Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia

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C. Obispo Frutos 12
30071, Murcia
968 23 93 46

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O Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia é um dos museus mais importantes da cidade de Murcia, na Espanha. O museu abriga uma grande coleção de obras de arte da Idade Média até os dias atuais, incluindo pinturas, esculturas e outras obras de arte. O museu está localizado no centro da cidade e está aberto ao público de segunda a sábado.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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🗣️ Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia: Opiniões

santiago izquierdo 1 year ago

It was an unforgettable experience the books so well worked and with so much content, very interesting.

Javier Terrad 1 year ago

Nice museum with some remarkable works. It's a shame it's not bigger.

José Ulises Ferrándiz Soriano 1 year ago

The MUBAM is a modest but beautiful museum, with a large permanent collection. It has works of great value for Murcian art and also has other temporary exhibition halls in which there is a continuous and quality program. The visit is highly recommended.

Francisco S. 1 year ago

It just so happened that today there was an exhibition of part of Carpe's work. Excellent option.

Lola Rodriguez 1 year ago

Interesting works, neat and very careful, excellent experience

Juan Mompean Gambin 1 year ago

We have a magnificent Museum of Fine Arts!! Too bad few people know about it. A journey through our History that all Murcians should know about!!

Paloma Laso 1 year ago

A good idea to spend a morning. the amazing guide

Pedro Atenza 1 year ago

very well organized

Maria Dolores Guillen Garcia 1 year ago

It is a very special museum. With classic-style paintings by Murcian artists. Is free

Beeiix Martin 1 year ago

excellent place to see the temporary exhibitions

Natalia 1 year ago

The room with the salmon-colored walls has great lighting, it makes the paintings stand out a lot. Perfect for those who appreciate religious art. Peaceful place.

Carlos De La Huerga Rodríguez 1 year ago

A nice museum. Very friendly staff. Your visit is essential.

Ricky G. 1 year ago

you have to come if you are in the area, it is well worth it

Yolanda Martines 1 year ago

Spectacular collection, I would return without a doubt

Ivi Martin 1 year ago

The truth is very good, it has high quality things and great antiques

Piezas de Vídeo 1 year ago

The BBAA museum in Murcia is a real gem. It houses works by Murcian painters and architectural elements from buildings that have disappeared, such as the Contraste de la Seda façade.

Jean Louis Prud'Homme 1 year ago

Museum which offers on 3 levels a beautiful retrospective of Spanish art from the 16th century to the 20th. A few pieces by Murillo, Valdes Léa,...

M.José Clemente 1 year ago

It is always good to surround yourself with good art.

Jose Fernandez 1 year ago

It is a small museum that is seen in a moment but it is worth it. There is a temporary exhibition of a little known painter, Carpe, which we loved.

Trevor Childs 1 year ago

Exposição fantástica de Aguirre e Carpe, tão bom que já estive duas vezes. Equipe adorável também.

Antonio Tapia 2 years ago

A quiet and pleasant place, it is not very big but the content of the permanent collection is very interesting and the annex building for temporary exhibitions usually has a very careful programming... It is worth spending some time inside

Raquel Moreno Escrig 2 years ago

Very cozy place. Everything is very well organized and well explained.

Faustino Cervera 2 years ago

I really liked the building. Relatively central. The works varied and very interesting. Religious and also political painting. Some portraits. The one of Isabel II has caught my attention.

Rosa Maria Gonzalez Celdran 2 years ago

It is very good, the rooms very well organized and the works very well highlighted and illuminated. Surprised by some renowned works and painters. The museum should be made bigger, with more rooms, more works and more authors, that would make it even better. But in general a very good time surrounded by history.

Fede Valverde 2 years ago

A fantastic museum. Spacious and well-lit rooms and a staff with a great treatment of the public

Noelia Galán Milla 2 years ago

The building is very nice and the exhibits are very good. And the guide Sonia, the best.

Ana 2 years ago

The Museum is small but has great works of art. It has a space reserved for temporary exhibitions, although when I visited there were none. It is not adapted for children. Totally recommended.

Miguel Ángel Ibáñez Mompeán 2 years ago

Small but interesting exhibition, mainly of painting but also sculpture, of objects mainly by Murcian artists but also by others of national and international level, such as El Greco, Zurbarán or Rivera. The spacious and pleasant spaces to visit. Very attentive staff and properly supervised security against Covid, controlling groups and areas at all times.

Amine Bouabid 2 years ago

Tem sido uma experiência tão boa visitar o museu, eu gosto tanto de artes e realmente gostei de cada obra -prima lá. Peço às pessoas que visitem, além de totalmente gratuitas.

