Natural Science Museum of Valencia

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Carrer del General Elio s/n
46010, Valencia
962 08 43 13

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O Museu de Ciências Naturais de Valência é uma das atrações turísticas mais populares de Valência, Espanha. O museu está localizado no coração da cidade, perto da famosa Plaza de la Virgen. O museu abriga uma ampla variedade de exposições, incluindo uma grande coleção de fósseis, minerais e animais. O museu também possui um planetário, que é uma atração popular para as crianças. O Museu de Ciências Naturais de Valência é um ótimo lugar para aprender sobre a história natural de Valência, Espanha.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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🗣️ Natural Science Museum of Valencia: Opiniões

Bot_1 1 year ago

Amazing for a 2-3€ entrance fee

Valeria A. Escobar Ortíz 1 year ago

So interesting to know about the different types of marine and land types of living creatures in Valencia! I’m honestly surprised at how much you could learn from a small visit. My favorite part of the museum was the mineral section where they showcased a huge variety of them and their uses.

Eugen Pop 1 year ago

My son loved it. There are some English descriptions added in the last year.

Floris van Onna 1 year ago

A nice little museum in the middle of the beautiful park.

Olivera Vorinjski 1 year ago

Um museu de história natural dentro de um belo parque. Uma excelente localização para desfrutar da natureza e visitar crianças. Depois das 15h, a entrada é gratuita.

Simona Vagnoriūtė 1 year ago

Um lugar maravilhoso para se visitar durante um fim de semana quente, com visitas gratuitas aos sábados e domingos a partir das 15h. A área ao redor do museu é linda e o próprio museu é bastante interessante. Não é realmente grande, levou cerca de 30 a 45 minutos para verificar todas as exposições sem correr. Um amante da natureza definitivamente apreciaria a visita deles aqui, eu recomendo.

C C 1 year ago

Quick tour. Nice for children.

Milos Trikic 1 year ago

O Museu parece uma jóia escondida que requer mais publicidade. Estava em vários museus de ciências naturais na Europa, e este parece realmente aconchegante, tem uma coleção decente de exibits em um só lugar e pode ser visto em cerca de uma hora. Os preços dos ingressos são de apenas 2 € para adultos e crianças menores de 12 anos têm entrada gratuita.

agules ' 1 year ago

É muito bom ter um museu como este em Valência. Devo mencionar que é um excelente lugar educacional, especialmente para crianças. A entrada no museu é gratuita. Ele contém muitos objetos e exposições. Fósseis, reproduções de dinossauros, minerais incríveis, assim por diante. para várias espécies e tradições animais. Altamente recomendado para adultos e crianças.

Marcin Młynarczyk 1 year ago

Worth to visit

Lesley Colleymason 2 years ago more to be said

JS 2 years ago

Not much to see but the entrance was free

Daniel Carrigan 2 years ago

Free to enter and look at fossils and shells. Toilets available

Dubravko Bogović 2 years ago

The history of the planet and life is well ordered and nicely made, samo impresive fosiles to se here.

Kiki qwq 2 years ago

This is a museum in a beautiful park. Not quite big, but kids really enjoy and have fun here.

Jon __ 2 years ago

Fantastic and educational museum with many spectacular fossils of dinosaurs and other extinct species, especially South American megafauna. Also, many other nature-related pieces. Sometimes temporary exhibitions of great interest, like the amazing collection of minerals we may have enjoyed these last years. Any nature lover, dinosaur nerd, and most children will enjoy them so much. Located in the middle of the 'Viveros' gardens (="Jardines de Viveros" = "Jardines del Real"), it's a no so long visit you may include in a walk through these nice gardens. Close to the important 'Saint Pius V', an outstanding, amazing museum of classical art.

I Am WT 2 years ago

I don't know how much is the ticket but it was free on sunday.....must visit ... with old reptiles and insects and dinosaur structures it is more enjoyable to see those things

Marek Jankovič 2 years ago

Free entrance and great expo

Basta Pasta 2 years ago

Free entrance - great for kids. Nice park around to walk with a small restaurant to get something to drink or eat.

Lada Božić 2 years ago

Great exhibition, very interesting! Staff is very nice, the place is tidy. It is surrounded by a park and has a caffe.

E. Yenioglu 2 years ago

One of the most important symbol of the city.

Ioan Bojita 3 years ago

Really packed with displays despite the small size. The garden outside is also worth a walk.

Carlos Widen 3 years ago

Nice place to visit with kids

Karen Sarkisian 3 years ago

Very cozy and at the same time modern museum. Highly recommended for kids who fancy dinosaurs, regardless of age. To be honest, we like this museum much more than it's counterpart in Madrid. Not to mention the fact that it's location couldn't be better, and the whole Viveros Garden is a place of beauty.

Тарас 3 years ago

Awesome! Descriptions are ot available in English

konstantin zalesski 3 years ago

Good for kids, not big and free

IT-PLANET 3 years ago

cool !!

Andrei Vasilescu 4 years ago

Really chill and nice. I gladly recommend it if you have the chance and you are interested about the different eras and how things evolved ^_^

Cine de Torrente 4 years ago

Great for kids and adults alike

Abs 4 years ago

Amazing, €2 entry. Information in Spanish, French and English. It's an interactive place also.

Andrés Ortuño 4 years ago

Nice museum in the middle of a very nice park. Free admission on Sundays and Saturday after of the days they charge a contribution of ~2 euros

Jure Bajec 4 years ago

Love it! Great place super interesting!

Johnson E Kane 4 years ago

Small but lots to see and experience and free entry with your Valencia Travel Card

Sam Otero 4 years ago

Brilliantly maintained local museum based on Valencian scientists discoveries. A new exhibition on sustainability by the sea just opening to the south wing

Marta García 4 years ago

Very appropriate for a relaxing walk in the sun

Jakub Lange 5 years ago

Lovely place! I personally like to visit parks. So much green, you can calm down and relax - and it's hard to believe that you are in the city centre!

Ilaria Porcelli 5 years ago

Free entrance, there are english descriptions but something is only in spanish. It's worth the visiting

Olmes Leon 5 years ago

Not only the museum is very nice, but also the park, it is very relaxing and it has a mint town for kids

Gary Gatter (Gary from London) 5 years ago

You must see the Mars exhibition. Pity there was no exhibition catalogue.

Daria Brunova 5 years ago

Nice interesting place, good for kids. The entrance price is just 2 euros /adults and 1 euro /kids. Perfect for a family visit at the weekend

Rebeca Chulia 5 years ago

It is inside a big park , fun for children

Graham Rainey 5 years ago

This place is, by comparison to other museums, quite small. What it lacks in size is more than made up for by the displays. They are well laid out, plenty of information to accompany the display (it does help if you understand a little Spanish, there are English translation too). The Botet display is very good with excellently presented fossils. There is a fascinating display on bees and their importance in food production. The building is well laid out and comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend a visit. For €2 per person, the price of a coffee, you cannot go wrong.

Kirill B 5 years ago

Interesting collection of fossils and dinosaurs skeletons, worth to visit

Ohm Songpol 6 years ago

Children friendly and free entry.

O K 7 years ago

Really really cool! Informative and interesting! But yeah it's small.

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