Gravina Museum of Fine Arts MUBAG

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Carrer Gravina 13
03002, Alicante
965 14 67 80

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O Museu de Belas Artes da Gravina, em Alicante, a Espanha é um dos museus mais importantes da cidade. Foi fundada em 1839 pelo bispo de Alicante, Manuel Gravina Y Nájera, e abriga uma grande coleção de pinturas, esculturas e outras obras de arte dos séculos 14 a 20. O museu está localizado no centro de Alicante, e sua coleção inclui obras de artistas espanhóis como El Greco, Francisco de Goya e Pablo Picasso, além de mestres italianos, franceses e holandeses. O museu também possui uma biblioteca com mais de 30.000 volumes e um centro de pesquisa.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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🗣️ Gravina Museum of Fine Arts MUBAG: Opiniões

Vicente Sanjuan Rizo 1 year ago

To our surprise we found a guided tour of the permanent collection which made us enjoy it even more. A totally recommended visit.

Jorge Rios Gomez 1 year ago

Museum of works with the vast majority of works on loan from the Prado and free admission. A big surprise. I am grateful to have free access to these works in a museum that is so well cared for both for the observer and for the pieces that are displayed and preserved there.

R. Drummen 1 year ago

Nice museum with surprising paintings and free entrance, definitely worth it.

morgan F 1 year ago

Very nice museum, with many paintings and sculptures. Very clean and pleasant place. I recommend.

Alan Butler 1 year ago

Uma maravilhosa galeria de belas pinturas e digno de 5 estrelas, exceto pela recepção hostil da equipe, o que me fez classificar 3 estrelas ... eu compraria felizmente um ingresso, mas a equipe que conheci certamente poderia fazer com algum treinamento de atendimento ao cliente.

Ben Jefferis - Willow Rivers Wealth 1 year ago

Defo pop in great to see how the city was in its former glory

Żaklina Grajda 1 year ago

The museum has, among others, works referring to Alicante, which gives a very nice feeling that you are looking at the paintings depicting the streets where you walk every day. Additionally, admission is free. However, photography is forbidden

María Almendro 1 year ago

Nice atmosphere, friendly employees. Nice collection of paintings and interesting temporary exhibitions.

David Mikula 1 year ago

Amazing gallery/museum focused on local artists. Free entrance, very kind staff, no cameras allowed.

Sahar Mohammadi 1 year ago

Nice place, it’s free to enter, but they did’nt let you to take a photo

Marcin S. 1 year ago

Made me feel cultured again xD

F H 1 year ago

Bom museu com obras de arte impressionantes, mas não tinha permissão para tirar fotos para dentro.

P M 1 year ago

Museu maravilhoso com arte absolutamente deslumbrante. As pinturas são principalmente de artistas espanhóis e feitos de tinta a óleo. O único menos era que você não podia tirar fotos para dentro, pois eu tinha que descobrir ... mas ainda definitivamente vale a pena visitar.

Isabel Mencía 1 year ago

one of the great museums of alicante, its visit is worth it, in addition, the ENTRY is FREE you can find from sculptures to paintings and paintings.

Nicolas Waardenberg 1 year ago

Must visit!

Livia Mariana 1 year ago

I loved the museum, free admission. There were hardly any people the day I went, a Sunday. It is small but well organized. Photos cannot be taken. I signed up many works that I liked.

Lorena Vanderberg 1 year ago

It is always a pleasure to visit this museum, it has wonderful pieces by great Valencian painters, the staff is very attentive. Admission is free. Unbeatable location. It is perfect!

Zana Bogicevic 1 year ago

Don't miss this museum! The placement of the paintings in the light and thematization reinforce the impression of the next painting! Thoughtful overall and experience promotion! Highly recommended!

Marina Sklyarova 1 year ago

The museum itself is nice and clean. 3 floors. They bring various exhibitions. Entrance is free, toilet, air conditioning, coffee from a vending machine for 45 kopecks. Announced classes for children are held)

Larissa Farber 1 year ago

Beautiful paintings ❤️ The museum is definitely worth seeing for art lovers!

Tomasz Klatt 1 year ago

Worth seeing. Museum for free entrance. Interesting exposure.

Sukru Irbik 1 year ago

Nice museum with beautiful works.

Ismael MATEOS GOMEZ 1 year ago

Great exhibition of painting and some sculpture in this large museum. I really liked it. Unfortunately they do not allow taking photos.

Vedant Prusty 1 year ago

Conteúdo bem com curadoria com descrições. Artistas primários de Alicante. Século XVIII. A entrada é gratuita.

elaine cave 1 year ago

Excelente galeria no coração de Alicante. Seleção fantástica de pinturas e muitas informações históricas na área. Definitivamente vale a pena uma visita.