Jose R.R 3 years ago

A beautiful building full of wonderful and little known works of art. Well worth a visit.

SOLE LLANES 3 years ago

The art when you have it in your city, you cannot miss it, the collections that bring us sp are worth seeing, you may like the authors more or less, but sp you leave with something positive and you learn to appreciate what you like and what k no.

jc barbera 3 years ago

Small and interesting, many interesting portraits. And two Sorollas!

Gabriela 3 years ago

As it says: fine arts ... A very beautiful exhibition to improve current times. I liked many paintings. I have taken a photo of the most ... You have to go see it

Anika Sweets 3 years ago

It is brutal, it has two entrances, one of paintings that is the first building on the right that is a pass and is ordered by times and the one in front of the entrance is sculptures and training, we could not be

jedrzej steczynski 3 years ago

[Angielski] An interesting place with a good quality exhibition. There was also a nice guide who showed us the place and told some stories. Admission is free. [Polish] An interesting place with a good quality exhibition. There was also a nice guide who showed us the place and told some stories. Admission is free.

P. 3 years ago

Extremely professional and friendly welcome. A little French speaking. A beautiful "little" museum. Remarkable by a reduced and relevant choice of tables. Do not miss the temporary exhibitions

Chinasa Uyanna 3 years ago

Embora pequeno, em comparação com alguns dos outros museus do mundo a serem visitados, gostei do fato de que ele o leva com sucesso de volta aos períodos de tempo dos artistas exibidos, então definitivamente um lugar para levar seu tempo e mergulhar na arte. Boa localização e equipe amigável, embora com o inglês limitado e meu espanhol limitado.

Matemáticas Profesor José 4 years ago

It is free, has an elevator and several parking spaces nearby, only the building is already beautiful, the paintings and the statues have quality. You learn a lot. The rooms are very large which allows you to see it with confidence. The staff is 10 (and what is said is free and is near the center next to the university). Almost mandatory visit if you come to Murcia. And if you are from Murcia and you have not seen it unforgivable.

Julio Capdevila Perea 4 years ago

Unbelievably wonderful. No one should miss it. Totally free. The staff offers excellent treatment. Prior reservation, they make some very interesting guided tours.

RaMGoN 4 years ago

One of the historic buildings that remain standing in Murcia, within its walls, now remodeled inside, there are rooms for exhibitions as well as a room on the ground floor where conferences can be given, this room has a capacity not very spacious.

José Francisco López 4 years ago

One of the best museums in the Region of Murcia. It has a very good painting and sculpture collection. Too bad that with the last remodeling of the halls they removed the engravings of Piranesi. Very good treatment by the staff. Recommendable.

Harijs Puga 4 years ago

I'm not absolutely sure if I'm entitled to publish any photos, but I can say this is absolutely magic place to view Spanish art from 15th to nowadays. Well done, keep going!

José López Ruiz 4 years ago

The visit was very pleasant. I had the opportunity to see a magnificent exhibition in a great museum like this one. The staff always very friendly and very attentive, an exquisite treatment. Very happy the truth!

Manuel Jesús Campoy Cervellera 4 years ago

The drawing workshop with children was a very interesting activity in a wonderful setting, the MUBAM workers were 10 years old. Culture and art have to be one of the pillars of society. You have to visit this museum.

paco bernal 4 years ago

Its permanent exhibition and the buildings that make up the museum.

Hermand Jonathan 4 years ago

Very well

Mileniomor Mor 5 years ago

The Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia, also known as MUBAM, is located on the former site of the Convent of the Trinity, in the neighborhood of Santa Eulalia. The current building was inaugurated in 1910, and after several reforms and museum adaptations, today it has two spaces: The Cerdán Pavilion for the permanent collection of the Museum (which covers from the 19th to the 20th century) and the Contrast Pavilion for temporary exhibitions.

Rafael Domingo Ramones 5 years ago

Very nice, we have gone for an interview that has been done by the IBAFF, and I have to say that although I have not done the whole museum, what I have done is good. The place is comfortable, super well acclimatized, the acoustics are fine, everything is very clean, the team inside is very well educated. Plus it's free!!

Sergei Erigo 5 years ago


María del Mar Plano Mora 5 years ago

.Excellent I liked it a lot. I went with a friend and we loved it, and we also found out that they did workshops for adults and children, and the most important thing is that you can visit all the museums in Murcia for free.

chris henshaw 5 years ago

Beautiful small art museum showing classical art from local Murcian artists. The staff we incredibly friendly. Chatting to us and kindly adjusting to our broken Spanish. Beautiful work and well worth visiting.

Lakner Rok 6 years ago

Ótima exposição e equipe muito legal! : D

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