure you take the photos from the right spot and also avoid going for the wall as some need you to find your place more in the Centre of the picture so then you get the 3D effect. Enjoy!

Damian Irimescu 6 years ago

A great and fun museum for those who wants to be mesmerized by the illusions. I highly recommend it!

Wm Leler 6 years ago

We had a great time here. Yes it is a bit cheesy and touristy, but that doesn't stop it from being loads of fun posing for photos and watching other people posing. And we got a bunch of great photos.

Radu Tapus 6 years ago

A great place for some photos and half an hour of fun.

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