Amante Gatos 1 year ago

In the first place, what surprised me the most is that it is free. Without any waiting. There were about 10 visitors in total when I went. I am from Barcelona and there is nothing like that here. It had a fairly well organized format, well assembled aesthetically, I quite liked it. Too bad it's not allowed to take photos even without flash. But it is the rule of many museums so you have to respect it. I discovered quite a few unknown artists and that's why I wrote down all the names to research online later. If you have time and not only what you like is to have a drink out there, perhaps visiting this museum would be a good idea.

Nino 1 year ago

Precious. They have collections of really beautiful Alicante artists, and especially the painting De la Rosa mystica is one of those paintings that awaken feelings inside you.

Egidijus Batkauskas 1 year ago

Super galery! Recomended!!!

Sharon Ellis 1 year ago

Manageable art gallery. Beautiful works of art. Particularly enjoyed the temporary exhibition of paintings of women

Tomm Sivertsen 1 year ago

Superb collection.

Juan R. Tamayo 1 year ago

You are not disappointed with the expos, there is always something worth seeing. What I do not understand is the Pilgrim idea that they do not allow taking photos, nobody explains that they fear, that they avoid with that, in that a prohibition like that improves the experience of the visit. They never explain the reason for that defiant and police attitude, unworthy of a place that is for freedom, admiration, education and that they claim to be there for the dissemination of Art.

Glib Kolesov 2 years ago

Free museum with many examples of Spanish fine arts. Lorenzo Casanova Ruiz's works impressed with the accuracy and depth of the images.

Alis 2 years ago

A mandatory visit for adults and children On my next visit I think it is important that I do it with a guide because that way it is more complete and ‘you find out more‘ about each painting / painter. The didactic guide book for the little ones is great. Very well bound, with very interesting and entertaining information.

bea Goz 2 years ago

Very nice and interesting. Pieces that deserve to be seen.

Bruno Midot 2 years ago

Probably one of the most beautiful museums in the city, you will discover absolutely fabulous works of art. You enter and a person receives you. Afterwards, you will discover works on two floors. It is on the right when you enter. There is a staircase or an elevator. There are also automatic doors to enter the museum. After that, when you are done, you can go out. You can go there with your eyes closed.

Ilaria Cornacchini 2 years ago

Muito bom

Josee Shaw 3 years ago

Grande museu

Martha Bowes 3 years ago

Great artwork, some of the paintings you think that the eyes are following you.

deborah johnová 4 years ago

free entry

Kamila Rudnicka 4 years ago

Really nice collection, but some of the rooms were closed and we can only see what is inside through the window.

A M 5 years ago

Great museum, wished there were more paintings.

James Friedenthal 5 years ago

really interesting paintings - the best museum of Alicante

Aga Aga 5 years ago

Amazing place:)

Santiago Martínez Miralles 5 years ago

Beautiful and free museum, the great theatrical visit, the one that still has SECURITY that is dedicated to saying NO PHOTOS CAN BE TAKEN when I am taking a photo of a projection on a wall no longer seems so good to me.

Brid Bracken 5 years ago

Small. Intimate. Worth a visit. One hour plus would suffice. Some paintings with English translation - Picasso’s teacher being one of them. Enjoyed a free musical evening - piano & student classical singers 17th April @ 6.00 p.m.

Frank Mikanowski 5 years ago

Superb museum in Alicante. The permanent exhibition concerns works from the 19th century. Many museums should be inspired by the scenography of this museum which highlights the paintings superbly. FYI, entry is free, in any case for the Permanent Expo, there was no temporary exhibition at the time of our visit. And photos are prohibited.

Andrew Hemmings 5 years ago

alicante is a wonderful city the people are so friendly and manners exist here than god shopping is second to none with a huge selection of designer brands you can't find in the UK this is also one the cleanest city's ever

Quan “Eric” Nguyen 6 years ago

This a hidden gem. They have a small but beautiful collection by local artists from the 19 and early 20 century. Just wonder why I don't know any Spanish artists than Picasso and Dali. No English, free entrance.

Andrei Ivanov 6 years ago

rosa mistica is amazing

Roxxana Summer 6 years ago

Gorgeous building, great selection of art, including local pieces. Browse in peace and tranquillity. No café, but clean bathrooms and absolutely free.

juanjo Cervetto`· OVUM 6 years ago

With the recently opened exhibition of Los Madrazo, the Mubag becomes the << nerve center >> of 19th century art. Cool.

John Roy 6 years ago

The most beautiful aret gallery with pictures presented sensitively. Could do with more English translation

Mauritz GH 6 years ago

Nice museum, entry is free. Can't go wrong.

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